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Michelle Jackson and Jamie StaffordDallas, TX –– An elderly man in Texas has been accused of shooting his two upstairs neighbors to death after a year of noise and dog feces complaints.

Police say that on Monday morning, 75-year-old Chung Kim shot 31-year-old Michelle Jackson after she walked out onto the balcony of her Sable Ridge condominium. Kim then went upstairs to her apartment and shot her boyfriend, 31-year-old Jamie Stafford.

When Stafford ran through the back patio door and jumped to the ground, Kim stepped onto the back balcony, leaned over, and shot Stafford again. In all, neighbors reporting hearing eight gunshots.

“I heard three [gunshots], then it stopped and I was about to rise up on the floor, and I heard five more and I got back on the floor,” said neighbor Yolanda Washington.

Kim drive away from the scene but was arrested nearby and then transported to the hospital for an undisclosed medical condition. He is facing two charges of capitol murder.

Jackson was a mother of five children, four of which were at school at the time of the shootings. A newborn was in the apartment at the time but was not harmed. All of the children have been sent to stay with relatives. The dog, Selena, will be adopted by a resident at the complex.

According to people who live int he area, Kim has been in a year long feud with Jackson regarding noise from her upstairs apartment and the fact that shit and piss from a pit bull the couple kept on their balcony would drip down on Kim’s patio.

“He got frustrated because he didn’t get the cooperation of the board and management to enforce the rules and regulations,” said one resident.

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  • CT

    An old woman did this shit or was it an old dude? OK, OK, either way, maybe next time I won’t wait out the old lady next door and shovel her sidewalk just in case.

  • It says elderly man. I know the feeling though about dog pee and feces coming down from someone elses balcony. It’s disgusting.

  • Evan Oswald

    at first i was like geesh what a total dick this Kim guy is….but then i thought about dog feces dripping….and how neighbors treat eachother…… Seems like everyone was in the wrong.

  • Buffettgirl

    I believe that Kim is a surname in this case. 🙂

  • Buffettgirl

    It’s a horrible story, but I can’t get past the utterly ridiculous picture…

  • xoodloverx

    i don’t blame kim. my boyfriend had some pretty ignorant upstairs neighbors. they would wait until 11pm to vacuum or someone wouold get body slammed. nevermind them refusing to clean up any of their dog poop, or even throwing out their trash. ugh. i hate ignorant people.

  • Wow shooting people over dog shit…Seems harsh to me..why not just stab them? Plus, he didn’t even get rid of the problem….the dog is just moving to a new apartment lol

  • annaflixion

    Ugh, my neighbors used to do that; lock their dog on the patio where it would piss and poop and it would drip down our windows. And it would bark and bark, too. We must have complained fifty times about those people. I think they finally got kicked out. I wouldn’t have shot them but I understand the aggravation.

  • Oh, the property management company didn’t take care of the poop issue? Then it’s perfectly fine to take matters into your own hands.

  • Sam

    So you’re annoyed about dog poo dripping down the balcony and you go out of your way to shoot the humans??

  • newstarshipsmell

    I wouldn’t hold him blameless – I think murdering two people in cold blood over dog shit is more than a bit excessive.

    But, eh, this is why I strive to be as accommodating/polite to people and tolerant of their bullshit as possible, since you never know who’s capable of what, and I’d rather put up with shit and mind my manners than end up a statistic.

  • Andyman

    You never know someone’s breaking point. That’s why I totally try to avoid asshole drivers now because you never know what theirs is and sometimes it just isn’t worth it. I don’t advocate shooting any one or any thing but it would seem to me that shooting the dog may have solved the problem without all the life in prison arrangement. I know the last thing I’d want to do after 75 years is spend my last couple in a cell with Bubba. And how about all those kids losing both parents on the same day over some dog shit – err I mean bullshit. Meh – ok dog shit it is! lol

  • newstarshipsmell

    Well, it won’t be shitting on his porch anymore, but then, at that age, he won’t be living there himself ever again.

  • Sam

    Chung Kim? Couldn’t he have just made a pan of sweet & sour dog and solved two problems in one go?

  • newstarshipsmell

    I would’ve hung a tarp or something below the ceiling, collected it all up for awhile, and then delivered it to their front door knob.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Yeah, not really fair to the animal – but it would’ve been a far less extreme action to take.

  • Sam

    No, through their letterbox.

  • newstarshipsmell

    2 dead assholes and 1 asshole in prison – what a happy ending!

  • newstarshipsmell


  • creamofflicka

    That couple,.. with a pitbull? Nah man. I won’t believe it. And not giving a damn that their demon hound shits on the neighbor’s head. Naawwww.
    I can’t understand why Mr Chung had his jimmies all rustled up. However,.. I will admit that murder may have taken the issue a bit to far.

  • I thought proper protocol was to gather it up in a paper bag, place poop-filled paperbag on the porch, light it on fire, ring the doorbell and run.

  • Kelly ems

    Moral of the story is clean up your dogs shit and stay away from the crazies.

  • CT

    I read too quickly when it said that Kim went upstairs to her apartment – meaning the women’s and no Mr. Kim’s. I don’t pay attention to a lot in general.

  • CT

    My old neighbor across the street used to let her dogs poop in my front yard by my front porch when she knew we had left for the day. One day, I stayed home but my car was not in the driveway and I saw her open her front door and her two scottie dogs came right over to my front yard. I waited and then collected the poop and threw it over her back fence. She came over yelling about WTF I was doing her in her yard – I told her, “your dogs left something in my front yard, I returned it.” She never said another word to me after that and moved a while later, thankfully.

  • CT

    Remind me NOT to let you read my boys a bedtime story if you ever visit me, NSSS.

  • CT

    Thank you for saying this.

  • daMonBrooks

    I know I’m an ass, but all I can think about is that swarm of bees on that mans face. Why isn’t he concerned?

  • daMonBrooks

    Excellent story

  • brandi

    my up stairs neighbor, leans over her balcony when she smokes, and spits right in my walk way, and of course i’m sure it gets tracked into the house. after a few times of encountering the saliva/snot puddles, i had an idea. i stood right under the balcony, where i was not able to be seen by her. She spit, and i belted out, EWWWW DID YOU JUST SPIT ON ME? which gave me all the reason to start hounding her about spitting there, she was so embarrassed, her face turned a shade of grey, and to say the least, she has never spit there again, oh and she has stopped looking me in the eyes since then as well. —-no humans were spit on in the making of this prank, please tip your waiters.

  • Cheeseburger Sanchez

    Well, in the dog’s defense, if the guy shot the dog, this type of family would have a new, probably even worse, dog in a week. Poor dog. It isn’t his fault that he had lazy owners.

  • newstarshipsmell

    That’s awesome!

  • newstarshipsmell

    LOL, as if I’d spend the time reading to them when I could be helping them practice with their clown makeup.

  • captaingrumpy

    Ah Well , He should have just returned the unwanted presents and said thankyou.

  • cerealmom

    If only he had called Animal Control.They would probably not consider keeping a dog confined to an outdoor patio from which he could leap and be hurt “adequate shelter”.In my state, landlords are restricting these dog breeds because the law has now declared that they can be liable for damages if their tenants dog snaps.A damn shame all the way around!

  • glitterpuss

    Sounds like these two shoulda spent less time producing children and more time mastering how to take care of a dog first.

  • edward macaskill

    It never said he was the father

  • LeaveMeBe

    What are you talking about?

  • LeaveMeBe

    The way around asshole neighbors is to make friends with them.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    I had a similar situation several years ago, without the gunfire… An upstairs neighbor would do carpentry work for the apartment complex at all hours of the day and night. They would also let their cats use their balcony as a litter box. Once, or twice, a month they would hose it down so that the reconstituted feline urine & feces would spray all over our patio. I complained for about a year, got ZERO help from the management company, and on top of that, they wouldn’t let me break the lease. So, I sued the management, plus the tenant, jointly & severally for their violations of my contracted right to “Quiet Enjoyment” of my rental property. I got trebled damages for the years’ lease payments and moving expenses.
    Moral of the story: Document everything, take pictures & sealed samples. Don’t shoot ’em, sue them within reason.

  • Too bad this young couple or the older kids didn’t take the dog on regular walks outside. There are woods behind the privacy wood fence of the condos area perfect for a dog run. This in no way excuses someone killing a mother of five & her boyfriend who had a one month infant with her. In hindsight now that the female pit bull was given to a neighbor too bad she wasn’t given up BEFORE the killings right? Perhaps this family of seven didn’t have room in their hectic lives for adding a dog to their chaos. The noise alone from five kids it’s a shame the family didn’t live in a tiny house instead. Urinating on the second floor balcony where it dripped down to the Kim’s patio it wasn’t the dog’s fault it was the owner’s fault she wasn’t walked outside. it would’ve been life saving to be on the first floor so they could’ve let the dog out by opening the door. Even training the dog to run downstairs to do her business quickly even if it’s breaking the leash law would have saved this dumb couple.

  • Yeah except the new dog owner will most likely WALK the female pit bull something the thought never occurred to this couple even AFTER all the complaints of dripping urine on the Kim’s patio. Too bad the dog didn’t find a new home at the same condo BEFORE Mr. Kim snapped. Woods are behind a privacy wood fence behind the condos a perfect dog run pure laziness.

  • Deja Vu As a HOA pres. in FL one nasty neighbor continued to do the same to the across the street neighbors so at first I tried talking to them getting cuss words back in return. The husband put sand over the dog piles making little teepees I looked over there were twenty! One day I drove off then returned in a few minutes catching the wife walking the dog in my front yard to crap. I don’t think so bitch. Last time she did that after running home before I reached her. So I sent a warning letter it stopped immediately. I moved from Flori-duh to Hawaii then this nasty neighbor just like FL started using my front yard for their miniature horse of 180 lbs. a rottweiler. The adult son told me he would run back for a bag so I said try shitting in your own backyard. So I guess this problem can happen everywhere even in paradise tho’ my front yard is free of dog shit now that I spoke up. My dog I take him to the woods twice a day to do his business he doesn’t like to go in his own yard much less yours. I heard of others that flung the dog shit back to the owner one even placed it in the mailbox not a good idea just hurl it back to where it belongs right? What is it about shit that makes my blood boil? BTW in Hawaii stepping on someone’s property you will be arrested for trespassing I guess if it’s just the dog then you won’t so you got do what you got do!

  • Kasie K

    Good one

  • newstarshipsmell

    The clowns behind you.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    They sound like the usual trashy neighbours that don’t give a fuck about anyone else but themselves. I wonder where the father(s) of the other 4 kids were?

  • Lisa Mallo

    How does a family with 5 children get an apartment at a complex!? I have six children and could never imagine fitting into one of those apartments, much less an UPSTAIRS apartment. That alone is enough of a hindrance,and then you’re dripping piss and shit too!?

  • Lisa Mallo

    For those worried that he kept the dog strictly on the balcony, that’s not the case.

    His Facebook is /jamie.stafford.125

  • BangoSkank

    I’ve had to fight the desire to sock my neighbor in the nose for his cat pissing on my new front porch cushions, and his dogs shitting in my yard and ripping open my garbage… But Mr. Kim may have taken it a bit far. Then again, you don’t want to fuck with the olds, they’ve got less to lose.

  • CT

    I started to think about all of this a bit after reading the story (completely this time) and the posts and realized that perhaps I am a bigger dickhead than even I thought I was. I started to go over the times in my head that my husband or I did something when either the old dude across the street (he is now dead) or the old woman next to us did something annoying. There is a lesson to be learned here. Don’t get caught.

  • Simplyatomic

    That is a big dog for an apartment (and it looks like a puppy at this point)

  • midniteshadows


  • midniteshadows

    I’m a firm believer in document, document, document. Good for you!!! Not only that, but I’m sure any issues with new tenants will be rectified quickly.

  • kimbev69

    i have a neighbor that lets her dog roam into our yard to shit…we have heard her yelling “no davy not there” when he tried going in his own yard…my poor daughter who is 3 stepped in it twice..even though we check all the time…it’s out of control…turns out animal control told us to get a pic of him just on our property and she can be fined $1000 and that little bastard Davey always runs back to his yard when i come out with the camera…son of a bitch

  • kimbev69

    seriously he could have scooped some up and smeared it on their doorknob like i did … well ok i put it on their front step with a paper towel that read “i think this is yours”

  • newstarshipsmell

    Well, if you have one or can afford buying one, a cheap camcorder or webcam set up in one of the back windows would do the trick. Sure, you’ll have to fast-forward through several hours of fuck-all happening in your backyard to get to the evidence, but you’ll have it.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Here’s a crazy thought. I mean, it’s WAY out there, and it just might not work, but you never know: Move. I KNOW. Just a crazy thought.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Sounds like a lovely family (sarcasm). A less painful solution would be to complain to the rental company and hold them legally accountable, call the housing authority and let them know that 7 people and a dog are living in what I bet is a one or two bedroom, the health department, animal control and as a last resort: child protective services.

  • Can you even imagine how pissed off that guy must have been to take things that far? I can’t even imagine being that frustrated but I’m sure it happens all the time. Wow. Fucking nuts man.

  • brandi

    thanks! i’m sure if i had calmed down i could’ve thought of something better, but i cannot stand snot or saliva.

  • Abroad

    You have reason to believe he was not?

  • Jack2

    Wow, I saw this on the news recently as it happened close to where I live. I told myself “Dreamin Demon material”. Well, here it is lol!

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Where I live, there’s a law that one has to clean up one’s dog shit. Calling animal control on someone who won’t clean up after their pets is far better than murdering them.

    And why in the hell wasn’t the landlord chewing those people out for letting their pooch shit all over the patio? Slumlord, perhaps?

  • G.I.R.L.

    Ignorant? I think you mean inconsiderate.

  • G.I.R.L.

    I can think of a reason for him; unfortunately, it’s a stereotype. 🙁

  • Abroad

    I know. I’d like to hear him say it himself, though. 😉

  • xoodloverx

    no. i mean ignorant. they have no consideration for anyone else in the world, but themselves. they are completely ignorant to how a decent human being should act.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Read your third sentence (the one about lack of consideration), that means they’re being inconsiderate. I don’t mean to seem particular, but ignorant means that they are uneducated in some way. Sure, that way could be in their lack of knowledge of how to function as considerate, respectful, and appropriate neighbors; I just feel “inconsiderate” would be the more appropriate word choice.

    Nevertheless, your last sentence saved it in a way.

  • edward macaskill

    Because the article states she was the mother not “they” are the parents..not a word about his relationship to the children…and ummmm what stereotype would you be referring to? Don’t play that with me please, I find all that uber PC shit troubling.

  • G.I.R.L.

    I can’t play with you; that’s what righty is for (or are you left… or both?) LOL At any case, i think you may have meant to respond to Abroad since he asked the question.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I have to explainwhat ignorance means about 10 times a day and it gets old. I feel ya.

  • Abroad

    Nice them to death, you mean?

  • alphatroll

    Better than that? Fat chance. That was the PERFECT response.

  • kimbev69

    Thats our next move! Most of the time he shits right by the door of the friggen car pain in the ass owner

  • brandi

    yaaaaa me then!!! i swear, i thought of spitting up each stair, so that they would have to walk in it, then i thought, i would put a sign there that said don’t spithere, so when she leaned over she would see it, i’m sure if i would’ve thought for a second i could’ve come up with more, but this really did the trick!

  • LeaveMeBe

    Manipulate them. 🙂

  • BEastDuo

    Indeed, a common comment from my 60 yr old step father? “Fuck it, I am too old to fight, I’ll just shoot ’em” But the again he is a Marine.

  • Ridiculous picture? The only normal thing about this was the picture of a couple who were about to have a baby. I took a few of these myself with my husband when I was preggo and would have been hurt and insulted if someone said it was ridiculous. Maybe you don’t have kids but many people do this. They sounded like really shitty neighbors (hardy har) but shooting them was a bit excessive. Nobody won this fight.

  • onlyme356

    I guess he’s never heard of an eviction notice.

  • He doesn’t have to worry about dog shit ever again. Just somebody bending his wrinkled ass over.

  • Buffettgirl

    I didn’t mean to offend anyone – it’s just that in this day and age, what with social media, there are people (one in my family in particular) that will post any picture, no matter how it looks, for the attention of posting a new picture. Maybe I’m a freak when it comes to it, but anything out there is permanent. I’m very careful of what I put out there of me. For me, this picture is a little on the goofy side. Maybe I should have used a lighter word like goofy instead of ridiculous?

  • wyrosjr

    I bought my daughter a bb gun for xmas but my ulterior motive is to tap neighbour dogs in the rear when they think about coming on my property.

  • Prominent Prozac

    It’s not goofy, they really looked like that.

  • Prominent Prozac

    Yeah, he should’ve just shot the dog. Problem solved.

  • Prominent Prozac

    I dunno, the general definition is not knowing something (for being ignorant), so you can take that and say that everyone is ignorant, because they don’t know everything, or you can take that and say these people were ignorant, because they didn’t know how to properly care for a dog (How the fuck do you have 5 kids and not know how to take care of a dog? Lazy parent pet owner syndrome?), and were inconsiderate of other peoples feelings, or maybe they were just ignorant people all the way around, innocent in their stupidity, not knowing that letting your dog’s piss and shit (which is full of…sick shit) all over someone elses stuff is a no-no or how to use a condom. I think we should stick with these two were assholes, and quit the definitions.

  • Guest

    I am utterly troubled by the comments posted as a result of this story. I can now better understand why a god would believe setting fire to an entire planet is the only way to make things better..

  • I am terribly troubled by the comments posted as a result of this story. I can now better understand why a god would believe setting fire to an entire planet is the only way to make things better..

  • LeaveMeBe

    Well FFS, if the comments on this story bothere you, stop now and don’t go read any others or you might be tempted to torch the planet yourself.

  • JGo555

    It was all the Pitbull’s fault!