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Dalina NicholasJacksonville, FL — Last year we reported on 35-year-old Dalina Nicholas, the woman accused of repeatedly pimping her six-year-old daughter out to homeless men in exchange for cash and crack. The other day she pleaded guilty to four counts of child neglect.

For those of you who missed the original story, police were flagged down by a homeless man who reported witnessing Nicholas’ daughter being sexually assaulted while he was in her home doing drugs. He said that over a two year period, he had witnessed the girl being sexually abused by other men, including a time when Nicholas accepted $20 from a man and then instructed her daughter to get naked so the man could perform oral sex on her.

He finally decided to do something about it after the girl confided to him what was happening to her and asked him to help her make it stop. The investigation that followed would lead to the arrest of Nicholas, who had fled to Georgia, and four men. Quinn Brooks, 57, and Ryan Harrover, were charged with sexual battery and lewd or lascivious molestation while John Hagans, 48, and Norman Thompson, 52, were charged with sexual battery.

Nicholas was charged with four counts of child neglect and has agreed to testify against the four men she allowed to abuse her daughter. She will not be sentenced until after their trials are over. She is facing 30 years in prison, but I’m guessing her attorney’s are hoping fro some leniency from the judge because of her participation in prosecuting the four men she let abuse her daughter.

Nicholas’ mother said her daughter is just as much a victim as her granddaughter. She says her daughter is a drug addict who was being held hostage by drug dealers in her own home, and wasn’t aware of what these men were doing to her daughter. But police say that she was aware, and was selling her daughter to these men to support herself and her drug habit.

The victim and her younger brother were placed in the care of relatives. DCF and the Children’s Home Society say they are providing the 6-year-old with therapy and counseling. But anyone whose mother allowed multiple homeless men to rape them when they were a toddler gets a pass from me if they end up a fuck-up later in life.

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  • Greg Briggs

    Just take her out back and BLAM. no more wasted money

  • Valerie

    What an evil bitch (I shouldn’t call her that, female dogs have more maternal instinct and they sometimes eat their young). She and those so-called men need to be taken out back, skinned alive and then shot. That poor little girl.

  • Lena60

    Damn! the bitch is still alive? where is a bus when you need one?:P

  • Lena60

    Why exert one self taking her outback? 😛

  • Valerie

    Because then someone has to exert the effort to clean up after this nasty bitch.

  • Shawna

    I agree, treat her like the dog she is

  • newstarshipsmell

    Nicholas’ mother said her daughter is just as much a victim as her granddaughter. She says her daughter is a drug addict who was being held hostage by drug dealers in her own home, and wasn’t aware of what these men were doing to her daughter.
    The victim and her younger brother were placed in the care of relatives. DCF and the Children’s Home Society say they are providing the 6-year-old with therapy and counseling.

    …please tell me, not the care of the clueless, maternal grandmother…

  • CT

    Fuck leniency.

  • newstarshipsmell

    At the very least, I hope the men lose their homes.

  • Lena60

    I know Val it makes me sick, and the fact it took 2 years for the dude to come foraward 🙁

  • Sam

    Heartbreaking. For a girl that little to confide in and beg for help from some stranger who was in her house sometimes, she must have been desperate. Not to mention that she must have known that her own mother was of no use in getting her out of the hell she was living every day.

  • alphatroll

    Oh wait, Florida. Now I understand. Where else would little girls have to turn to homeless druggies to defend them from their pimp-mommies? (Please don’t answer that.)

    There is no excuse for offering any kind of leniency to this monster, no matter how many of her “clients” she helps bring in. What she did goes far beyond even the worst things that any of them could have possibly done.

  • alphatroll

    No dog should suffer the punishments that this woman deserves.

  • Andyman

    How absolutely awful for this poor little girl. I hope she is able to move past this and didn’t get any cooties from any of the Johns. How the hell does someone do something like this to an innocent and precious little girl. Never mind. I don’t want to know. It defies logic. I hope if there is a hell that all involved end up there.

  • daMonBrooks

    Those cornrows in her hair indicate to me that shes made some new friends in the past year

  • dropthepuck

    Please don’t insult dogs by comparing them with this piece of worthless shit. Most dogs act better than the “humans” we read about on here.

  • Death penalty, please

  • Zazen

    Right? This whole thing happened because she was all, ‘Here, fuck my six year old,’ to these guys. And now they’re giving her leniency because she’s going to give up the sordid details that never would have happened if she hadn’t been such a monster. Faaaaaaack.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “He said that over a two year period, he had witnessed the girl .. accepted $20 from a man”

    Eight consecutive quarters, dam!; by six years old, she’s already forfilled her SSN work requirement.

  • Buffettgirl

    More work for Sniper Boyfriend… I’m sick, just sick. The Grandmother is as equally foul as the Mother in this case. Making excuses for her wretched, pathetic, oxygen-wasting gash of a daughter when the only thing that matters is that poor baby girl??? I need brain bleach, and I think in this case some heartache bleach too…

  • Califboy

    They should use her for skin grafts for burn victims, with no pain medication.

  • Funny you pointed that out. At the time she made those comments, they were in her custody. I stated “relatives” in this article because the latest news reports didn’t specifiy exactly whose custody they were in.

  • newstarshipsmell

    I mean, I’m not questioning the grandmother’s parenting skills – I have no clue about them. She did produce her daughter, after all. I know good parents can raise bad children and vice versa, but I’d think that’s the exception, not the rule.

    What concerns me is, if she’s convinced that her daughter did no wrong, and her grandchild witnessed her own mother trading sex with her for drugs and money, then I see a huge conflict there in terms of getting the girl the emotional healing and support she desperately needs.

  • Twisted1

    Lets not forget this homeless guy saw it happening for two years and it took the little girl asking for help (or truthfully he got pissed about something and turned them in). How can anyone watch a child be abused for two years before saying anything. Every person in that crack house aside from the kids should have been shot. As for Grandma, in my own experience family puts on blinders. They can’t believe that their precious child could hurt their grand kids. They will find any way to take the blame off of them including blaming the victim.

  • brandi


  • brandi

    The more her grandmother acts like it’s not the mother’s fault, the more the daughter will think it is HER fault. If granny doesn’t even believe the little girl, then who will? is most likely her thought process on the matter. No, we don’t know of her mothering skills, but the apple don’t fall too far from the tree. i’m willing to bet granny has done some traumatizing things to her daughter, which in turn made her turn to drugs and do fucked up things to her daughter, some where in this woman’s brain, she thought it was OK to do these things to her child. where people get that idea we’ll never know but i’m willing to bet 87% of the time it’s an off-spring of things that were done to them as children.

  • brandi

    Honestly, I’m not sure who i’m more upset about, the mom or dumb ass granny! she makes me almost as sick as the crack whore… BITCH, REALLY! you think your daughter is held captive, and doesn’t know what people are doing to her daughter? even if she WAS held captive (she wasn’t!) she would still know of things that are happening to her child while she’s there! the evidence is in front of the mother (fucker) and she still doesn’t believe it. She obviously thinks her daughter is a saint and can do no wrong which is going to turn that little fragile 6 yo into a crazy, because she thinks she did something to provoke what happened to her. poor child, yes therapy and lots of support! wish i could be there for her instead of bitch ass grandma but we can’t win them all …..

  • brandi

    EDIT: i’m sorry i shouldn’t have laughed, shame on you….

  • newstarshipsmell

    I shouldn’t have posted that, did I let that stop me?

  • G.I.R.L.

    These recent articles have been very difficult to read.

  • sweekymom

    So that she can be made to dig her own grave and slither down into it.

  • JGo555

    Her ass should get the full punishment. Admitting guilt does NOT make me feel any better nor is it a nice thing for her to do. Taking the full brunt of the punishment will crack me a bit enough to believe she truly is sorry. Be a crackhead all you want, but don’t fuck (literally too) with the kiddies.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    DUDE. Even Cujo would make a better parent than this crackwhore. You take that shit back!

  • Heather_Habilatory

    WTF I didn’t even qualify for unemployment!

  • Heather_Habilatory

    OMFG. I WANT TO STAB THIS WHORE IN THE EYEBALLS WITH MY CHOPSTICKS. And her fucking piece of shit mother too. ugh. No wonder Dalina is fucked up. Her mom is a heartless worthless cunt, too. And now they’ve fucked up those poor kids. Ugh. I need to go kill or break something.

  • CT

    Exactly, it’s all fine and dandy to feel bad AFTER you get caught. Again, fuck this chick.

  • 18th40

    I’m hoping that didn’t actually cross your mind.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Those kids need to be taken away from Granny. She’s an enabler, and no doubt she’ll make the girl feel like it was her fault that Mommy placed drugs and money above her well-being and safety.

    I wish more grandparents were like my mother. She has made it clear that if I ever do anything to put her grandkids in harm’s way, she will personally flay me before she turns me over to the cops.

    I fear my mother with good reason. “Although she be little, she be fierce!”

  • dissturbbed one

    Life in prison for everyone involved

  • dissturbbed one

    There is a torture device they used back in ancient Greece called the brazen bull, now that would be perfect for these fucking fucks.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    YUP! Use a hammer drill to tighten the center screw…

  • She looks like Katjaa from The Walking Dead. Weird.

  • dissturbbed one

    No screws, it was a hollow bronze bull filled with about a foot of water, they put a poor bastard in this contraption closed the bull up and slowly started a fire underneath. When the poor bastard screamed to death it sounded like a bull :o)

  • dissturbbed one

    When i read about this kinda shit i start having sick mid-evil thoughts go through my head. I would get really sick and twisted if left alone with these sorry fucks..i would save mommy dearest for last.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Yup, you’re right. I was thinking of a device used in the Spanish Inquisition. It was shaped like an egg, inserted anally, or, vaginally. A screw was then turned that made the sections of it open up…

  • Sam

    Grave? I would have thought this type of person would implode into a puff of smoke once you sever the spinal column?

  • Sam

    Egads. It sounds like you’re describing a pornographic version of Alien.

  • She had better be glad I didn’t find her when she fled to Georgia. Prison would have looked like paradise.

  • JohnQknowitall

    If this woman is found guilty by the court system she needs to go away for a long time, but I want to point out that just because the police say it doesn’t make it true as we learn over and over and over again… But police say that she was aware, and was selling her daughter to these men to support herself and her drug habit.

  • atleast she was smart enough not to pimp her self out for drug money she would be clean as a whistle if that was the case

  • 18th40

    Actually Wolf what you’re thinking of was “The Pear of Anguish” and it was used primarily in the middle ages, it was used as you described but it was more commonly used in the mouth fo……..uhhh…never-mind…carry on.

  • This bitch aint no victim of shit. I bet it killed her to turn her own kid over to fucking junkies to rape her. Ill make her a victim when i cut her fucking throat and make her drink what comes out. Fucking bitch doesnt deserve to live on my tax dollars she deserves to have her eyelids cut off and put in front of a fan until her fucking eyes dry up and fall out.FUCK THIS BITCH AND HER MOMMA TOO!!!!!!!!

  • Abroad

    Nah, afraid she is just another human being, much as it pains me to share that appellation with her.

  • starlett

    This lowlife junkie ass bitch doesn’t deserve jail , she deserves to take an extra dose of whatever she’s smoking and kill herself …. Victim ?? The only victim I see here is an innocent 6 yr old baby who is gonna be messed up for life …. Mentally & Emotionally … No matter how much counseling she gets she’s at the age where she will never forget what these perverted men and her Monster of a mother did to her …. Damn junkie mother should of sold herself if she needed drugs and money that bad ….. But nooooo that sounded almost too right for this bitch …. So she used a innocent child instead …. smh !! This bitch disgusts me to the core …. Fuck this bitch give her 30 !! That way she will know how it feels to be violated and assaulted … I hope them bulldaggers rape this bitch everyday or they might just kill her instead … So many mothers in jail without their children , then this bitch does the most heinous act imaginable ! She deserves whatever she gets ….. Life or Death !!! Please keep us informed on this Devil Bitch !!!

  • techsupp0rt

    Skin that bitch and throw her in the ocean.

  • captaingrumpy

    I agree. There is not much hope left for her with all those memories and the mother who did not love her.

  • captaingrumpy

    The dog I had would have not let the homeless men near the daughter. At least dogs have morals.

  • newstarshipsmell

    I still prefer the boats.

  • I would rather die than wear the skin of this crack head cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That poor baby girl,god only knows when it all actually started.I cant believe the little boy wasnt molested also…the really sad part,these children thinking this shit is normal behavior,because thats all they have ever known in their short little lives!Id take them rock stars without guitars and fill full of so many holes you could strain spaghetti through’em!And line up inbred granny right along with’em,then that old bitch would know what being held hostage really IS!!!!!!!

  • StevenBelsky

    GIVE HER a tubal ligation and put her in a male prison ___ SHE will learn what it is like to be used by someone else.

  • me

    Lol that was pretty good

  • me

    Yeah Florida seems to let murders and other child related offences go free. I don’t understand that anyone who harms a child should be given a death sentence in my opinion