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Dax BorchardtWalworth, WI – On Wednesday, 14-month-old Dax Borchardt was mauled to death by his babysitter’s two pit bulls.

Police received a call from Borchardt’s babysitter, 30-year-old Susan Iwicki, stating she and the boy were being attacked by her two pit bulls.

Borchardt was taken to Mercy-Walworth Medical Center before being airlifted to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin where he died from critical injuries at about 3:30pm.

Iwicki was also injured in the attack, but as of Thursday morning, her condition is unknown. The two dogs were later euthanized by a local veterinarian.

No word on if charges will be filed, but Walworth County Sheriff’s Office Captain Dana Nigbor said that “unless something drastically changes,” this will not be a criminal case.

Borchardt’s father expressed his anger on his Facebook page, stating “these pitbulls was not abused, mistreated, or harmed in ANY way” and that he “will do everything in my power to make sure this breed is bred out of existence.”

I feel bad for the guy. Not only losing a son, but losing him in such a violent way.

If you believe the statistics at, pit bulls only makes up %5 of the dog population, but make up %73 of the 251 recorded dog-related deaths between 2005 and 2012. And, if you buy the statistics, pit bulls killed seven children and 22 adults in 2011. In 2012, nine children were killed by pit bulls along with 24 adults.

So far this year, pit bulls have killed four people.

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  • tkaz

    The statistics are crazy. And scary.

  • HarleyJQuinne

    God, what a cute kid man. I’d hate to be this baby sitter man.

  • Unfortunately, it isn’t the breed at fault here and vowing to rid the world of them is not going to fix the problem.All dogs have the potential to bite and kill. lets not forget the baby that was killed by a 12 week old labrador!

    These dogs were likely unsocialised and jealous. Dogs who aren’t socialised properly with children can and do bite.

    Also, the term is quite broad and anything from a Staffordshire bull terrier to bull terrier to ridgeback cross can be described by people as a ‘pit bull.’

  • newstarshipsmell

    *chomp chomp chomp*

  • Guest

    omg fuckng im sick of hearing ppl say its not the breed all dogs bite whaa whaa whaa cry baby and all dogs bite they dont shred you into pieces…and it is NOT the owners fault or how they are raised.. almost all of these dogs that have killed are very well treated if anything they are spoiled and thats why they kill……they become teritorial and these dogs are wild by instinct and no matter how many ppl wanna sugar coat it.thats fact…just because there is other dogs that r also dangerous doesnt mean this breed is not…how many inocent ppl die i bet way more kids been killed by pits then saved

  • I am sick of ppl saying its not this breeds fault..what??other dogs bite yes they dont shred u into pieces, these dogs are nice only to the hand that feeds them if they are taught young to be sociable then they will be but there natural instict is behind the nicess and not even the best owner will know what can set off the dog…people should watch the kids near any animal this is true, but pits have the capability to take your head off and it is not right when others have to worry about nieghbors dogs getting out and attacking us.

  • I can link you to fifty different stories of pit bulls that have done heroic things.

    I’m not saying they’re perfect, just that a dog is only as good as the person who raised it.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Even the name of this type of dog is indicative of their general potential for killing. The word “Pit Bull” comes from the FACT that they were bred for a hair-trigger temper & killing ability for fighting against other dogs & animals in a PIT!
    An old man I knew kept some for hog hunting. He was a real animal lover, and kept his dogs very well. However, even he said he’d NEVER turn his back on one because he’d had them snap & go on killing rampages.

  • Jubilex

    Omg it’s not the breed it’s the dog blah blah – yep all dogs can bite – but 73% of the deaths are pit mixes. 73%.


    it’s the breed. Not that they bite – that’s a dog thing – that *when* they bite – they kill.

    *when* they bite they kill – and *any* dog can bite regardless of how it’s treated. 66% of attacks are at home and 77% of the targets are family or friends.

    Every fatal dog attack has to be reported and those reports are available online – read them – over and over and over it’s ‘the dog was a family dog well treated and just turned’

    Yes – there are the occasional ‘dog was trained to attack’ or ‘mistreated’ – but those are the exception. This is the problem with ‘it’s not the breed’ argument – that argument is predicated on the idea that dog attacks are predominantly perpetrated by dogs that are mistreated – while that may be true overall (I don’t know the stats for non-fatal dog bites) – the *fatal* ones do not fall into this description.

    No – I’m against total extermination of a breed – but I think needed a special license to own one with special requirements to keep them (must like other exotics) isn’t beyond reasonable considering the fact that when these dogs go bad – they kill.

  • Edward Richtofen

    so did the parents not know their child would be exposed to two pit bulls at the babysitter’s house? If i see a pitbull the last thing i want to do is pet the thing. The first thing I think of regarding pit bulls is “Stay away from me.” Why would they use that babysiter?

  • LeaveMeBe

    I don’t trust any dog 100%, especially around children. With that being said, I will never be comfortable around pit bulls or other dogs along that same breeding line simply because of reports like these. I don’t agree with exterminating a species but I also dn’t have an answer of how to prevent these types of incidents so I can’t pick a side. People will have to take their own safety and the safety of their children and other loved ones into account when dealing with pit breeds and their owners. As for myself, I can respect someone’s love for the breed and wanting to own them as long as they can respect my feelings in not wanting to be exposed to them and not trusting them when they say they’re harmless and sweet. I don’t tell people my lab mixes are harmless simply because they are dogs and anything can happen.

  • Evan Oswald

    wait the father didn’t know the two pit bulls would be baby sitting with Iwicki? What kind of idiot brings two pit bulls along when babysitting a child under 10 anyways?

  • takurospirit

    I was letting my then 3 year old daughter ride around the new bike (with training wheels) her grandma got her last May. We went by this really white trash looking row of houses. Our neighborhood isn’t wealthy and though many houses are not in the best condition we don’t have trash laying all over the place or cars on blocks or anything. So getting to these houses was kind of off-putting.

    Anyway, we’re in front of a house with really overgrown grass. I hear this low growling and then barking and see something crouched down partially covered by the “lawn”. I’m like oh shit! Pit bull! I yell at my daughter who doesn’t listen to anyone for shit no matter what you do and she of course ignores me. Rides off down the sidewalk. I try to walk calmly but quickly to get her and cross the street when that fucking dog busts of the yard.

    Their fucking gate was wide open. Runs straight up to my baby girl and latches onto her leg. Two children run out of the yard and grab the dog. They’re like 10 years old at most. The boy curtly says something and sort of smacks the dog in the head and it just lets go and like HAPPILY follows the boy into the house. A methed out looking woman and man come out and they’re apologetic but just like more irritated than anything. I was sort of in shock and just picked up my girl and walked to my moms house. I don’t know what I was thinking. Halfway there I notice my pants are all bloody and realize my girl has very visible and bleeding puncture wounds in her leg.

    We had to go to the ER, get X-rays to make sure no teeth were stuck in there, and give her antibiotics. She will have a scar there for the rest of her life as the doctor said they weren’t going to stitch it as that might trap in bacteria. The police came and talked to me and they took the dog on a 10 day hold to monitor for rabies. Whenever I see these stories I’m like OMG, that dog could have mauled by little girl to death. And luckily I hadn’t had my baby boy with me in his stroller as usual, who was like 10 months old at the time.

    To summarize: My toddler was attacked by a pit bull. Whenever I see the people advocating for pit bulls it is all I can think about. The end.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I was with you until the last paragraph. These dogs are a mortal threat to humans. Whether someone thinks their serial killer son is a good boy or that Pit Bull temperament is due to “nurturing,” I say that human safety comes first. Get rid of the breed. There are other breeds with wonderful temperaments that you never see dumped at the pound. BTW why is it that almost 75% of the cages in the pound have Pit Bulls? I hope the owners of the dogs are not playing the “victime themselves” card.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Why is this breed so important to some people?

  • belongtotoday

    I think it’s something we’ve done, not the breed. 50 years ago Pit Bulls were very popular family dogs and they didn’t have these sorts of problems with the breed. President Roosevelt had one. They had two working with the kids on ‘Little Rascals’. They were used as police and war dogs and many were highly decorated for their courage (google ‘Sergeant Stubby’). Helen Keller had one too. So why are so many out of control now?

    I’d also urge temperence. There’s around 3.1 *million* PBs in the US and yet there’s ‘only’ around three fatal bites/maulings a year. That means that the vast majority of PBs *are* behaving. If it was truly a breed thing, with three million around, there would be far far more attacks and maulings than there is.

    Also, Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is really a knee-jerk reaction. For one, then shelters end up with an influx of former pets that now have to be turned over and destroyed. So thousands of dogs are almost instantaneously given a death sentence, even if they’ve had a lifetime of good behavior. And two, the ‘bad breed’ is always changing. Back in the 80s people felt this exact way about Doberman Pinchers. They were the terrifying bad dog that was out of control and attacking everyone. Then in the 90s it was Rottweilers and Rottweilers were going to kill everyone in the nation. Now when do you hear about either of those? Not much at all. Now the Pit Bull is the decades ‘bad dog’ and in 5-10 years it’ll be some other breed.

    Before any BSL comes in, I’d prefer government tries legislating/certifying owners or other measures such as stricter fines for uncontained breeds (if your pit bull breaks out of your yard and anything happens, instant fine), fines for even non-serious/non-fatal bites, shutting down some of these overbreeding fake ‘breeders’, etc.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “two dogs were later euthanized by a local veterinarian.”

    This is why the world will come to an end because we continue to go out and kill perfectly normal dogs. When will we have the money to build simple wooden crates that brandish the label “LIVE FOOD EXPORT N. KOREA”?

  • Sam

    “Borchardt’s father expressed his anger on his Facebook page, stating “these pitbulls was not abused, mistreated, or harmed in ANY way””
    So that tells me the parents knew that the babysitter had two pits and were happy with their child being at that house since the dogs were supposedly treated well. Way to learn the lesson that you never take a dog for granted, no matter how placid and well-behaved they seem, and especially when they’re the kind that tends to be very territorial and / or protective over their pack leader (the babysitter).

    The babysitter fucked up royally by not putting the dogs in a pen for the duration of the babysitting job – thereby protecting both her dogs and the little charge left in her care. If you’re going to have a dog like that, you need to know how to manage them. Which, as we can see from this story and countless others like it, is not ‘they seem friendly enough i’m sure it’ll be fine’.

  • newstarshipsmell

    There’s no vowels in “don’t” in Texas?

  • StarTheory

    Edward- my thoughts exactly! I have a year and a half old child and would NEVER leave her in the care of anyone with a big dog, especially a pitbull.

    I’m absolutely not blaming the parents but I don’t understand why they’d subject their child to this and why the babysitter did as well 🙁 these breeds are so unpredictable. My neighbor has very wild pits and they clear the fence. I’ve had to scoop my daughter up and run for the door when they’ve done this while I’ve been out walking her. UGH!

  • StarTheory

    Gross. Lol but funny 🙂

  • 18th40

    Oh c’mon Star, look at all the other big words she got right.

  • Jubilex

    Many states have laws allowing you to keep exotic animals (like tigers and bears) but they require the animals to be kept in entirely secure enclosures and have state inspections to verify that the animals are kept well. Getting rid of the entire breed seems a bit extreme – if it was a royal PITA for someone to keep the dog no one would own them outside of people who *really* love the breed – for them I say let it happen with the PITA factor…. some people are nuts I don’t mind that – I do mind when their nuts endangers my safety as John Q Public.

  • tkaz

    They side with the under dog. Literally. And…pits are cheap & often free.

  • Buffettgirl

    Probably because if you’ve ever know or loved a “good” Pit you know how incredibly intelligent, sweet, and in a way, funny they can be and that makes it hard to view Pits as “bad” across the board. Yes, I’ve had two, but that was also 20+ years ago so I’m not a Pit fanatic. Give me a good Newfoundland any day! 😉

  • tkaz

    I assume he dropped the baby off at the sitters?

  • tkaz

    Ok, so maybe we were irresponsible and bred them incorrectly. Maybe the aggressive ones were bred, etc. The fighters puppies were given away and the breeding kept on going down the line. Maybe it WAS us. But….how can we possibly get a handle on it now?
    Pits have been favored by a certain type of person for a long time. Certainly less than 50 yrs, but long enough for a stigma to grow. That certain type started adopting and breeding these dogs BECAUSE of their likely dispositions. They are fierce, they fight, they are intimidating and that’s what the owners wanted.
    Now what? We of course want to be fair but how can we possibly back pedal or cut through a stigma so strong?

  • Buffettgirl

    Not as kooky as it sounds – ask anybody that served in the military or has worked/lived in S. Korea, they DO eat dog there, I would have to assume the same is true for their neighbors to the north. And if it were addressed to Kim Jung Un…. I like it!

  • tkaz

    And it can happen anywhere. My teen daughters classmate was bitten by one in a very affluent area. She was walking through her pristine gated community & it literally hopped the fence & ran after her, biting her in the butt. And she got away, I don’t know how but she did.
    ALL types own pits. We live in older area but there are no homes in disrepair – 3 pits in 1 block. 1 is owned by a family with a small baby. Another I actually trust – she’s so old she can barely walk & just LOOKS at other dogs because barking is too much for her.
    I’m glad your little girl is ok & I hope she is not scared of dogs today (non-pits!).

  • tkaz

    You know though, that’s something everyone should keep in mind no matter the breed. My dog is a super smart ball of 40 lb fluff but …he’s still a dog. I had to literally threaten my kid with grounding and a smack if he didn’t stay away from him while he’s eating – he’s a dog, respect what he can be capable of.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “I don’t tell people my lab mixes are harmless”
    Lab dogs are the best!!!

  • Cassy_Again

    Again, I have $20 that says the dogs were not neutered, and probably inadequately exercised. Also, breed be damned, dogs and toddlers do. not. mix. I have mixed breed dogs (not pit bulls or any type of bull), and they love children, but there’s no way in hell they get to be around small children unsupervised or unleashed, and even then, it’s only a pat and hello.

  • Sean Cudahy

    I never understood why anyone would want a pit bull. Maybe for the military, but that’s it…

  • Evan Oswald

    I don’t always hear about dogs killing young people, but when I do it’s always pitbulls. stay thirsty my friends.

  • belongtotoday


    I would argue that. I think the ‘criminal types’ that you’re referring to choose dogs based purely on their appearance *then* breed for the personalities (or lack there of) that they want. They don’t just happen upon thousands of evil mean dogs. Any dog can be made aggressive and ‘scary’. You could make chihuahuas incredibly vicious and mean and train them to bite everything that moves and in fact a Dachshund in Maryland managed to kill a month old baby back in 2002. Small dogs actually account for a very large number of bites, people just don’t make a big deal because it’s supposedly less serious (even though proportionally a small dog attacking a small child could be very dangerous even when non lethal. If you look at how small a child’s fingers are for example, even a chihuahua could easily bite one off).

    I don’t think it’s ever ‘too late’ to change attitudes and perceptions. There’s still millions of Pits out there and millions being born and they deserve a chance. I think it comes down to being willing to legislate *people* which generally results in a huge uproar over civil rights/liberties.

  • Anyone who chooses to believe the crap Colleen Lynn puts on her website even though it has been proven to be lies time and time again by *real* experts, is as ignorant as she is.

    I am sorry for the loss of this child, but we do not know the circumstances of the attack until the sitter speaks. But, you can definitely leave it to the media to sensationalize the hell out of this tragedy.

    As for how the sitter treated the dogs behind closed doors.. that too is unknown to all.

  • I agree. No altered Pit Bull has ever killed.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. 😛

  • boquist

    But what is known to all is that the kid is dead, and it was a pit bull, again.

  • 18th40

    Apparently neither does the person you’re responding to.

  • Dragonsmuse

    I love pit bulls. But I have been around multiple extremely loving ones. Nevertheless, statistics do not lie. People should be vary weary having large dogs around small children.
    The worst dog bite I ever received was actually from a “friendly” lab. We adopted him from the pound. The most aggressive dog we ever had was actually a bloodhound. Pit bulls have stronger jaws which is why I believe they are more deadly, although I could be wrong.

    I don’t think they should be bred out of existence because they’re creatures. They feel, love, everything all other dogs do. Plus, we haven’t eliminated all the spiders and Mosquitos in the world yet so I don’t think that’s fair to the pit bulls.

  • Dragonsmuse

    My screen messed up 🙁

    To wrap this up-
    A pit bulls (or any dogs) jealous nature should not be excused as such, but instead of trying to get rid of all pit bulls we should instead practice some common fucking sense regarding dogs and small children. You should always be cautious of how your “friendly” dog will act with ANYONE other than yourself.

  • Dragonsmuse

    Lol, but they don’t eat any type of dog. They breed a specific breed of dog for consumption. I forget the name …malanese? Something like that. They’re actually really cute :<

  • belongtotoday

    Why is any breed important? They all have unique appearances and qualities that define them as the quintessential “man’s best friend” to someone. Asking why pits are important to people is like asking why German Shepards are important to law enforcement or labs are important to guide dog organizations.

  • When are pet owners going to understand that you don’t keep dogs around babies. Following this simple rule tragedies like this would not happen. Pit Bulls especially since they seem to comprise 70% of the fatal maulings reported. Regardless of how gentle a dog may seem they all have the potential to snap so why take that chance. You’d think that with the reports of a mauling by this breed every other month anyone with half a brain would learn not to have them around babies. Sad and pathetic.

  • Buffettgirl

    That I did not know – I only know that both my brother and my boyfriend got tricked into eating dog by the street vendors that find it hilarious to fool the newbies stationed there. 🙂

  • JohnQknowitall

    I say that a child’s life is (was) worth more than all the Pit Bulls on earth. I have no issue with banning private ownership of wild animals. I have no problem charging the owners with manslaughter and subjecting all their private assets and much of their future earnings to a civil lawsuit filed by the parents of the brutally killed child.

    I do believe until society comes to the conclusion that extreme view is seen as completely prudent that extreme taxes be put on pets with high incidences of human and property attacks. I also think that “fixing” the remaining Pit Bulls could be a compromise. I have yet to see a Pit Bull owner that I feel comfortable with – much less their dogs.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Police Dogs are not valid in your argument, but I can only wonder why the police do not use Pit Bulls in law enforcement. Whatever could be the reason?

  • I flat out don’t trust this breed. I don’t want to be around them, and won’t let my family around them, either.

  • Because they are the mind of dog that everyone demonises. There are a lot of good pit bulls out there.

    The sooner everyone starts looking at what Calgary have done to reduce dog attacks, the sooner people start implementing these tactics instead of wiping out one breed, the better. Responsible dog ownership is the key.

  • I’m a GSD girl myself! Love them 🙂

  • I’d like you to link me to those 50 stories. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of the 50.

  • Gee

    I was assuming your were responding to yourself and giggled myself silly with this.

  • Gee


  • When you say 73%, please note this is achieved by layperson description. Many people don’t even know what a pit bull is. Anything in the bull family, ridgeback x, lab x, American staff x, mastiff x etc are all misidentified as pit bulls.

    In a high profile case that happened in Melbourne, two dogs killed a young girl. The dogs were consistently call pit bull mastiffs by the media (not a breed btw) and no photos were ever shown to us of the dogs.

    The state government then enacted a law that said any unregistered pit crosses needed to be registered, kept under specific conditions (those conditions now rendering the dog unable to be correctly socialised with the public) and any dogs that were found to be pit bulls but not registered as one would be killed.

    Unfortunately, people with American staffs crosses, and other dogs with stock bodies and squarish heads are now being seized and going through expensive VCAT trials. These are costing the taxpayer money. “Bobo” the family dog that has been through obedience classes to become a well trained dog, is now under threat. Not because he has done anything wrong but because of the way he looks. Meanwhile, dogs are still biting people…

  • G.I.R.L.

    My yorkie-poo is excellent around children (and well trained) he won’t even easier his voice at a kid younger than ten (i thought that was strange but it’s true); if the kid keeps pestering him, he’ll search for me to remove him away from the kid or bark to scare the kids away until i separate them. Pit bulls… I just don’t understand; do the owners forget to train them or think they have trained them?

    All of the people I’ve seen with that need are usually people who feel the dog will protect them or people who have the dog to intimidate others; neither seems to realize that, like with children, the dogs must be trained and controlled as to not obeying infringe on our harm another. When I hear these stories, I dunno what to think. Unfortunate for the family, but killing an entire need is the most ridiculous thing you could ever say or wanna do (i understand the emotional intensity and thus the irrationality, but still). If an unprovoked blind man murders my child, I will not seek to skill all blind men.

    The baby sitter is to blame as she neglected to train her dogs (evident since they attacked her as well) and then placed the child in the same environment with them.

  • G.I.R.L.

    We have no right to say what breed of anything should be exterminated. Are you wanting to see a Domino Theory in action? Have you not watched “Cartoon Wars” (South Park)?

  • 18th40

    They do.

  • Buffettgirl

    German Shepherd? Sorry first time I’ve encountered GSD. If that’s what you mean I’ve had two and LOVE them too!

  • JohnQknowitall

    Which police department.

  • belongtotoday

    They used to. A PB was the mascot for the US Navy around World War I.

    Sergeant Stubby was one of many PBs used during the war. He served 18 months and was awarded 11 different honors including a Purple Heart, three service stripes and the Republic of France Grande War Medal.

    They’re often used by Navy SEALS still today.

    Here’s one as a guide dog:

    Here’s one from Oregon who works as a K9 police dog:

    And another PB in police training:

    So they *do* use them in law enforcement and in other jobs. Some other PB feats:
    Modernly significant pit bulls are: Weela, who helped save 32 people, 29 dogs, 3 horses, and 1 cat;
    Popsicle, a five-month-old puppy originally found nearly dead in a
    freezer, who grew to become one of the nation’s most important police
    dogs; Norton, who was placed in the Purina Animal Hall of Fame after he rescued his owner from a severe reaction to a spider bite; Titan, who rescued his owner’s wife, who would have died from an aneurysm, and D-Boy, who took three bullets to save his family from an intruder with a gun.

  • 18th40

    Washington State Patrol for one, but they’re not alone. And no, I’m not a pitbull fan or defender, but LE does use them, not as common as Sheps, but still.

  • JohnQknowitall

    1. close to a century ago.

    2. I found no mention of Pit Bulls in a search on that page.

    3. The UK bans Pits (

    4. The dog was chosen to be given to another force during a reduction in the program (did not measure to the other dogs?). Given to Oregon and the officier is pleased.

    5. I saw mention of a K9 training, but nothing Pit Bull

  • JohnQknowitall

    Washington state gave it to Oregon. Didn’t measure up to keeping when the program was reduced?

  • JohnQknowitall

    Hitler loved dogs and babies and was loyal to Eva Braun. I still wouldn’t trust him.

  • boquist

    The breed was brought into existence by purposeful breeding. Why is it ridiculous to eliminate it purposefully as well?

    Blind men were not brought about through selective breeding. Not a valid comparison.

  • Dragonsmuse

    I lived in Japan for a little but as a child. There was PLENTY of questionable food there as well

  • 18th40

    Don’t know for sure, the only reason I knew it to start with is I was on the wrong end of this argument before, and to a brother-in-law no less.

  • NY_Mommy

    As a pit bull owner I have done some research on them. I think they aren’t used by law enforcement because a normal pit bull is actually non human aggressive. They were bred for the bull bating and ring fighting. Owners didn’t get into the pits with their dogs, ring handlers did. They couldn’t have the dogs just attacking and biting everybody. From what I read any fighting dog that snapped at a human would be killed on the spot because they were considered to be basically a pussy and no good for fighting. meanwhile, GSD are some nasty protectors. I had to put my 12 year old pit down last year but before I did, I ended up getting a GSD because Cain was completely useless for guarding the house. He would not have even barked at an intruder. He would have left with any human.

  • Athena

    I certainly hope you don’t apply that logic to the children born via IVF. 😛

  • NY_Mommy

    You’re right about the small dogs. My sister works for a personal injury firm and she told me all the cases they have involving dog bites are from an ankle biter.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Better analogy then: interracial or biracial folk. One biracial person murders someone, you feel all biracial people should be subjected to genocide?

  • belongtotoday

    Thank you for proving that you didn’t bother to even check my links. If you had you would’ve read that the guide dog and owner were from Virginia Beach in the US. Just because a news clippet is on a non-local site doesn’t mean that the news they’re reporting on is. Just a tip for the future.

  • belongtotoday

    The problem is very few owners of small dogs take them (or dog ownership) seriously. They’re viewed (and even called) as ‘toys’ and most owners think everything they do is cute and that includes nipping (aka ‘biting’), aggressive barking (‘yapping’) and so forth. Just because they’re less dangerous to adults they’re viewed as harmless to all when they aren’t. It’s very rare to see small dog breeds in obedience classes even though they need it just as much as German Shepard, Lab or PB…especially since many of these small dogs are kept as family pets around babies and young children.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Just a tip for the future. Check the links and identify the exact video from a list of videos when trying to prove a weak point.

  • tkaz

    Hey – I don’t disagree with you even a little bit. Most of the time the real issue is humans anyway.
    I just don’t understand how we’re to fix the problem when these dogs have such rotten statistics & we read about them on a regular basis. No matter the education people receive, the stigma will stick. If pits could stay out of the news……they’d have a greater chance.
    Remember the dachsund (i think?) that ate a baby’s penis? I KNOW small dogs can be just as aggressive, but a pits jaws are a lot bigger, a lot longer & a lot scarier. So they WILL be in the news, media will never let go.

  • belongtotoday

    🙂 I have hope. I bet there were times when Dobie owners thought their trials would never end. And same for German Shepard and Rottweiler owners. Nothing lasts forever, right? I think a lot of it is just a matter of giving it time. Sounds kind of pathetic but..that’s the only thing that worked with the other previously-hated breeds. I don’t remember there being a successful education campaign. It was basically just waiting out the media to get bored and move on and people to get bored of the sensationalism.

  • Okay but I’m not doing it from my phone. Wait til a bit later and I get on the laptop.

  • belongtotoday


    In a study (by the University of Barcelona) of 1040 cases of canine aggression that took place from 1998 to 2006 the English Cocker Spaniel was named the meanest and most aggressive dog.

    Here’s one of a family in Long Beach (California) where a 2 year old girl was hospitalized after being attacked by the family’s Cocker Spaniel. But somehow they get that dog back (if they want it). If/when it’s a PB that does that it’s immediately euthanized:×5274409

    Another girl attacked by a CS:

    A Cocker Spaniel attacking a Pitbull in Seattle:

    Between 1997 and 2008, people reported 51 cocker spaniel bites and 19
    menacing incidents to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

    How about we ban CS too?

    A Shih Zu bites the end of someone’s nose off in Ottawa:

    5 year old boy requires 10 stitches after being attached by Shih Zu:

    Are Shih Zus going to be banned too?

  • Buffettgirl

    Wow – a down vote over THAT? OK – I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve only had good Pit experiences or because I love Newfies? Either way, kind of odd!

  • My nephew is a gorgeous, smart kid, and was bit on the face by a pit bull. My brother keeps one, but it is the uncle’s dog that did it, supposedly. You should see that kid. I was choked up for months, looking at his sweet little face, and the scars. It latched on to his face, right below his eye, and about a half inch from the corner of his mouth, and by his little ear and nose….The scar by his mouth dents in when he smiles and is like a little dimple. I tell him he looks tough, and hard-core, like a pirate. And he’ll say Arrrr! But I still want to cry.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. 😛

  • LeaveMeBe

    Thank you! And look at how many times I used don’t in that paragraph and it spelled correctly. He just likes to hop on my last nerve, especially when it’s about to go haywire and most especially regarding spelling and grammar.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Well FFS! I don’t blame ou for laughing yourself silly. I look like an idiot talking to myself! 😀 This ended up in the wrong place. I was trying to respond to Oreoface. WTF? I’ll blame it on my meds that I accidentlly double dosed myself on yesterday.

  • normally pit bull stories give me nothing to laugh at because I am phobic of them. I don’t care to read the comments either because I feel very strongly against them I it gets to me to see so many people defend them. But your post made me lol. 🙂

  • you are making me lol again 🙂

  • A week ago tomorrow, my boyfriend and I were at a local used tire store in not the best neighborhood. I am phobic of pit bulls. We were getting 2 tires changed, and the place had our car jacked up on both sides, teetering. Anyway, we were just standing there watching them change our tires, when 4 pit bulls came running down the middle of a main street. I instantly started looking for escape routes, the first being the main office of the place we were at. I open the office door in a panic, and I see a pit bull puppy at the same time I am hearing the guys working on our tires realizing that the 4 pits running down the street are theirs. They were all coming straight to us cuz that was their home. I was about to jump in the back of my car that was teetering on jacks. Turns out that the guys who were working there only lived a couple blocks down, and have TEN pit bulls—who are not secure!!! WTF?!!!!! I live about a mile away, and honestly, I have not felt safe for me or my kids since then.

  • I have personally know of a person who owned 2 pitbulls, and insisted that they were such sweet animals, who a couple of months later was mauled by them during a domestic situation with her husband. Her arm was almost completely torn off. I was phobic of them before that. I can’t trust a pit bull no matter how “sweet” an owner instists they are.

  • I have to point out how you say “lets not forget THE baby”….. you are speaking of a rare situation. Lets talk about all of the BABIES, and children, and people in general that have been mauled by pit bulls. And I am sorry if I don’t get it, but I have seen PIT BULLS right in front of my face being called “blah blah blah terrier’s”…… they are freekin’ pit bulls. Save it. I am actually sorry because I am probably an asshole as far as this goes….and possibly ignorant on the subject, but the bottom line is… they kill people and shit!

  • Valerie

    Pit bulls as a breed have been ruined by overbreeding, like just about every other breed that has become popular. Unfortuantely, the only way to save the breed is for most of them to die off and for them to be very selectively bred to get better temperaments. Yes, any dog can turn, but these dogs are too unstable and it is the fault of humans. Environment does play a role, but they are also genetically predisposed to aggression. The original pit bull terrier was not supposed to be human aggressive, but the dregs of society perverted the breed and now we have a plethora of mentally unstable animals that are more than capable of killing us. It is a sad fact. I like pits, they can be great dogs, I will not ever own one. With all of the overbreeding, you can never know whether or not you will get a good one.

  • Valerie

    Just like other former fighting/bull baiting breeds (Boxer, English Bulldog, etc.), selective breeding for temperament is the only hope for pit bulls. Not breeding for “red nose” dogs or “blue” dogs or whatever stupid made up description people try to use to breed horrible specimens of the breed. The focus should be on improving the breeds temperament and culling out human AND dog aggressive dogs. This probably won’t happen anytime soon.

  • JohnQknowitall

    You win the voice of reason award.

  • Valerie

    My neighbor had a it bull that she had had for six years. Raised from puppyhood with her children.

  • Valerie

    Most pit bulls need to be fixed and not bred. Then real advocates of the breed need to be very selective on what dogs are allowed to breed. Temperament needs to be the trait that is looked at. Not color, size, or “blood lines”. The aggression can be bred out, but it needs to be extremely controlled and all dogs that show aggression need to be culled from the population.

  • Valerie

    Nureongi is the breed of dog used for food.

  • JGo555

    I lock my dog when strangers come and I make sure I can handle my dog.

  • techsupp0rt

    I have scars on my face like that from an attack when I was about 5. It’s mostly gone, but it was very apparent for most of my life. It was from a German Shepherd, though.

  • techsupp0rt

    I highly disagree that all pit bulls should be wiped out or anything stupid like that. 5% of the population may be causing 73% of the problem, but I’d wager that it’s the 5% or so of our own human population that causes 73% of pit bulls to be a problem. And until I can find any random group of people who can reasonably identify an ACTUAL pit bull at least 70% of the time and not some other random breed like Presa Canario, Dogo Argentino, or even currs and Swiss Mountain Dogs, that’s not likely to change. People see a big head and say ‘it’s a pit bull!’ because that’s what the news said (and if it’s on TV, it must be true!), which means I can’t take them seriously at all, because they’re idiots. It’s the same as calling any ‘scary looking gun’ an assault rifle and wanting to ban all scary looking guns because of it.

    Most of the kinds of people who specifically want a pit bull want one because of how they think it makes them look. They want to look tough. These kinds of people also usually aren’t the type to think too hard about the future, or about anything other than themselves, so they think it’s cool to breed their horrible dog so they can have a new puppy, and drop the rest off at the shelter to die when they realize that they can’t actually sell them for what they thought they’d get. Then you have the few good souls on the other side trying their hardest to undo the harm caused by the first group, but they’ll never be enough to curb the problem.

    If you want to ban vicious biting dogs, you’d better just ban dogs, because they all have the potential for harm. Just last year a baby was half eaten by a lab retriever mix, or remember the story from a few years ago when a 2 month old baby was killed by a pug PUPPY when left unattended? Should we ban pugs? Or puppies? Or maybe ban leaving your child alone with animals? Oh wait, that would mean that the people would actually have to take responsibility for their offspring! Can’t have that kind of nanny state bullshit now, can we. Alright, let’s kill all the dogs.

  • Valerie

    Unfortunately the breed needs to almost die out to be saved. Look at other breeds formerly used for bull baiting and other purposes similar to the pit bulls original purpose (English bulldog and Boxer just to name a few). They very nearly died out after there “sports” were banned, but a few avid fans of those breeds bred the aggression out of them. Now, those breeds are mainly seen as goofy family dogs rather than breeds bred to fight large bulls for sport. The pit bull as a breed needs to go back to the drawing board. If enough advocates truly cared for the breed, they would push for aggressive animals to be fixed and not bred and would allow for the bad ambassadors of the breed to die out (unfortunately that would be a large amount of them). As long as wannabe thugs and other useless people breed the most psychotic dogs together (or breed for arbitrary things like “blue” coloring or “red-noses”), the breed will continue to go downhill.

  • Valerie

    Here is an interesting experiment done on foxes. They bred together the most docile foxes and in subsequent generations, the foxes became domesticated. They also bred the most aggressive foxes and the offspring became more and more aggressive. This is why the majority of pits need to be allowed to die off to save the breed. Only the non-aggressive dogs should be allowed to breed.

  • Disc0rdia

    I value a child’s life over an animal’s any day.
    That being said, I could give less of a shit if pit bulls are nicer than daschunds, or have done heroic things, if they have their own museum or won a fucking medal. These dogs killed a baby. Why not the owner? Was she still trying to control it after the first chomp or two? Did she leave it alone with the kid? Who cares what great things certain dogs have done? THOSE DOGS did it. Not the entire breed. Quit lumping them all together like they are all clonedfrom the same heros.
    I have an eskie, sweetest and one of the smartest breeds on earth supposedly, and I guarantee you I 1. Dont leave it alone with either kid, even the ten yr old, and 2. The day it bites one of them, or anybody, I’ll be on his ass like white on rice to ensure he changes its mind real quick, or finds out the hard way. Its a fucking animal. Yeah, he’s my best animal friend, ive raised him from a pup, I love him to death, part of my family, but its a damn animal. It does not have the mentality of a human. I do. It has a pack mentality. May the dominant one prevail.
    I would rather swallow my heartbreak and drive a knife through my dogs heart to stop it from mauling my child,(aka actively trying to stop it because obviously its gone too far) than to sit on a phone saying its attacking me and a baby. She prob stood in a corner yelling at it to stop 85% of the time, still trying to control it, while the dog went to town on the poor kid. I would have been reporting a bitten child and a dead dog, not “omg he’s attacking us please help”.
    Regardless of what breed it is.

  • Disc0rdia

    If we could eliminate roaches, I’d die happy.

  • newstarshipsmell

    You never do, really.

  • Twisted1

    When I was a teen I got in a argument with my parents. I had to get away so I walked down the ridge (I lived in Hixson Tn at the time). I was walking to a friends house. All of a sudden five big dogs start following me. This went on for a few blocks. I kept my head down, avoided eye contact, and kept walking. I made the mistake of turning around to look after ten to fifteen min. of this. The leader started growling. That was it, I went to the next house I saw and knocked (as calmly as I could) and begged them to let me in. The dogs paced back and forth in front of the house for about five minutes. Got bored and walked away.
    The place I live now has quite a few dogs who either run free or get free a lot. One is a Rot. If you own a aggressive breed you should be required to go outside with them. Too lazy or don’t have time? Then don’t own a animal that are known killers.

  • Twisted1

    In all fairness my mother in law had a smallish sized dog who bit my daughter on the head when she was 2. Then bit her head again when she was 13.

  • Chinchillazilla

    My collie and I were chased by a snarling Doberman when I was about fourteen. We only got away without it biting us because an elderly couple walked past and it decided to go for them instead. I feel ashamed for taking the opportunity to run, but I was worried about my dog’s safety because she was old and loyal. I didn’t think I would be killed by the dog, because there were people around, but if it had bitten me, she would have probably died defending me.

    The Doberman was in front of its house, and its owner was just watching it terrorize people like the inbred redneck he was. Didn’t even yell at the dog, let alone lift a finger to stop it.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Glad I made you smile. 🙂

  • Kelly Crooks

    This is not because the dogs were pit bulls, its also not because they were dogs..this comes down to sheer human idiocy. An animal is an animal PERIOD!! Humans can not communicate with them and therefore can never fully predict their behavior..only an idiot would have a small child around an animal that has the potential to kill them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pit bull, boa constrictor, or fluffy the cat…if you have an animal larger than a small child then get some brains and do not, under any circumstances, allow a potentially dangerous situation happen!

  • newstarshipsmell

    You dn’t need to make excuses – we all understand how much you enjoy talking to yourself.

  • newstarshipsmell

    That sounds rather perverse, out of context, coming from you.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    A bite is bad enough, but that still doesn’t reach the level of a fatal mauling.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    How many of those ankle-biter injuries were fatalities? How many of them were fatalities in which the victim’s skull was crushed, or, breached by the teeth of the attacking dog?

  • Aussie Sabbath

    I don’t understand why kids put their faces right up to an animal’s mouth.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    What’s the difference between a pit bull and a social worker?
    The pit bull eventually gives the child back.

  • reakaleak

    it’s been proven that less than 24% of people can even identify a pitbull. so the statistics aren’t true!

  • Susan

    I had a pitbull but got rid of it a few weeks ago since that I have a child and noticed a lot of reports about people and children getting killed by them. I don’t trust them at all. I wouldn’t even go on the back porch because of that dog even though it was nice. Just had to do it to protect my family

  • It would be my pleasure. And keep in mind these are not media links.

    I could also give you several instances where children have been killed by Labs, Collies, etc., but I am not here to vilify any breed, only to shed light to those who choose to remain ignorant by not doing the research for themselves (see I had to educate you here) and by never having personal experience with the breed. I do hope this finds you enlightened.

  • “All of the people I’ve seen with that breed are usually those who feel
    the dog will protect them or people who have the dog to intimidate

    All? Just more ignorant stereotyping. I am a Pit Bull mom. I am also a mother, wife and full time animal advocate. My six year old APBT lives inside. No one would even know we have a dog if I didn’t take her out to go potty when she needs to go. She wears a pink collar with a heart tag that has her name and mine and her dads phone numbers on it. Very intimidating, hmm?

    It is *my* job to protect *her.* Not the other way around and every one of the hundreds of people that I work with, crossposting and networking and donating for animals and Pit Bull rescues feel the same way about their Pits. Only a coward would hide behind an animal.

  • Sickening. “Oops! I didn’t want that baby after all, so I will just get rid of it” happens a lot, but doesn’t make it right. The same goes for an animal. If you decide to adopt an animal, you should damn well mean it. You don’t just throw them away because something changed in your life. People with your mentality make me sick and ashamed of what has become of the human race. Disgusting.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Not an uneducated stereotype at all. I didn’t generalize every pit owner; I said the people I’VE seen (with emphasis on “I’ve”). Don’t get on the defense or offense because of something I’VE been noticing. Btw, dressing any thing in pink doesn’t lessen its intimidation; i could put a lion in a pink dress and it wouldn’t take away from its ferocity.

    My post was in favor of the pit bull or that not translate? Not sure how i received two thumbs down; it is baby sitter fault as she place the baby in an image environment (the dogs attacked its owner, that speaks volumes on its level of training and the owner’s control of the animals). The entire need doesn’t need to be killed just because a few owners forget to discipline their pets. I live in the inner city; everyone I know with a dog like that is also wearing bullet proof vests. And everyone I hear of a dog missing someone k, it’s always lead with “Pit Bull Murders *insert*”.

    Get a phudging grip, people.

  • Minerva

    There was a huge Rottweiler, Bud, who lived up the street from me growing up. The owners rarely had him on a leash and he would wander the neighborhood. Other kids and I would play with him whenever he came around. He eventually even came to sit on my porch and wait for me to come play with him. The only reason he stopped was because my parents got my a German shepherd. I just think that of all dogs, pits are different. 73% is outrageous.

  • Athena

    Is it the Pits, though, or the people who own them? I mean, I know it’s a combination of the two, but I can’t help but think FAR fewer deaths would occur if Pits were the preference of people like you and I rather than thugs and trailer trash.

  • Disc0rdia

    I dunno. I mean, I had 3 cats, loved them with all my heart. But the birth of my child turned one of them into a bitter creature from hell. For 8 months I tried everything to get her to adjust. And it all boiled down to this: the cat was miserable and I was just forcing it to stay in its misery. Why keep a pet when circumstances change and no matter what you do, the pet has a less than comfortable life for it? Thats like me joining the navy, and getting a load of shit because 3 yrs later I have a kid and it didn’t “come with my seabag” so no excuses, i needed to have a caretaker when out to sea even if i was a single mom? Shit happens, things change, circumstances come along and we realize we were not well prepared.
    What if someone has no choice but to move into a cheaper housing, which doesn’t allow pets? Would it be considered disgusting of them to surrender the pet? What if that woman would have not changed her mind, and instead of surrendering doggie, decided to just chain it up out back and alienate it? Better to give that dog a chance to get a good owner than to create another stressed out dog that would latch onto a kid’s face or throat later in life.
    Oh yeah, by the way, I surrendered that kitty cat to an animal rescue. She was back to her sweet loving self in 4 days and adopted a week later.. She just hated my son. Cant really get rid of my son, now, can I?

  • They are used as police dogs. You should do that Google thing first before typing.
    “Pit Bulls are employed as police/armed services dogs, search and rescuers, therapy animals, and livestock workers. They compete in all manner of organized dog sports, from herding to agility to conformation to obedience and the bite sports like Schutzhund and French Ring.”

  • God bless you Michelle! Thank you again for providing this information! I don’t expect half of these who commented to read them, but as a Pittie supporter I wanted to say thanks.

    *You also did it in a completely non-confrontational way too and I applaud that. My blood is slightly boiling from reading some of these comments! I could not have been that cool and calm 🙂

  • dropthepuck

    The problem is that most dogs (especially pits) that are surrendered to shelters (I don’t know what she did with the poor dog and since she said “got rid of it” I’m thinking she wasn’t really attached to it in the first place) are killed. The chances that they’ll get rehomed to a GOOD owner are slim because “shelters” just don’t have room for all of the animals turned in so turnover and kill rates are high. That’s why it disgusts me when people dump their pets because they just don’t feel like having a pet anymore, or they have a baby and all of a sudden the pet is too much to handle or any other myriad of dumbass excuses. These are living, breathing creatures and should not be treated as disposable trash to be tossed when people tire of them or something else comes along. A pet is a lifelong commitment.
    I applaud you for taking the time to try and let the cat adjust and then when that didn’t work taking it to a rescue that thankfully had room. I’m glad your cat got adopted but often rescues are full, pets are taken to the pound and then they are killed.

  • dropthepuck

    A lot of people and children get killed in car accidents. Are you going to stop getting in cars too? Statistically, there is a much bigger chance of people getting killed by OTHER PEOPLE. You better stay away from everyone. Of course, since you said “got rid of it” the dog probably never meant that much to you anyway. I can only hope and pray it got a much better home.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    Cat came before son – last in last out

  • whatthefuckisthis90

    I got bit in the butt too but instead it was a poodle that bit me, I remember I was 11 years old and it hurt I can’t imagine a bigger dog doing that to me..

  • Nelly

    How come I cannot find any updates, a week later, on what happened? Just like the media to quickly report PIT BULLS MAUL CHILD….scare the hell out of everyone and then not bother to follow up with more facts. I heard but cannot confirm, although a second unrelated party confirmed the same, that the dogs were new to the house/owner as of about 2 weeks ago. Where did they come from? Were they being rehabbed? How old were they? We adopted a Pittie a few years ago and we didnt let her alone with the kids until we knew she was trustworthy…… and on that note, can anyone show me factual information showing that *pit bulls just snap and go from *good* dogs to *bad* in the blink of an eye* I cannot find anything that states this but my friends all THINK that from media stories …they are positive, from NO EXPERIENCE OF THEIR OWN, that my pit bull, that I have had for three years now, who is around kids very often…. that ALL pit bulls….will suddenly become vicious without warning, out of the blue.

  • restlessvagabond is such a bullshit site.

    There are thousands more dog bites/attacks per year by small breeds of dogs than by pit bulls. But since most people aren’t really concerned with filing a report when a chihuahua takes a nip at them, the statistics get badly skewed. Terriers are a more vicious breed than pit bulls. They just don’t have the strength to kill you.

  • Pit bulls are just ruthless killers, once they attack a human being, it’s pretty much going to end badly for them. Go ahead and defend this dangerous, murderous breed though pit bull lovers…

  • Good luck to the father, who is rightfully angry, about “wiping out an entire breed”. Just think, if the sitter had labs, he’d be trying to get labs/lab mixes abolished. And then what will happen? People will STILL be bitten and killed by dogs. EVERY dog is capable of this. It’s like the idiots who think banning guns will prevent shootings. It won’t. It’ll just start happening with the next breed and so on…

  • Viszlas Really good with kids, though they do stand taller and may not are around themselves well. Dogs that look like that movie dog, Benji, would be goo. I don’t buy that pit bulls and other rough dogs only get violent, I’d raised violently. Maybe they play rough, but they’re still dangerous.

  • Someone asked what happened. They released the police report and the 911 tape this week. We are still a community in mourning. We are remembering Dax everyday and keeping his parents in our prayers.
    As for the babysitter, no charges will be filed.

  • melissa

    I agree that is the only hope for them. just one suggestion can we have legislature that enforces that they are leashed and muzzled until the aggressive ones are weeded out?

  • DarthYan

    Borschardt changed his stories a lot. Treating them by putting them in crates like that does not scream well treated. honestly borchardt is kind of a sad case. I sympathize with what he’s lost but he’s allowed his grief to warp him into something ugly.