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rachelle BraatenCENTRALIA, WA – Rachelle Braaten, a 24-year-old idiot in Washington, was arrested after video captured her letting her 22-month-old take a hit from a bong.

In the video, you can see Braaten offer the lit bong to the boy who briefly sticks his face on top of the lit bong while other morons in the room start laughing.

When police interviewed Braaten, she reportedly told detectives, “Well, it was like, you can’t see in the camera, but the person taking it, and then there was like a group of people there. And I guess it was a joke and stupid mistake that wasn’t really funny.”

Braaten says she feels “horrible” about the incident. “He’s two and he shouldn’t have known about that,” Braaten said. “He shouldn’t have that in his body.”

Rachelle Braaten was arrested and charged with manufacture of marijuana and delivery of a controlled substance to a minor. She is in jail on a $5000 bail.

The boy’s father was also arrested after police found firearms and 40 marijuana plants inside the couple’s home. Tyler Lee, 25, was charged with manufacture of marijuana and three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm.

The boy in the video, along with his 5-year-old brother, are now in the care of child protective services.

I would like to personally thank these two morons, who live where pot is currently legal, for supplying more hyperbole-laden ammo to use against people, like myself, who are trying to get marijuana legalized in their own state. Thanks.

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  • Athena

    Yeah… Washington’s been feeling a little bit like Florida in the news, lately.

    It’s worth mentioning that pot being legal in this state has not dampened the public’s outrage one bit. People just seem a lot more calm when expressing it.

  • techsupp0rt

    What a dumb bitch.

    I live in Washington, and I partake as well. I have a child, which is why we don’t typically smoke. We use a vaporizer (smoke just tastes bad anyway now compared to that… so tasty, highly recommended), and still in another room well away from the child. Any time there’s smoke, it’s either outside well away from anybody, or behind closed doors, being breathed into filters. We’re very careful with that just as we’re careful with making sure he doesn’t drink any alcohol (he’s been curious about wine, so he’s gotten a very concise explanation on why kids shouldn’t drink, based in medical science not ‘because we said so!’). The brain isn’t done developing, don’t go putting random things in it quite yet.

    Not all pot smokers are terrible parents, or lazy or irresponsible or stupid. Most of them, you wouldn’t even know they smoked it. The ones you can tell, and are obvious about it, usually suck. Just the same way that you can enjoy a beer in the evening without necessarily beating your wife and kicking your dog every time, but you know that some people just do that. It’s not the fault of the chemical they’re imbibing, it’s that they’re imbibing that chemical while already being an idiot. If this lady’s (or her company’s, she seems like she was showing off) preferred poison had been alcohol, they probably would have gotten little Billy drunk, because bad people are bad people, and they will find a way to be horrible if given ANY opportunity.

    This woman needs to be slapped around at least a little. Might rattle her little pea-brain back into place.

    Remember, children, there’s a time and place for everything, and it’s called ‘college’.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “.. letting her 22-month-old take a hit from a bong”

    Did you ever wonder why you can’t remember your childhood? Did you ever wonder why you didn’t speak the Queen’s English but instead slurred your words that they labeled ‘baby talk?’ Did you ever wonder why you needed to hold on to chairs just to walk somewhere? Did you ever cry as a baby because of stupid stuttering adults “MMMMMMaaaaaa. Ma, Ma.?” (Lady, spit it out already. Are you suffering from Alzheimer’s?)

    Did you ever, …, ever, …, ever, … dagnabbit, forget what I was talking about. Pass my that smokin” bottle and I’ll shut up,

  • edward macaskill
  • Athena

    I actually spoke the Queen’s English for a period in my late toddlerhood. My parents were weird. I got to school thinking contractions were the coolest invention ever.

  • Buffettgirl

    hilarious! 😉

  • t0ofly

    My mom never let me smoke out of a bong when I was a kid. I always had to use an apple.

  • Buffettgirl

    Bet she thought she was just cooler than fuck at the time… wonder how cool it feels to be in jail you stupid cow…

  • kimbev69

    i totally agree those that you can look at and just know they are potheads are the ones that are horrible parents….no doubt…those are also the ones that post on facebook “i love my weed, i smoke so much i can’t see straight” those are the ones that end up in the damn news

  • techsupp0rt

    An apple a day…

  • techsupp0rt

    ‘Favorite Books’: Bible

  • Andyman

    “…for supplying more hyperbole-laden ammo to use against people, like myself, who are trying to get marijuana legalized in their own state.”

    Well said. Hey, at least we are making some progress on the legalization of it for medicinal purposes here in NC… I wonder if we will ever see this in our lifetime.

  • Andyman

    I didn’t care much for the vaporizer but I could be just, “doing it wrong.” I got a Phantom and it just seems to be so much work – I’m also not sure about the cleaning / maintenance or how much you’re supposed to put in there just yet.

  • techsupp0rt

    They are not all created equal! My favorite kind for a long time were the ‘log style’. It’s basically a small chunk of nice wood with an element in the middle of it that you put the stem in, and inhale from there. Very efficient, and was very easy. Our preferred brands have all gone the way of the dinosaur for that style, though.

    Recently we got an Arizer, which is a lot like a Volcano, without costing nearly as much as one. We don’t use the balloon much, but it’s cool. It’s highly efficient, and rocks your shit pretty good. Plus you have leftovers that can be used for other things, like smoking (it’s not as powerful, but is comparable to smoking a cigarette, but not as nasty), or for cooking, tinctures, etc. The taste can’t be beat, and it’s really hard going back to even very clean glass after it. Without the smoke, it’s very fresh tasting, like a cross between pine and mint, depending on what you have.

  • cedric

    What the ??? **&##!!! Was this bitch high ? Or what ? Someone should have shoved that bong up Rachelle’s bong hole … but then going by some of the stories I have read on here that may be where Rachelle parks it when it’s not in use anyways …

  • Evan Oswald

    i didn’t see any exhale

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Pine and mint? Ooooh.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Back in the fun-loving ’70’s, I was visiting a friend when her 4-year-old woke up from his nap. The kid stumbles in and asked his mom: “Momma, can I have a doobie?” As I turned to walk the Hell outta there, I saw her pass him a pinner. Needless to say, I ended the friendship then & there.

  • come_and_see

    When I was a baby my parents dropped me on my head, but parents these days let their kids do drugs. Kids these days.

  • Andyman

    What’s a good late model handheld device you might recommend?

  • Suzy Sears

    I agree with you,we try to point out good things about weed then some fucking piss poor parent gets in the news. I’m willing to bet there are other instances of dumbass bad parenting that have nothing to do with weed where these 2 are concerned I.e.wandering in the street alone or filthy clothes or hungry on and on! But all the public fixates on is WEED !

  • Suzy Sears

    Yeah I live in N.C. Myself. Weed helps my nerve damage more than anything but its illegal so they have me on oxycodone for the last 5 years ! Where’s the sense in that !!!!

  • Andyman

    There isn’t any sense in it. My girl has incredibly bad migraines and it is either high doses of topimax or an occasional bong rip. One time she decided that she was done with the herbs and had a migraine for a week. It wasn’t until she took a few puffs that she was able to break that cycle. It is unfortunate that reasonable and worthwhile use of a friggen herb are denied to those in need because the people at Coors, et. al want to shut down their competition. Just pathetic.

  • That’s nuts but you know how you always hear stories from people that talk about themselves smoking weed since they were like 5 and you don’t really believe that shit because you’re like “huh? sure you did fool….” and they’re like “no for realzies i really did and shit” and you just shake your head and think to yourself “what a fucking moron liar piece of ass lip” but in this case it truly is true and stuff. Unbelievable really.

  • SinBear

    This really upsets me. I am a young mother, I am going to be 18 this year actually, and I am also a medical marijuana patient in the state of Washington. My daughter is 1 year old, and the closest smoke that gets to her is light INCENSE smoke. We would never allow her to smoke. I know some children do have to be medicated, so I cannot say that she is a bad mom for giving pot to a 22 month old.
    BUT she is a bad mother for letting her 22 month old SMOKE it. Why couldn’t she just give him a little medible or something? Quite frankly, he didn’t even look like he needed it. There are some kids younger than that, that are so hyper they will end up killing themselves if they aren’t calmed down. I’ve witnessed it already, and a tiny bit of medible does wonders. I will not give out names as I will protect the people I know. But their toddlers and children would have ended up in the hospital by now if they didn’t take action. My mom even agrees that at times, it is necessary.

    They don’t even act high. Just calm. What else can someone do whenever they are too young for ADHD meds? I also heard about a man giving his 2 year old tinctures in his IV cause he had cancer in the hospital. He saved his LIFE because of that.

    This lady is a bad mom. Smoke around a toddler? In a toddler’s LUNGS? a chance of them getting burned from a lighter?! Risking them having asthma, plus a shit ton of other issues. Smoking releases carcinogens, eating it does not. Just horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE.

    And young moms like that make us all look bad.

  • SinBear

    I was highly advanced as a baby, toddler and child. My daughter is following in my foot steps. I never baby talked. I didnt say ANYTHING at all till I was 3. And I was speaking in full sentences.

  • SinBear

    Me either that’s why it is questionable. Smoke came out of the bong, lightly. Where is the smoke out of the kid?