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Terrence Conrad MeeksLos Angeles, CA – A fight at a downtown Los Angeles strip club ended with two men losing some legs after they were pinned between two cars.

Police are investigating a fight that broke out between 40-year-old Terrence Conrad Meeks and two other men inside Sam’s Hofbrau at about 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

The fight spilled out into the club’s parking lot where, according to police, Meeks got behind the wheel of his white BMW and rammed his vehicle into the two men, pinning them both against their Mini Cooper.

Meeks continued accelerating, pushing the Mini Cooper into the side of the building. An act that police say was no accident. “He rammed his vehicle into them with malicious intent,” Lt. Lee McMillion said.

Both victims – ages 24 and 57 – were taken to the hospital, where one had both of his legs amputated above the knee, and the other had his right leg amputated above the knee. They are both listed in critical but stable condition. Luckily, they will live to enjoy future lap dances. (*badum tish*)

Meeks was arrested and charged with attempted manslaughter and DUI. He is being held on a $500,000 bail.

Investigators say they are also looking at possibly filing hate crime charges – Meeks is black, the victims are Hispanic – as witnesses say a lot of racial epithets were being used before the collision.

Here’s some raw footage from the scene:

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  • cedric

    Guaranteed – what ever they were fighting about will make almost no sense to a person who is not drunk,or high … most likely those two men lost limbs over some stupid shit … now Meeks will learn the hard way that he was using his BMW wrong,and the other two …. I guess we are going to call them “victims” almost have no lap left to sit on …
    Question – Why do Assholes seem to be driving a lot of the nice cars,and nice people are stuck driving the cheap shit ? Meeks would have been better off had he never been able to afford a nice ride (any ride ) – but NO – Dick Head was rolling in what was most likely a nice BMW,and he most likely had money and was in that club making it rain … Satan … seems he takes care of his own until he calls them into action.
    Oh well now Meeks is fucked (or will soon be) and someone else can get an opportunity to pilot a nice white BMW.

  • there isnt really a joke for this one, it does pretty well on its own.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    I thought the “Meeks” inherent the Earth?

  • cedric

    I could voice jokes on this situation all day … but I’m attempting to not go there since people lost limbs,and are going to be forever crippled.Reading this story made me appreciate the fact that I have two working,healthy legs so I’m going to stand this one out.

  • cedric

    Apparently they inherent a BMW and extra legs too.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Poor legless guy can’t look strippers in the eyes. He’ll just have to settle for looking into her … oh wait, he may be onto something. Where’s my hacksaw?

  • Buffettgirl

    Thankful that I was at an entirely different strip club Saturday night…

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Yeah!!! Why DO assholes have nice cars? My ex always had nice cars. Oh yeah, we lived on Ramen and ravioli.

  • well played sir, well played hahaha

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    I wonder if the two victims were father and son. Terrible. Now instead of Mexi-cans, they are Mexi-can’ts. Let’s be politically correct, tho. They are now Mexi-capable.

  • Buffettgirl

    Awesome! Makes me laugh because my 17 year old niece is best friends with a pair of sisters that are of Mexican heritage… we call them the Mexi-tots! (they love it!)

  • come_and_see

    A black man committing a hate crime? No such thing.

  • wastintime

    Lieutenant Dan!

  • It sounds like they started the night off being ass-holes but now they’re ass-halfs.

  • If I’m not mistaken, proportionally speaking, blacks are charged with hate crimes more than whites.

  • Sam

    BMW driver? Figures. Worst drivers on the road, i’m not surprised he crashed.

  • Sam

    I’m sorry, i’m having trouble matching the two dudes hanging out at a stripclub and getting into a bar fight with a Mini Cooper. I can only seem to envision this with the dudes being in drag.

  • What about the strippers? Who will hold them accountable for what took place? The people demand justice, justice and fertilizer by any means necessary!

  • Athena

    You’re not mistaken. The proportional disparity is pretty significant, actually. Even though blacks represent only about 13% of the population, they represent over 20% of known hate crime offenders.

    If you think the U.S. government won’t charge a black person with any and everything they can justify, you’re kidding yourself.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Because the real world couldn’t care less if you were a good or bad guy; it’s more concerned with what it can get from you regardless of what labels are placed on you.

  • cedric

    I LOVE YOU !!!!!

  • cedric


  • cedric

    You think a lot like me on this one …. great minds an all …

  • Suzy Sears

    I know me too. It’s like how bad ass can you be in a Mini Cooper lol hell I’m a grandma and I wouldn’t get in one rofl

  • JohnQknowitall

    Just fucking stupid.

  • Panavia Tornado

    DA says there is not sufficient evidence to charge Meeks with a hate crime. When is the last time a black man was charged with a hate crime anyway? The article ended with “If convicted, Meeks faces up to five years in state prison.” ONLY 5 YEARS!!??

  • LeaveMeBe

    FUCK! I pulled something in my diaphragm from barking with laughter. Sounded like a goddamn seal.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Thank the gods these poor men still have laps after all that amputating went down. Otherwise, there would be nowhere for the strippers to dance.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I’ve heard of guys night out costing an arm and a leg, but three legs?

  • cedric

    OOOO – I love both of those,I eat that all the time …. wheres my fucking BMW ?

  • cedric

    Totally senseless violence … it’s a shame you can’t go out to look at tities and drink some cold beer without some privileged (BMW) idiot crushing your fucking legs.For the sake of the two victims I hope the tities in that bar were epic.

  • cedric

    He’d do his 5 year stretch and when he exited the prison me and my wheel chair would be waiting on him at the fucking gate.

  • sweekymom

    This is what happens when you decide to go to a strip bar and get legless…

  • brandi

    i got u some ice cream!!!

  • JGo555

    Now THIS is the way to end a party!

  • brandi

    it’s definitely one of those stand alone stories that doesn’t really need a joke, It’s already so funny that it kicks the legs right out from under you.

  • cedric

    I just woke up (I work the night shift – so no,I’m not a lazy fuck … well … sometimes I am but – stop distracting me damn it.),and something hit me about this story – hit me late,but still …. If I was out by myself and 2 guys for whatever reason decided to hand me my ass – all bets would most likely be off as to what I might do … I try to have good control of myself (always have struggled with this),but the fact is that I’m old enough now to where I’m not going to tolerate as much bull shit as I used to,in other words if 2 guys were to jump on me while I was out and I was – for whatever reason unsuccessful at defending myself with my mere fists (and feet),then yes – they might accidentally get run the fuck over in the parking lot.
    I’m just admitting this to be honest here ’cause I had been viewing this story purely from the perspective of “What an asshole,he ran over those two guys with his fucking car.” And not from the perspective of “Shit – that’s what they get,both of them jumping on that one guy.”
    Admit it guys – I know a lot of you well enough to say that if 2 guys jumped on you – it probably wouldn’t end too nice for them either – if you could help it.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, but I cannot imagine any titties being worth a limb.

  • Gnarly shit.

  • Buffettgirl

    How wrong is my brain? I thought in the middle of the night “Hey, at least they’ll get the upfront parking when they eventually go back…”

  • Man Pleads In Connection To Strip Club Crash That Severed Men’s Legs

    LOS ANGELES ( — A Paramount man who was
    driving a car that crashed into two men standing outside a Los Angeles
    strip club, which caused them to lose their legs, pleaded no contest
    Wednesday to a drunken driving charge.


    Meeks faces five years and four months in prison when he’s sentenced in
    July, according to Deputy District Attorney Nick Swertlow.