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Joshua Miner JJJOLIET, IL — Police say that three of the four young adults charged with the strangulation and attempted dismemberment of two men were found playing video games in the home where the victims’ bodies were found.

“This is one of the most brutal, heinous and upsetting things I’ve ever seen in my 27 years of law enforcement,” Police Chief Mike Trafton said. “Not only the crime scene, but the disregard for common decency toward human beings.”

On Thursday, Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins, both 22, were found strangled in a home after police received a call informing them that they may find two dead guys inside. The caller wasn’t lying, as police found Glover and Rankins dead when they entered the home, as well as evidence that someone tried dismembering their bodies.

Police also found 19-year-old Adam Landerman, 18-year-old Alisa Massaro and 24-year-old Joshua Miner inside the home. The trio were very much alive and were playing video games. According to Trafton, they were “very much surprised” when police walked in on them. Another teen, 18-year-old Bethany McKee, was picked up in another town. She had allegedly left the home before police arrived.


Alisa Massaro, Joshua Miner, Adam Landerman, and Bethany McKee

Cmdr. Brian Benton said  the plan was to lure Glover and Rankins to the house in order to rob them of cash. The two men were killed by physical strangulation and no rope or cord was used. All four have been charged with first-degree murder and are being held on $10 million bond.

Friends and family of Rankins and Glover, who were best friends, said the men were lured to the home by Massaro and McKee. Casey Smith said Rankins called Wednesday evening joking that the two girls told him and Glover they’d been kidnapped and “ain’t going home tonight.”

Rankins’ mother said that her son knew the accused, but was not friends with them. When he did not return home Thursday, she tried have her cellphone provider trace the location of her son’s phone, but they were only able to provide her with the last number to call her Rankin’s phone — at 8:49 pm Wendnesday — and that number belonged to McKee.

None of the accused teens have a criminal record, and Landerman is the son of Joliet Police Sgt. Julie Landerman (who Tafton assured has not been allowed anywhere near the case against her son). But Miner… well, let’s just say Miner has an interesting criminal history.

In 2007, Miner spent a few days in jail after stealing some sneakers at the mall. He was also convicted of misdemeanor unauthorized videotaping and was sentenced to a year of conditional discharge. This misdemeanor charge was originally a felony child pornography charge.

See, in 2005, when Miner was 16, he allegedly recorded 26-year-old Ivon Walsh as she “placed her tongue in the vagina” of an underage girl. He also recorded a man having sex with the girl. The felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor because, according to the courts, child pornography is a crime that a juvenile cannot be charged with as an adult.

In 2009, Walsh sought a protective order against Miner, claiming he threatened to strangle her 6-month-old daughter with her intestines.

“If u yell at me again u cheating bitch I will cut your stomach open, pull out your (intestines) as you lye bleeding, make a turnakit, put it around the little bitch of a daughter that should have been mine(‘s) throat and hang her,” Walsh said in her written statement. She also accused Miner of burning an upside down cross on her right ass cheek, alongside a swastika.

If you are wondering what kind of young people would commit a double murder and be found by police the next day playing video games in a house with the corpses, here’s your answer:

J Crew 2 getha

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  • Alex Mocaby

    Ohhhhh, juggalos.

  • CT

    Fuck. I couldn’t read the article because all of the tools pretending to be clowns.

  • Sam

    Yet again, the promise of free sex turns out to be not so free after all.

  • Sam

    Oh, and dudes – if you’re going all out with an inch thick layer of Halloween make up, then at least try to look scary, too. Puppy dog eyes just will not do.

  • Kytten Le’Mew

    I hate to admit I lived in that town. I will admit they look like typical Joliet white trash.

  • Leslie Franklin Evans

    I wonder how anyone planned to hang someone with a ‘turnakit’? I always thought that to be a helpful tool. Stupid animals.

  • Zazen

    Wow, haven’t had juggalos here in ages o.O

  • newstarshipsmell

    Damn, I didn’t realize we had that many Juggalos reading the comments…

  • Buffettgirl

    I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to induce a coma, will someone please wake me up when it’s safe to come out and play? Otherwise I’m going to start killing little fucktards like this – and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Actually, I won’t kill them, I’ll leave that up to sniper boyfriend and his special operations pals, they have the skills and really, really enjoy the chance at live target practice…

  • 18th40

    It never is dammit….I hate that.

  • CT

    Odds are there is at least one?

  • Zazen

    Only thing free with those bitches’d be STDs.

  • BehemothII

    Eeeek Juggaloes and Juggalettes on LSD err body run!!!!!

  • Eliza Berntsen

    What the fuck? And what the hell are juggalos?

  • creamofflicka

    LOL. Its hilarious that anytime juggaloes show up in the head lines the consensus is pretty much “Fucking Juggaloes”.

  • Abroad

    So McKee turned them in? How sure are we of this? And will it help her? (I’m sure it will; but how much?)

  • creamofflicka

    3 kids later,.. and still it takes your comment for me to figure this shit out.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Fans of Insane Clown Posse.

    If you’re looking for a more entertaining, less educational article to read about them:

  • Gee

    I bet the parents are so proud of their spawn…. No one ever said of kids who paint their faces like Juggalos … Ugh

  • Heather

    Yep. I too am from here. Sadly when I first heard there was a murder I thought that’s nothing new. But this just plain crazy! Heard from a couple different people that the killers supposedly had sex on the dead bodies as well, but can’t find it anywhere. Was hoping the DD could find that info….

  • Athena

    Actually, it’s probably not juggalos down voting you. It’s probably people rejecting the idea that “true” juggalos would oppose this kind of behavior.

    In reality, there are hoards of juggalos who hate fucks like these hillbilly morons. Unfortunately, I speak as an ex-juggalo (no, I’m not proud, but my makeup was LIGHTYEARS ahead of what these little shits were doing). We just wanted to run around like dorks who enjoyed makeup on days other than Halloween and were trying (unsuccessfully, mind you) to shock our parents. We did not want to be discriminated against at school (you may be surprised to find that I was relatively popular, so, no, back then, juggaloism itself was not a social death sentence), accused of being in a gang or targeted by other violent idiots who wanted to test their toughness.

    We just wanted to be the dorks that we were, damnit… That’s a “true” juggalo.

  • techsupp0rt

    Whoever said to ‘not judge a book by its cover’ should probably read a fucking book for once.

  • Athena

    Hey… I was a triple athlete and a 4.0 student. 😛

  • Alecia Hendricks

    I ran around with eyeliner drawings all over my face and wore fangs.

  • wastintime

    I’m not an ICP fan, but the juggalos and juggalets(?) I know would not do anything like this. That being said, these assholes should go away and die.

  • Evan Oswald

    ugh those broads are super gnarly lookin. Hey how do i get to know more about how these guys were dismembered? I mean did they chop’em up or just cut off an ear or something..

    EDIT: the pictures of these juggalos kinda makes me hope they get dismembered

  • ShelbySP

    One time I went to what was supposed to be a “classy” nudie bar. The first girl out had a GIANT hatchetman tattoo on her thigh. Because this grossed me and my ladyboner out, I went back out and asked for my cover charge back, and they gave it to me. True story. Now I realize it may have saved my life.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “4.0 student.”

    But, are you smarter than Juggalo?

    Juggalo – Murder – 20 years to life
    Free Room
    Free Meals
    Free medical
    Free TRUE Jail House Tattoos
    Time to read or write “That Book!!”
    No voting requirement (doesn’t matter anyway.)
    Free Clothes that are technically “In-Style”
    Free attorney
    Free Cable TV
    No Taxes
    Can’t be drafted, so no living in foreign countries in a tent
    Isolation from relatives that you never liked
    State Paid College Tuition(BONUS!!!) – No one cares if it takes 20 years. Some do
    take that long.
    Sex with a person who won’t run away (I’ll pass)
    Available alcohol & drugs

  • Athena

    No surprise buttsecks for me, thanks.

  • newstarshipsmell

    So preplanned buttsecks is on the table?

  • Athena

    Infer what you will, sir.

  • brandi

    these creatures still exist?

  • wastintime

    Damn! I came back to read new comments, now I want a fuckn peach faygo!

  • CT

    I figured it was the clown haters hating on me not a juggalo.

  • Michael Heldman

    Can you still act surprised?

  • daMonBrooks

    Miner was totally on his was toward being a cult leader. I can’t wait to hear how the teens adored him, and I’m only assuming he was banging 2/3 of them

  • midniteshadows

    I was wondering too.

  • midniteshadows

    Thanks for the links. I never knew. That explains a few kids around here that I know. And here I thought there were just asshats.

  • AssWho?

    Down with the Clowns you ask? Since day one…. Whoop! Whoop!

  • Athena

    You mean it’s possible not to?

  • Athena

    Didn’t they throw Faygo and feces at a popular porn star one year? Not my kind of party.

  • AssWho?

    Yet you morons continue to come within arms reach…..STAB!

  • AssWho?


  • Zazen

    What? Just saying, when they come back, they come back big =D

  • Zazen

    Yeah… but it was at Tila Tequila, who was actually attempting to perform music. I’d be tempted into some baboonery myself under similar circumstances.

  • Suzy Sears

    Damn when I see their brightly painted faces I can’t help but think about the pimple farm underneath !!! Just ugh.also did these brainiacs not realise that A. It would truly get you.talked about(like in court) and B. the cops will not let you play the very game you just murdered to get? Dumbasses all

  • Athena

    Hmmmm… Indeed. I couldn’t remember who. And she was trying to sing? Chuck that poo, juggalos. Chuck that poo.

  • daMonBrooks

    I don’t know who she us outside of the photos I just looked up, but there is never a reason to Chuck poo, unless that’s your kind of thing. Just don’t chuck it at me

  • FrikkenFrak


  • FrikkenFrak

    Not in a million years would I have pegged you for a former Juggalo.

    That’s ok….I ran around with ripped fishnets, combat boots and a silver Mohawk. (Yes, I”m THAT much older than you!)

  • AntoniusBlock

    These inferior specimens are not worth my tax dollars. They get to masturbate and eat Hot Cheetos for the next forty years on my dime? Where is the logic in this society?

  • ultracreep

    Better wash those hands before you masturbate, that hot cheez powder will light you up!

  • OutOfBubbleGum


    4 t wrecker. I be thinkin’ u brill-ain’t. F-King sma-art 2.

    Sin steer lee,

  • AssWho?

    Wanna have a sleep over? Got the new call of duty and Twiztid playlist of jams that we will crank so loud you couldn’t hear power tools running.

  • AssWho?

    Never viewed incarceration in such a light…….
    Now I might not flee the country for less then a ten year stent….

  • AssWho?

    ” Send yo momma straight up to the store….tell that bitch to bring home some faygo”

  • AssWho?

    Amazing….nuts, nasty and at points. However would be in my top life experiences.

  • Sam

    The voice of experience?

  • Hayz

    Um,gross! These people belong in a freakin mental hospital that still uses early 1900’s methods. Not a warm bed,free meals, TV, and roof over their heads. I usually say that a band is not responsible for their fans actions but at this rate maybe it’s is time for ICP to find new careers.

  • PiXy Slaughterah Dde

    grrrrrrr here we go again lol

  • JohnQknowitall

    All four of them look like they are members of the rodent family.

  • Gee

    You’re always the exception doodles… :o) I bet most were spending more time trying to perfect the application of make up rather then go to school.

  • Gee

    Buttsecks…. is this a new form Gee is not aware of? lol

  • Athena

    Eh, when I wasn’t in clown makeup, I was thoroughly punk, with the ripped fishnets, dog collars, boots and a Dead Kennedys T-shirt that was a size (or two) too small. I probably have a picture somewhere around here… I forget, can we post images? Let me try.

    Okay, so that worked. This is me (right) and my dear friend Olivia (left), again, being dorks. I’m rockin’ a RATM beanie and a sweater from Zumies that was two sizes too big (my standard size when not wearing two sizes too small). And check out that sweet ass spiked collar. 😛

    lolol… I crack myself up from back then.

  • creamofflicka

    Look for creepy clown stencil graffiti on traffic signs around your town. It’s the mark of a juggalo infestation. I’ve got them in my town.

  • Gee

    Every thing about her screams throw Poo at me. LOL

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Maybe that was what she was singing.

    Or perhaps “Rain on Me.”

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    But what if it comes with prison commissary ice cream?

  • Eliza Berntsen

    I live in a sleepy English village. The only infestation we get here are rabbits. And city folk on Christmas.

  • Athena

    Really? Someone down voted that? Haters be hatin’.

  • Athena

    You drive a hard bargain, there, EVIL… but no. Or, should I make that, “butt no.”

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I’m STILL wearing ripped fishnets! Is this look out?!

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I’m moving in, thanks.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    “super gnarly looking” hahahaha!

  • 18th40

    Hold on Heather, I just happen to have a pop culture and fashion guru with me here, “Tommy Lee, yo, ripped fishnets, in or out ?”

    Nope you’re all good, wear away.

  • brandi

    yes it does. i would gladly shit a lil, in a gloved hand mind you, and chunk said poo at her.

  • brandi

    i’m coming too, so make room

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I wouldn’t care anyway, but I’ll ALWAYS take fashion advice from Tommy Lee :)

  • Michael Heldman

    Besides still using the spike collar today, what would you say your “look” now is compared to how it use to be?

  • daMonBrooks

    Dorky, strange, pale. Attractive :)

  • Tiffany

    goddammit…those fucking clowns

  • Abroad

    The two things are not mutually exclusive……

  • Abroad


  • Eliza Berntsen

    Cotswolds. Cornwall is too extreme even for me.

  • Athena

    I’m 30 years old. I gave up the collar long ago. But I would describe my style as alternative all grown up. Still dramatic makeup and a pair of thick-rimmed, hipsterish Bvlgari frames (although I prefer contacts, but I’m out right now). Today I’m wearing a pair of black Converse steel-toes (for work), dark-wash jeans and a black track jacket with red detailing (zipper and logo). Oh, and while my hair is still dark brown, it’s got a fire-engine red “peek-a-boo” streak in it and is substantially shorter (just below shoulder-length).

    Keepin’ it saucy.

  • Gee

    Since I have had the pleasure of meeting Athena Not only gorgeous but an amazing personality to go with her good looks. Consider that buttsecks from Gee Muah

  • JGo555

    Let me guess: “Grand Theft Auto” made me do it?

    DP for them & I’m NOT talking about Double Penetration.

  • Melissa Dawn Thornton

    these dumb fucks are why i stopped being a lette . i dont want to be judged by the actions of the new breed of juggalos out there

  • Athena

    Love you, lady, and your buttsecks (but you didn’t mention my cooking – WTF?). Gee, here, has a bunch of FB pictures that don’t do her any damn justice at all. She’s a brilliantly sun-splashed softball queen. Seriously, if you ever have the privilege of meeting her, the first things you think will be, “Damn, she’s even cuter than her pictures,” and “That lady plays softball; I just know it!” <3

  • Athena

    Ha! Proof.

  • daMonBrooks

    I second that , Gee is a cutie

  • Gee

    Oh Shit how could I forget the cooking…. Brilliant Tapas! Steamed oysters, Sliders w/ arugula and fancy sauce she made home made, There was some bacon involved because Jaded had an orgasm, LOL She fed us exquisitely. I would be missed if I didn’t bring up the experience of drunk @Jaded eating a cup cake in the taxi on our back from your house to hotel . I was sitting next to her and had crumbs all over me. Jaded I know you know what I am talking about . Best trip ever to Seattle! Jaded and Athena together Pure entertainment. As far as my pics go… the camera is just not good to me lol

  • Gee

    Muah… :o)

  • Morbid

    First time? Surely you jest.

  • Michael Ray Overby

    & you look like you might be listening to The Cure. A Lot. :-)

  • Prudence.

    Athena, you are after my own heart.

    I too am a former “Juggalo” …

    This has unfortunately happened a few other times (Chicago in 2005 and Moline 2004/05) … I having listened to the music know it’s nothing to really do with anything DIRECTLY ICP related.

    A lot of these kids are just extremely misguided, with no idea of boundaries or any coping skills.

  • creamofflicka

    Shoot! -_-

  • Andyman

    Hey CT, just tell them to fuck their own selves. 😉

  • CT

    Classic, truly classic. Thanks for sharing.

  • CT

    You rock.

  • CT

    Yeah, what he said.

  • Athena

    Looks can be deceiving. I’ve never owned nor voluntarily listened to The Cure.

  • wastintime

    Haha! At 37,I will buy my own faygo! But I will say this to you. Bitch! Go get me a mother fuckin faygo! Hahaha!

  • newstarshipsmell
  • FrikkenFrak

    Ahhh…smarts AND you’re a cool kid. No wonder I like you. Btw…great pic, you’re very pretty.

  • PatThe Rat

    Thank God Obama is going to stop people from having guns so this type of stuff stops!

  • creamofflicka

    What, At least one that can read?

  • Sherri Hadley

    I used to be a juggalo back when I was a teenager. I am truly frightened of the new generation of juggalos though. Things like this were not happening back then. Apparently juggalos today are taking the lyrics of Psychopathic Records a bit too seriously. I am embarrassed now that I was ever associated with this bunch and my kids will NOT be allowed to listen to Psychopathic music. I really think that Violent J and Shaggy should step up to the plate and address this issue instead of brushing it off as ” Real juggalos wouldn’t do this”.

  • AssWho?

    A good try yes, a vain attempt, you must not know. The WICKED CLOWNS WILL NEVER DIE !

  • AssWho?

    Got some in my basement. Feel free to stop by for some refreshments. Maybe a round or two on the old NES?

  • FrikkenFrak

    Also….The Dead Kennedys? Wow, surprised you even know of them. I’m genuinely impressed by people who know/enjoy a wide range of things outside of their own era.

    Honestly? You’re an analytical thinker who I gather to be well read, book smart and clearly way above average intelligence. Since I’ve not read anything where you have alluded to having some street smarts as well, I wouldn’t have guessed.

    You know, Athena, the more I “get to know” you the more I like you. You remind me SO much of a very, very dear friend of mine. She possessed a higher IQ than me (as you do….but I have ALWAYS surrounded myself with people smarter than myself) and you even resemble her. Same piercing eyes, same hair, same smile, same wild side.

    You went against the expected….you’re now in my official book of utterly cool.

  • ultracreep

    Mebbe. >_>

  • creamofflicka


  • Athena

    I will happily ride your flatter train. :)

    …and, hell YES, the DKs. They were gone by the time I was on the scene, but I did go see Jello Biafra with NOFX when I had the chance. My iPod is filled with everything from Harry Belafonte and Nina Simone to Otis Redding (“That’s How Strong My Love Is” being one of my favorite songs ever) to Jimi, Zeppelin, Elvis Costello and Roxy Music. I had awesome parents.

    Do you have a Facebook? I’m easy to find. If you’re friends with any other regular, you can almost certainly find me on their friends list. I’m usually the only Athena, and I’m always accepting friend requests. <3

  • Ceisd Sgil

    *perk* Nina Simone? mmmm *swoons*… I like that you enjoy Nina Simone. I love her song “A Little Sugar in my Bowl” 😀

  • Sam

    And rain, of course. Can’t forget about the rain. Can’t ever forget about the rain… *sigh*

  • Wicked Smilee

    well stated. thanks~

  • G.I.R.L.

    Agreed! What an interesting, yet predictable, book this wound up being.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Rain? that’s like oxygen. Now as to snow!

  • Sean Wernersbach

    HA! SEE? JUGGALOS ARE A GANG! *facepalm* I’m just waiting for it..

  • disqus_rRx19yq4Bp

    this is what gives juggalos a bad name!!! this is sooo freakin stupid!!!! i love icp and psychopathic and all that and most my friends are juggalos but they would never do anything like this!!! ever!!! this is what happens when you have a terrible mental problem and surround yourself with ppl with the same problem like adding to the fire basically….surround yourself with good and you shall do good…….grrrr

  • Edward Richtofen

    there is no shortage of fucked up kids

  • MeanKitty813

    I’m gonna use that line from now on

  • Lisa Mallo
  • Twzd Con

    I am a JUGGALO and i in no way regard these demented sick fucked in the head ppl as part of my fam JUGGALO/LETTE’S dont do shit like this we r friends and fam that look out 4 each other and help where we can not murder ppl just cuz we dont like them we r about life not death read between the lyrics not the lyrics themselves if u clam juggalo/lette and listen only 2 the words and think its ok 2 murder ppl then u r no fam of mine

  • Whisper Wing

    Woman Cops Said Had Sex on Bodies After Hickory St. Murders to Get Out of Prison in Less Than 4 Years

    After the cops found two dead men in her Hickory Street home, Alisa
    Massaro told of having sex on top of the corpses with her boyfriend,
    police said.

    Massaro, 20, was charged with killing the two men
    she reportedly had sex on top of but slipped the murder rap Thursday by
    pleading guilty to robbery and concealing homicides.

    Massaro will
    get out of prison in less than four years in exchange for testifying
    against three pals still charged with the double murders—including the man she supposedly had sex with atop the dead bodies, 25-year-old Joshua Miner.

    light of all the circumstances and facts in the case, and Ms. Massaro’s
    individual involvement, I feel like it was an excellent disposition for
    her,” said her attorney, George Lenard.

    Massaro was sentenced to
    10 years in prison. But with the time she has already served in the
    Will County jail and sentencing guidelines that will allow her to be
    released after doing half her time, Massaro should be out in less than
    three years and eight months.

    In accepting Massaro’s plea, Judge Gerald Kinney noted it “requires her to provide testimony.”

    “If the others proceed to trial and the state chooses to call her as a witness, she will testify truthfully,” Lenard said.

    Those “others” are Miner, Adam Landerman, 20, and Bethany McKee, 19.
    They still face murder charges in connection with the January 2010
    strangulation deaths of Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover, both 22.

    Prosecutor Dan Walsh said the day before murders, Massaro called Rankins and
    Glover to “entice” them to come over to her Hickory Street house. She,
    McKee, Miner and Landerman planned to rob the two men, Walsh said.

    Rankins and Glover were choked to death, Massaro and her friends stole
    their cash and drugs, Walsh said. They also plotted to dispose of the
    dead bodies, Walsh said.

    According to police reports obtained exclusively by Patch, Massaro, Miner, Landerman and McKee concocted a plan to dismember the corpses of their victims and began procuring supplies, including a blowtorch, to carry out the plan. Miner reportedly intended to keep the dead men’s teeth as trophies.