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Horse fuckerMarion County, FL — Florida police are on the lookout for a man accused of injuring and brutally raping a miniature horse.

Abby Conder, the owner of said horse, said her world class minis have been under attack since May.

“She had been severely brutalized,” Conder said of one of her horses. “She had been raped both by a man and by several objects. She was so hematomed on the back and so bloody, that she looked like they put her whole bottom through a garbage disposal.”

The horse fucker apparently left his DNA behind… but without a suspect, that means squat.

Conder first purchased a dog to protect the horses, only to have the poor thing beaten to death. She and her husband then invested in a surveillance camera and live internet feed. They got their first look at him on Saturday.

“He inspected the horses that were on the left first to see what horses were in stalls,” Conder said. “They are tied to the corner to the fence, where they have been abused and been tortured. They can’t fight with a person, they don’t know to fight with a person, they would go with anybody. ”

She is hoping someone recognizes the man, and when and if they do, she wants them to give him this warning….

“I’ve never shot a gun in my life, but if I catch this man in this barn taking out another one of my horses and he’s gonna traumatize this young horse and hurt her internally like he has my other horses, I will come down and I will kill him.”

Perv Accused Of Harassing Young Girls Was Wearing Children's Underwear When Arrested

Hope he gets it in the dick.

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  • CT

    At some point wouldn’t you as the owner be fucking glued to this feed and be waiting for your opportunity to fuck this guy up?

  • newstarshipsmell

    Screw shooting him. Are they all mares? If she’s got any stallions, set up a human trap, and demonstrate the Golden Rule to him, 2 Guys 1 Horse-style.

  • newstarshipsmell

    “glued” lol

  • I think that after the first attack, I would be putting more than a dog
    to protect. And when the dog was beat to death, I sure as hell would of
    done more than put cameras around. Alarm systems on the barn…. motion
    sensor lights…. add a few trail cams around the horses so still pics
    are taken when someone walks towards them. I would also have a sensor
    that goes off if anyone drives down to the barn. My hubbys brother has
    one chimes when anyone drives into the driveway. Same would work to put
    something in the barn for when the doors are opened. Not only have
    alarms go off down there but in the house. Then you can run down and
    shoot his ass.

  • JGo555

    I pressed “play” to see the news report & pics of “Live Thoroughbred racing invaded the screen with the words: “Exciting”, so wrong, so funny.

  • JGo555

    BTW, I hope they kill him. He is praticing on a horse before graduating to hooman. The kids are gonna be at risk. I hope they shoot him right in the asshole and the second shot gets him in the dick.

  • JGo555

    The worst part is how they have the woman on camera SAYING she will kill him. If she does kill him, she’ll probably face a stiffer sentence than him raping & torturing horses and killing a dog. She showed “intent” & “premeditation” because it’s on tape.

  • newstarshipsmell

    I would hope she’s just desperately trying to light a fire underneath the police. They’re not going to want to deal with a premeditated murder that’s been advertised beforehand in the media. Especially not when public sympathy will take her side and they’ll look incompetent or unconcerned about blatant animal abuse.

  • Rachel Ann

    I’m with you Jaded I hope he gets it in the fucking duck. sick nasty waste of filth.

  • CT


  • plainbelliedsneetch

    If he’s trespassing on her property (and mutilating her animals), does it matter if she announced her plans ahead of time? I would think her statement is the verbal equivilant of hanging a sign saying “Trespassers will be shot.”

  • alphatroll

    Okay, I enjoy MLP too, but this is going too far.

  • alphatroll

    In Florida that’s perfectly legal.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Incorrect. Florida is one of the few states that has criminal bestiality laws on it’s books.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Florida has the Castle Law. Actually, all she’s doing is publicly declaring that this subhuman is not welcome on her property & she’ll take steps to insure her safety. If this POS dies in the process of violating her declared “Trespass After Warning,” then she cannot be held liable for any charges.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    She’s well within her rights to take him out. All she’s done is issued a warning of incipient fatality if he comes onto her property ever again. Two words: CASTLE LAW!

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    7.62×39 Z-Max hollow points… One well placed shot removes his junk, and makes him piss & poop in a bag for life.

  • alphatroll

    I was talking about shooting the guy. Florida heartily approves of that.

  • Buffettgirl

    I just want to know where the idea even comes from??? Who wakes up one day and says “Hmmm, that there filly’s looking especially sextastic today, think I’ll go get me some of that…” And if you are the person that does wake up one day and finds yourself thinking along those lines, do EVERYONE a favor and just off yourself before you tarnish your family name and destroy your Mother…

  • The feed? I’d be hiding in one of the stalls with a shotgun and a cattleprod.

  • newstarshipsmell

    You’re totally right. I brainfarted and forgot this happened in Florida.

    I hope she pumps him full of lead.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Ha, this story really is ripe for Brony jokes.

  • JohnQknowitall

    her world class minis have been under attack since May
    Part of the care of an animal is its security. Note to owner: get better security or sell the ponies to someone who can afford them if for nothing else than the safety of the animals.

  • tkaz

    He looks young by his clothing.
    What about electric fencing? Electric trip wire!! Is that legal??

  • Heather4877

    I’m fairly uninformed about the law, excluding those that seem to trip me up and result in my spending the night in jail…of course, but I think it’s weird that the police said they couldn’t do anything unless he was caught in the act. The fucktard beat their dog to death. Isn’t that a little more than having to catch a “prowler” in the act?

  • come_and_see

    He knows when you’re happy

    He knows when you’re comfortable

    He knows when you’re confident

    And he always knows when you have carrots.

  • He should get what he dishes out – please let me be second in line!

  • Pam D

    OMG think of all the other defenseless creatures this revolting piece of refuse has violated and will continue to violate once he moves on from this barn, his latest fiendish sexual torture playground!
    Sick bastard must be exterminated.

  • Pam D

    sick bastard in Mobile AL arrested for same thing. Might be worth looking into.


  • melb1970

    I wonder the same thing, where in the heck do people come up with this stuff?

  • Freckled_Toad

    I hope he does get killed. Maybe she can say he was warned that he would be killed if he ever came back.

  • Stoibs

    So you want to rape him? And you want to be the second person raping him?

  • Stoibs

    For real? These horses look pretty well taken care of. Is she supposed to set up trip wire all around the barn? I think you are being a little unrealistic here.

  • Stoibs

    What? You think that if you warn people that you will kill them if they come back, then that gives you the right to kill them without recourse?

  • Stoibs

    Well, yeah, I hope that killing people results in a stiffer penalty than raping a horse.

  • Stoibs

    I am also worried about the hoomans. You never know when some maniac is going to go after some hoomans.

  • JohnQknowitall

    If some fucktard is brutalizing her animals, she needs to move them to a safe place. She hasn’t moved them to a safe place.

  • Abroad

    *[…] they would go with anybody.”

    The sluts! 😛

  • Yup!! And I’d gladly kill him!

  • COG

    And where is this magical safe place? Do you have one in mind? They’re fuckin horses, a barn is more than adequate. do you want her to keep the horses at Fort Knox?

  • JohnQknowitall

    Another barn in another area where horses have not been raped. Like it or not: this barn beyond the owner’s control is not safe. She has a responsibility to move the horses to what appears to me almost any other shelter. Do you know of other barns? Have horses been raped there? If no then you have your answer.

  • alphatroll

    First in line would be, what, a horse? 😉

  • alphatroll

    Doesn’t LOOK like the same guy, but curious all the same. The locations are 400 miles/6 hours apart… seems like a lot, but how common are miniature horse farms in that area?