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Kathryn WrightPALM BAY, FL – Kathryn Wright was arrested after police say the 58-year-old grandmother got drunk off her ass while chaperoning a bus filled with children returning from an elementary school field trip.

Police say Wright drank two bottles of diluted vodka while in accompanying her grandson, and 200 other students at Lockmar Elementary School, on a trip to WonderWorks in Orlando.  On the way back to Palm Bay, Wright became belligerent and started using profanity in front of approximately 36 other students on the bus.

She got so bad that other adults on the bus moved Wright’s grandson away from her because he was getting upset. When the adults tried to calm Wright down, she shouted at the others, telling them to “get the (expletive) out of my way or else,” and pushed one woman.

Police were called and met the bus before it got back to the school. Wright was so drunk at that point, she couldn’t even walk off the bus on her own. She was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication and battery.

“The kids were really upset,” one of the other chaperones said. “They (school officials) said they were going to have a guidance counselor come in the next day to talk to the kids and explain what happened.”

According to Brevard Public Schools policy, volunteers must submit to a background check. The policy doesn’t mention what offenses would keep someone from being a volunteer, but Wright has a 2006 conviction for driving under the influence.

Goonies Mama

When asked for comment, Wright yelled “Fuck off! You try chaperoning 200 kids without a drink!” before driving after a group of kids on bikes.



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  • brandi

    Now this one, I can’t relate to. My mom is the most outright crazy drunk on the planet. She does alot worse shit than this “thing”. She once pissed in my apartments pool chair, fully clothed, while me and my other sisters sat beside her. Not only until we felt the splashing of liquid on our legs, did she crack up in hysterical laughter, as too alert us of her doing.

  • Buffettgirl

    WTF? Grammy up there couldn’t hold off getting her drink on for a few hours? Way to scar your grandkid for life you stupid sow…

  • Evan Oswald

    wait this seems normal in flordia though….

  • Whatevn

    You feel the embarrassment the child has from here.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Vodka! ’cause kids are just no fun if you’re sober! What did she “dilute” the vodka with? more vodka?

  • Buffettgirl

    Yup – she mixed the cake flavored vodka with the caramel flavored one… (Gack! That just made me sick thinking about it, I’m a Jack Daniels kind of girl…)

  • Scretch

    Ain’t she cute. Oh and diluted vodka is my drink of choice as well. *cough*

  • Lisa Mallo

    You guys are judging her too harshly. Have you ever chaperoned a class trip before? I have. My sons class had a trip to the zoo. There was a tornado and everybody in the entire zoo had to pack into the bathrooms. One of the students I was in charge of started screaming that we were all going to die, which set off a chain reaction. I wish I had some diluted vodka for that moment.

  • hawtmamma

    Sometimes I cannot feel my face.
    You’ll never see me fall from grace.

  • techsupp0rt

    Water, probably. Was probably drinking it out of a water bottle.

  • CallMeMister

    Oh Florida, you’re baaaack! When some other states try to gain ground on you, you just up the ante. I commend your resolve and resilience in the face of stiff competition!

  • LeaveMeBe

    I totally understand this woman. I cannot imagine chaperoning a field trip without being drunk or high. Buncha grubby yapping little heathens.

  • disqus_S8zQf5ttfr

    One child can be a hand full other peoples kids is a death sentence
    But you still have to keep grounded