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Denver School FightDENVER, CO – Video captured a 14-year-old girl defending herself against another 14-year-old girl who brutally assaulted her in a  Henry World School classroom.

The incident happened last Friday when the victim, who didn’t even have time to take off her backpack, was assaulted by another girl inside the middle school classroom. “I turned around because I didn’t want to fight her and she grabbed my hair,” the unidentified victim said.

The other student pulled the victim to the ground and began punching her repeatedly in the face and body. The victim says the other girl has been bullying her for a month – stalking her in the school halls, pushing her and trying to get her to fight. She says never fought back and told teachers about the situation and that she didn’t feel safe.

The victim’s mother said the school never called her to inform her of the incident, only finding out her daughter had been attacked after another parent informed her.”My daughter is the one who was severely hurt, was sitting alone in a nurse’s office and I still wasn’t called,” she said.

The mother says the most disturbing part about all of this is that the attack was premeditated. The school says several dozen students lured the teacher out of the classroom by creating a disturbance outside, allowing the attacker to rush in with a crowd of students who knew the attack was about to happen.

The school has since apologized to the victim and her family, admitting they should have called the mother after the attack and that they are re-examining their policies and procedures. They have expelled the attacker for three days and sent a letter home to parents saying this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

This comes a little too late for the victim, who says she doesn’t “want to live anymore.” This feeling isn’t helped by the constant barrage of threats the girl is receiving online. Posts are being made in which people warn her they will “knock her teeth out” and another, which garnered 29 Likes ( 20 more Likes than my articles get, you assholes), that said her ass was going to get kicked when she returned to school.

Despite school officials assuring the victim’s mother that her daughter will be safe, she doesn’t think she will be sending her daughter back to that school. Police are currently investigating the incident.

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