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Aimee LoughreyOswego, NY – Here’s another story involving a mother enticing her daughter to fight her alleged bully. This time it’s out of New York, where 40-year-old Amie Loughrey was captured on camera egging on a fight between her 15-year-old daughter and another girl.

Police got involved after the video was posted on someone’s Facebook. In the video, you can see Loughrey encouraging her daughter to fight another girl who had supposedly been harassing her. The victim consistently says she does not want to fight, but Loughrey’s daughter throws the first punch at the insistence of her loud-mouthed mother, just like another mom we featured today.

Throughout the fight, in which Loughrey’s daughter definitely gets the upper-hand,  Loughrey can be heard yelling choice bits like “beat her fucking ass” and calling the victim a stupid bitch. After Loughrey’s daughter delivers a sound beating on the other girl, who suffered a flurry of punches, a kick to the face, and being spat on, the girl walks away as Loughrey shouts after her not to come back because “this is her block.”

Amie Loughrey was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and second-degree harassment. Her daughter will be charged as a juvenile in family court in what would amount to third-degree assault if committed by an adult, police said. Loughrey would later take to her Facebook page to intelligently explain her position.

“I just got out of jail for endangering the welfare of a child and harrasment in the 2nd for letting my 15 year old daughter defend her self against 12 to 15 teenage girls her age and big josh…. Who came to MY house NOT ONCE BUT 3 TIMES!” she posted. “ur dam right i stood by and made sure 12 girls diid not jump my daughter while THEY took video witch ended up prooving my inocents, she whooped that istagating lil bitches ass!”

(*that quote just caused my spellchecker to flip me off and then shit its pants*)

She continued to show her intelligence by issuing the following warning:

“So be prepared the next time YOU protect ur child from a gang of 12 other girls and protect your own property YOU WILL BE ARESSTED! You have no rights to protect your children or your own property but you best belive i am 100% right in what i did and will fight to superior court IF I HAVE TOO!!!!”

Good luck with that, Annie.

You know, I get the aggravation that comes with having a kid being bullied. I had a case long ago where my son was being bullied on the bus. After repeated calls to the school and attempts to talk to the other kid’s parents, I simply instructed my son to punch that motherfucker in the face if he laid a hand on him again.

I then called the school to inform them of what I had instructed my son, and told them I would be contacting every news station about it if something happened on the bus and they attempted to discipline my kid for defending himself against a threat they were unable to neuter. Of course, the school then had a meeting between my son and his bully, and they never again had an issue.

Every case is different, of course, but no matter what the situation, there are ways parents can handle it – even if it isn’t the “preferred” method. I could never imagine myself screaming at a kid like an idiot while refereeing a fight between them and my own child. Not even because all you end up doing is providing more fodder to be used against you and your kid, but mainly because it is FUCKING ILLEGAL.

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  • Andyman

    You mean that video didn’t prove her innocents? lmao. That one gets me almost as bad as when someone says “I would of” instead of, “I would have.” There sure have been a lot of mothers instigating fights with bullies lately!

  • Didn’t you mean, “istagating”?

  • Andyman

    Just making sure everyone is paying attention! 🙂

  • masshole72

    Holy mammoth wilder beasts!! That poor twiggy bully didn’t have a chance with THAT coming after her, and the parental unit egging her on in her mama-mammoth voice! Scary!

  • You know, Morbid, I think you and my mom would get along great. When I was young, and being bullied, she told me something similar.

  • nikka

    Whoop that bitch

  • Buffettgirl

    Are these mother’s from today’s stories related? Man – that’s a double dose of dead-eyed, thick-necked, inbred hideousness we’ve been served today… I need a Tums now, it’s not settling well at all!

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I prefer restraining orders and raising hell with the school, since it’s their job to ensure that kids are able to get their mandated educations in a safe environment.

  • NY_Mommy

    I just love that the large wildabeast is wearing a slapaho shirt. Such class.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    You know. These two mothers look a lot alike. I guess being a hambeast makes people cranky.

    Wonder what the victims look like. They’re probably pretty girls and that’s why these fuckheads feel the need to step in.

    Fuck, I hate how catty women are. But at least all the catty women I know stick to bullying OTHER WOMEN, not kids.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I hate bullies… even ones that call themselves mothers. My guess is that there is some distortion in her observations just like her actions.
    A simple solution might be, after exhausting other solutions, to allow her child to do the adult thing; give her a cell phone and when attacked call 911.

  • I support the mother. Bullying just has to stop. The only way to stop bullying is to really hurt the bullies.

  • But what about when cowboy cops come and beat and arrest the victim?

  • MissWitch

    While I do not agree with the egging her on and instigating the fight.. My son is a little fifth grader who his (friends) like to shove to the ground and hit just out of the blue and when playing football only tackle him to the ground . I did tell him to tackle back and not let then only do it to him. ( he did and said friend stopped talking to him). I also told him if they keep shoving him around to stick up for himself and dont just let them do it. I agree with teaching them to stand up for themselves I dont agree with cheering them on ..

  • Whatevn

    6bullies. Dad told me to fight all 6 of them. ( not all at the same time lol)

    6people no longer bullied me. Takes one good ass whipping to make them back the hell off.

  • Twisted1

    My nieces mother did something like this. She told my niece to fight the girl who was picking on her. If she did not fight her she would “whoop her ass”. She went to the park and hid behind a tree while she watched her daughter fight the girl. I have always hated that woman and that just added a new reason. I had a long talk with my niece about ways to handle conflict without violence. I told her that sometimes parents don’t make the right choices. If she thinks something is wrong to do and her mom is making her do it, she needs to tell me or other family members or even a teacher.

  • Twisted1

    Her Facebook page comments will make your spellcheck want to murder you!

  • Twisted1

    I think that these ladies should spend less time acting like thugs and more time in a classroom. You can tell mom handed down her spelling skills to her daughter. Their FB page shows how classy this whole group is.

  • I understand her mother cause bullies are killing kids these days and the schools are not doing enough to protect them for one they have balls knocking on someone window cause they don’t know what they was asking for by doing that its a lesson learned and hopefully they will stop bullying ppl

  • Davemthree22


  • I am from that area, it is pure white trash. I moved to South Georgia and the rednecks are worse up there then down here.. They always seem to go a little crazier once the snow starts melting a little bit..

  • Chixdigme

    And the parenting award of the year goes to……. NOT ! I’m not sure that little stick chick was bullying that behemoth any ways. That would have been just stupid. Ray Charles could have seen the outcome of that one coming.

  • Centurion

    so, if a bully beats the hell out of your kid, its just a case of bullying. If you defend yourself against someone who has been beating on you, then its ASSAULT?

  • If you walk up and hit some one, who is not physically harming you and proclaiming they do not want to get into a physical altercation, then yes, that’s exactly what it is.