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Tameria GreeneDetroit, MI — Police have arrested Semaria Greene, accusing her of stabbing her eight-year-old daughter to death.

When police arrived at Greene’s home early Sunday morning, they found her performing CPR on her 8-year-old daughter, Tameria Greene. The girl was had been stabbed once in the chest and was lying unresponsive on her back in the living room.

Tameria was taken to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Doctor’s told police that aside from the stab wound, the girl also had bruises, possible bite marks and deep scratches to her face.

Semaria told police that she last saw her daughter as the girl was making sandwiches. She had went to answer a knock at the door and when she returned, she found her daughter lying dead in the living room. Police would find no evidence of sandwiches having been made, but they did find a large, bloody kitchen knife by the sink.

A neighbor said that at around 2:15 a.m. Sunday, she saw Semaria hitting the window of a van and arguing with an unknown man outside her doorway. “She slammed the door. He walked away,” the neighbor stated. “Like 15 minutes later, she was knocking on her neighbor’s door, screaming, saying her baby couldn’t breathe.”

Neighbors also said that Semaria would often neglect Tameria and her four younger brothers, often leaving the girl home alone to care for her siblings. CPS were also involved with the family and a child abuse case involving Tameria was already pending in family court at the time of her murder.

Woman, Her Two Daughters Stabbed To Death By Ex-Boyfriend

In October, social workers observed scratches and bruises on the girl’s face and a bite mark on her arm. Semaria told them the injuries were from an after school fight between her daughter and other kids, but Tameria later told social workers that her mother had caused the injuries after drinking.

According to a police report, after her arrest on the night of her daughter’s death, Semaria “refused to walk, pretended to fall asleep, changed ailments throughout arrest and smelled of metabolizing alcohol on her breath.” She also never once asked about her daughter’s condition.

Semaria’s family says she loved her children and that if she did stab Tameria, it was by accident. In fact, they say she too is a victim. They say Semaria was a victim of domestic violence, and that the system had let Semaria down.

Tameria’s brothers, ages 7, 4, 2 and 1, are now in foster care. Family members on the children’s father’s side are attempting to gain custody.

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  • WTF! Just another sick example of how kids are let down by the system. They should have been removed a long time ago 🙁

    I was just telling my girlfriend about this after I posted the above. It reminded me of a case here in the UK of a little boy called Baby P, look it up 🙁

  • NY_Mommy

    Baby P still haunts me to this day. Its that one that I’ll never shake or forget the details of.

  • NY_Mommy

    Fuck the fucking family. She loved her kids, she stabbed her daughter by accident. Bullshit. Fuck them and fuck her. She’s a fucking cunt that doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air I do. I don’t give a flying fuck if she was abused or not. According to the neighbor, her man walked out on her. Sounds like she went in the house and took out her anger on that poor sweet innocent child. And what the fuck with CPS already? They knew the girl was being abused. Saw the evidence and the child told them herself yet the children were allowed to remain in the bitch’s care? Wow. This was totally avoidable.

  • BlueJeansandLace

    CPS failed these kids. The family failed these kids. Now a little girl (who would have turned 9 today) is dead and still people make excuses for the mother….. Oh and the crap story??? – sandwiches being made by an 8 yr old at 2 in the morning? Answering the door at two am in this city? I live in Detroit – you don’t answer the door at 2 in the morning… shoot, not even at 8 am if you’re smart.

  • Anosmia

    An accident! How the hell do you accidentally stab your child in the chest! How awful that the system failed Tameria. They clearly knew there was abuse taking place, so she should NOT have been living in that house.

  • I just looked it up. They tortured that poor child. Sick world we live in when parents do this kind of shit to their own kids.

  • Buffettgirl

    Beyond disgusting…

  • Horrible. I do not get why women do this shit. Absolutely horrid. When I became a mother I vowed that my children’s lives would come before my own. This sucks. I hope that bitch fries.

  • I just read that it gave me chills and I want to cry for these babies but then I get angry at these POS parents, why the fuck do they do this to these kids? Just why? Struggle to get them back to torture them? I just can’t understand behavior this depraved.

  • Athena

    Just a note: It’s actually a judge who determines whether or not a child stays at home. CPS cannot remove a child on a long term basis without a judge’s order.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Semaria’s family says … she too is a victim.”

    Absolutely!! I’ll bet that knife didn’t come with an instructional video or a simple user guide. I’m guessing that it had no stickers that indicated which end was the victim and which end was killer. I’m betting that it didn’t have a 3 day waiting period with a FBI back ground check, either.

    How can ladders be safer than knives? You could fall, perhaps, a whole, 6″ inches.

    How do these things keep falling into the hands of misunderstood victims?

  • JohnQknowitall

    Neighbors also said that Semaria would often neglect Tameria and her four younger brothers, often leaving the girl home alone to care for her siblings. CPS were also involved with the family and a child abuse case involving Tameria was already pending in family court at the time of her murder.

    In October, social workers observed scratches and bruises on the girl’s face and a bite mark on her arm. Semaria told them the injuries were from an after school fight between her daughter and other kids, but Tameria later told social workers that her mother had caused the injuries after drinking.


  • FrikkenFrak

    I got two descriptive (and restrained) words for this mom: 1. ANIMAL 2. TRASH.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    You don’t answer the door in Detroit at ANY time. Fuck that.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    *looks at her cat* Nope, animal doesn’t fit. My cat isn’t that much of an asshole, and would take better care of his offspring.
    *looks at the garbage can in the kitchen* Nope, this doesn’t work either. This stuff was useful and needed at one time. This bitch NEVER had a motherfuckin purpose.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I highly doubt an eight year old was making a sandwich at 3 am. I also highly doubt that even if she was, she would be using a large kitchen knife.

    This bitched stabbed her little girl because some fucking PENIS walked out on her. She probably blamed her baby girl for her relationship problems and that’s why this baby girl was bitten and bruised. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Andyman

    Dick usually. These useless baby factories seem to thrive on it and want to keep it at all costs. I didn’t delve that much into this so I may be wrong but I’m usually pretty perceptive so before I discount my observations I thought I’d stand by them for now. Might cost me less this way. CPS is a fucking joke.

  • NY_Mommy

    That’s crazy. I thought they had the power to remove children from a home. At least on an emergency basis. I’m just saddened for this child. So many times we read about children that slip under the radar or children who were know to be abused but nobody said anything. Or kids that lied for their parents when child services came knocking. But in cases like this where it was known and the girl wasn’t afraid to say what her mother did and she gets killed anyway. Makes my blood boil.

  • I know a lot of women do it for a dude….but I can never wrap my head around that. My mother was one of those that sold me out for a guy so when I had kids I told my husband that if he ever hurt them well, he wouldn’t have to worry about the law because they wouldn’t be able to find his body. I wish women would understand that their needs pale in comparison to their children’s needs but I know they don’t care so unfortunately this shit will continue.

  • I wish these judges would get maimed. Essentially they are also the ones that dole out sentences. Like the one case where the guy murdered his 6 month old child but got 90 days in jail, yeah that’ll teach ’em right? Fuckity fuck this sucks.

  • brandi

    yep, my first thought. she was causing problems with the douche so she had to rid her. fucking cunt. another dick loving whore

  • I know your family is your family. How can they say it was an accident? They knew that woman was hurting her children.

  • midniteshadows

    Stories like this, where family members defend the accused drive me bat shit crazy. Raging crazy. So, this family thinks Mom’s actions were out of love? Seriously? Abuse is a wonderful way to show how much you love your kids. Oh! The knife thing? That’s Mom’s way of showing absolute love and adoration for her daughter. She didn’t mean to stab her. And let’s trivialize Semaria’s death by making this all about Mom’s abuse. She was the true victim in all this. And what outstanding families and fathers’ of the kids left behind. Where were they before Semaria was killed? I guess they were showing how much they loved the kids too by not being involved.

    I hate, hate, hate, people like this. These people should be held accountable for not intervening and protecting these kids in the first place.

  • JJ

    This is why abortion should always
    be legal some bitches dont need to have kids…O yea fuck this bitch she could eat a aids cake and fucking die slow

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I love dick, too, but jesus. I love my kids WAY more.

  • come_and_see

    Child abuse is a hidden epidemic in the USA. We have the highest reported child abuse cases in the developed world.

  • Abroad

    I somehow do not think that Semaria would have taken advantage of that option had it been available…….

  • shtzskia

    Reading this just made me hate people.

  • I know the Attorney of the mother very well. *sigh*

  • Then how would we get our packages from the mail carrier or UPS man.

  • Your neighborhood be horrible because I was able to answer my door at 8:00 am with no issues. You may want to relocate.

  • Tanya Mobley

    They CAN however remove them on an EMERGENCY basis when they find things like, hmmm??…BITE MARKS!!! Certainly after the C&%$ LIED and the child said the C*&% was responsible!!

  • Tanya Mobley

    Beautifully said NY…I wish these animals would simply be put down like the animals they are.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    He leaves a slip on your door. You go pick it up.

  • Do you know how mad I would be if the came to my house,didn’t knock and left a slip? I would find a gun just to shoot out their tires next time they came by.

  • kimbev69

    and these judges are idiots for the most part, in my area “passaic County nj” when i was training to become a CASA, they let you know which judges play nice and take into account your info on the case and which ones want nothing to do with you as a volunteer and will pretty much ignore your ass, it’s insane…

  • kimbev69

    one other thing i learned which i think pushed me to the limit with my breakdown, most of the cases of severe abuse even ending in death are not even prosecuted…they explained that they are too hard to prove even when the only person with the child is the one that killed him/her or abused them severely…most often no charges are filed, it broke my heart that those kids i would be trying to help wouldn’t ever get justice and due to some incompetant judge may be pushed back into an unsafe environment…

  • Soobs

    The judge denied the removal. CPS didn’t fail, and actually, it was a referee, not a judge.

  • I have a 10yr old son and I try to think about doing the things that some of these monsters do to their children to my son and my brain hits a brick wall. Like, I physically CANNOT finish the thought – the synapses in my brain don’t fire that way. And if I try to force it, I get nauseous. I just DON’T. UNDERSTAND. My baby boy is sleeping next to me right now and when I look at him, my heart swells with so much love. Even with all our problems, his severe ADHD, my clinical depression, financial problems, etc., I could never EVER do anything to harm him. I would take a bullet for him. I don’t understand how or why or what would push these ANIMALS to do these terrible things. I can picture that baby’s face, looking up at her mother as she plunged that knife into her belly. Fright, betrayal, heartbreak? *sigh* OK, I’m done. I’m going to go spoon with my son and our dog. Everyone give your babies (human and otherwise) extra love tonight and pray for the ones that don’t get enough. xoxo PA – Sorry if this comment was a bit graphic for some. I was just typing as the thoughts raced into my head and out my fingertips.