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Ashley Nicole WilliamsLebanon, MO – Very little details on this messed up story that doesn’t look like is being widely reported, but Lebanon police have arrested 19-year-old Ashley Nicole Williams after they say say she molested her two-month-old daughter because she wanted to know what it felt like.

On March 7, police responded to Mercy Hospital Lebanon’s emergency room to investigate a report of child molestation. When William’s husband was interviewed, he told told them that over the last five days he’d witnessed Williams touching the girl inappropriately while changing her diaper. He said she had done this with other family members present.

Williams waived her Mirand Rights and admitted to police that she molested her two-month-old daughter on at least three occasions. She said she became sexually aroused when molesting her daughter, and started having family members change her daughter’s diaper so she would not be tempted to do it again.

She said she was molested as a child and molested her daughter to know what it felt like to be the molester instead of the molested in order to try and understand why she was sexually abused. In the probable cause statement, the officer stated he felt Williams was still a danger to the victim as she had been talking to her husband again and they’d discussed moving in with each other. o_O

Ashley Nicole Williams was arrested and charged with a class B felony of child molestation in the first degree. She’s being held in the Laclede County Jail in lieu of a $100,000 cash-or-surety bond. Hopefully some of the other, more reputable sites like Huffington Post will see this story and will be able to get more information.

I find that whenever I try calling police departments saying I am a reporter from Dreamin’ Demon trying to get more information on a child molestation case, I end up getting raided, my computers confiscated, and then spend hours explaining my Google searches to police while their cadaver dogs sniff around a pile of lime I keep behind my shed. It’s such a hassle.

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  • The cycle of abuse is so sad.

  • Hope the father runs far! Take the kid and hit the road! Sick bitch!

  • Who the fuck impregnated this beast?? Fucking sick crackhead. I hope she gets reminded what it’s like to be the molested while she’s incarcerated.

  • Deviate Hunter

    So it took the asshole father FIVE DAYS to tell on the pig? Five days in a row he watched her molest his daughter?! Lock him up too – do it now.

  • PlaysWithBalls

    Good for the dad for reporting her depraved ass, I’d hate to think of how her behavior could have escalated had she gone undeterred.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    I hope that those on the inside are going to use this excuse ” because she wanted to know what it felt like to be the molester instead of the molested” whenever they beat the fuck out of her (and whatever else that molesters are subjected to).

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I was molested when I was a child (more than once, and by multiple relatives), and I SURE AS FUCK didn’t feel the need to inflict that kind of horror on my kids. Saying, “Oh, I was molested as a child!” is a BULLSHIT EXCUSE. There is ALWAYS a choice. ALWAYS.

  • Well if this isn’t the very definition of damaged from the result of abuse… I don’t know what is. Normally I’m all “fry the bitch…” But this is just sad.

  • The fuck?

  • I agree with you 100%. The same happened to me throughout my childhood by relatives and their friends. I would never do that to my children and have been very protective and try to do all I can to make sure it doesn’t happen to them. And why didn’t the father do anything when he saw what was happening?!?!?!

  • Sam

    So when she was abused, she must have been fucked in the skull. That kind of reasoning has to be the result of some sort of brain damage.

  • The article doesn’t say the baby was taken to the ER b/c of the molestation; it also says that the father talked upon questioning by cops after ER staff called them. It’s not really clear to me that everything came to light b/c Dad manned up. I’m kind of wondering if maybe DAD is the culprit and made shit up about Mom to throw them off?

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “… police responded to Mercy Hospital Lebanon’s emergency room to investigate a report of child molestation.”

    “… 19-year-old Ashley Nicole Williams …” first thought, “If I smile at the cop and appear helpless, he’ll let me off with a warning.”

  • Who are the 2 idiots who down-voted you? I guess just watching child abuse for 5 days and not doing anything about it is a-okay with them.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Don’t feel sad for this dumb bitch. She had a choice to stop the cycle of abuse, but nope. She is repeating it.

  • Buffettgirl

    Right? People are effin’ nuts!

  • Athena

    I can only imagine he doubted what he was seeing for awhile. I know
    that, as first-time parents, both my husband and I were very careful
    about over-criticizing each other. And, especially as it related to
    diaper changing (my daughter), my husband would defer to my superior
    knowledge of the area in question if he encountered anything he thought
    to be abnormal. Depending on how she was molesting the child, if she wasn’t doing it for very long at all, or not doing it every diaper change, I could totally see him wondering if that was what he was actually seeing for a few days.

    I’d like to believe it was the father who took the child in to get
    checked out. If he wasn’t, though, there’s no excuse for his lack of

    I’m not one of the down-voters, though… for the record.

  • Buffettgirl

    Having been in shoes similar to yours as a kid (but only one molester) I can’t even begin to explain how enraged I feel right now… but… there is one tiny part of me that wonders if what she went through as a kid was so over the top fucked up that she is just THIS fucking damaged? I certainly don’t mean to excuse ANYTHING she’s done, it just struck a profoundly sad note in me somewhere mixed in with the contempt and fury…

  • G.I.R.L.

    Talk about thorough research. I wonder if she feels the results are ironic?

  • Andyman

    “Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.” – Herbert Ward. While the bruises of the body fade in time, the scars of child abuse never fade. Children are never the same again after an abuser has entered their lives, they loose not only the innocence of childhood, but also the chance at a normal future. One cannot erase the memories of abuse, they live in conscious and the subconscious, invading every aspect of ones life. Child abuse victims are given a life sentence, forced to live in the shadows of their abusers.

  • Athena

    While I understand comments like this are made with the utmost in benevolent intent (and this one is beautifully written, to boot), I still can’t help but cringe when I read them. While we cannot erase the memories, they won’t rule us unless we let them. We are not powerless and condemned to a life of suffering.

  • Andyman

    True – but I don’t think that was the point of the author of it; at least that isn’t what struck me in particular. I’ve never been abused but I have dated more than my fair share of women who have and I don’t think that the abusers realize the degree to which they are permanently (and not for the better) altering a child’s course of life by being reckless with it. This goes for *any* kind of child abuse; sexual or otherwise. We can agree that abuse does change people and that it does linger even if you don’t dwell on it, right? That was my point.

  • tkaz

    From a scietific/psychological take on it – I wonder if those who continue the abuse cycle have something all up in their gene pool.
    There are certain things humans do we find reprehensible; child sexual abuse is the big one. Another we see on here frequently is boyfriend killing the baby.
    It happens SO MUCH that I truly question whether there’s a “type” of makeup where a human cannot break the cycle.
    I AM NOT OK with abuse!!! But I’m just saying…..what if as humans….some us are the risk takers of NOT continuing what we were taught (caveman days, using fire to cook instead of eating raw like our neandrathal uncle) & others are the sheep followers who continue without questioning the right or wrong of it.
    Is there a study on this somewhere??? There should be…

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    That is an interesting thought. I still think that everyone has a choice whether or not to perpetuate the abuse that was inflicted on them as children, but maybe there are people who are just incapable of thinking about anything other than self-preservation and self-gratification.

  • JGo555


    My son likes to wiggle around naked and I feel uncomfortable & tell him to put underwear on! I DGAF if she was molested, fucking shoot her cause she WILL do this shit again.

  • tkaz

    Oh yeah, me too. We are of free will afterall.
    But it just seems there must be a bigger reason than pure evil….I’m THAT gal that questions EVERYTHING. 😉

  • Athena

    Yes, there is a study on it from somewhere (or two or three or eight), and it confirms exactly your thoughts:

    There is no scientifically quantifiable “cycle of abuse”. There are, however, genetic behavior traits that can get passed down. This explains why some people who were chronically abused never turn into abusers themselves and why some who’ve never been abused become abusers. Whether or not you turn into a sick human being has more to do with nature than with nurture. Your environment can trigger that genetic disposition into behavioral activity, but only if you possess that tendency to begin with.

    I love this shit. Genetics, epigenetics and nurture vs. nature stuff is crazy interesting. I’ll try to find you the hard studies when I get home.

  • tkaz

    Oooooh….that IS interesting. I’d love to read anything you can find.
    I too love that stuff & think I missed my calling but I was too busy partying to figure out a viable career path. 😛

  • I’ve updated the article with more info, thanks to one of our readers who emailed me the actual newspaper article.

  • Not sure there’s much else to find out DD. Glad you’re bringing it to everyone’s attention. I’ll have to admit, after investigating these cases for 15 years, this is the first time I’ve heard this excuse.

  • I don’t feel sad for her… I am saddened in by the entire situation. Sadden that she is clearly as damaged as can possibly be and aint no ducttape or gorilla tape fixing that. And now this poor baby girl has had this type of damage put into her brain and life.

  • PlaysWithBalls

    I recant my statement… Looks like he wasn’t as upstanding as I first thought.

  • KKef

    I’m still wondering about the ‘other relatives’ who were present as well. How do people not defend another family member, a baby for Christ sake.

  • Lock this nutty broad up and throw away the key.

  • Ms.Ding-Bat!

  • Sick Bitch!off with her head!!!!!!

  • kimbev69

    i like some of you was sexually abused, i think it’s the age and what happened prior to the abuse starting, i lived in another state with diff parents…my aunt and uncle had adopted me at 3 months old, anyway i was given back to my mother at age 6, she was very abusive right from the start and within a week had beaten me, then within the next week her b/f started molesting me…so i knew how wrong it was…i’m not saying it’s always the age or circumstance..but in my case i truly believe it was….how people can do this is beyond me…and for her husband to have watched 3-4 times and he did nothing frightens me even more especially since he was going to let her move back in…take that baby away now before one of them molests it…you can tell he would just let it happen…since he already did

  • kimbev69

    she could be admitting it to cover for hubby, after all he is asking her to move back in

  • kimbev69

    i agree with you, i was abused and i thought it didn’t rule me or even affect me anymore due to how i seemed somewhat fine for all these yrs…then come the birth of my daughter..and the shit hit the fan, i was depressed after my son’s birth in 1989 but got thru it, my daughter on the other hand i guess was just too close to the abuse i endured, imagining her in the same situations i was put into right from birth…i was found at 2 months old wedged in a highchair with a can of cold kidney beans on the tray…i had rickets, then the abuse would pop into my head when i thought of my daughter…it was very difficult i was on disability for 9 months the past year…finally on some meds and in therapy…but i never ever thought of harming my kids..i thought of leaving them out of fear that i wasn’t good enough…that’s what this shit does to you, you second guess yourself as a mom thinking “i’m so fucked up i can’t possibly do this right”

  • kimbev69

    i wonder how many kids she babysat for when she was younger…i hope all the people in the area she lives in see this in the paper and look into that, i don’t think it’s her first go around

  • Andyman

    I am sorry that happened to you. And you’re in good company here. 🙂

  • kimbev69

    Thanks i like the people here :0)

  • onlyme356

    I just developed about 14 new wrinkles.

  • yes, well, the Dad let it happen more than once before he reported it. If I were in the same shoes, the minuted I saw it happen for the first time, I would have pushed her out of the way, grab the baby, and tell her she needs to leave the room right now and call the cops.

  • onlyme356

    I think that some people just lack a conscience.

  • onlyme356

    I don’t think it implies a lifetime of suffering, but it becomes a part of you, a part that should never be there.

  • PlaysWithBalls

    My original line of thinking was that perhaps she explained away the actions, i.e. stating that she was putting diaper rash cream or cleaning her, and that at first she succeeded in deceiving them. Unfortunately looks like I was wrong and he was just as fucked up.

  • PlaysWithBalls

    This was exactly what I was wondering. If he happened to walk by as she was molesting her, but she was only using her hands, it seems like it would have been fairly easy to explain away the first couple of times.

  • JustBrowsingLife

    What? They ignore the pile of ankle bracelets? Nice closing Morbid. Hee Hee!

  • JustBrowsingLife

    Didn’t the article state 4 or 5 times. I would break her disgusting fingers the first time I saw her inappropriately touch my kids. I might call the police before killing her.

  • Yes, and they are called sociopaths.

  • mrskailuakona

    Two months old? How disgusting! Any child much less a newborn it’s unfathomable. Can’t even imagine don’t want to think of the sheer torture Ashley put her newborn through jail is too good for her. The father should be charged with something too after witnessing his newborn being molested by her mother he does nothing to protect his infant? Really? It took other family members to call police. Just think if these family members didn’t come over the abuse would’ve continued for years.

  • Scretch

    Obviously it wasn’t simply to see what it was like since she has done it several times at least.
    She was enjoying it.

  • One_of_the_Bitter_Clingers

    “more reputable sites like Huffington Post”…..hahahaha…..Speaks volumes how liberal Morbid is!

  • I don’t get it..

  • Athena

    Way to advertise how new you are. Better than a damn neon sign.

  • southern feminist

    which makes you wonder, cuz if someone touched my son – the last thing i would ask is when my partner was moving back in fuck that noise!!!!

  • crystal

    Ashley used to be my best friend now I want to slap her if known her my hole life I feel every sorry for that little child . The child is in foster care waiting to be adopted an I hope to god that she ( the child ) has a normal life after this

  • crystal

    She has been many times all ready in jail an I’m sure a lot more when in prison

  • guest

    From what I know of the family they are all very short on the brains and morals department and I wouldn’t doubt if some of the family had seen and still didn’t do anything because that’s how they are this is actually her 2nd child and the first one was taken away by dfs and regained by the father due to her irresponsibility and neglegence.. This is one of those families that probably should have been sterilized from the beginning to prevent the “problems” that people like them cause.

  • guest

    This is taking entirely too long for sentencing but from the looks of it she is racking up hefty medical bills in jail just wait till this sick woman hits prison.

  • Jessica

    Absolutely. My sister and brothers were all molested as kids and we all have kids expect one. We have NEVER touched our kids inappropriately EVER. That is just an excuse. How in the world do you look at a helpless baby and get aroused. I’ll never understand. My siblings and myself your older when we were molested. Our ages were around 4 to 10. From our father to family friends. Then to each other because we thought it was normal. My sister and me turned out fine but my 2 brothers didn’t. They couldn’t deal with it. One brother is gay and lives as a transsexual which is fine. We still love him. My other brother is in and out of prison and on drugs. Some people and move forward and some can’t. My my is a prime example. But none of us have ever thought of hurting our own children. The thought sickens me. There is absolutely nothing that makes me curious or aroused by a child or a baby. I believe it’s just an excuse. Many children have bad or even horrible childhoods and they do not go on to do bad things in life. Once I became an adult I realized that I am a person of my OWN actions. I have choices. It’s up to me to be a victim or someone my children could be proud of. I just hate when people use their childhood as an excuse. So they don’t have to be held accountable of their own actions. When you become an adult you have choices. Sorry you do. Stop being a victim start being someone your kids are proud of. She deserves to spend life in prison for hurting her baby. Who cares if she wanted to see what it was like. That’s freakin ridiculous. She should’ve looked at her baby girl and wanted nothing more than to protect her not be her attacker. Disgusting!!! I’m so tired of people playing the victim. I hope she rots in prison and that the women in prison do the same thing to her. Prison justice sometimes is warranted. This is that sometime!!!

  • Jessica

    It is sad. But I don’t think theirs nothing that as a mother regardless of how bad you had it. And I had a ruff childhood warrants what she did. Even if for some deranged reason she thought about it she should have never acted on it. I was molested too. Many times. But when I look at my kids sweet little faces there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect them from the ugly in this world, not infilict it. Nothing. Maybe my way of thinking is wrong (but I can’t see how) but there’s no way I could ever think about doing that to my babies ever. As a child of abuse and molestation I can’t imagine my mind going there. And if if did I would have askrd for help right then. She’s sick. There’s many kids that have had horrific Childhoods and don’t touch their kids. I don’t believe there is any excuse she could give that would make me think it’s ok and that she just needs help. No send her nasty ass to prison. Now!!