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Michele DavenportCLIFTON HEIGHTS, PA – Police arrested 45-year-old Michele Davenport after they say she enticed her 12-year-old daughter to fight another 12-year-old girl in a school parking lot, an incident that was caught on video.

No reports on how police originally got involved, but they released video taken at Primos Elementary School that showed Davenport encouraging her 12-year-old daughter to fight another girl they allege is her daughter’s bully.

The girls do not seem eager to fight, but after Davenport’s insistent yelling – including Davenport telling the other girl she wants to see her daughter kick her ass and informing her she would jump in if any bystanders intervened – the girls finally start swinging in that funny way girls do when they fight.

As the girls are going at it, Davenport can be heard telling her daughter to “hit her in the face!” and  “get her on the ground!” At one point they stop fighting and the victim offers a handshake to Davenport’s daughter, but Davenport eggs them on and the girls continue fighting.

“You can see [in the video] that the kids really don’t want to fight, but the mother is so adamant and profane that eventually the 12-year-olds get in a fight,” Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said in a news conference.

The victim was later taken to the hospital for a concussion and other injuries, and told police she was scared to fight. Davenport claims her daughter was being bullied by the other girl, and she showed up to settle the score. She does not feel she did anything wrong, according to police, and does not understand why she was arrested.

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“Mom’s teaching the kids the wrong thing,” said Chitwood. “Mom acted like a moron. That’s not the way to handle these types of things. As tough as they are for a parent or grandparent or anybody else to have to deal with these bullying issues, that’s not the way to do it.”

Police say they have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior, and parents like Davenport make it hard for them to push the anti-bullying message when they start acting like bullies themselves..

Davenport is facing multiple charges, including simple assault and corruption of minors. She ended up spending the night in jail was later freed after paying ten percent of her $35,000 bail. Her daughter was charged with assault and released into the custody of her father.

Here’s the kicker, the victim in this case was a classmate of 12-year-old Bailey O’Neill, the boy who got into a schoolyard fight and later died after falling into a coma. The victim was an altar server at the boy’s funeral.

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  • CT

    I am originally from that great state of PA and this is fine example of our best white trash. Kudos for keeping up the tradition of white trashedness yinz guys.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Why spend $50,000.00 grand on a useless college degree when you can be home schooled as a professional mud/jello/pop-rocks wrestler?

  • Sam

    Trying to push her daughter into the life she wished for herself? Just look at her, all she needs is a sports bra and shorts in garish colours and she looks like she’d be ready to jump in the WWE smackdown ring.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Stupid bitch needs to stay in jail. She KNEW what kind of damage can come of kids fighting instead of resolving their issues like civilized adults, yet she FORCED her child to fight the other child.

  • Athena

    Kind of bullshit that the 12-year-old was charged with assault, when it was obvious she didn’t want to fight and resisted her mother’s urgings before finally giving in.

  • That ain’t no lady, that’s my mom!

    (Although, truthfully, it looks more like it could be the girl’s dad.)

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Isn’t it interesting that the bully suddenly becomes the “victim?”
    I guess that bullies become victims in an equalized fight.

    All the mother was doing was to insure a fair fight, instead of multiple girls jumping on her daughter’s back. Maybe she shouldn’t have been shouting instructions, but, at least she wasn’t throwing down on the other kid. THAT would have been “White Trash.”
    When I was in grade school, I was bullied by a kid in Junior High. My G-Mother dragged me down to his house & forced the 1-on-1 fight. I ended up mopping the sidewalk with the much bigger & older kid. Only had one more confrontation with him, then I reminded him of the last outcome. He backed off…
    So no, I don’t have as much of problem with what she did, as with the gross overreaction of the media.

  • Athena

    The bullying was alleged. The assault captured on video is not. So it’s only appropriate for the media to identify the alleged bully as the victim in regard to this event.

    I imagine your opinion of the situation would be quite different if, upon being dragged over to your bully’s house, you got beaten within an inch of your life. It doesn’t always go the underdog’s way, and that’s precisely what any parent is risking when they choose this method of bully intervention. That’s why it’s not smart.

  • masshole72

    OK. so this is the 2nd video captured of the skinny “bully” getting the beat down by the much larger, ‘bullied’ girl, all while being coached by the slovenly parental unit., AKA Mom. hmm… starting to see a trend here..a very disturbing one.

  • Buffettgirl

    “She does not feel she did anything wrong, according to police, and does not understand why she was arrested.”

    Well, the list is long, but for starters, that empty-eyed, inbred dolt, “what?” look on her face gives away the stupidity of her statement… we could go on, but why? It’s obvious that she’s certainly not going to get it anytime soon…

  • Dragonsmuse

    Why is a 12 year old in elementary school?

  • Athena

    Just because a fight happened in an elementary school parking lot, it doesn’t mean either child attends the school. It was probably just closer.

  • Dragonsmuse

    That is a good point, there is also the possibility of it being a school where elementary is k-6th, but I’m not sure if that happens in the east.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    You REALLY don’t get it do you?
    It wouldn’t have mattered who “won.” What matters is the fact that I’d have still let that SOB know that I wasn’t having any more of it without a fight. Bullies are insecure little babies that can’t take what they dish out. That is the whole reason they surround themselves with equally cowardly toadies.

    Confronting them & your own fears is what REALLY matters. In all truth, it actually made me a better person knowing that I didn’t have to take crap from anyone. It also taught me to never wallow in self-doubt & pity.

  • Athena

    It would’ve mattered if you were laid up in a hospital bed, I’m pretty sure. It would have reinforced the bully’s belief that he owned you, you would have felt pathetic, and soon thereafter, it would have been the bully and 50 of his closest friends reminding you of the incident every day for months… years, even. I’ve seen it go down like that. Not to mention the guilt grandma would have walked around with if she had dragged you to your demise.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for a kid standing up for himself, especially if he believes he’s got a shot. But an adult forcing the situation is never appropriate, in my opinion.

  • techsupp0rt

    Not all schools are broken up. My home town once had an elementary school for grades K-4, middle school for grades 5 and 6, junior high for 7 and 8, and high school for 9-12.

    Then everyone got more poor than ever, and now all of those schools fit into the elementary school (k-6 I think), and the high school, which is expanding in many more trailers to house everyone.

  • techsupp0rt

    This is why the argument of ‘just teach them to beat the shit out of their bullies and it will stop!’ is so fucking stupid.

    Because this is all it will ever come out looking like – a kid who may or may not be a bully is busted for attacking another kid, while their parent eggs them on and tells them to fight them. Doesn’t matter what your past is there, all you’re going to look like in that situation is inbred trash who is actually CREATING a bully by being a bully yourself.

    This isn’t 2000 any more. It’s not 1990, it’s not 1980, and it’s sure as hell not 1970 or before. Things that worked at one point don’t work the same, because this is NOT the same world as it used to be. If you can’t understand and accept those differences, it doesn’t mean it’s not different, it just means you can’t accept or understand it. The world, however, will continue moving forward without you, regardless of your awareness of it.

    Even if your kid is being bullied mercilessly, you are still doing a disservice to your child by promoting violent solutions (which, as an adult, would land you in prison, and your mommy explaining why you had to rob that liquor store because you couldn’t afford a 6 pack of PBR isn’t going to cut it for the judge). If the school won’t do something about it, take it right to the little fucker’s parents. Press charges. Humiliate them. Sue them. Make them suffer for creating a being that creates suffering, and not doing anything about it.

  • Times have changed, for sure, but a child should be able to defend themselves from a physical attack. Some schools (not all) are still clueless when it comes to preventing bullying. Hell, even the ones that do may see a kid who defended themselves suffering the same fate as the one who attacked them (ZERO TOLERANCE!). But there’s nothing illegal about defending one’s self from physical harm. Besides, once a kid is perceived as a doormat, they will always be perceived as a doormat – in an adolescent hierarchy, as well as the adult.

    The difference between a child defending themselves and this particular case, as well as the other above it, is the obvious fact that the girl was NOT defending herself. She punched a girl (bully or not) who did not want to fight (and in the other case, a girl who verbally stated she did not want to fight). The girl in this video was in no physical danger and to top things off, the adult who should have been there to protect her child should have been doing so by PREVENTING a physical altercation, not encouraging one. Times have not changed in that regard – the mother’s behavior in this video is not acceptable now, nor 30 years ago, is as just as illegal.

    My point is, telling your kid to “beat the shit out of their bully” isn’t doing a disservice to your child. If an adult is not around to stop your child from being attacked, and the crowd of peers that have gathered are there only to film the show, it’s to their benefit to understand that they have a legal right to defend themselves, school rules be damned.

    Will he win? Become the hero that one kid became when he body slammed the bully hitting him in the face at school? Who knows… but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they will no longer be an easy target and will be someone people know will fight back when backed into a corner – the bane of the typical bully.

    My son has always been instructed to avoid physical confrontations, to always try talking their way out of a conflict. But he was also taught that if he finds he is reasoning with the unreasonable, and he finds himself being attacked, he should fight hit back and not worry if he ends up the victor or not. That’s not the point. The point is that a split lip and a busted nose will heal, but regret will stick with you forever.

  • techsupp0rt

    There’s an immense and obvious difference between defending yourself from an attack underway and instigating a fight because someone picked on you previously and now you want to prove a point that they shouldn’t have done that.

    Plus you harm your ability to really stick it to the parents, who are the biggest problem with ANY bully.

  • No, it’s not always the parents. Besides, sticking it to the parents just helps you, not the kid. They could care less that they were beat in front of their peers and now you got some parents in a legal jam.

    But I wasn’t disagreeing with you in whole, just in part. As I stated, there is a big difference between defending yourself and this incident. I was more addressing your comment of

    “‘just teach them to beat the shit out of their bullies and it will stop!’ is so fucking stupid.”

    Because in some cases, it’s not stupid at all. Sometimes it works wonders. You just need to make sure you aren’t there refereeing their fight, and if you are, make sure that if there are cameras around that the only thing they capture is you trying to break it up. 😛