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Victoria SolizMESA, AZ – A woman accused of trying to drown her 3-year-old in a puddle says on the day of the incident, she was just following the orders of Jesus Christ.

According to court documents, a man called police to report he was investigating a child screaming when he saw 30-year-old Victoria Soliz on her knees pushing a toddler’s face into a puddle in is front yard. The man told police he told Soliz to stop, but she just moved to a larger puddle and shoved the child’s face in it several more times. She then started giving the toddler what appeared to be CPR.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found the Soliz’s 3-year-old shivering from the cold and wearing water-soaked clothing. Soliz was taken into custody while her son was taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

While in custody, Soliz was also taken to the hospital where she told doctors she’d been using meth to self-treat her schizophrenia, but that it was “Jesus” that told her to “drown” her son.

Soliz would later tell detectives she didn’t know how she ended up in the man’s front yard, but that her son became stuck to the ground and was being affected by some kind of electrical shock and she put water on her son’s face. She performed CPR on him when he began choking. Soliz also admitted to placing her son’s face underwater, but the reporting deputy described her statement as “strange and incomprehensible.”

Victoria Soliz is currently facing felony child abuse charges. He son did not suffer any physical injuries.

I sure wish God would stop doing this to the mentally ill. We got the loyalty message when he instructed Abraham to stab is son to death over 2000 years ago. It would be nice to one day wake up and find God had instructed my mentally ill neighbor to wash my truck and cut my grass.

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  • come_and_see

    Jesus tells us to kill our kids and Allah tells Muslims to kill each other.

    Why don’t we just get rid of religion already?

  • newstarshipsmell

    Jesus told me that he’ll forgive me if I eat that entire box of Oreos.

  • Why is this fucking whale not being charged with attempted murder? She even admitted it. The saddest part is she’ll probably be given her son back. So awful.

  • Buffettgirl

    My brother is paranoid schizophrenic, I’ve seen him to some really odd shit because he listened to the voice inside his head… I can see how this could have happened if she’s self medicating. I’m in no way condoning it, but I can see it… She needs serious, long term treatment with a lot of supervision, and she should NEVER be allowed to be along with her son again.

  • Andyman

    Interesting she claims she was treating her schizophrenia with meth. Meth use actually CAUSES it.

  • Athena

    Right? And I though depressed people self-medicating with alcohol was retarded. This brings the stupid to a whole new level.

  • Athena

    Why bother? If she’s been legitimately diagnosed with schizophrenia, she won’t be convicted of a charge that strong. Coupled with the fact that she was seen attempting to give her son CPR, the prosecutors shouldn’t risk an attempted murder charge. They’ll have a much easier time with child abuse charges.

  • brandi

    Awww shit… I’m going to hell…

  • courtkney saunders

    My crazy neighbor bought my mom lavender dish soap one time because the voices told her it was my moms favorite 😐 Still scary when it’s nice stuff lol.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Was it your mother’s favorite, though? This information makes the story!

  • KKef

    I hope to hell there is treatment for this woman in her area, and that the judge on her case has the sense to order that she get said treatment. Then the boy. Oh ouch. Counsel/mentorship for a young man who will be saddled with a ‘crazy’ Mom. I don’t know if we have such a thing but this kid sure will need it :/

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Pretty sure that wasn’t Jesus talking to you, sweetie. I have a feeling it was the meth manatee. Like the Ambien walrus, but not.

  • techsupp0rt

    Your pants could learn a thing or two from Jesus.

  • Jessica Stewart

    But what do you DO when you can’t find a three year old to drown like Jesus tells you? Am I just supposed to haul around a three year old until Jesus tells me to drown him? That could take FOREVER! And if I can’t self-medicate with meth, what potential remedies are available to me otherwise?

  • I’m pretty sure that meth is the wrong thing to use to take the place of prescription medicines used to treat schizophrenia. In my humble opinion that is….

  • Pyncky

    If we got rid of religion what would idiots do on weekends? You can only watch so much NASCAR and WWE.

  • CT

    Same Jesus told me to drink a bottle of wine last night – Ive been saved.

  • Tell that to the rednecks that live in my bumbleshit nowhere town….lol

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    While I have absolutely no problem with a mentally ill person raising a child, that person should do all she can to stay healthy, which includes taking the CORRECT medications to treat her illness, not self-medicating with some cheap shit that will rot out her teeth and make her schizophrenia worse. It’s obvious that she doesn’t care enough about her son’s well-being to do that, though, so someone else should be raising her son.

    And I don’t know what version of the Bible she was reading, but in all of the versions I’ve read, Jesus was EXTREMELY protective towards children, even to the point of chewing out his disciples for trying to drive them away while he was preaching.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Yes, because it worked so well in China…

  • I suspect if she quit using meth (and maybe other substances) we’d all be amazed on how the schizophrenia clears itself up. What a complete crock of sh*t these a$$hats try to feed others.

  • Buffettgirl

    Having watched this disease for the past 25+ years, I wouldn’t bet on it. With true shizophrenia, it doesn’t go away, there is medication to try to control the symptoms but it usually either makes them zombies and non-functioning or once they feel better and on a more even keel, they think they are cured and stop taking the meds, starting the cycle all over again. My brother self medicates with marijuana, not a good choice as it increases the level of paranoia, also not a good choice for him since he’s also chemically allergic to the stuff, but, it also makes him feel “normal” for a little while. If her’s is real, I feel sorry for her despite her attrocious actions because the voice they hear is very, very real to them and it does tell them to do things that make no sense to us, but makes complete sense to them because the wires in their heads are so crossed up. I usually have NO sympathy for the people that end up on this site, but this one hits a little close to home for me and I can’t help but feel badly for her…

  • Yes, I agree about true schizophrenia …. which IMO isn’t ever drug induced. I think the vast majority of schizos, or alleged schizos, are a result of ingestion of illegal substances. For them, I have zero pity.

  • Buffettgirl

    It actually can be drug induced. There are a variety of things that can be the trigger incident with this disease. For my brother it was getting into a fight with Dad at 16, storming out of the house for a couple of hours and coming home to find that Dad had died of a heart attack while out in the garden picking tomatoes and cucumbers. He blames himself for Dad’s death. No matter how much we explain to him that Dad was 64, a life long diabetic and while unusually healthy, he had a high stress job and was facing surgery two days later that would have either vastly improved his eyesight, or left him blind. Sorry, I strayed there a bit, back to the topic, from what I’ve learned from a variety of doctors, just one episode of recreational drug use can in fact trigger schizophrenia permanently in a person. It’s a tricky disease that they still don’t know very much about. If this woman was diagnosed years ago, especially as a teen, then she is indeed very ill and her meth use is making it a million times worse but like I said, you can’t really explain that to them if they don’t want to hear it…

  • SharG’z

    Truly happy the boy survived. THANK YOU BASEDGOD

  • Dragonsmuse

    Hahaha your last sentence struck a chord with me. My mentally ill neighbor rides his lawnmower everywhere, and that includes our backyard, ALL THE TIME. It is not so exciting to wake up to a man mowing your lawn at 11pm.

  • Buffettgirl

    Try explaining that to a mind that doesn’t work the way yours does though… And it’s not like there is a ton of help out there for them.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Awwwww… In honor of the new pope…

  • JGo555

    Yeah, God apparently refuses to clean bathrooms.

  • LuvsHorror

    If Jesus told me to drown my kid, I wouldn’t listen.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Why is it crazy ones always claim their murderous or would-be murderous ways are a result of something divine?

  • Yes, I didn’t explain myself very well. I do agree that schizophrenia can be drug – induced. However, in that case, which I consider self – induced, I have no sympathy.

  • Chixdigme

    The kid should be permanently removed and she should be court ordered to get a tubal ligation.

  • Chinchillazilla

    Well, how many Chinese moms hear Jesus telling them to do bad things? CHECKMATE.

  • nomorepolitix

    Good point about J.C. and little children. Maybe she meant Hay-soos the gardener told her to do it..not Jesus H. Christ?

  • jorge ortiz

    What a dark world we live in. Thought the dark age was a long time ago but everyday I lose just alittle bit of faith in mankind…

  • michaeljcheaney

    I am pretty sure Jesus didn’t tell her to drown the kid in a puddle….
    What he really meant to say was “Drown the child in a 5 gallon bucket, because it comes complete with directions….” – And if you look, it has pictures and everything-

  • Leasha

    What happened to her poor son? Was he placed with SANE relatives/caregivers? My 3 year old monster drives me up the wall but I’d gladly take in another to show him how a real mother treats a son..