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Happy Pit BullWestwego, LA – Linda Henry, 54, lost an eye, an ear and both arms, after she was attacked by three pit bulls she and her boyfriend had raised since they were puppies.

Henry and her boyfriend, Clarence Allen, have raised four pit bulls inside their home and treated them like their own kids. On Wednesday afternoon, Henry walked into her home and within minutes she was fighting for her life.

For reasons unknown at this time, Zeus, a 4-year-old male; Brutus, a 2-year-old male; and Ghost, a 4-year-old female, attacked Henry. A neighbor heard Henry yelling and called police while another tried getting inside the home, only to be attacked by one of the dogs.

When police arrived, they found Henry being mauled by all three dogs. “They could hear the woman screaming in the house,” said Police Chief Dwayne “Poncho” Munch. “They saw all three dogs biting her.”

Two of the dogs were shot and killed after they turned on the officers. A third dog was shot while still mauling Henry. A fourth dog, Big Lucy, had been in a back room and was not seen attacking Henry. She was first Tased by an officer when it charged, but that was ineffective, so another officer shot her.

Henry was rushed to the hospital in pretty bad shape. She had lost an eye and an ear, and was suffering from a severe scalp injury. “The skin ripped open and fell to the front of her face,” said one of Henry’s family members.

Both of Henry’s arms were torn to shreds, with injuries that exposed bone.  They were intact when she was transported to the hospital, but doctors would end up amputating them both. “It’s the worst dog bite I’ve ever seen in 25 years of police work,” said Munch.

“I don’t know why they did it,” Allen said, which he raised from puppies. “We had those dogs like kids in there. They never had a fight. I don’t understand it.” But some speculate it had something to do with Ghost, who recently had puppies which were inside the home.

“I think it was mostly due to her puppies that were in there too. And then once one dog goes off, the other ones are going to join in,” said a family friend.

Neighbors said they worried about living next to a home with four pit bulls, but they could not recall any instances in which the dogs acted vicious or threatening.

All four dogs died from their injuries. The eight puppies found inside the home were taken to the animal shelter.

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  • CT

    Well, hell. That’s all I got.

  • Sam

    The stupidity of some of these pit owners will never cease to amaze me. “I think it was mostly due to her puppies that were in there too.” Uh, gee, YA THINK???
    Let’s see. We’ll take a pack of pitbulls, mixed male and female, we won’t spay or neuter them, and then we’ll let one of the pack have little ones for all of them to feel overprotective about. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Sam

    And what’s with that pic, Morbid? An eye for an eye? Ehh… and an eye for an ear, too? And two ears for two arms?

  • come_and_see

    My new years resolution was to be turned into a giant doggy chew toy.

  • Andyman

    What are the odds that two pit bulls named Ghost fucked some people up this week? I love dogs but still don’t get the need for people to own pit bulls. Even if they raised them from puppies. It doesn’t seem to matter – well this week anyway since both stories explain their owners raised them since birth.

  • Andyman

    But SAAAAMMMM… They raised them since they were puppies…. (as if that apparently matters…)

  • Sam

    Yeah, that grates me too. I don’t care how long you’ve taken care of them – you should know and respect and try to cater around what they are capable of. Just because they haven’t done it before doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of it. If you’re going to be a pack leader to these dogs, you need to understand their thought processes and it is your responsibility that they don’t ever get put in a situation where they feel they have to attack somebody.

  • I dont understand how people (pitbull owners/lovers) defend this breed so much – I love lots of animals too, but I wouldnt invite an agressive breed into my home especially if i had young children. I wouldnt have a pirrahana, a tiger, a chow-chow, a lion, a rotweiller, or a boa constrictor either. Those are also aggresive animals & breeds – im sure they are lovely animals, but they can also be deadly and snap. Its just the way it is. Pitbull lover shouldnt equal denial but they do seem to go together.

  • Sudonim

    What makes me curious is how they managed to have 12 dogs in their home. Most city’s have a limit on how many you can have. If one animal gets pregnant you’re expected to house the others elsewhere until you can get rid of the babies.

    For this one I’m feeling like she maybe deserved what she got. First off you NEVER treat a pit or any genetically aggressive dog as a ‘child’. They need the pack structure for mental stability. Anyone who knows even the littlest bit about dogs knows you don’t house a mixed sex pack especially if they aren’t altered. Aggressive breeds are recommended to be altered specifically because it takes away some of the hormonal aggression. Also if they were going to breed the dogs they should have known to split the momma off from the rest of the pack because everyone knows females of all species (especially the human kind) go bonkers before and after birth whether the babies are around or not. It could have been something as small as looking at the mother wrong and her feeling threatened to set the whole pack of them off. It’s not even like they were in kennels in the house. All 12 locked inside the house with no one home to watch them. I’m almost willing to bet money they don’t walk the dogs before they leave either.

    Boredom + genetic aggression + unaltered hormonal dogs + new puppies = behavioral problems galore

  • hot

  • JohnQknowitall

    The dogs were wonderful companions! The puppies were the problem.

    I hate this type of story even when it is a stupid ass an owner of one these attack dogs.

  • Buffettgirl

    I’m not a pit defender, but I did have two at one point and mine were lambs until the day they passed and never once were aggressive. That being said, I also didn’t let the boy(Buster) and girl(Kitty) mix when she had her pups! Stupid, stupid people!

  • JohnQknowitall

    You are a pooper uponner.

  • Buffettgirl

    Boyfriend’s nickname is Ghost, should I be worried? 😉

  • Buffettgirl

    I hate to blame the victim, but damn, this one isn’t rocket science, mother and babies should have been sequestered from the rest of the pack at the very least!

  • Cassy_Again

    Any dog can be aggressive. I used to hate pit bulls, too until I did some research on pitt bulls and rotties. In almost every instance these dogs are not neutered, not socialized, there is more than one dog and they have inadequate room and time to run and exercise and do a job (fetch, digging). They’re animals, not people. They work by training and instinct and if you don’t know enough about strong working breeds to raise one properly, you really have no more business owning one that you do owning a wolf. Plus, these people inbreed the dogs and I just read another study that said owners of both pitt bulls and rotties are 10X more likely to have criminal records. So, the breed attracts idiots…that’s not the dog’s fault.

    And no, I do not now, nor have I ever owned one and I probably never will, but I’m far more concerned about the dog’s owners as an indicator of behaviour than the breed.

    Many years ago they were a beloved breed. A pitt bull was the dog made famous by the original Little Rascals. Pitt bulls were used on posters for family products, http://whitney05.hubpages.com/hub/Famous_Pit_Bulls

    The current issues with the dogs are the result of human interference, plain and simple.

    I’d also like to point out that children and women are both more likely to be abused, raped, tortured, brutalized and murdered by momma’s current dick than they are by all dog breeds combined, and in ways no dog would even think of doing. Ban them first.

    I do think a dog neutering order needs to be enforced. There is no need for more dogs, period. Shelters are full. Dogs are being put down daily.

  • Sudonim

    Dogs in general rank low on the kill list. That’s ALL dog species not just pits and other aggressive dogs. There’s about 31 dog kill cases in the US a year. Bee’s kill twice that many people. Cows and horses kill around 20 people each. Pigs kill about 40 people a year. These kills aren’t accidental kills either. Pigs are vicious. 70% of fatal dog bites come from the person entering into the dogs territory. The only reason large breeds get a bad rep is that they have large teeth and are stronger then a lap dog.

    Also a piranha, tiger, chow-chow, lion, rottweiler, or a boa constrictor are not aggressive. It’s called natural instinct. Four of them are given these instincts to survive in the wild ..where they are meant to remain. As for the dogs, they were bred with specific jobs which require the skill sets they have.

    Mostly it comes down to people owning a dog because its a cool breed to own vs owning a dog because you need the skill set it has. I used to have a shiatsu x peekaboo..meanest little dog I ever seen He bit multiple friends. He was raised on a farm and we took him in when his owner sold the farm. He was used to herding horses. A dog that is bred or used to herd bites way more then say a pit or other large dog. You just don’t see lapdog bites being reported because they can’t do much other then break the skin. They aren’t big enough to knock you down and get to the vital kill zones a pit can get to.

    PS. I’m neither a pit lover nor do I own one.

  • Nah. I got accused of baiting readers by using pictures of vicious pit bulls whenever reporting on a pit bull attack story. They were 100 percent correct, of course. Now I bait readers by using pictures of cute pit bulls whenever reporting on a pit bull attack story.

  • Sam

    That depends, does he try to eat you? 😉

  • 18th40

    Sort of a master baiter then ?

  • He wouldn’t be much of a boyfriend if he didn’t.

  • Buffettgirl

    When I’ve been naughty… 😉

  • Buffettgirl


  • edward macaskill

    Hence “buffetgirl”

  • edward macaskill

    Put those pups in a sack and toss them off a bridge

  • Oh but Cass… it doesn’t matter “theys aggresseev”… -___-

    Pfft, research… this is America.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I fostered a pit for a while, and he was the biggest freakin baby. He was scared of our 12 pound cat, my baby, loud noises, the wind, the kitchen table, my husband, plastic bags, laundry baskets; the hilarious list goes on.
    That being said, we did have to give him back to his rightful owner, because he was just too much dog for our family. He did NOT know his own strength. When we’d let him out of the kennel in the morning (we kenneled him when we slept for his own protection, from our asshole cat), he’d get so happy he’d just charge out of there like a rhino on red bull and sunshine, knocking over anything and everything in his path, including people, toys, garbage cans (he broke four of them just by plowing them over), the kitchen chairs. He barked at everything; people walking or driving by, other animals, the leaves falling off the trees. He’s back with his owner and has calmed down immensely. This wasn’t the right home for him, and I’m ok with that. I get to see him every now and then, and get daily updates from his “nana.” haha

  • I prefer the cuddly pictures. It’s like the hot pictures of Casey Anthony before reading about how she drowned her kid.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Let’s tie you to the bag 🙂

  • edward macaskill

    I would be happy to toss them,because Linda Henry can’t…..

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Also, my mom had a friend who had piranhas when I was little. He didn’t have kids himself, but all the neighborhood kids played at his house. (Don’t get the wrong idea. We lived in row housing on an air force base, and everyone was like family, running from one house to another throughout the day)

    He had those stupid fish forever and no one ever got attacked, because kids were made to listen and not fuck with them.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    AGAIN with this. You’re gonna have ladies beating down your door!

  • Heather_Habilatory

    10,000 animals get euthanized EVERY. DAY. Messed up.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Yeah. We don’t operate by logic and statistics. We operate by FEELINGS!

  • I don’t know if simple ignorance or neglect or whatever, assuming that’s the case here, means this poor woman deserved what happened to her. I think this sort of consequence is deserved by fuckers like the guy in the story the other day whose pit was off leash, in NY, and attacked the little girl w/ her grandmother. Now THAT asshole (and others like him, especially animal abusers) oughtta get his arms chewed off, his eyes gouged out, etc.

  • I’d be the baddest bitch on the block if that’s how it works!

  • Linda Cornetti

    This finally does it. Every time there’s a pit bull mauling, all the breed’s defenders get all sniffly and whiny about “bad owners.” Well, this is the umpteenth instance in the past couple of weeks where reportedly non-aggressive dogs raised “lovingly” from puppyhood have maimed or slaughtered humans both small and large in unprovoked attacks. It IS the breed. When supposedly loving, caring, responsible owners or their family members are turned upon, that tells you plenty. And yes, I’m a dog owner.

  • Buffettgirl

    I am… 😉

  • Buffettgirl

    Let ’em try – I’ll take a bitch OUT! ;P

  • KKef

    I wish I could thumbs up this post X100 🙂
    Also want to add that different breeds do different things in groups. For example, I always had the lab mix type dog growing up. Then I got a working/guard breed. The labs would quickly defend whoever they perceived to be the underdog. (Kids tickling little brother, lab tries to break it up and save little guy) The working dog has a totally different point of view. She wants to be on the winning side, doesn’t have any sense of ‘poor little brother’ She sees any action that looks like an attack and she wants in-and she wants to win. People need to be aware of this – until I owned that dog, I wasn’t.

  • Buffettgirl

    “like a rhino on red bull and sunshine” – Priceless! Thanks for the belly laugh!!!

  • Andyman

    Couldn’t agree more. And I own a dog too. A beagle / dachsund mix. Now I have raised her since she was a puppy (she is 5 months old). SO – I sure hope she doesn’t attack and kill anyone since we have been so nice and sweet to her.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Dude! It didn’t say she lost her teeth.

  • newstarshipsmell

    You should make an animated GIF that morphs back and forth between a cute and a vicious pit bull.

  • I’ve known of more beagles going ape shit on other dogs in their home, or in the park. Than I have of pit attacks. Just me, not saying I’m the rule.

    Linda, I don’t think anyone with 4 un-neutered/spayed pits, with a litter living in one house is responsible.

  • Andyman

    I won’t deny that many small dogs have a napoleon complex (mine included) but she won’t be tearing multiple legs, eyes and hands out of anybody any time soon. Or ever…

  • I wish you could meet Gretchen…
    Gretchen was a 7 year old beagle. Gretchen was put on anti-depressants after she mauled her sister Molly… For reasons we’re still not sure of.

    Never underestimate a dog…
    Clearly that’s what happened here. Just because there small doesn’t mean they can’t rip your eyes out.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Plan ahead and your resolutions can become realities. I think they may have a puppy or two for you.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    I had a white(Snoopy-type) beagle-dachsund mix when I was a kid. It had the size & head of the beagle, and, the body & legs of the dachshund. Bizarre looking creature. That dog was quick, too! I’ve never seen an animal since that could make a turn so fast. Ended up giving him to a farmer that had lots of room for him to run.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “Linda Henry, 54, lost an eye, an ear and both arms ..”
    For some odd reason, I feel like there’s something missing from Linda’s story…

  • Athena

    “Loving” and “caring” does not equate to “good owners”. This is the most common misconception dog owners make, and one you just made attempting to demonize the breed.

    Rule number fucking ONE of owning dogs that can eat you: You do NOT treat them like your “kids”. They’re not kids. They’re animals. I rather like this quote from a national dog trainer, “If you treat your dog like a child, your dog will treat you like an animal.” You don’t let the sleep in your bed with you or sit on the couch with you or eat at the table with you. You need to establish the hierarchy, or the dog won’t respect you.

    Furthermore, try this same situation – multiple dogs, unneutered, of various ages and genders, one that recently had puppies, puppies still present – with just about any other type of dog, and you’re risking a similar attack.

    These owners were not good owners. They humanized these animals and expected the animals to exhibit human behaviors as a result. That’s just stupid.

    *I am not, nor have I ever been, nor do I intend to be a Pit owner.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Maybe it is the breed.

  • G.I.R.L.

    This was gold.

  • G.I.R.L.

    This information needs to be spread like a bad (or good?) virus.

  • Sudonim

    My uncle had one. He used to have the tank in his office and when we were over visiting we’d beg him to see the piranha and show us his trick. He’d stick his arm all the way to the bottom of the tank while it swam around him then pull it out and feed him. We knew not to try or to even go in the office even though we didn’t understand how he could do it(super slow movement)..we knew full well what a piranha could do even as small kids we didn’t need to be told not to. I think that’s a problem with todays generations. They need idiot advisories on things that should be common sense even to a child.

    That being sad we did go downstairs and fuck with the koi pond he kept there to feed the piranha.

  • Sudonim

    My feelings on it are generally the dogs aren’t as well off in the emotional department as most would have you believe. ‘Bobo never bit anyone or showed signs of aggression before!’ They take behavioral cues from those around them and I’ve yet to see a perfectly behaved dog..it’s like saying that people are perfect, far from it. They have norm’s but those norms are what leads to dogs getting away with stuff they shouldn’t. Oh he’s just a puppy they chew on everything!

    My sister inlaw has this knee biter sized samoyed looking dog. She treats it literally like it’s a human child..except without the punishment. He knows no boundaries at all and does as he pleases. She moved to a place and her neighbors complained about the dog barking when she left (he barks from when you leave till you come home). I tried to tell her he was showing signs of anxiety as well as a few other things but she refused to listen..instead he came to live with us. What was only supposed to be a month or two turned into 1.5 years.

    Long story short I gave up listening to how she wanted me to raise her puppy and just set my own rules. That dog behaved so extremely good for me (other then shitting and pissing all over if he was mad at you). I thought I’d broken him of all his problems. He was able to socialize around other dogs(he was overly excited and somewhat aggressive around other dogs, no matter the size) and he quit trying to attack people. He didn’t jump on my kids and knock them over anymore. Completely stopped all of the bad behavior.

    He goes back to her and less then a month later he’s been seriously mauled by a rotty and they have to give away the 3 cats they own because he cant get along with them (we had 2 that he was just fine with). He’s back barking along with all the other bad stuff. I just said screw it it’s your fault if he hurts someone rather then listen to her defend how she babies him. Funny enough when he comes to visit he’s an angel..so I know he remembers!

  • Sudonim

    “Several studies have determined that pit bull owners and owners of other “vicious” or “high risk” breeds (most commonly identified as Akita, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, Pit Bull, Rottweiler, and Wolf-mix) are more likely to have criminal convictions and are more likely to display antisocial behaviors. A 2006 study comparing owners of “high risk” dogs to owners of “low risk” dogs. “High risk” dogs included “vicious” dogs by breed (e.g., Pit Bulls) or “vicious” actions (e.g., any dog that had bitten, attacked or killed a person or other animal). The study determined that “high risk” dog owners had nearly 10 times as many criminal convictions then those of “low risk” dog owners. A 2009 and a followup 2012 study generally supported these conclusions.”

    Quoted off pitbull wiki page, go read the studies they link to for it. They’ve run the study multiple years just to make sure it’s not an oddity. Any dog can maim or kill. Look up the dog deaths from last year. There’s a lab and retriever in the list. They even have records of little jack russels killing people.

  • Athena

    I’m likin’ you. I’ve quoted that exact same chunk of information on a couple of occasions.

    Of course, it’s nothing you need a study to confirm if you’ve ever lived in the hood. Every other yard has a Pit or a Rott in it.

  • Jubilex

    Yes but a pit bull is more likely to cause loss of life or limb when it attacks – a poodle – not so much if you are an adult.

    People are always going to be stupid – until they regulate this breed so that people have to prove they are capable and acknowledge the issue these attacks will continue to happen.

    Frankly the breed itself doesn’t bother me (outside of not wanting stupid people to own them) – it’s that every *single* person I know (which doesn’t mean everyone ever – just personal here) that owns one says the same thing….

    ‘no my dogs a softie it’s great with kids we treat it right’ – ever single person I know that owns one. Oddly it’s the same thing you hear after every attack.

  • Whatevn

    Im going to use that quote from now on.

    You always write your thoughts so clear. Im jealous : (

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    And none of them were neutered, I’ll bet. And I’ll bet that they were backyard breeders.

    I’ll try to muster up some sympathy later.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    The Goddess of Wisdom is rightly named. 😀

  • Lindsay

    This is really sad. I did a paper on the banning of pit bulls in college and I kinda feel bad for the breed. It’s pretty obvious that the owners are to blame and I just don’t know why people are idiots. I owned a rott from birth until he died from cancer at age 9 and still have my 13 year old husky, both on the list of dangerous dogs. I have never had any issues with them because we trained the shit outta them, socialized them, cared for them, mentally stimulated them, exercised them, etc. Oh yeah, they were also neutered and taught to be very friendly with people. My rott still had the natural guarding instinct but never had an issue with anyone. The fact that people are getting these dogs and not training them properly or recognizing what the dog needs based on it’s breed is very frustrating.

  • bees typically aren’t kept as pets and the vast majority of fatal attacks ARE from pits.

    stop comparing apples and oranges or else you’ll never win a debate.

  • Chixdigme

    Always train your dogs strictly. No matter what the breed. Dogs in the home are not a member of the family no matter what people think. They are naturally pack animals. They need to understand who the alpha male and female are. (YOU). Always separate the bitch and pups from the rest of the pack.
    You must lead your animal not vice versa. Every President I have seen has made the same mistake, letting the dogs lead them into the White House ! Humans are the only species on the planet that will follow an unstable leader. With training and separation this tragedy never would have occurred.

  • Twisted1

    When I was a kid my cat (Baby) had kittens. She had them in my bedroom closet. I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and Baby attacked me. She jumped on to my chest and started scratching and biting. I had bites and claw marks from head to toe. I raised her from a kitten. The babies were in the closet so I was not about to step on them, but I still think she thought she was protecting her babies. I did not fault her for that. But my parents did, two days later she was taken to the SPCA.

  • Twisted1

    I think I read somewhere there have been 9 fatal attacks already this year by pits. We are not even thru the third month yet.

  • Twisted1

    Even with training these dogs can attack. A pit therapy dog attacked a police horse.


    Other therapy dog attacks:


  • So sick of these hounds from hell, all they do is kill and maim people and yet they still have so many supporters, wtf?????? Enough is enough…

  • JustYaKnow

    Poor Big Lucy. :C

  • IMO this is also how most parents behave with their human children. And then are so surprised when they act out, or worse. Structure, boundaries, consequences, consistency, etc. are labor intensive, and most don’t seem to have the intellectual capacity to appreciate the need for it, nor the intestinal fortitude to keep up with it.

  • techsupp0rt

    There you go breeding animals that you have no business breeding…

    This is one of the bigger reasons that pit bulls can be so terribly unpredictable – just about any Tom, Dick, and Harry will want to breed them, because they can sell the pups off for maybe $50-200, being completely unseen by any vet, not fixed, not vaccinated, not wormed, not anything. They don’t care.

    Here’s what you’re looking at when you buy a dog, ANY dog any breed, from a GOOD reputable breeder – first, they’re going to ask you a ton of questions about you, your family situation, your home situation, your intentions with the dog, and a lot more that can go much more personal. They are likely selling dogs for upwards of $700, and they WILL deny you if they don’t think your home is a good fit for one of their puppies. Often you will have a contract when you buy the puppy stating that you will have it fixed by 6 months or pay a hell of a fine (and possibly surrender the dog). You often sign a statement saying that if there’s ever ANY reason you can’t take care of the dog, the dog ALWAYS goes back to the original breeder, or face lawsuit. If they find out that you are raising the dog in ways that they disapprove of (you’ll go over this before the dog is ever purchased) you will often have a clause in your contract stating that they can come and remove the dog from your property if necessary. In doing this, you will know that the parents are of excellent temperament, health, and conformation. Your puppy will often come with certain health guarantees.

    Here’s what happens when you buy from a backyard breeder – You pay someone $50, and you have a puppy. (if you breed your dog for no other reason than to breed your dog – yes, you too are a BYB)

    Here’s the problem that happens with pit bulls in this regard – there aren’t very many reputable breeders. How many people are going to want to buy a $700 puppy when they don’t know why it’s better than a $50 one? They don’t do all that spectacularly at shows, they’re working dogs who’s classic jobs are mostly obsolete (a working dog with no job is always a bad idea), they’ve got a terrible stigma, there are bans and restrictions in place making them harder to sell (to people who follow rules) and there just aren’t all that many reasons for keeping the breed going. So most of the pit bulls you come across are going to be poorly bred, often poorly socialized, and highly unpredictable.

    Especially if they are unaltered.

    I don’t think banning the breed itself is going to help. Even if you banned the breed and wiped out every single pit bull, you’d still see them around. Because there are other dogs who look like that, and it’s really the look that people are going for. If there are no pit bulls, they will go back to rotts and boxers and bulldogs, dobermans, huskies – and then back to the things that everyone already mistakes for pit bulls – presa canario, dogo argentino, mastiffs, cane corso, etc. And then those breeds will become just as bad as pit bulls, because they will still be bred and raised by complete idiots.

    All dogs have the potential to be vicious, but dogs of a certain size/strength should require licenses to breed, or licenses to own an unaltered dog. If caught selling an unaltered dog of certain types, make it big stakes.

  • techsupp0rt

    I don’t understand how people defend their shitty little yapping dogs. They bite more than anything else, just no one says anything about it because they’re usually too pathetic to break the skin. They should still have their skulls smashed for being biting little bastards, and their owners should have to bear the responsibility of that, but that never happens because when they bite it’s ‘cute’. They just get defended for being powerless, not because they aren’t often terribly shitty dogs with bad breeding, bad temperaments, and bad owners.

    I’d probably never own a pit myself unless I had a very specific use for one, but I’ve known far too many bad dogs and bad dog owners to be able to defend any kind of dog and not another. So I can either defend all breeds, or none.

  • crimenthusiast

    I fostered the sweetest pittie for a few months before she was adopted. I volunteered for an all Pittie rescue here in Chicago. I too had always been “afraid” of pit bulls, but I also learned that any animal can all of a sudden turn on you. The issue that makes Pit Bulls more of a danger is that when they bite, there jaw locks and it is very hard to pry them off. But any dog can be aggressive.

    I have a shepherd mix that I adopted from a shelter when she was 8 weeks old. Her bark sounds vicious and I had a few neighbors tell me she needs a muzzle and is aggressive. She has never bitten anyone, and the only time she bit a dog was when it attacked her first. So because a few neighbors think my dog is “mean” should I have to put her down?

    Irresponsible pet owners give bad names to any breed. This story is unfortunate, but the dogs should have been kept away from the mother and the babies. I also wonder if the woman walked in on a fight already in process and tried to break it up.

  • Andrew

    Any dog can turn on you, I don’t care what the breed is, however right now it seems as if pit bulls are the only ones really getting the news coverage. I remember back in the 80’s it was the German Shepherds who were the “evil” dogs, in the 90’s it was Rottweilers, and these days it’s pit bulls. If you don’t believe the media is pretty biased when it comes to what they report about dog bites, read this study done by the National Canine Research Council. http://www.nationalcanineresearchcouncil.com/dogbites/media-myths-politics/ I used to buy into the hype about pitbulls, until I started doing my own research, and now I adopted one. ANY breed of dog that isn’t properly socialized, trained, and disciplined can be a recipe for disaster, however if you work with a dog and be a responsible dog owner, more times than not it will turn out to be a well balanced dog, no matter what breed it happens to be.

  • Sorry I didnt mean to hit a nerve or get a lesson in animal behavior. I think Pits are dangerous and let me rephrase – I would never own an animal that is known to be “deadly” when their natural instinct to attack kicks in. I will only ever own an animal that I could beat the shit out of if it was attacking me or my kid. If I would lose, I wouldnt own it. Period.

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    Ahhh the perfect pitbull is one buried in the neighbors arms.. good lord evil dogs.

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    dog hoarders

  • Chinchillazilla

    Boy, Ghost was really out for blood, huh? He just killed a 7-year-old boy last week.

  • LoKi4778

    I believe the preferred nomenclature is “poop uponner”

  • JustBrowsingLife

    Is it wrong that I got a chuckle when reading the police chief’s name?

  • First of all she did not deserve this how hateful I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, and yes they did walk the dogs, they were not locked up all day with no food, well taken care of, and yes they had kennels for them. Some people are just dogs lovers

  • JGo555

    Fuck, the revolution started!

  • JGo555

    When we went to purchase our AB, that thing you said, the breeder did all of that and 2+yrs later they still provided guidance with the dog. We paid $750 for her and they while no longer breeding are STILL offering support for their dogs even after selling them 5 years ago, Not only that but if the buyer can’t keep their dog, they will help rehome the dog.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I’m glad it was the owner who got mauled and maimed and not an innocent. I really don’t feel bad for her or her boyfriend at all. Not one single iota.

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  • restlessvagabond

    I’m not against owning pit bulls….

    But owning more than two is really asking for trouble.

  • restlessvagabond

    “If you’re going to be a pack leader to these dogs, you need to understand their thought processes”

    Okay Caesar. Tell us what the dogs were thinking.

  • hookerpie

    HaHa! That’s just to funny.

  • Sam

    “mmm, lunch!”

  • I’ll never understand why anyone is surprised when ANY DOGS in that situation attack. Sure, lets take animal with teeth made to KILL if needed (Long lost cousin to wolves), stick a whole bunch of them together to “breed” them, let them have puppies but then be SHOCKED when they freak out and maul someone. And it’s not just “pit bulls” (But the fact they are over AND poorly bred doesn’t help the breed out either) Years ago we got a little dachshund mix cause we wanted a little sweet “family dog” (Dachshund being one of the top picks in the US) but the older she got, the more of a freaking monster she became. So we did some reading on the breed and dogs in general. Come to find out they were built to kill. They were DESIGNED to go down badger holes and FIGHT them to the death! (Fun fact, that’s why they become little fat ass dogs. Has something to do with their “I’m not gonna stop till it’s DONE” mentality. So they’ll eat and eat as long as you keep filling that bowl) Their name even means “badger hound”. They are even known for mauling BABIES! Not even joking. Just Google “dachshund mauls baby”. (But if you think about, there isn’t much of a size difference in babies and badgers) After our Dachshund pretty much got us kick out of the Dog Park (She went after a freaking GREAT DANE! Thank God those are pretty good natures dogs. He just sat there while I dragged her off, with a “Bitch, please” look on his face) We got the help of a dog trainer. She is still a little asshole. But all in all, way better. ANYWAYS, my point is, THEY ARE DOGS! No matter the size or breed, they are still DOGS. And when you put dogs in they situation (not “fixed” and new puppies around) don’t act shocked when they got off bite some one! Dogs have pretty simple needs: food, belly rubs, sleep and if they are not “fixed”, sex. If you are to big of an idiot to keep up with that, you deserve getting a chunk bit out of your ass.

  • I don’t know of any city that counts a litter of puppies/kittens/etc. as part of the limit of pets people are allowed to have until the litter is past the weaning age. If they did, that would mean people would have get rid of their pet after they discover their pet is pregnant or kill the litter as they are being born. The average number of pets allowed in city limits is 3-4 pets per household. Most dogs have at the very least, four puppies per litter.

    Who expects people to re-house all their pets because one of them has babies?? I have never heard of anyone doing that either.

    The stupidity of this owner was underestimating the mother dog’s urge to protect her puppies and allowing the adult dogs to have access to the litter. Whenever one of our animals had a litter of babies, the mother and babies were given a bedroom and no other pet was allowed in that room.

    Since the dogs attacked her when she stepped inside her door tells me that the dogs were already fighting with each other when she showed up. How much do you want to bet that she rushed in the middle of it in an attempt to stop it? The dogs more than likely didn’t even recognize her or that she was a human because of the state of mind they were in.

    I found a tiny kitten, not even old enough to be away from his mom, at a wayside rest area. He has known me entire life and loves me like I love him. Despite that, when he gets himself worked up over a stray cat walking across the lawn, he is so focused, his surroundings disappear and the only thing he knows is he wants to kick that cat’s butt. If I try to touch him when he is like that, he has no clue it is me touching him. I don’t dare touch him unless I want to go spend a couple hours at the ER getting my arms stitched up. The only way I’m going to touch him is after I throw a glass of water on him to break his focus.


    I grew up terrified of the breed. (One of Texas’ fatal “Pit Bull” attacks was the child of a friend of the family) But what do you know, the first time our family goes to adopt a dog, our first pick was a “pit bull”. I was scared of a dog that I had no clue of what it really looked like. Our family now fosters “high risk” animals like pit bulls & black cats. (Those are more likely to be put down and not adopted) And we are NOT what most of America thinks “pit bull people” are. We live in the suburbs I’m a full time mom/wife and my Husband is a Fire Fighter. Far from the stereotype. Just like us that day in the pound, you wouldn’t look at us and think “PIT BULL”.
    Also, side note: Some think Helen Keller’s dog could have been a Boston Terrier. Something to do with the size. At that time Boston Terriers were allot larger. (The Chick down the street has the biggest one I’ve ever seen! Few weeks back it was out in the front yard with “The Cone of Shame” on. CUTEST THING! Owner said her big butt got hurt fighting over food with her other (smaller) Boston Terrier)

  • And by the way, we DIDN’T adopt the pit that day. We went with a Lab mix. Only to find out later it was mixed with “pit”. She was a great dog. Still a legend in our family. Mainly cause she loved PBR. (Mind you, this was back BEFORE there were Hipsters) My Husband would have a beer with her after they mowed the yard. We joked that she was a new breed of dogs designed just for “White Trash”. She would climb on top of Hubby’s truck and sleep with her legs in the air like Snoopy. He (my Husband) doesn’t let anyone talk about her around him, cause he is a tough guy and stuff…

  • That pit bulls have locking jaws is a myth.

    From realpitbull.com – “The jaws of the Pit Bull are functionally
    the same as the jaws of any other breed, and this has been proven via
    expert examination.

    The few studies which have been conducted of the structure of the
    skulls, mandibles and teeth of Pit Bulls show that, in proportion to their
    size, their jaw structure and thus its inferred functional morphology, is
    no different than that of any [other] breed of dog. There is absolutely
    no evidence for the existence of any kind of ’locking mechanism’ unique
    to the structure of the jaw and/or teeth of the American Pit Bull Terrier,
    says Dr. I. Lerh Brisbin of the University of Georgia (from the ADBA
    booklet, “Discover the American Pit Bull Terrier.)”

    See also – http://www.pbrc.net/mediacenter/mediaqa.html#LockJaws

  • I don’t know why I write comments I know won’t be read. When I read these stories I always think of the scene in “The Green Mile” and the little boy with a missing eye. The owner told Tom Hanks “The dog never hurt anyone, until he did” . Those kinds of dogs will fuck your shit up sooner or later. If any one does read this I know the dog in the movie wasn’t a pit bull.

  • YES!!!! There was obviously a breeding op going on here!!!! UGH ignorance pisses me off!

  • I find this soooo funny because both my husband and I are white middle class folks. We live in one of “Money” magazines “Top 100 Places To Live”. We both went to college. I decided that I would rather be a full time wife/mother. My Husband was in the Navy, was a Licensed Texas Peace Officer and he now works as a Fire Fighter/EMT in one the Wards in Houston. We don’t do drugs, I don’t even drink, but he likes to have a beer every now and then. We don’t smoke. We own our home. Almost have our truck paid off. Our two boys do good in school and don’t get into too much trouble. (Well, as good as two boys can do!) And we have a “pit bull” type mutt. We don’t really know “what” he is a mix of (We have a few ideas) but we don’t lie or hide that he is a pit mutt. He is a big dog. Looks like a small Great Dane (But still bigger than most large breed dogs) but with a “Pit Bull” head. Everyone in our neighborhood knows him. (On our street and the street that backs our home) We take him to “meet” anyone that moves in. We had an idea he would be a BIG dog (But never thought this big!) So we crate and “shock” collar trained him from the start (We have had him since he was 5 weeks old) Everyone in the neighborhood loves him. (The kids next door will ask if he can come out to “play” with them) They call him a real life “Scooby” or “Marmaduke”. Hands down, the best dog I’ve ever had. I’ve even said that he will be my last “puppy” because no other could ever live up to him. I’m disabled and suffer from an autoimmune disorder and of course the stress of having an illness can cause mental health issues. OCPD and Agoraphobia are the two biggest I deal with. Just the other night my Husband and I were talking about how having T-Bone for the last four years has done more for my Agoraphobia than anything medical we have ever tried. Having him has re-introduced me to “life” in allot of ways.

    Now, I will say people have GOOD REASON to be afraid of the breed. As I’ve mention on here before, I grew up very frighten of “Pit Bulls” because a family friend’s toddler was killed by one. http://www.Pet-Abuse.com has tracked and kept a record of ALL abuse of ALL animals for over ten years (I believe, not sure) and found that “Pit Bull” type dogs are one of the most abused breeds of animals. Out of all animal cruelty cases involving dogs, around 10% YEARLY are “Pit Bull” type dogs. (Again, not 100% on this, so please check for yourself) That makes the chances really good that if someone is to encounter one, there is a BIG chance it has been abused at sometime. My Husband and I crate our dog if we are not at home. He is NEVER aloud in the yard if we are not here. Our oldest son is in High School and 6’2 and we do not even leave him in charge of the dogs when we are not at home. The one time our dog ever got out of the yard, we received a phone call before we even knew he was out from a neighbor. (We were helping another neighbor on the street and he snuck out) To tell the truth, I live in fear of someone thinking he is a “Dangerous Pit Bull”. There is an asshole that lives a few streets away that calls the cops all the time on everyone. He loves to call and complain about dogs barking all night on our street. And when Animal Control comes out they always tell me not to worry. That they know it’s not our dog. This has allot to do with EVERYONE on our street coming forward and saying that they know for a fact we never leave our dogs out at night (They have a 9: pm bedtime just like the kids) And they know we are “Fosters” and that means we had to pass a screening. (Just like you would for kids!) And the reason we past, was because of T-Bone.

    He is more than a good dog. He is an amazing dog that I love very much. But that doesn’t mean I think all “Pit Bulls” are “Amazing” dogs. Or that I think they are all “Monsters”. To tell the truth, I would NEVER seek out a “Full Blooded” one. Not just because I’m so pro rescue, but because I know how terribly there are bred. And I do not agree allot of pro pit bull breeders/owners. I understand not everyone is going to “like” my dog. That’s fine with me, cause he is MINE. But I do allot to make sure people feel comfortable that we are taking care of him, are in control of him and we have taking steps to make sure they are “safe”. And over time doing that has made our whole street fall in love with him.

    I also really encourage everyone who is pro OR anti “Pit Bull” to follow his facebook page (Yes, I’m one of those people) to see that not everyone one that owns a “Pit Bull” is a thug, doesn’t take care of them or tries to force them on you:


  • driven .

    Once again.. that ole :” its not the dog ..its the owner” has been rendered what it is- total BULLSHIT these hounds from hell are bred to kill .. its their instinct – no amt of denial will change this. I hope other pitt advocates will wake the fuck up

  • KKef

    I don’t think this person implied that bees are kept as pets. The fact is, Bees kill almost twice as many people a year as dogs do. Then the cows, pigs, horse kill numbers are also facts. Let’s not skip mosquitoes, who actually spread disease to kill, and humans, we kill the hell out of each other! No one is saying it is OK. No one is trying to excuse it. It’s just a head count by way of how the human died. That said, I, for one, am glad to have the numbers on people killed by animals/insects. I am able to have a more logical perspective when I have facts to consider.

  • Lauren

    Bully breed owner here. I’m against breed discrimination but I do think that while ALL breeds should have responsible owners, owners of powerful breeds have to be especially on the ball with obedience, self education, etc. I learned the hard way when 2 of my dogs got into a fight. However, I had NO idea how far off the mark I was as an owner at the time, & I’m sure there are tons of owners just like me. I grew up with Akitas from whom I never saw aggression or even disobedience, & it all looked so easy (I guess my dad knew what he was doing)… then when I got my own dogs, I realized I had a VERY large learning curve!

    Apparently Linda Henry had too many dogs & didn’t know how to manage them. She didn’t know that she didn’t know, either… until she got attacked. Stupidity? It’s pretty common. Definitely ignorance. Maybe it’s just too easy for people to get a dog. Any idiot can get one. What’s sad is that when the idiots mismanage, the blame goes to the dogs. But it’s hard to blame the owners too, if they didn’t know that they were doing anything wrong.

  • kaddison2001

    My thoughts and feelings were just like yours! I was afraid of a Pit and had never owned one. We moved to the country and living close to a local animal shelter I began to volunteer. In time, I learned to trust the Pit as I do other breeds. There was a time the shelter would never foster or adopt out a Pit. That changed when it was realized there were many good Pits being put down because of their breed. Many have been adopted. I have since adopted three. It is important to give them space, not to chain them, and to socialize them with others. They are fixed and given not only love but attention. Some people think love is a pet on the head, food, and a warm bed in the winter. Attention also means walking with them, and they love to play ball and frizbee. We are still cautious and play ball with each one separately. But I would also be cautious of a German Shepherd, Doberman, Rots and other breeds too! My son was attacked by our family Collie/Shepherd mix while throwing a ball for this dog and another one we owned to fetch. Jealousy in both dogs stirred in both dogs and the larger one jumped on top of our 6 yr old son. My husband kicked her to get her off of him. My son was told to only play with one dog at a time. We had both dogs for nearly 15 yrs without any more incidents!