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Sharee SeminoleSeattle, WA — A woman in Seattle has been charged with assault after she beat her boyfriend unconscious while their baby was strapped to her chest.

After getting into an argument at home, 25-year-old Sharee Seminole and her boyfriend got into a physical altercation at the intersection of 25th Avenue South and South Jackson Street.

Witnesses describe watching Seminole, who weighs 270 lbs, throw her boyfriend to the ground then start kicking him in the chest before stomping on his face at least eight times. During all of this, Seminole had the couple’s baby strapped to her chest.

One witness who confronted Seminole said the woman asked, “You know how many times he’s kicked me?” before halting the rearranging of her boyfriend’s face and leaving the scene.

Emergency personal found Seminole’s unconscious boyfriend and rushed him to the hospital. Police described the man’s nose as “severely broken” and displaced. Police found Seminole at a nearby convenience store where she had purchased a bag of Funyuns.

They described Seminole as being belligerent with slurred speech. When they tried to escort her to a patrol car and remove her baby, she became combative and put up a “huge” fight. She also bit a firefighter and attempted to kick another. Later on, while she was in her holding cell, she allegedly mouthed “I’m gonna kill you” to a police officer.

Seminole has been charged with second-degree assault. Her baby has been placed into protective custody.

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  • Hamward

    Wow, she’s “hardcore.”

  • Zazen

    Moral of the story? Sheree Seminole IS the 800 lb gorilla. What do you do with the 800 lb gorilla? Well, unless you have an anesthetic dart gun….

  • Buffettgirl

    Violent, angry, evil Muppet…

  • kcjosh

    I felt after reading the story that the location must be a misprint. Her name is Seminole and she is batshit fucking crazy but doesn’t live in Florida? I don’t buy it.

  • newstarshipsmell

    And somewhere, in some evidence room, a lonely, unopened bag of Funyuns is crying out to be eaten.

  • Gee

    I’m not I believe he has been doing any beating in the past. I don’t know call me silly!

  • It’s the real life Madea.

  • Crazy! Looks like all her friends comment on her having a drinking problem on her facebook. Her boyfriend *seemed* nice.. he has pictures of their baby everywhere on his fb. who knows, haha.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    I want to know what baby carrier brand she was using- to withstand all that twisting/ turning/ shaking and what not and to still have baby inside of it? I need one for my alcohol.

  • GGMon

    You know, I have a hard time believing her story. I mean if that is the case, why was she able to “defend” herself against him this time?

  • newstarshipsmell

    Because baby is his Kryptonite?

  • LeaveMeBe

    Silly girl with an antenna!

  • Sam

    With baby strapped to her chest? I guess she felt she couldn’t start teaching about putting your man in his place early enough.

  • abbys_mom

    I can believe it. My grandmother suffered years of abuse at the hands of my grandfather, and then one day, after a beatdown he gave her when they were in their 50’s, she finally lost her shit…her fear was suddenly diminished in the face of her rage, and she beat the living hell out of him. Then she followed it up by grabbing the shotgun, shoving it in his mouth, and telling him if he ever laid a hand on her again, she’d blow his brains out. He never touched her again. No doubt this woman’s a little crazy, but hearing that she came right back with “you know how many times he’s kicked me?” immediately has a ring of truth to it, for me at least.

  • LuvsHorror

    Sitting next to some confiscated mj.

  • Andyman

    Another (in a list of many) reason to be a non-participant in the social media movement.

  • JGo555

    I want to have what she’s having if it helps me clean the house.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Another case of a person with ovaries who shouldn’t. My guess is the semen maker isn’t very qualified to be a parent either other than having fertile testicles.

  • GGMon

    I applaud your grandma.

  • GGMon

    I can believe that. Some victims of Domestic Violence describe how their abusive spouses stopped touching them during their pregnancies…then there are others who just don’t give a shit

  • Fuck all you hating ass bitches!!! This is my sister you are talking about!!! Her sad excuse for a boyfriend was beating on her and got what he deserved!!! He is a gay in the closet running around with other men behind her back and verbally and physically abusing her. She is the sweetest person in the world. This is an example of a woman who couldn’t take anymore. HOW DARE YOU PATHETIC PPL SAY THE THINGS YOU ARE SAYING! FUCK YOU AND THIS WORTHLESS EXCUSE OF A WEBSITE. John Feller got what he had coming! Mark my words…

  • newstarshipsmell

    Hey, maybe you can answer this burning question I have, since the news reports don’t specify. Did she get a chance to eat those Funyuns before the cops arrested her?

  • LeaveMeBe

    *marks words*
    But what about the Funyuns?!?!?! Is there an address we can send bail money to for them?

  • Gee

    Ok so let me get this straight…. You say he is gay? She is 270, knocked his ass out in the middle of the street and we are suppose to believe he is abusing her….. HA Wait, wait she was drunk with her baby strapped to her and stomping his ass in the middle of street. Your right I am sorry! she sounds like an amazing woman.

  • 18th40

    “Ok so let me get this straight…. You say he is gay?” Nice, well played.

  • newstarshipsmell


  • Gee

    Ha Ha… I made an accidental funny

  • HazelHoppinflapper

    I usually crave Funyuns after I beat the fuck out of someone. That and a crisp, clean 7up. Diet 7 up, of course.

  • nomorepolitix

    That’s it. I’m so going to get a job in an evidence room!!

  • Buffettgirl

    Ummm, OK, so her boiling point just happened with her INFANT strapped to her chest? Oh yeah, she’s hella sweet your sister. I’m going to guess that poor little one didn’t feel so sweet after Mommy went all batshit and punchy/kicky on Daddy all the while being strapped to psycho Mommy. I’m also going to go out on a limb here and say that the cops she fought and the firefighter aren’t thinking she’s such a sweet little thing either. Oh, and the death threat she mouthed, bet THAT cop isn’t feeling too sweet on her either… So, please explain how it is any of us are pathetic and your abusive, angry sister is just a tad misunderstood?

  • Wildheart


  • LeaveMeBe

    If you feel a burning sensation, you should go get that checked by a doctor. Or maybe it’s just the muscle cream? *bites tongue REALLY hard* *runs off and laughs hystercially anyway*

  • You have no idea the situation or even who the fuk she or her fake ass boyfriend is. Not all gay/bicurious dudes are pansy lil pussies as much as I would like to believe John Feller is. AND YES! She is very much misunderstood! Any woman who has just delivered a life into this world is going to crack under the pressure she had to deal with! What man is going to tell his pregnant girlfriend he loves her yet run around behind her back! Leave her alone yet tell her she can’t have friends? As far as a cop and firefighter go that is a part of their fukn job! No charges were filed on that because if they didn’t expect to get hit or threatened they wouldn’t try to apprehend ppl committing crimes or run into fukn burning houses! You’re pathetic by focusing on my sister’s situation instead of living your own PATHETIC lives! When someone is abused and treated with anger they become abusive and angry.

  • Sam

    I can only imagine your mother must have had the same ideas about knocking people about whilst holding her babies and that you must have been dropped on your head a few times in the process. You believe it’s ok to fight, punch, kick, bite and utter death threats to police and firefighters?!?! I think you may be shocked to find out it’s in fact not in their job desription. It happens as an unfortunate side-effect of the criminal element they are policing, but that does not make it OK! If you follow that kind of thinking all the way through it would mean that shooting cops and firefighters must be a-ok, because they should expect to get shot, right? (idiot)
    I think you may find that them not charging her probably had more to do with them looking out for the baby, as in not hauling mummy off to prison when daddy was already in hospital leaving nobody to care for the little one. Which is remarkable compassion from a bunch of people who have just been punched, kicked and been told to die by your sister.

    I will agree with you on one thing, having just given birth to a new life is exhausting, both physically and mentally. But in the same vein giving birth to a new life should mean that you as their mother do everything in your power to protect that innocent vulnerable life. Not getting drunk, punching and kicking your boyfriend into hospital, then putting up an almightly fight with police and firefighters – all with the little babe strapped to your chest. It only would have taken one wayward punch, or one missed footing by the ‘mom’ causing her to fall over, for that little life to be seriously hurt or worse. That right there is stupidity and selfishness on a monumental level by your sister. Now, if she was really abused by the boyfriend and if she would have put the baby down in a pram or something before pouncing on the guy, she may have had an applauding following on here. As it stands, her decision to put the baby in harms way (repeatedly!) means we get to judge her.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Take your bows before the standing ovation, Sam! VERY well said.

    Don’t ‘ya just love it when mentally misdirected friends & family of the accused come here & vent their spleens on us, instead of their criminally inclined loved ones?
    The aunt/sister should be royally pissed off at the sister for putting her niece’s safety second behind her drunken rage.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    We. Don’t. Care. What. You. Think.

  • Buffettgirl

    Beautifully said Sam!

  • Buffettgirl

    Maybe your sister should get to know the person she is bringing a child into the world with better than she apparently knew this guy? By the way, scumbag guys tell the woman that is carrying their child that they love them and then run around behind their backs EVERY DAY! That is NOT an excuse to go Muhammad Ali on anyone. Your sister alone is responsible for the choices she made. Blaming the rest of the world for the situation she found herself in serves no purpose. News flash here – PEOPLE LIE. If your sister didn’t take better precautions regarding the men she chooses to sleep with, it’s not an excuse to behave criminally. The only thing on her mind should have been the well being of her infant. NOT going off like an atom bomb on some dumbass sperm donor. Maybe once the two of you grow up and decide to act like adults you will see that. She needs to take responsibility for what she has done and you need to quit making it OK for her to behave in any fashion she so chooses. Until then you will both be nothing more than squalling children, unable to cope with life when the going gets tough. Maybe we should let the police tack on those additional charges she SHOULD be facing if you think “it’s their job” to be beaten, kicked, punched and threatened by the public? Maybe I’ll call my Detective buddy at the SPD and let them know that? You guys don’t seem to appreciate the mercy that was shown to your sister…

    You and people that think like you are what is wrong with this country today. You guys blame everyone for your lot in life instead of pulling yourselves up by the boot straps and conducting yourselves like responsible, mature, PRODUCTIVE adults.

    I was abused and treated with anger from the time I was 7 until I was 17 (I’m 42 now) by my stepfather and guess what Raquel, I’ve NEVER taken it out on anyone else. I have never committed a crime and I’ve NEVER ENDANGERED THE LIFE OF A CHILD BECAUSE I WAS SO WRETCHED I ONLY CARED ABOUT MYSELF!!! Allowing myself to become that way would have embarrassed and humiliated me personally. And not one person here is “focused on your sister’s situation.” We read a really absurd story about a chick that went all stupid Rambo, made a comment or two and moved on. We’re tired of people like you that behave as if your every action is justified when in reality it isn’t and if all the rest of us get is a little bit of rough justice by pointing and laughing at oxygen wasters like you and your sister so be it. It’s harmless, as opposed to your sister’s actions that seriously injured a couple of folks and could have KILLED her infant.

  • Buffettgirl

    But it’s not their fault…. (said in the grating nasal tone of whiners everywhere)

  • BEastDuo

    Very well said Sam!

  • BEastDuo

    Very well spoken BGirl, and thank you for sharing your story with us.

  • Buffettgirl

    Thank you – sometimes I rant. I can’t help it, there are just days where I reach my boiling point when confronted with pure stooopid! 😉

  • Darcie

    She really is a very sweet girl, it’s very stressful living with a newborn she just chose the wrong way to relax, nobody is perfect, we could all make better choices at times

  • I am the “victim” shit happenes,we still love each other and no longer drink,also my girl don’t weight 270 maybe 210

  • alphatroll

    Beating people up is soooo relaxing. It’s what I do whenever I have trouble sleeping.

  • alphatroll

    Welcome to Stockholm, John.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    John, do you wear “feminine hygiene products” up your nose during those “sensitive” times of the month? You sound like you could launch a new line of products for Johnson & Johnson…

  • newstarshipsmell

    I find it relaxing to beat up my little guy.

  • Evan Oswald

    LMAO how many billions of people throughout history have had newborns without harming anyone?

  • Evan Oswald

    so she wasn’t full after the funyuns and tried to eat the fireman? no wonder she’s pushin 3 bills

  • stillstanding

    alpahtroll is right on. Sharee accused my son of kicking her! It was just the opposite. She caught my son at a vulnerable time in his life. He’d lost his beloved father the year before to cancer and his sweetheart of a girlfriend a year prior to that from type one diabetes. After his Step Dad who raised John as his own, passed. Johnny left California to seek work in Seattle. Down on his luck when Sharee and her brother/ sister ” Raquel ” stalked him. When John winded up with Sharee, who hounded him whenever he attempted to leave… I know because he would call me in distress saying when he tried to leave or if an argument ensued she would go after him. I would tell him to come home, in the meantime to run when she came at him as hitting a woman means a felony! John has always been too trusting and unfortunately is why he is with baby number two with this woman who after getting out of prison abandoned her first baby, whom her mom was caring for on a Montana godforsaken reservation where domestic violence, sexual child abuse, along with alcohol is rampant, google it…. I had sought custody of my granddaughter, the Indian social worker ( they have their own special social worker ) and tribal council decided baby would stay on the reservation even though I have both Cherokee and apache blood and John is at least 1/4 since we do not live on a reservation, we were not considered, besides Johnny not sure what if he wanted to leave her! All one can do at this point is hope for the best, perhaps counseling has improved. Yet it is well know fact that once the cycle of violence begins it won’t end at least in that current relationship. I know one day my grandchildren will come to me and embrace me as the grandmother they longed to know and felt was always there in spirit. Better times, Johnny and I during Katrina.