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Maria MarquezOklahoma City, OK – An 11-year-old boy and his mother have been arrested after police say the boy raped his 6-year-old sister and his mother failed to report it.

Police went to the victim’s home after a state Department of Human Services worker told them the girl had been sexually assaulted by her brother and her cousin. The girl told the DHS worker that she was in her bedroom doing homework when her brother and a 7-year-old cousin asked her to pull her pants off. The girl said after her pants were off, both of the boys “put their things in her and it hurt,”‘ the police report states.

When the girl told her mother, Maria Marquez, she’d been raped by the two boys, Marquez told her not to tell anyone. Marquez told the DHS worker that after her daughter told her what had happened, she confronted her son, who told her it was the cousin that had sexually assaulted his sister. Even so. Marquez still did not take the girl to the hospital or report the incident to police.

An older sister, who is credited with reporting the assault in some articles, said she learned of the alleged assault the day after it reportedly happened. She stated she was was getting ready for work and heard the siblings arguing. When she asked them what they were fighting about, her brother claimed that the day before, the cousin pulled his pants down along with the girl’s pants and “touched [her] with his penis but did not penetrate.”

He said he told his cousin to leave, but that the cousin returned shortly afterwards and was now going around school “telling kids what we did.” The older sister called her mom and told her what she knew, and her mother told her she was already aware of it. The older sister did not know why her mother had not reported the incident to anyone.

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When police arrived at the home and interviewed the victim’s 11-year-old brother, he was arrested and charged with rape in the first degree. Maria Marquez was arrested and charged with failure to report child abuse and taken to Oklahoma County jail. The girl was taken to the hospital and then placed into protective custody.

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  • AssWho?

    Women should be shot,how dare you not protect your own flesh and blood you bloody cum bubble of a woman!

    The boys should be chemically castrated before the offend as adults. I have seen this exact scenario play out, multiples times. Let me save every one some guessing.

    Little girl will be fucked for life, drawn to a bad side of life/men, to the point if she seeks no help she will end up dead or sucking dick for rock.

    The two little boys are trash, hate to say it as a parent, but sexual predators NEVER reform some may be able to repress the urge, but all still have it. Just as will these two boys as adults, will have dodge two bullets if these two don’t re offend as adults. Statistics im not ok with having small children

  • AssWho?

    Thankfully the sister had the maternal instinct to protect her sister, for that I say Hooray for the older sister, Congrats on being the only one with a spine and a set of morals

  • I feel sorry for ALL of the children, and I wonder who exactly has been showing these VERY YOUNG boys how/where to touch in order to even be Capable of Rape. Honestly, I’m guessing they are all victims.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Given the age of the boys and what they did to the little girl, it makes me wonder if that sow with the incredibly punchable face has been covering up more than one instance of sexual abuse.

  • come_and_see

    Man, it’s really hard to gauge that situation. Are the 11 year old’s actually pedophiles hitting puberty? Were they abused and acting out or are they just fucking stupid?

    If DHS was already on scene than you know other shit must of been going down.

  • Buffettgirl

    Damn – this is the wrong day for me to be this furious! I’m sick and I hurt and now I’m feeling homicidal too? This is one of the most vile, disgusting, heartbreaking things I’ve read in awhile. How awful for that little girl to know that her MOTHER would rather protect her brother, the pig that raped her, over her, the victim. Thank God for her older sister!

  • Andyman

    My thoughts exactly.

  • curiousalways

    I’m thinking DHS was there after the sister reported it, but maybe I read it wrong. Either way, those children have all been abused. There is no 7 year old that automatically knows where to “put it”.

  • sweekymom

    From the sound of things, and all we have are the press reports which are nothing to go on, really, the 7 year-old is the main instigator in all this. Someone needs to take a long hard look into that child’s background, and the adults that have access to him, and get him the help he needs. The 11 year-old as well, now. As awful as it is, I think the juvenile justice system would only make things worse at their young ages. This looks a lot like young kids repeating behaviors that they have personally encountered.

    It should go without saying, but the little girl that was the victim in all this also needs to be seen and treated.

    The mother needs to be fucking horsewhipped.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Jesus fucking christ. WHAT is going on in those kids’ homes?

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Abuse is not necessary. I remember a friend of mine once told me how she and her brother- both were aged something like 6 and 8, after having sneakily watched a movie that had sex, tried to re-enact what they saw on the tv out of curiosity. Clearly they were unsuccessful as neither of them seemed to know exactly what had to be done. At 11 I imagine you would know that you actually need to stick it in.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    And now on a serious note- can a 6-year old and an 11-year old actually get it up?

  • Whatevn

    I honestly do feel bad for her too. Her KID raped her KID. She should have showed her daughter that she has to do the right thing, when it comes to problems like this but, at the same time, I can understand, at least to a point, why she would be scared of what to do

  • Heather_Habilatory

    WHAT? are you fucking serious? If my one kid raped the other one, FUCK the little rapey one’s feelings, I’m reporting that shit, and age allowing, beating the crap out of them before CPS shows up.
    Get the rape victim help FIRST, then figure out what to do with the other one.

  • She needs to be horsewhipped right up her putrid snatch.

  • BlackHeywood


  • Jimbo11

    Internet pornography is where. The violent, non-loving kind.

  • GGMon

    What the fuck!?!? FUck that woman. Fucking cunty ass wretched evil whore

  • The mom is pretty putrid looking. She looks somewhat like an insipid bovine.

  • tkaz

    I’m so sorry for them all. There HAS to be a legal way to SAFELY remove a child who commits a crime like this. Not arrest. I don’t know the magical cut off age but 11..and 7 are still too young for this to be something other than acting out. Foster care will most likely not help. And he was most likely abused as well. This is just a huge fail on SO many adults in these childrens lives….
    THey all need a safe place to grow up…and get help. 🙁

  • Whatevn

    I didnt say what she did was right. But you might be thinking of getting your kid metal help than getting them locked up.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    But…but….but…. there’s NOTHING there…..

  • Sam

    Yes. Boys of all ages can. To the awkward point that you sometimes have to wait to put a nappy on or risk trapping said winky in the waistband and have him weeing all over himself.

  • Something is definitely up in the household of the cousin.

  • Oh yes there is, my 3 year old gets a woody when he poops, due to the blood flow going down in that general area while he bears down to get the poop out, and his winkie is ginormous. We are quite proud, though it is pretty awkward….

  • Dragonsmuse

    Are the boys actually old enough to be charged with rape? I’m kind of on the fence about it because I feel like those boys must have been sexually abused at some point as well.

    The mother deserves to rot, though.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    I am so glad I don’t have a boy. I would die from awkwardness.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Where? I knew that by like 5 and not because i was told; it just made sense. I remember when we used to play Barbie, we used to make dreams by having Barbie have sex with Britney’s (each doll had a different names; couldn’t stand kids who called all of them Barbie while playing Barbie. When the adults got on to us, we changed the word from “sex” to “blank” i.e. “Todd is having blank with Michelle.” They eventually put 2 and 2 together and caught on to us again LOL we knew as a kid, sex sold; and since we played Barbies version of Melrose Place, that was crucial.

  • Take the kids,give big sister a medal,throw the the mother in prison for life so she can get her ass wore out with a broom handle or better yet a fist,or two.As far as the little rapist go,I dont give a damn how old they are,if that had been my daughter they wouldnt ever have to worry about where to stick their friggin dicks!They throw 9 year olds in prison for murder,throw their asses in their too,I imagine they know what ass fuckings all about!No amount of therapy gonna change these perverts,a dick dont got no brain,just a head!

  • sorry but his ass would be grass. and if he raping his little sister,,,, who wont he rape??? and that slampig of a mother needs to be pistol whipped.

  • Chixdigme

    Judging from her Inbred Jed looking face incest must be a family trait.

  • Chinchillazilla

    Clearly, the best thing for society is for these little boys to be raped by grown men.

    Christ, do people even listen to themselves?

  • I have 3 boys and 1 girl. I am so glad they aren’t all girls because she gives me more trouble than all 3 boys combined… I try not to feel awkward about it, it is just the way God made his little work, it’s not sexual, it just happens. He’s not doing it on purpose, he thinks it’s funny, and calls it his “big wiener”.

  • Happens all the time. I know a girl who was sexually abused at 3 and 4, alongside her older brother, and there was also porno all around their house. So they grew up on it, tried to have sex with each other when they were in elementary school, and the girl even let 4 of her babysitter’s kids run a train on her when she was in the second grade. She is grown now, and embarrassed about it, but nothing she can do about it now. It makes me think about the fragility of children, and their eagerness to please, and how the scum-sucking abusers should all be shot in the head, for altering these children’s lives. Incidentally, the brother and sister have never spoken about it, and they are both sexually healthy now, in their 30’s, but the woman was a complete sexual wreck when she was a teen and young woman.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Um She didn’t try to get the rapey kid help. She tried to sweep it under the rug. So fuck her, the dumb useless whore.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Yeah it is a teensy bit awkward the first couple times. You just get over it eventually.

  • JonChris

    happens in Oklahoma and people get arrested, happens in Massachusetts and DCF, the D.A’s office and the schools cover it up, give the mother section 8 housing let the boys re-offend and still no charges, but force the victims to stay in the state and see their mother that never reported it. Whoops forgot to add that the mother was also abusive

  • My comment has nothing to do with your comparison. I just wanted to share that I moved to Oklahoma City a year ago, and WOW….. talk about horrible parenting and many, many troubled homes. I’ve also noticed that many folks out here do not try to hide it.

  • mrskailuakona

    Sorry to inform you Not so Heavenly Demented Person some kids like myself were taught at an early age 6 about the birds & bees. Please don’t blame the parents in educating them not telling the 11 year old brother & 7 year old cousin to act it out! There’s a difference.

  • disqus_S8zQf5ttfr

    Another mexican in our courts

  • I hope the older sister is old enough to take custody of her, she seems to be the only member of the family that cares about her. And I hope her brother and cousin get some serious counseling and some kind of punishment for what they did. And I hope that bitch gets a really horny cell mate in prison so she knows what her poor daughter had to go through.

  • Leasha

    Not necessarily true. I knew what sex was at age 5, not because I had been assaulted at that time, but from movies and such I would see (my “dad” wasn’t into the whole parenting thing; he spent more time with his girlfriend than his daughter). Like G.I.R.L. said, it just made sense as well. Of course, it’s different for everyone but you can’t immediately assume they were victims.