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Lexi ThrallFRUITA, CO – A mother in Colorado wasn’t happy with the way the school was handling the 15-year-old girl that beat her daughter in a school cafeteria, so she filed a restraining order against her.

Carrie Thrall said her daughter, Lexi, is a freshman at Fruita 8-9 School and became the victim of extreme bullying after she gave an anonymous statement to the school’s principal regarding a girl and boy she witnessed snorting drugs in a school bathroom.

The girl allegedly doing drugs in the bathroom found out Lexi was the one who reported her and began threatening her. Lexi and her mother notified school staff about the threats but, according to Thrall, nothing was done until after her daughter was beaten up in the school cafeteria.

A portion of the video was recorded and posted to Youtube, and in it you can see as the 15-year-old girl attack Lexi before Lexi’s younger sibling jumps in to help. Lexi was taken to the emergency room suffering a concussion, swollen face and back injuries.

The teen attacker was suspended (as was Lexi’s younger sister), but Thrall says suspending the attacker isn’t enough. Had the school done it’s job, and taken the threats against her daughter seriously, the cafeteria attack would have never happened.

“I would say that one threat would be reason for suspension. Three suspensions would be an expulsion, rather than having it is an assault and then you get a suspension,” Thrall said. “The threat itself is an act of violence.”

District 51 spokeswoman Christy McGee said that Thrall’s version of events was different to that known by school authorities. “I think parents sometimes have a different understanding of what’s happening with their kids, versus what’s actually being reported to us,” she said.

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Regardless, Thrall found a way to keep Lexi’s attacker at bay no matter what the school decides – she filed a restraining order against the attacker. “The judge was great. He said that regardless of what the school district says, it is an order. This girl is not to come within fifty yards of the school,” said Thrall.

On top of that, the Fruita Police Department is pursuing charges against the 15-year-old attacker. “We sent a juvenile petition to the District Attorney’s office recommending third degree assault charges be filed against her,” Chief Mark Angelo said. “We all take this very seriously. We don’t want this type of incident occurring in the schools.”

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  • Sam

    Does anybody else suddenly feel like they had a lightbulb moment on how to deal with (their kids’) bullies? *goes off to investigate restraining order laws in UK*

  • Jubilex

    it’s a bit on the extreme side – the school could keep these kids safe if it gave a damn – but I’m 100% behind doing this until school districts realize that if they can’t keep the kids safe then they fail. Considering (in the US anyway) school attendance is compulsory they need to take this crap seriously.

    Out of my children – one dropped out because of bullying as a sophomore – he just wouldn’t put up with it anymore and with the districts failure to take anything seriously I honestly didn’t blame him – I figured it’d be easier in life for him to deal with a GED than the scars that this crap would leave him with.

    I put up with this crap throughout school – along with much worse – while it is ‘shocking’ to see some of the stuff that happens in the schools (when it’s reported) – I’m 100% positive that worse happens every day that never gets reported. Outside of horrible situations (like the kid who died recently) most of the ‘omg what happened at the school’ stories only make me think ‘I saw that happen – or worse’ every damn time. And that’s after going to a small non-violent non-headline making school in Connecticut – I can’t imagine what some of the rougher and overcrowded places get like 🙁

  • sweekymom

    Good for mom! And for Lexi! Schools are so ineffectual at dealing with bullies, it’s about time parents started resorting to legal measures. I’m hoping that parents and victims also start suing school districts. Once it starts hitting them in their wallets, schools will start taking actual meaningful measures against these little shits.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Good on mom, and good on the younger sibling for trying to defend her sister, even if it got her suspended. I hate schools that have a zero tolerance policy, but don’t do anything when one of their “pets” is the one bullying other students, and the schools around here are pretty lax about protecting kids who are poor, homosexual, or are high-functioning special needs kids.

    As I’ve said before, if I felt like I was qualified to do it and ensure that my kids were socialized appropriately and ready for dealing with all of the crap that comes with adulthood, I would homeschool them.

  • brandi

    I agree with the suspension thing. it shouldn’t wait until it is an assault. the threats should have been enough for disciplinary action. I also believe that suspension from school would have done nothing for the drug snorting teen. I’m sure she loved her 2 days out of school to fuck off…. I hope they charge her with 3rd degree assault, so she really understands that this is not a game. It’s all fun and games until someone goes to juve…

  • G.I.R.L.

    I remember when I was 8, three boys kept bullying me and threatened to jump me every day after school. For weeks i told the teacher and she did nothing. One day, after school I had enough of it when one of the boys pushed me and so I fought all three, then one of the girl’s from my older brother’s class jumped in and attacked me and the security guard not only watched and did nothing but also reported to my aunt that I chased the girl until she ran across the street (claiming that I ran into traffic when my feet never left the sidewalk ) but neglected to tell her why. Igot so fed up that I brought a steel belt to school to whip all four of them. My weeks of reporting did nothing because the school faculty always buddied and babied the bullies.

    The main bully was so scared he ran and got the principal. And they proceeded to lecture me until i shouted over all of them with tears in my eyes that they had been attacking me and calling me a faggot for weeks (I was 8) and no one did anything to them even though I went to every teacher and principal in reach. After that, they didn’t say anything and the boys never bothered me again. Not because teachers told them not to (the teachers did a good job at victimizing them) but because they were now scared of me.

  • techsupp0rt

    So good to read this, damn near cathartic. More parents should do this when their kids are being bullied and the school does nothing. You’re still the parent, still your job to protect.

  • Wow good job! Good job mom this is how you deal with bullies in school.. Schools clearly dont give a shit so the mom thought outside the box. Schools are an absolute joke when it comes to handling this. I too was bullied,i couldn’t go to the school they would have done nothing. How many kids have taken their lives because of bullying?? Too many to count. Not only did she get a restraining order against the bully the mom is gonna file charges! The bitch did an adult crime let her do adult time

  • Buffettgirl

    Bravo Mom!!! Swear-to-God-promise I deja-vu’ed here because this is SO something my Mom would have done, but she wouldn’t have stopped there, a lawsuit would already be filed against the school district and anybody that could be named individually as well. She’s fiesty like that my Momma!

  • I have to agree. It is a bit extreme, but given the lackadaisical attitude of the school, something had to be done. Props to the parents and kids of the victim for handling this responsibly. I’m growing tired of seeing parents beating or berating other kids.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Sugar and Spice (Synthetic Marijuana for the akes),
    Snorted drain cleaner once or twice (at the bathroom breaks),
    That’s what teenaged girl bullies,
    are made of (including restraining orders).

  • GracieW

    Soooo….beating up a kid in the cafeteria is no big deal…snorting drugs in the bathroom is no big deal but biting your pop tart into the shape of a gun is totally verboten! Got it.

  • 18th40

    Purrrrfect, you’re now responding well.

  • LuvsHorror

    But why would the younger sister be suspended for defending her sister? Did they think she should have just watched?

  • Coyote

    Yes they do. Anywhere else but a school, it would be considered self-defense. It all comes back to that zero tolerance bullshit. Several years ago, my daughter was being picked on, and even though she was hit first, and did nothing more than defend herself, she was given the same punishment as the girl who started the altercation, go figure.

  • JohnQknowitall

    WTF? A responsible and mentally mature parent on DD? This site is going to hell.
    The perp’s behavior is not acceptable in a prison setting and should have been handeled by the school immediately.Speaking of the school, who told the bully who reported her? Sounds like suspending a student isn’t all that needs to be done at that school.

  • bethied

    Love it. It seems that for some reason, kids think they can get away with whatever the keck they want these days, without any repercussions, whether it’s doing drugs at school, threatening, bullying, drinking and driving, sending nudie pics to each other, etc. Regardless of your age, your actions have consequences that can be life-altering. Better they learn when they are younger so maybe they can figure shit out and someday be a productive member of society and a decent human being someday.

  • Please not while i’m drinking soda, getting that stuff in your nose burns

  • cedric

    While I do applaud the mom for standing up for her child this story had me wondering – who does the mom know that has connections with the judge,or police dept? I’m not used to seeing them step up to the plate like they did for this case.

  • .I went to public school the majority of my life and the if bullying was even acknowledged they’d give you a write up or GASP! 45 MIN AFTERSCHOOL DETENTION. I swear to you I could count more times when students themselves have gotten tired of someone bullying someone and did something themselves, even myself once. Middle school, I shit you not we just watch a video about kidnapping,abuse,rape and what could be done to prevent it. So after the video I knew that my little sister best friend at the time was being molested by her moms boyfriends along with family members.Me being nervous and scared reluctantly tells my teacher.She looks at me and say “We’re going to pray for her” that pissed me off so much.don’t get me wrong I had my share of amazing teachers,but a lot of them have been the “I hate my life,can’t wait until payday” types. They move away ,about 3 years after that my sister tells me about how the girl, she confronted her mom that her boyfriend got her pregnant ,her mom kicked HER out and she basically had a breakdown to the point where she ended up in crazy house. I blame myself for part of this I could have called the police or told my mom,but I was still scared to talk about it. This is why these stories piss me off because a lot these bully deaths,school shootings,suicides could be avoid if you didn’t have to be LUCKY on which teachers/staff you till about these things.

  • Whatevn

    I LOVE this. I wish every case of bullying could be handled like this, when the school fails to do anything until a student is in a hospital..

  • captaingrumpy

    The education dept will help Obama voters before normal people.

  • captaingrumpy

    No they won’t because it is still YOUR money they use.

  • Evan Oswald

    wait is it bullying if you were narc’d on by the ‘victim’? I don’t think so.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    As Coyote stated, that’s the way they do it anymore with “zero tolerance.” It doesn’t matter if a kid is defending herself or not–both parties get punished, unless the bully is a teacher or administrator’s “pet.”

    I have a niece who went through the EXACT same thing. One of her bullies got physical, and when she defended herself, she got suspended.

  • JGo555


  • Are you for real? What a stupid comment!

  • restlessvagabond

    I’d threaten some legal action against the school for suspending the younger sister for defending her sibling. Since obviously no adults were intending to help.

  • I don’t know anyone. As a matter of fact we just moved to this town a year and a half ago. I just DID NOT STOP until I got people to do something!! My daughter and I BOTH reported these threats to the school. They KNEW. They did not prevent it. My daughter was sucker punched while sitting down eating lunch, was knocked unconscious after falling back and hitting her head and then bully got on top of her and continued to punch her while she lay there non responsive, continuously slamming her head into the bench!! This girl has prior assault charges that the school was also aware of. It’s unacceptable. Good kids deserve a safe education. and they shouldn’t have to worry about going in to the girls bathroom and having a boy in there snorting crap with some little psycho criminal girl! To answer your question Cedric.

  • Your an idiot

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    You’re absolutely right. Children that want to learn need to be given that unfettered opportunity.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Pay no attention to the resident troll.

  • cedric

    “HI CARRIE !!!” Thank you for the response.Having been constantly bullied and beaten up from myself from 5th – 8th grades.I understand exactly what you are saying,and I agree with you 100%.Times have some what changed since I was a kid;I remember my mom called the police after I almost lost an eye after bullies got on my bus oneday after school,chased me down when I got off at my stop and beat me senseless.I can still hear one of those guys in my head today telling his friend who had me on the ground and was sitting on my chWhen my est punching me in my face to”Hit him in the eye Charles.” The reason these boys were doing this to me was a simple one – they felt like it.When the police responded to my mom’s phone call they told her that they couldn’t do anything because it was a school problem and not a police issue.When my mom went to my school the next day she was told that they couldn’t do anything because the incident had happened off school property.The school said it was a police issue – in the end nothing was done to those boys.
    Times have changed.Good luck Carrie.PS. – my cell posted this to Bubble … stupid cell.

  • cedric

    LOL.Good call.LOL.

  • cedric


  • cedric

    Replied to you but due to cell phone tech issues my comment posted under my friend Outofbubblegum.

  • That’s AWFUL!! I’m so sorry to hear that! Hopefully karma got them in the end!

  • cedric

    Hearing people like those guys beg for ice water wouldn’t bother me one bit.Thanks.