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OrphanArmona, CA — A 13-year-old girl at Parkview Middle School was arrested on Wednesday after she stabbed another student over a bag of stolen chips, authorities said.

The girl told police that she was just “goofing around” when she stabbed a boy in the back with a pocket knife, and did not mean to hurt him as bad as she did. She said she and the victim were in the playground of the school when the boy stole her bag of potato chips.

She says she jokingly told the boy she was going to poke him with the  pocketknife, then ran up behind him and stabbed him once in the back. “She said it infuriated her,” Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam. “But she also said that she didn’t intend to cause the damage she did. She just meant to poke him with it.”

The girl told police that the pocket knife, which had a blade well over three inches long, wasn’t hers, she was just holding it for a friend. The boy was taken to Adventist Medical in Hanford then flown to Community Regional Medical Center for further treatment because of the severity of the wound. No word on his current condition, but they are not believed to be life threatening.

School officials said they have addressed the students over the incident and have talked to them about resolving conflicts without violence. They also added they feel the campus is safe. “I’ve been in the district 14 years,” said superintendent Steve Bogan. “We’ve never had an incident like this.”

The girl has been booked into Kings County juvenile hall for assault with a deadly weapon and may be expelled from school. Police are continuing their investigation as they say there are inconsistencies with the teen’s story.

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  • CT

    If you had said it was over Doritos, I would be more apt to give her some sympathy.

  • Sam

    Dafuq is up with that chin?

  • I buy her story. I could see her just trying to poke him and things going hideously wrong. Usually girls who MEAN to do those kinda things are psycho enough to own it….

  • Or smart enough to deny it.

  • techsupp0rt

    Meh. I remember a lot of those ‘playing around’ instances. Instances which were actually bullying, but you didn’t want to call it that, because doing so would make matters worse for you, and would not help you anyway.

    Some kids kind of deserve to be stabbed a little bit on occasion. Maybe he’ll think twice before around stealing peoples things now. Merely a flesh wound!

  • JGo555

    Why hello, little Esther.

  • G.I.R.L.

    She can’t really be this clueless…

  • newstarshipsmell

    So this one time in band class, I kept poking some kid in front of me with a pencil in the ass, and he finally lost it and managed to thrust the tip into his right buttock when he twisted to yell at me to stop, where it broke off.

    Thank God all I had to deal with was a stern lecture from my teacher about “the risks of lead poisoning.” I tried to set her straight about that, while not seeming unremorseful, but gave up. She was my “Science” teacher, but she was also my Gym teacher, which was her specialization.

  • Coyote

    “The girl told police that the pocket knife, which had a blade well over three inches long, wasn’t hers, she was just holding it for a friend.”

    I tried that excuse with my probation officer; it didn’t work.

  • At least she’s got higher standards. At least she didn’t stab him over something stupid like a fruit roll-up or lunchables. Non-life threatening injury sounds about right. Now if it was Doritos or crunchy Cheetos then a collapsed lung or lacerated liver would be suitable.

  • Athena


    If you’re “infuriated”, you’re not looking to “poke” someone who you physically attack. Not if you’re the type of girl to carry such a long blade. And the “just holding it for someone” excuse is as cliche as it gets. 😛

  • midniteshadows

    Oh, I get it!! It’s the new trend of kids being kids. They don’t use no stinking pencil anymore. It’s a pocketknife.


    No fighting, no talking, no teacher involvement, just a little poke. If you don’t get your chips back, poke a little harder. Keep poking until you get them chips back. That’a girl!!

    And to think society thought kids were having a hard time resolving conflicts.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Chips are serious business.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I’m not a chip person, so I would’ve just grabbed the bag back, crushed the shit out of them and then handed them back and said “you can have them.”.

  • What a dumb ass! You can’t get lead poisoning from a pencil, they are made of graphite!

  • TruTruTrue

    So this one time in band class!! LOL.. classic

  • TruTruTrue

    My top 5 chips “I wish a Knuckle-Head would try me on”:

    1. Doritos Supreme Cheese
    2. Onion rings- Wise
    3. NY Deli -baked

    4. Doritos Ranch
    5. Cheetos puffs

  • plainbelliedsneetch

    “School officials said they have addressed the students over the incident and have talked to them about resolving conflicts without violence.”
    They lectured the kid who got stabbed? If he’d been the one who started the violence I’m pretty sure the girl would hve added self-defense to her long list of excuses.

  • I usually think kids looks are off limits, but this one has evil eyes.

    A boy once tried stealing my Dukes of Hazard lunch box. I wasn’t havin that. Out came a pencil, poke, he didn’t drop the box and said he’d found it. Fist came out, decked him how my daddy, a US Marine had taught me in a drunken stupor. Kid went down like a tree, recovered as I picked up MY lunchbox and sprinted away. It was the last thing of anyone’s he touched. And he didn’t even snitch, nobody did then.

  • I got into big trouble in fourth grade because I tried to play a prank on an Asian kid who sat in front of me. For some reason, I thought placing a tack in his chair, after he went to sharpen his pencil, would result in something hilarious.

    It kind of did, but it wasn’t worth the trouble I got into (including a paddling from our vice-principal).Because this was one of those desks that are attached to the chair, he sat down on the tack and the immediately tried jumping up, only to have the attached desk pushed him back down on the tack that was now stuck in his ass cheek.

    He did this three times in rapid succession before finally falling sideways out of his chair. To top it off, while on the floor, he was screaming something in Chinese as he tried to pull out the tack. It was the first time I ever remember being mortified.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Guess the boy will think twice next time before stealing anything more.

  • I know what happens they were lays….bet’cha can’t eat just one and not get all stabby?

  • CT

    Snacks are OK but now, now, if had been booze, well hell, it would been all over for anyone trying to take that away from me.

  • nomorepolitix

    Frankly, I don’t know why this doesn’t happen more often there. I was born in Hanford. The water in Hanford and Armona is foul enough to stab someone over. Stinks of rotting eggs. Riverdale is almost as bad. The poor girl needs the chips to get the funky taste of that water out of her mouth!

  • nomorepolitix

    Themed lunch boxes. Man I miss those.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Booze in middle school, CT? I shouldn’t be surprised. *smh*

  • Man she has a HUGE freakin chin. Id be stabbing people too if i looked like that.

  • Buffettgirl

    If it’s not too personal, may I ask where you live? Some of those names I don’t recognize. After living in South Africa where they make some amazing chip flavors, I’ve been a chip whore for the past 30 years trying to find some good enough to sub for the Simba chips in S.A.! 😉

  • TruTruTrue

    I’m from New York. Just saw what Simba chips look like.. They look delicious!

  • Badger Petopito


  • 18th40

    You can rant all you want Mr. Gibson, nobody want’s to see another Lethal Weapon.

  • Buffettgirl

    I can’t figure out if they still make the ones I loved 30 years ago, but I could never pick between the Beef & Cheddar, the Cheddar & Onion or the Beef & Onion… probably the Beef & Cheddar… ;-P

  • JustBrowsingLife

    Doritos goats are trembling now.

  • restlessvagabond

    Those new Chicken and Waffles Lays are worth it.

  • jessica

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  • KMD123

    Not enough to stab someone for!

  • KMD123


  • KMD123

    RIGHT ?