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Steven DeumanGRAND RAPIDS, MI – Last year we reported on Steven Deuman, the Michigan man found guilty of killing his infant daughter while orally raping her. On Tuesday, he was sentenced to two life terms in prison.

For those of you who missed this horrible story, 28-year-old Steven Deuman said he found 15-week-old Evelynne Deuman on the floor bleeding from the nose, unconscious and not breathing.

Instead of calling 911 for help, he called the girl’s mother, Natasha Maitland, and told her their baby wasn’t breathing. A call to 911 was not made until after Maitland drove back home from work.

Instead of waiting for an ambulance, they attempted to drive to the hospital, but were met by responding paramedics who tried to revive Evelynne before rushing her to the hospital. But, according to prosecutors, Evelynne had been dead for far too long.

It wasn’t until later that night that Deuman allegedly whispered to Maitland that he had pulled a used condom out of their daughter’s mouth. The condom would be found underneath a diaper in the bedroom, and contained Evelynne’s DNA on the outside, and her parents’ DNA on the inside.

Deuman would eventually be charged with murder, prosecutors alleging Evelynne had choked on the condom while Deuman was orally raping her. Deuman’s attorney said that the infant’s death was not the result of a face-fucking, but that she’d somehow rolled off the bed and sucked up a discarded condom like a vacuum – a scenario prosecutors argued was impossible.

“This was no accident. She couldn’t roll over, much less crawl. She certainly wasn’t capable of overcoming the obstacles on her bed, the pillows, to end up on the floor,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Phil Green said to the jurors. “Even if (she did), how is she going to suck that condom up?”

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It also didn’t help Deuman’s case that jurors heard from other witnesses who said that, as children, they were also sexually assaulted by Deuman. In September 2012, the jury sided with the prosecution and after deliberating for about an hour, found Deuman guilty of first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault.

Before he was sentenced, Maitland addressed Deuman stating: “If I was asked to describe you, two words stick out – coward and monster. You are a monster for what you did to Evelynne, that you would do such horrific things to take her life. You are an evil person and you deserve the treatment you are about to receive.”

Deuman still maintained his innocence, sticking to his story that the baby had eaten the condom. “There really isn’t much to say,” Deuman said to the judge. “In a way I do feel responsible. My heart does deeply mourn the loss of her. I feel bad for my son because he doesn’t get to know his sister.”

Judge Quist described the crime as “one of the most serious and perverse crimes that a person can commit,” adding that he felt Deuman was a danger to children. He then sentenced Deuman to two life terms. “He would be very dangerous, in my judgment, at any stage of life,” said Quist.

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  • ……I….wow….just….wow

    The only solace we get is knowing this guy is going to a place where alot of unwanted things is going to put in his mouth.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    May his life sentences be everything that he deserves.

  • GGMon

    I have a better suggestion: Deuman, meet…wood chipper. Feet first. This guy is all kinds of sick

  • Evan Oswald

    So his story of the baby just fell off the bed and sucked in a condom and choked to death……was beyond reasonable doubt false? Specifically, was HER DNA on the condom they found in the mouth of the baby (like they had used it)? Was the baby’s mouth/throat area showing signs of damage? just curious.


  • Sam

    I remember this story from when it first hit D’D. Sick bastard. Is there any way we can trip him up on the stairs on his way to prison, give him brain damage, and stop him from forevermore lusting over his memories of what he did to all those children?

  • kimbev69

    the most disgusting case i think since that guy smothered his g/f’s son by raping him on the couch while his mom slept upstairs

  • kimbev69

    wood chipped on toes than pause, rest of feet than pause, up to kneecap than pause….you get my drift and some rock salt for the open ends of him while we are “paused”

  • kimbev69

    yup it was a used condom unless of course he and the mom had sex and he didn’t shower so when he put it on, her spunk was still on him

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Oh. My. God. I don’t remember this story and I wish I still knew nothing about it. Fuck. Wtf? I wish there was a hell.

  • Why the FUCK does this worthless piece of shit still get to FUCKING live?!

  • He also lived with his half-brother Silvano Southbird, his girlfriend and their 3 young daughters. I’m guessing someone should interview those nieces.

  • I haven’t heard of that one yet.

  • Evan Oswald

    soooooooo his story has credibility? huh? i’m so confused — hows come nobody is proving this guy raped his daughter? the fact that other kids said they raped him isn’t proving shit. the fact that the baby didn’t have the coordination to get off the bed….is kinda proving the lie. Why not test the baby for trama tho? case fucking closed then!

  • Evan Oswald

    jesus christ yea for real

  • Make him die a slow painful death. Piece of shit.

  • brandi

    Your sick! And I like it!!!

  • Buffettgirl

    Evil Fucking Sick Bastard! May Bubba and his crew orally rape YOU to death…

  • G.I.R.L.


    Now this is a sick monster that thoroughly deserves immense punishments (for starters, surgically removing his penis while he is strapped to a table, conscious and undrugged, then forced to eat the tool he used to murder his own infant child). Terrible fucking disaster of a human.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “If I was asked to describe you, two words stick out – coward and monster.”

    For the People who Represent And, technically, that’s three words.

  • StarTheory

    Unfortunately I remember this story. It’s one of the most heinous ones on here. May he be raped over and over again in prison and die a painful death. RIP sweet girl. Sorry your “dad” didn’t look after you the way a normal daddy would 🙁

  • kimbev69


  • kimbev69

    If i am not mistaken she had trauma, but they arent going to put out there a description of what he did to her mouth,

  • JohnQknowitall

    Can you imagine what that little girl’s childhood would have been like if she had not died and her father arrested? Pathetic.

  • Evan Oswald

    well they should mention there was signs of trauma….just because it makes everything very clear his story was utter BS

  • felixthecatxxxx

    He will die in prison from anal trauma, and rightly so.

    Finally, Michigan will serve out some justice to a convicted baby rapist. In Michigan’s Jackson County, a baby rapist who left the poor thing severely brain damaged and ruined her internal organs for life, was given only 4 yours, and no sex offender registration. Why? The prosecutor didn’t want to cause a fuss.

  • There are no words!

  • Buffettgirl

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, but I still think the 67 year old child porn viewing perv that was “only looking, never touching” for the past 40 years is a candidate too… If for no other reason than he is one more sicko that contributed to the problem. Not trying to be argumentative, I just truly believe anyone that has the proclivity to be sexually attracted to children doesn’t need to be taking up valuable oxygen.

  • LuvsHorror

    Keep a lit torch ready to slow the flow of blood.

  • LuvsHorror

    I hope when he does die from anal trauma that his ass is wide enough to put his head in it.

  • bethied

    …and more.

  • bethied

    Well the bleeding from the nose is probably a good indication of trauma. And they tend not to divulge too much graphic info on cases like these that involve such young children, especially infants.

  • Evan Oswald

    my gawd, this is commonplace? i live not far (washtenaw county) – shit!

  • Andyman
  • Words fail to express how awful that story is. I work in a DA’s Office so I’ve heard some horrible child abuse stories before but it always bothers me. I’m kind of desensitized when it comes to hearing adult homicide stories but the kid stories still get to me.

  • orally? You’re too kind.

  • He and his girlfriend and kids lived with his brother, his girlfriend and their 3 daughters …he could always say “your honor that was my brother’s used condom on the floor”

  • Buffettgirl

    I didn’t mean exclusively… just that it be the final cause of death so he can be as terrified as that innocent baby girl must have been!

  • Twisted1

    Take his twig and giggle berries and put it in a bear trap. Place him in the center of a barn. Engulf said barn in gasoline. Light a match. In order to escape burning inferno….
    Dig moat around barn, fill with alcohol or acid. Just to make sure he suffers more. Repeat with different body parts as needed.

  • kimbev69

    It had his dna in it though so no he could not say it was his brother, brothers have diff dna

  • kimbev69

    Sounds good we dont want him to bleed to death too quick

  • JGo555

    STILL not enough punishment.

  • HarleyJQuinne

    Not that I really wanna know but what in the unholy hell would make a grown man do this to their own helpless progeny? And LIE about it. As if no one would put two and two together to come up with this sick fuck orally raped his baby to death. I can only hope his death comes in the same fashion.

  • “. . . . . . .”

  • im not trying to take up for him….but kids do put things in the mouth off the floor, did they have proof he molested her?? if so then fry him

  • Jessica Stewart

    So we’re talking like cock-water-boarding someone to death? hmmmmmmm….sounds appropriate!

  • LeaveMeBe

    I remembered it, unfortunately. I wish I had never had to revisit it again. 🙁

  • Evan Oswald

    while i can’t find it – people have said there was reports of trauma to the baby girl consistent with him…ya know

  • slowbutsteady

    Hopefully he gets skull fucked everyday in prison!!

  • Tom G

    Disgusting. This guy is a complete monster. Why waste 60-70k per year to house this monster and let him live out a long life in solitary protected from all the inmates? He’s a sex offender and they usually are segregated from the other because the other inmates want to murder them for the disgusting crimes they have committed. For crimes like this, death should be the punishment. The death should be precisely what was done to the victim of the crime. He should be put on a table, and taken advantage of by a large thigh-sized dildo, which would be shoved into every available orifice he has. Don’t forget to put a big condom on it so he can be choked like that poor little girl. I feel when you kill you should be given the same or as close to the same punishment as you did to the victim. Obviously we’ll never know exactly what happened during many murders, but we can guess, and we should adhere to what we know based on facts and logic. An Eye for and Eye!

  • Sick S.!O.!B.!!!!

  • YAY 40,000 a year in tax money to keep him alive.

    Someone call in some favours to where he ends up? Get the word out about his crime and let it sort itself out inside.

  • jorge ortiz

    Wtf is this world coming to? How Fucking nuts you gotta be to harm an innocent child…this is what happens when the first victims don’t speak up when it happened. I can understand the trama part but look at what happened and if they would have spoken up he’d most likey be in jail at worst marked for life. Labeled to the world the monster you are but nope… Plz take this child into your good grace lord.

  • disqus_7OhzaWBr2f

    Omg this sick piece of shit I hope he dies and suffers but first gets his penis cut off and then fed to him so he can choke on it!!

  • omg if i didnt have a kid too raise i would just hunt these sick perverts down and kill them

  • i wish we could just round these sickos up and burn them

  • misslaydee


  • The condom he was wearing was already used by the parents (baby’s DNA on outside; parents DNA on the inside). Scumbag!! This case can’t possibly get any worse. He obvious thinks his package is a lot bigger than it really is since the condom is too big and won’t stay on. This is one of the cases that sticks with you forever. Too bad the baby didn’t have teeth to perform a Lorena Bobbit on his we-willy-winky! Repulsive and thank god this mother took the correct side; the babies!!

  • jai

    They should have said something to that effect. 15 month old kids are active enough to jump off beds, ive seen it…crawl yes, put all types of shit in their mouth yes…so it would help if they would have said trauma to the childs throat