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Jason ScalesMILWAUKEE — Cell phone video was posted on Youtube that showed Jason Scales body slamming a DMV security guard after he was asked to leave the building, while other patrons cheered him on.

The 35-year-old man had been asked to leave the north side DMV after he refused to turn down the music on his cell phone. Scales got mad and refused to leave, so a security guard stepped in to escort Scales out of the building.

As you can see in the video below, the guard has some trouble getting Scales to leave, and ends up getting body slammed to the ground while the crowd laughed and cheered for Scales. After getting off the ground, the guard pulled his gun on Scales as he finally left the building.

Milwaukee police say the man was eventually arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, but no felony assault charges.

Law enforcement expert Brian Dorow said that while the confrontation would have been challenging for an experienced officer to control, guards or officers should not touch an unruly person if they are not posing an eminent threat.

I have to disagree with Dorow, though. Had that been an experienced officer, this article would have been about Scales body slamming a police officer and then later, someone having to scrape Scales’ brains off the inside glass of the DMV.

The owner of the property where the DMV is located told TODAY’S TMJ4 this behavior is “relatively mild” compared to other cases. Someone who knows Scales said the man has anger issues. “One night he got really mad,” she said. “He was just going crazy, hitting walls, kicking walls. Yelling, screaming.”

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Shockingly, Scales has a criminal record. In order for me to find out what those past charges were, I would have had to tune into WTMJ at 6 pm, which I didn’t.

While the behavior of Scales was uncalled for, and the behavior of the crowd was embarrassing, did the guard do the right thing? He showed self control by not pepper spraying the guy or shooting him in the back, but should he have even put his hands on Scales in the first place? Are there any security guards reading this? Was just curious what protocol is when dealing with people like Scales, and what training security guards go through, if any.

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  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    What would you have suggested that he do? He told Scales to leave, but the dude didn’t move, so he went to manually escort the guy out.

    Were I there, I would be cheering for the guard, because I HATE it when people crank their music in public, especially without headphones….primarily because the people who pull that inconsiderate shit have really horrible taste in music, and waiting anywhere is bad enough without having to listen to someone else’s shitty music layered on top of the already abysmal muzak that most places have going in the background.

  • Miss_Ann_thrope

    he should have tazed his ass

  • kcjosh

    He probably shouldn’t have touched them but in areas like that if you stand there and take it like a bitch you will lose respect forever. Same type situation for the mall cop guy in Atlanta. He probably didn’t gain a whole lot by getting body slammed though.

  • Sam

    Really, the whole idea of a DMV is flawed. You take a group of strangers, stuff them in a small space with each other and all the smells and sounds that go with it, add a dollop of frustration and impatience – and then you hand them a license to go outside and drive a death machine. What could possibly go wrong?

  • You pull out your pepper spray or Taser after he refuses to leave. He he still won’t go, you call police. I’m not sure what legal rights a security guard has, but not sure if they can physically remove someone. If they do have that right, then he should have Tased him… not wrestled with him when it was clear he was outmatched.

  • ViewerBeware

    Having worked both uniformed and undercover private security roles I can without a doubt say that this security officer was in the wrong. Here in California there are clearly defined protocol for you to follow and they are in place to limit issues like this.

    Scales was playing his music too loudly. DMV makes a request to have the guy removed. The security officer requests Scales to leave. Scales refuses. At that point I would’ve advised Scales (with a DMV supervisor present) he can leave immediately or I would be contacting law enforcement to have him arrested/cited for tresspassing

    “Sir, I am going to have to ask you to leave the property.”

    “Fuck you top flight!”

    “Sir, if you don’t comply I’m going to be calling the police and have you charged with trespassing, it’s your choice. You can leave now or deal with the cops.”

    …and since it’s a state building he can deal with the state police (CHP here in California.) Those guys have more important shit to deal with and wouldn’t be very happy, let me tell you.

    If Scales still would’ve refused to comply then I would have summoned law enforcement and stood nearby while I awaited their arrival. More times than not the unruly person leaves. Normally they have had issues with the law in the past and don’t want the headache.

    What I wouldn’t have done is touched Scales. That is, unless he lunged at me or placed his hands on me first. You are well within your rights to defend yourself and use reasonable force to do so and make an unruly, combative subject comply but you CANNOT automatically put your hands on a person just because they didn’t do as they were told.

    DMV (or the private security company employing these guards) should have established guidelines for what their contracted officers can and can’t do in these situations, an S.O.P. Unfortunately, many of these officers think they are law enforcment and can “make” people comply. That simply is not the case. Observe, Report, Detect, Deter. Standard procedure.

    Now with this situation, the second Scales put hands on me it would’ve been on…escalation of force is in effect at that point. Scales lunges, I pull out pepper spray/taser. That sound of that taser is usually enough to calm somebody the fuck down. Baton and gun are last resorts as those can be deadly if used improperly.

  • I’m somewhat ambivalent to the plight of the security officer in this case. He should not have taken it upon himself to get physical with a bigger, more “alpha” male. In a case like this, being the “beta” bitch ass that he is, if he didn’t want to get manhandled and then apparently butt fucked behind the building a few minutes later (which is what I heard happened) the security gay should have just dropped to his knees and blown the dude right there in the lobby and then whoever else wanted a little of that white booty.

  • Andyman

    This story reminds me of when I went to the DMV on the “bad side” of town one morning. Got there right before they opened and there was already a line around the building. Once I finally made it inside, packed asshole to elbow one of the DMV officials says, “OK folks – you need TWO forms of ID – And you can’t use a Carowinds season pass, a Harris Teeter VIC card, …..” I kid you not, HALF of the line in front of me got up and left.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    The video only starts after there was an escalation of hostilities. Scales may have been the one that put hands on the hired security first. And, with the manner in which he reacted to being ordered to leave, I can easily see that as the initiating cause.

  • LMAO!!!

  • masshole72

    WOW, disgraceful. While the spectators, who are so quick to ‘cheer’ on their fellow-thug instead of attempting to help the security guard or better yet, use their phone to CALL authorities, instead of videoing it. Sad. The equally disturbing part, is the ‘baby huey’ character, with his pants hanging ever so fashionably down past his boxer-covered buttocks, who can’t seem to run fast enough to continue his ‘cheering’ on out into the parking lot (?) because he’s too busy trying to hold them up as he ‘runs’.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Talk about a worker’s comp claim from Heaven w/ live witnesses and video tape. My back is already hurting just thinkin’ about it.

    But, I’ll be okay and soon as I stop by the pharmacy. Six months from now, I may still have flashbacks, so I a little College career training won’t hurt. And, in my current condition, it may be permanent disability. 🙂

  • Buffettgirl

    Honestly, I’m less concerned with the issue of whether the security guard should have put his hands on the guy or not, that can be worked out with the authorities. The fact that folks were cheering this asshat Scales disturbs me greatly… wtf is wrong with people? The prevailing “beat down The Man” attitude is getting out of hand in parts of this country!

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Now that would have been fun to watch.

  • Suzy Sears

    Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? It sad to think you see something funny about spreading a rumor that a man was raped because he didn’t shoot that asshole. You kept hinting that the guard was gay because he didn’t kill the bastard but I know a few gay men that would have beaten his ass to a bloody pulp. I guess you would’ve acted like the animals in the video hooting and howling like a gang of chimps

  • Not me Suzy. I just wanted to incite a riot on

  • JohnQknowitall

    I hope Scales was at least able to renew his license.

  • “Dealing with people like Scales.” These were not people acting this way. People don’t act this way, civilized people anyway. Call me racist if you must and if the shoe fits I’ll wear it but I’m tired of acknowledging black people as an equal when they largely insist on acting like animals. Fuck them and fuck you if you disagree.

  • Ugh all the fucking clowns following them around cheering pissed me off. I hate jerks like that.

  • abbys_mom

    This was an armed security guard…my husband worked as an armed security guard, and they are trained to escort people out if they are out of control or disturbing others. However, if they do become very aggressive, they are supposed to call the police. My husband always said it was sort of a judgement call as to when you need to back off and call the cops. It sounds like, from the article, the security guard was just going to do a basic “I’ll escort you out, sir” procedure and the man went from 0 to 60 in just a matter of seconds.

  • abbys_mom

    Sorry, I finally was able to watch the video…it wouldn’t play at first. Definitely, the guard should have called the cops when the first attempt to escort him out failed. But damn, those people piss me off…it’s disgusting that they are cheering like that, and I wish to God there was some way to charge them.

  • JGo555

    Fucking idiots acting like toddlers.

  • G.I.R.L.

    This right here.

  • G.I.R.L.

    I’m only responding because of our shared love for the Bat-Users. As you can see by my avatar, however, we love it for different reasons.

  • the way scales behaved has nothing to do with color. incase you haven’t noticed in this website but people acting like disgusting animals comes in all shapes, genders, ages, and races. do not use this article as an excuse for your racist theory. by the way, acting like a racist nazi loving douchbag like yourself doesn’t make you “civilized”. it makes you one of the many animals that you dislike. so screw you if you disagree.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Reminds me of last April when i got jumped from behind with a weapon by three hoodlums trying to rob me in BROAD daylight. I fought them off until they ran away; with the back of the right side of my head torn open. Everyone around not only didn’t help or call the police, but laughed while it was happening even though i could’ve potentially been killed. About an hour later, me, my brother, mother, sister and 3 friends found the boys sitting in front of their home bragging about what they did. When i commenced to beat the leader’s ass (the one who actually hit me with the weapon) that’s when the neighborhood wanted to scream foul. I lectured the neighborhood on their backwards handle of things before tossing the boy off (he will never EVER try what he did again to anyone, I can guarantee that).

    It annoys me because everyone saw it and no one wanted to help. Come to find out, the ring leader was released from prison two weeks prior to the attack. Now he knows better then to attack someone who isn’t visibly intimidating. I know that if I had been killed that day, everyone in attendance would have given a blind eye. I fucking thoroughly dislike Newark, NJ.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Gee, Brandon. I wonder if your employers at The Upscale Resale Thrift Shop, of which you are a delivery driver, would like to know you hate black people.

    I see from their facebook page you so kindly linked to, that they are open today from 10 am to 7 pm. They so conveniently put their email address and telephone number down on their FB page for all their fans to get in contact with them.

    Moral: If you’re going to be a racist asshole, be smart enough to lock your motherfucking facebook page.

  • Back away from the gun

    Guy-walking-like-he-had-a-load-of-shit-in-his-pants was sooooooo macho. His spread eagle walk kinda reminded me of when my kids were toddlers and had full diapers, how they would sway side to side when they walked so they didn’t get any dookie on themselves.

  • Back away from the gun

    Going to tattle to his employer? That’ll show him! stupid bitch.

  • restlessvagabond

    I’m a security guard and I gotta say this guard was in the wrong. As a security officer your job is just like the movie title says, “Observe and Report.” In this case after asking the man to turn down his music and having him refuse to turn it down or leave, he should have called for another security guard to assist, or if there wasn’t one he should have called the police non-emergency number and had them send assistance.

  • restlessvagabond

    You can physically remove/put your hands on someone only if they’re posing a danger to others or themselves.

  • glitterpuss

    Bouncers physically remove people all night and they’re security. It all depends on company/client orders and the situation but reasonable force is lawful and so is a citizen’s arrest.

  • This is my second year being on DD,so I can rightfully say this could have turn out far worst. He could have come back butt naked ,wearing a horses head,holding a chicken and one head and a samurai sword an another. So lets us be gald we can write this one off as just another day in the ghetto

  • Heather_Habilatory

    That’s not what I said. buahahhaha. Learn how to comprehend what you read, dildo.

    and it’s a freakin statistical fact that North Dakota is predominantly white. 90% of our population is white. So yeah. White People Ville.
    And I AM white, so I can say whatever the fuck I want about us. That’s how it works, right? 🙂

  • I applaud the security guard. He may not have done his job perfectly but at least he has/had one which is probably more than you can say about that monkey Scales. I suppose you guys are right though. He should’ve just let that piece of shit walk all over him until police arrived. Oh and god forbid somebody come to the security guards aid. Why is our society filled with people so scared of injury or being sued as to allow this bullshit to go on? Those people are all as guilty as Scales.

  • hmrob99

    exactly…the adults in this situation were just as bad as the middle school kids in the other article about the 14 year old girl that got beat up, where a bunch of other kids were cheering on the girl who assaulted her. Now I’m starting to see why kids are like that, because they probably have idiots like these people for parents!

  • Buffettgirl


  • Edward Richtofen

    a proud moment for black history month.

  • techsupp0rt

    I bet those dumb animals would continue cheering even if Scales had taken a bullet to the back of the head as he so deserved. Dumb animals going to be dumb animals.

  • that is a law

  • esmerald 2006

    This is what happens when you are in a community with a bunch of ignorant people.

  • Abroad

    Thank you for giving us the trade point of view. I can hazard a guess at who the downvote is from……

  • Disgusting “people”, all of them.

  • That’s pretty much what I thought. Doesn’t excuse the other guy’s behavior, of course. But still.

  • restlessvagabond

    Okay. You’re a racist.

  • restlessvagabond

    Yes it is. And security officers have to abide by it.

  • J. G.

    I’ve been a security guard for years, and most companies would fire you for doing what the guard in the video did. You observe and report unless you yourself are being physically attacked or someone else is in danger. You can’t physically remove people, and can’t even really touch them, even when escorting them off premises. You can follow behind and block them from turning around and re-entering the area. Otherwise, the company can be sued. Last I checked, playing music in the DMV (even if you’re black) isn’t putting anyone in any type of danger. If the guard had done huis job properly, here would have been no reason to video anything.

  • tony

    that black dude is gonna end up dead soon for acting like that in public