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Denver School FightDENVER, CO – Video captured a 14-year-old girl defending herself against another 14-year-old girl who brutally assaulted her in a  Henry World School classroom.

The incident happened last Friday when the victim, who didn’t even have time to take off her backpack, was assaulted by another girl inside the middle school classroom. “I turned around because I didn’t want to fight her and she grabbed my hair,” the unidentified victim said.

The other student pulled the victim to the ground and began punching her repeatedly in the face and body. The victim says the other girl has been bullying her for a month – stalking her in the school halls, pushing her and trying to get her to fight. She says never fought back and told teachers about the situation and that she didn’t feel safe.

The victim’s mother said the school never called her to inform her of the incident, only finding out her daughter had been attacked after another parent informed her.”My daughter is the one who was severely hurt, was sitting alone in a nurse’s office and I still wasn’t called,” she said.

The mother says the most disturbing part about all of this is that the attack was premeditated. The school says several dozen students lured the teacher out of the classroom by creating a disturbance outside, allowing the attacker to rush in with a crowd of students who knew the attack was about to happen.

The school has since apologized to the victim and her family, admitting they should have called the mother after the attack and that they are re-examining their policies and procedures. They have expelled the attacker for three days and sent a letter home to parents saying this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

This comes a little too late for the victim, who says she doesn’t “want to live anymore.” This feeling isn’t helped by the constant barrage of threats the girl is receiving online. Posts are being made in which people warn her they will “knock her teeth out” and another, which garnered 29 Likes ( 20 more Likes than my articles get, you assholes), that said her ass was going to get kicked when she returned to school.

Despite school officials assuring the victim’s mother that her daughter will be safe, she doesn’t think she will be sending her daughter back to that school. Police are currently investigating the incident.

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  • debiate5

    Damn, what’s up with kids nowadays? Looks like my kid’s gettin’ homeschooled!

  • 10 bucks the parents of the attacker don’t care… Or this type of shit is cheered on by parents like idiot bitch 1 and 2 from this morning.

  • kcjosh

    I went back and liked it because your comment made me feel bad. Now you are up to 5 likes, almost middle schooler status.

  • Three days? WTF? Any and all participants in that should be expelled perm.

  • PS…I lliked it too! 🙂

  • CT

    What the hell is up with all of these chick fights? I thought chicks just fought in jello or had tickle and pillow fights in their undies? That’s what NSSS keeps telling me and Leavemebe.

  • Buffettgirl

    I believe there may be an ulterior motive there CT… 😉

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    People need to take a good, long, hard look at the little assholes they’re raising. If I found out one of my little crotchfruits was in any way involved in something like this, I would be absolutely livid, and I would be looking into sending them to some sort of school to turn little shits back into human beings, because if being an attentive, involved parent isn’t enough to keep my kids from being assholes to other kids, I’m obviously not giving them whatever it is they need to NOT be assholes or view beating the crap out of someone as an acceptable way to resolve differences.

  • Buffettgirl

    Since WHEN did teenage angst turn into adolescent chick fights? I don’t remember a time in school when chicks physically fought each other, and for a couple of years I went to an all girls school! How did it become “cool” to try and prove your badassery by fighting? It’s WAY better to use your brains to damage them for life, especially if you can do it undetected!

  • Buffettgirl

    Bootcamp, I would send the little shitmonkey to bootcamp!

  • Frank

    Last year my son was also attacked in a Denver area school. He was surrounded by students outside the classroom – because kids aren’t allowed inside the rooms until the exact start time and there is no formal hallway supervision because teacher’s teach, it’s not in their contracts to be hallway monitors – and he was shoved repeatedly against a wall by another student while the group loudly cheered! Then, once seated in the class the bully got up, walked up to my seated son and sucker punched him full on in the face, all without the teacher seeing a thing (nor did said teacher hear all the commotion outside his door earlier; probably because his contract doesn’t include pay for hearing or seeing or dealing with bullying). The school, one of the so-called best in the state, could have cared less but we filed criminal charges against the bully and withdrew our child from the school. As you can probably tell, I’m still angry about how it was handled (or rather, not handled). If you are a teacher, yes, I’m well aware that not all teachers refuse to help or even have the time to help but it’s still bullshit that students aren’t supervised.

  • NY_Mommy

    Wtf is going on with schools these days? I feel like all schools should be renamed with Fight Club. Instead of George Washington High School, it would be George Washington Fight Club. These kids are wild.

  • I agree, I’d be wooping some ass at the home front if one of my kids did this. My kids know to walk away and go get someone when this shit happens, not participate in it. My oldest son gets bullied because of his disabilities, he’s afraid to tell anyone because of the kid threatening him about telling. I told my son to tell the kid if he did one more thing to my son I’d find out who he was and I’d find his parents and let them know what kind of little punk ass they are raising. According to my son this kid stopped fucking with him.

  • Lack of teachers and supervision. Lack of money to remedy the situation and lack of overall parental involvement.

  • Athena

    You never had chick fights in school? Perhaps you’re much older than I. But I’m 30 and lived in a predominantly white, middle class area, and we had some vicious chick fights back then.

  • JohnQknowitall

    …expelled the attacker for three days? 3 days is suspension not expulsion and is just general bullshit. Nobody deserves prison violence – even most people in prison, much less a place where children congregate for a defined purpose. The little hoodlums who lored the teached out of the room should have been suspended for the remainder of the year and the fricking JD needs to be not only expelled, but sent to a reform school setting for at least the remainder of the year.
    My God! If I were this girl’s mother I would be furious too. Who the hell gave that hoodlum such a lenient punishment? Is her uncle on the school board? Where the fuck are the parents of all these misraised children? Where is there accountability? If I had ever acted that way in school I would be in full crap my pants mode waiting for my dad to pick me up during his worktime.
    Dumbasses. Keep your semen and eggs to yourself if you don’t intend to do your job as a parent, give the baby up for adoption or have an abortion. I hate that society has to pay for the orgasms of assholes.

  • Buffettgirl

    Swear to the Goddess, it never happened! I too lived in a predominantly white neighborhood (probably 97%) that was upper-middle class. Maybe it’s the age gap? I’m 42. Maybe it was the Stepford-ness of the ‘burb I lived in? We were still raised with the idea that you WILL NOT EMBARRASS YOUR FAMILY NAME thing…

  • rebecca rasha

    expelled means permanently…suspended would be 3 days.
    that poor girl =( stupid asshole middle school shit faces. kids dont realize how fucked up doing something like this can make a person. i hope she doesnt kill herself. teens tend to do that kind of shit.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I’m 30 and from White People Ville (North Dakota) and there were pretty much no chick fights. There were threats of ass-beatings that never came.

  • Criminal charges for everyone involved (minus the victim of course). It’s one thing to have a spur of the moment fight but it’s another thing to lure out a teacher and carry out a planned beating. How do we live in a world where a kid can be arrested for drawing on a desk but gets 3 days suspension for a planned beating?

  • lyssdexia

    Three days? This is totally out of control. I say it’s time to unleash the attorneys… press charges, arrest the criminal savages like in any other assault situation. Then sue the parents, sue the principal and any other personnel, the school district, the school board members. If the bully game is gonna get played, we might as well be watching and learning from the true intimidation jedi ninjas – the freaking lawyers. Then, when it becomes apparent that this is gonna COST the jerks responsible, and the victims might see a little bit of justice, maybe all this bullying bullshit will slow down. Maybe.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    It would at least make parents think about parenting their fucking hellspawn!

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Calling this bullying is disingenuous. They stalked her in the hallways, went out of their way to make this girl’s life hell, then got dozens of other students to help in an assault. This left bullying behind and went to terrorizing.

    If I were this girl’s mother, I’d be stalking the parents of every little shitbag involved. Letting them know I know where they live, I know where they work, I know when they fucking take a shit. And I’m going to take away everything they worked hard for in a massive lawsuit. The school, too.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    If I’d have ever bullied another kid, my ass would have been fodder for the lawnmower.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    And, your point is? LOL!

  • Athena

    Well, that makes sense. I only imagine cowboys brawling in North Dakota.

  • 18th40

    He’s a wise man.

  • 18th40

    Unless of course they don’t have anything, don’t work hard and aren’t worried about losing all their nothing over what they probably regard as nothing.

  • Athena

    We’re spending more on education than ever. I don’t think it’s entirely a lack of money, it’s just that we’re spending it poorly. I also don’t think it’s a lack of teachers, I just think we hire a lot of shitty ones. Lack of parental involvement? That hits the nail on the head. Due to the economy and other social factors, we’ve got fewer stay at home parents and two parent households than ever. We’ve also got a larger percentage of the population at or below the poverty line, which tends to breed the kind of behaviors synonymous with lower socio-economic populations.

    I fear it’s self-perpetuating, too.

  • lespacino

    Your last two lines are so beautifully poetic they brought a tear to my eye. Perfection!

  • lespacino

    Yeah, I was in a bunch, myself. Same background.

  • LuvsHorror

    What a bunch of nasty little turds.

  • orion00

    I live in Denver. Perhaps that little bitch who thinks she’s so tough would like to go a fuckin round or two with someone who’s expecting it…….

  • JGo555

    So you want us to threaten you, Morbid?!

  • Heather_Habilatory

    ONE of these brat’s parents has to have some sort of money.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    The real cowboys, not so much.

    Drug store cowboys, oh yes.

  • Pyncky

    When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to fight. I knew if I did, win or lose, my step-dad would beat the living shit out of me when he found out about it. Once a kid I didn’t get along with told an older boy that I was making fun of the older kids mom who had M.S. (I had never even SEEN his mother) So the older boy and a friend of his caught me in an alley and beat the crap out of me. One of them had gloves on with a dog’s choker chain wrapped over his fist.

    When I got home I was dripping blood all over the place and had a strip of skin hanging off of the side of my head. My mom wanted to take me to the ER but I was too afraid that my step-dad would find out what happened and blame me for it. My mother’s brother came over and took me to the ER and told me to let him deal with my step-demon. After my step-dad got home he had a fit about them taking me to the hospital and running up medical bills when it was probably me that had started the shit in the first place. My uncle shoved him through the door and beat his ass in the back yard. Then he kicked him in the ribs and said “NOW how much of this did you start!”

    When I got back to school I went up to the kid that had sicced the others on me in the first place and slammed him in the bridge of the nose with the spine of my history book. Of course, I got suspended for that.

    After that I had a lot of rage and miss-placed aggression that took me years to get over. But I do have to say that the beating I took when I was 13 was the last time I got my ass beat and I will be 60 in a couple of months. I guess if I ever do again it will be a doozy. Kill myself…. never occurred to me… killing someone else, nearly. I still can’t watch videos like this one without feeling the rage.

  • Twisted1

    35 here, lots of chick fights in my school as well. But then again I was from Flori-duh.

  • Twisted1

    Hopefully the money she makes will pay for a world class education for her daughter. Who in turn will be a huge success in life. I hope the mother remind her that the best revenge is living well.

  • glitterpuss

    Now had there been a gun-shaped pastry involved the school surely would have taken swift action and banned them from campus grounds.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Ages 7 and up:if you wanna dish it out, you better take it. I can’t stand unruly children. Parents go around saying “I raised my child well” when they never spend more than a second around said child. Children aren’t going to children forever; they forget this; if you don’t show them that being a monster doesn’t cut it as a kid, they will live a very unironic life as an adult. Some people are born dicks, sure; but teaching them how to control themselves and hosting them accountable for their various misdeeds goes a long fucking way.

  • Twisted1

    I am a stay at home mom. I have gotten crap from people saying I should be working. That my identity should not be my husband and my kids. I am lucky I am able to stay at home. My children are well adjusted because of it. I don’t think I am better then a working mom, but so many working mothers think they are better then me. Smh

  • velvetjoneslives

    I’m baffled how this sort of thing happens. Almost daily there is a story of six years old being arrested and booked over a minor temper tantrum in class, yet on the other end of the spectrum you have aggravated assaults occurring and the school doesn’t even call the parent. Stuff like this should be a criminal case. They should send these little **** to a school in South Korea or Singapore. You do something like this and they will cane your butt in front of the entire school at assembly.

  • velvetjoneslives

    I’ve seen this a lot. This type of attitude usually comes from two types, angry feminist or jealous mothers who wish they could stay home.

  • come_and_see

    I got suspended for 1 week for punching somebody in the face in 11th grade and this girl commits assault and gets 3 days. lol

  • Buffettgirl


  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    I am 37 and went to an upper middle class liberal high school and there were quite a few girl fights. I’m sad to say I was involved in some of them, but I was just protecting myself proactively against those bullying bitches (as in “If you don’t stop fucking with me, I will kill you next time”). Of the 3 fights I was involved in during high school, I only received 1 days suspension. So 3 days seems normal, and expulsion seems excessive.

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    I doubt it. http://www.greatschools.org/colorado/denver/451-Henry-World-School-Grades-6-8/ That school is a 3 out of 10 and 71% of students are hispanic.

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    I would give anything to be a SAHM. I am a WAHM, but that still takes more away from my kids than I would like.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    THAT’S RACIST. You can’t talk about race without being racist!

  • Jail time for all those worthless offspring involved including the cowardly threat makers. Maybe these bullies parents need to get their ass kicked.

  • What I meant is exactly that I should have clarified. Teachers who do well get treated like ish whereas other teachers who are bullies themselves are allowed to keep working. What burns my chaps is the teachers who have sexually assaulted their students are still on the payroll until proven guilty. My point was that yeah they are not spending the money where they should.

    Now, I disagree with you completely with this statement “we’ve got fewer stay at home parents and two parent” the reason why is because I was a single mom, and I am a working mother MY KIDS never do this shit. Their father isn’t around and hasn’t done shit to help so its been on me to do it, however when I do get off work I WORK my ass off at home to make sure that they are taught properly. I am the only one on my block that goes outside and watches my kids when they go outside. I’ve been the one to make sure my autistic son is taught how to manage his disability working closely with the daycare and the school to ensure that he does what is right. Thus I disagree with this. Also the poverty line doesn’t set everything like that either. I myself came from a home full of broke drug abusers. I put myself through college and I’m a software developer now getting my master’s degree so…..what I am saying is it doesn’t matter on a socio-economic level, just because it is a societal norm doesn’t mean it should apply to everyone. When I said lack of parental involvement I meant that a lot of parents now days do not actually parent their kids. They stick em in front of a TV and hope like hell that they don’t get in trouble…..that is wrong. I suppose next time I will clarify myself better.

  • My 14 year old has been experiencing the exact same thing. I went to school on Thursday and went slam the hell off on administration. My child has been in counseling and had an inpatient stay also due to being harassed and stating she didn’t want to live. Thankfully she has an amazing group of friends and a school system who has a zero tolerance policy. The offenders were made to sign safety contracts in reference to my daughter. One violation results in automatic expulsion. I wanted to snack that kid up and give her the ass whipping her parents won’t! Some of these parents give their kids drugs and alcohol and generally don’t give a fuck!

  • techsupp0rt

    2 things –

    1 – if the mother makes this girl go back to that school, she needs to be PUNCHED REPEATEDLY IN THE FACE. Come on over, I’ll make time to do it. If school makes your kid suicidal, and you are still forcing your kid to go, then you are a dick. Even if the other girl was expelled forever, there would still be others there now who will still see her as a victim and try to elevate themselves with that. An uneducated kid is better than a dead one, and/or having your life upset by moving is a lot less traumatic than having your life upset by your kid being dead. Your job is to protect your child. If you are not protecting your child YOU ARE NOT BEING A PARENT. I read so many stories of kids who get bullied until they can’t take it any more, and you know what most of the people say ‘he/she just didn’t think they could live any more because of the horrible things that were happening at school!’. Yet, they knew they were essentially being tortured there, and did little to nothing to actually stop it.

    2- 3 days is not expulsion, it’s a 3 day fucking vacation. What do they think is going to happen to her at home, she’s going to be disciplined?!? If she had been better disciplined, this probably wouldn’t have happened. Instead, she’ll probably be sat in front of a television for a few days while her mom sucks dick for dollars to support them while daddy is in jail. What, what?! Why would I say such a horrible thing about people who’s situation I couldn’t possibly understand? Oh, because that’s the kind of household that produces these kinds of lovelies more often than not, and if it’s not, that’s still the kind of reflection you get when you let a kid like that out the house.

  • TinyCyborg

    Its weird to me that things like this get such coverage, because growing up, school from 4th grade to senior year there was a fight every other week. One of my clearest memories of highschool is having to walk over strands of weave that had been pulled out girl’s scalps as they got into baby-momma-drama fist fights on a regular basis. Even I almost got a huge beatdown my freshman year for just being alive (but in one of those strange turn of events the fact I even showed up to the place I was supposed to get my ass kicked gave those retarded assholes some form of “respect” for me and started being nice to me simply based on the fact I’m not a pussy). Our “alternative school” was jam packed, we had constant bomb scares, fights in the classes and in the halls all the damn time. I don’t know, maybe the media just shrugs at this and is like “its the NY public school system, no biggie”.

  • everjaded

    Ha! You beat me to it. 😉

  • Chixdigme

    The animals that are raising this animal should be charged criminally also. Police and child welfare should take a good look at their home life.

  • Abroad

    With you all the way on point 2; but not sure why you felt the need to raise 1? I don’t see a mother who is indifferent or not taking action in this story?

  • No offense but you kind of sound holier than thou because you indicate your kids are well adjusted because you SAH with them (may not be, just how I read it, as if working parents can’t achieve the same which is why you immediately corrected yourself to seem like the victim) yet again, my perception. However I hate these stupid ass mommy wars because it shouldn’t matter what anyone thinks. If it works for your family wonderful but judging others based on their situation is bullshit.

  • Actually a lot of it come from seeing lazy cows who act like leeches, who don’t watch their kids and then try to say that they do more than working moms more than anything…..I hate to say this but stigmas and stereotypes are not based on jealous people…..they are based on the vast majority behaving in an unpleasant light and then the whole group is persecuted because of that. I’ve actually seen the opposite. The women who basically call me a piece of shit for working saying that my kids will end up terrible because I’m not up their ass 24/7, whats funny is outside of school they’re not at daycare more than an hour. Assholes judge.

  • Twisted1

    Difference is I have never attacked someone for being a working mother. I became a stay at home mom because for the first year my son was in and out of the hospital and by the time he got well it just made more sense for me to stay home. I am grateful that I can do that. I am sorry if it came off that I think I holier then thou. It was not my intent. The person who commented on me being a stay at home mom was recent so I was a little annoyed when I posted that.

  • Centurion

    The school will investigate this thoroughly to see if it is really a case of bullying. IN the meantime, they will suspend any child that points their finger at another. Please understand, that bullying in schools does not really exist, according to the school

  • My Junior year in High School in Georgia there were so many chick fights. One girl held the other down and ripped the braids right off her head, they weren’t fake either.

  • Yes ass whoopings are needed. Kids do whatever they want anymore and no gives a shit.

  • No offense taken. Just know you aren’t the only one who gets attack for the choice you made for your family. I’m persecuted often because I work. Mental health of all of the individuals in the family should be considered as opposed to being persecuted by someone who has a black and white opinion. Like I said, one shouldn’t give a hoot what nameless, faceless people say about working or staying at home. I only get irritated at those women, you know the ones I am talking about, that make a bad name for SAHP. The women and men that leech off their spouses and contribute nothing even watching their children or cleaning. I personally think that parents that can stay at home and not lose their mind are a much stronger person than I am because I’d lose my mind. I did try it once and it got to the point that I was scrubbing the walls to sheetrock and I knew I had to get a job or I would have lost my damn mind lol but I won’t sit here and persecute someone for making a different choice. As long as the kids are happy, taken care of and not abuse I really don’t care how that point is reached. I will only judge those that indignantly hurt their kids.

  • Whether you believe it or not, bullies ,are Actually Cowards hiding behind the guise of others who back their Cowardice. People,and Or a ( the ) group, are always stronger,,,,,when the Odds are ‘UN’-even !

  • The school is and should be held accountable,,thereby, a Civil Law Suit, is highly recommended.

  • Well that’s just it. You’re being attentive. I can guarantee you that the parents of these bullies are NOT attentive to their children.