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SAN DIEGO, CA —  A mother in California admitted to investigators that she drowned her 4-year-old autistic son in the bathtub because she was tired of taking care of him.

Back in March, 36-year-old Patricia Corby drove to a police substation and confessed to drowning her son, Daniel. Police would find her son wrapped in a blanket in the backseat of her SUV.  Efforts were made to revive Daniel, who was diagnosed with a high likelihood for autism, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. Corby was arrested and charged with murder and assault on a child.

She would later tell Walter Escobar, an investigator with the District Attorney’s Office, that she drowned her son because she had no life due to her whole existence being dedicated to Daniel. She had initially thought of drowning herself, but didn’t want leave Daniel behind. So she filled a bathtub with a few inches of water, placed Daniel inside, then held him down until he died.

She said she tried to follow through with her original plan of drowning herself, but was unable to do so. Realizing what she had done was wrong, she decided to drive to the police station with Daniel’s body so she could turn herself in.

During her September court hearing, Corby cried loudly and kept her face hidden behind her hair. Her husband testified about the emotional and financial stress the family endured in regards to Daniel’s care, including being $70,000 in debt from Daniel’s physical and speech therapy, special diets and hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

He also testified that Daniel was making progress. “I saw real cognitive gains,” Duane Corby said in San Diego Superior Court, adding that Daniel had begun to use complete sentences and could identify all the letters in the alphabet. “I was more than willing to put everything I had into it,” the father said. His wife “always wanted more.”

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Corby was back in court last Thursday, where she pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. She will be back in court on Jan 28, when she will be sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

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  • JGo555

    “His wife always wanted more…”

    This is the type of bitch that in her head, she wanted to live like Sex in the City characters. When she found her “Mr.Big”, he then did NOT turn out to be so & instead of walking out like nothing happened, decided to kill everything & everyone.

    Fuck her. Show her no mercy.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “I saw real cognitive gains,” Duane Corby said in San Diego Superior Court, adding that Daniel had begun to use complete sentences and could identify all the letters in the alphabet. “

    Sadly, the same can’t be said about the U.S. Congress…… 🙁

  • CT

    Screw her. You don’t get do overs with your son because the first version didn’t turn out the way Dr. Sears said he should.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    As a parent of an autistic child, I think they should just take the bitch out back and shoot her. Since she said she *tried* to kill herself, I’m sure she would welcome being dead.

  • brandi

    15 years is just not enough……..

  • Chinchillazilla

    As someone on the spectrum, I don’t think I can type out what I want done to this woman without getting a visit from the authorities.

  • Andyman

    This makes me sad and mad on multiple levels. I have a nephew on the spectrum and he has blossomed over the past couple years. While his “condition” isn’t perfect or “fixed” he will be just fine. Is it harder to raise an autistic child? No fucking question. Is it worth the extra effort? No question about it. While I empathize with the frustration that this seems to dictate, it’s still a child; yours – you should learn that life and happiness isn’t solely about you. In the long run you will see that the efforts required; whether a “normal” or autistic child, the effort will be worth the result. Please be your child’s biggest advocate; autistic or otherwise.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I don’t know if I would be able to handle raising an autistic child, but I would handle raising the child better than living (or dying) with the murder of another human.

  • My son is autistic, and wasnt speaking by almost four. There is a special place in hell for her, to be sure.

  • Whatevn

    Ba bum tss

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    So, if it isn’t perfect, it must be disposed of, huh? I simply can’t wrap my head around the kind of maternal disconnect that she had…

  • Rachel Ann

    i hope someone drowns this wretched bitch in a jail house urinal. I know its a long shot but a girl can dream right ?

  • tkaz

    I know there’s different levels of severity but I feel with the correct education, support and guidance autistic kids could be the ones that change our world. We’re so quick to squash what we don’t understand in this society.
    Imagine, someone who cannot connect or learn on our “normal” level is the one to discover how to cure cancer, world peace or something. Not saying they’re Einstein smart (some probably are), but they see the world differently & that can’t be a bad thing.
    The mom didn’t get perfection so she killed what wasn’t her idea of perfect.

  • *that*
    is the real fall out of all that “autism epidemic” talk, the “cure
    autism” movement, the constant allegations that your autistic child is defective,
    has been stolen, has NO SOUL

  • This fucking bitch. She is one they need to lethal inject. My oldest is autistic and while it hasn’t been all unicorn farts and rainbows I’ never hurt him, hell I’m his biggest advocate because if I don’t stand for his right no one will. This bitch here pisses me off. She should have killed herself and let that baby have a life with someone who could teach him and love him. fucking bitch.

  • I agree. I know a few and my son is also autistic and they are extremely good with different things my son and a few of his friends are amazing at math and who knows what he could accomplish, much like this young man. This pisses me off so bad.

  • I wonder which bleeding heart asshole keeps down-voting those advocating the death penalty for her.

  • My son also didn’t speak till he was 4,wasn’t toilet trained till 6. He’s 10 now and made great strides. It is difficult but I will say with each triumph he experiences I feel a great sense of joy for him knowing that he struggles. While he may not reach every mile-stone as everyone else does I know that he will eventually get to where he needs to be. This bitch needs to fry. really she does.

  • The downvote riders are making a good showing today.

  • o.O Can’t say I’ve seen anything like that. Nothing but attempts at educating people about what it is.

  • Sam

    She killed him when he was starting to show signs of improvement? Sounds like she never wanted a child, she wanted a picture-perfect doll.

  • t0ofly

    jesus christ. sometimes you need to cull the sick ones from the herd.

  • spayneuteryourpets

    Can someone please explain to me why mothers who want to kill themselves think they are the only one who could possibly love and care for their child? That is some twisted thinking.

  • Minerva

    On one level I feel bad for her because, as any parent can attest to, sometimes you get pushed to the point where you’re at the end of our rope. However the difference between being a grown up and a child is being able to control your emotions.

    That poor baby didn’t deserve to die because mommy couldn’t deal. She could have easily called someone, anyone, for help.

    Also isnt it funny how every murdering parent always says they “planned” on killing themselves but seem to fail at something they so easily could do to an innocent child.

  • KKef

    Whoever it is, I don’t care, but I sorta get their point. I FEEL like this bitch should die. Problem is, I KNOW that it is not right or effective to smack a kid up side the head while saying “Don’t hit your sister” My logical self says it is no better to kill a killer. I still feel like she deserves to die…

  • Fifteen years?! FIFTEEN?! So that translates as 4 1/2 years behind bars. Hopefully, the State of California forces her to get her damn tubes tied….no, wait, check that. Just remove her womb. Without the benefit of anesthesia.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    What have you been smoking? I only see good things….

  • Chinchillazilla

    I think she means that people talking about “curing” it give the false impression that it is curable, when I doubt the underlying neurological issues can be changed for existing children/adults (at least as we are now). It also implies that we are imperfect/incomplete, making parents feel like failures for producing defective children. No, we’re not perfect, but no one is, and with the right help we can become valuable members of society. We see things differently and it can be extremely helpful to hear our perspectives on things. We don’t need to be *cured*, we just need more help and guidance than most.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I doubt that had anything to do with this mother killing her son.

    There’s a big leap between wishing there was a cure (even if it’s wrong to some people) and killing the baby. BIG. They’re not even on the same planet.

  • abbys_mom

    My first thought, after the father’s comment, is to wonder how much of the care landed solely on the mother. There’s no excuse for what she did, but as a friend to many with autistic children, I’ve seen all too often the mother left alone to deal with the issues faced with autistic children, while the father and other family members step back and let her carry the weight alone. Very often, the mother ends up being a stay at home caregiver, and the spouse is “too tired” from work to deal with anything, so that the mother essentially never gets a break. Having also been on a few boards for those dealing with disabled and autistic kids, I’ve seen this countless times, mothers crying out for help because their husbands and families leave them on their own to cope with the hard stuff.

  • Curry

    Why oh why do these people alw always seem to fail at killing themselves first!!

  • Justagirl

    My brother robbed a pharmacy [[unarmed]] and received 15 years in prison. What he did was (obviously) wrong, but doesn’t justify the same sentance as a baby murderer. Our system is seriously flawed.

  • newstarshipsmell

    I held off saying this to see if anyone else would… you know how downvote-averse I am and all. But let’s give her a sliver of credit for coming clean right off the bat. She didn’t attempt to hide what she’d done or give cops the runaround… hell, she promptly drove herself down to the police station and turned herself in, and voluntarily confessed to her crime. I wish fewer parents would kill their kids, but failing that, I wish more child-murdering parents would follow her example. Save everyone time and money and get them out of decent society. I mean, even after the credit, she’s still way in the red, so we can give her that, right?

  • Sue Scott

    My son is autistic and I raised him by myself for six years. This waste of life has no excuse. She has someone to help with the finances and someone there to help them every day. I had only myself and my son and a second child to raise(not autistic) and I was able to do it for six years (I recently married) but if I could do it BY MYSELF for SIX YEARS what excuse does this monster have? none. I hope she gets beatings on a regular basis in prison.

  • Sue Scott

    I agree wholeheartedly also as a parent of an autistic child.

  • Sue Scott

    Ironic you mentioned Einstein. Many researchers believe he was also on the spectrum of autism.

  • Sue Scott

    Sorry abbys_mom but I still feel nothing but contempt for this woman. Until recently when I married do you know who I had to help me with my autistic son? no one. No spouse, no partner, no family, no friends. I did it by myself for six years. I only have a very small family and they lived too far away and none of us could afford for me to move closer to them otherwise they would have helped. I raised an autistic child and a second child by myself, worked three jobs and the only support I had was one call a month to my grandmother. I never killed my child. This bitch should fry. PERIOD.

  • Edward Richtofen

    wasnt it an autistic child that gunned down 23 babies recently. These “angels” turn into monsters. she did the right thing.

  • Cassy_Again

    When y’all are done whooping her ass, could you please find the father who abandon his child and didn’t bother having enough contact to be aware of the mother’s deteriorating mental state. If daddy took the boy 3 or 4 days a week, or took over the care giving on a regular basis, I can almost guarantee you this story would not be here. I don’t seen any mention of the father there, so I’m assuming he was off celebrating the New Year while his son was taking his last breath.

  • So I have noticed. Bleeding heart fucks.

  • I see your point to an extent but in all honesty with the way she behaved and showed that she had no regard for her own son’s life why should anyone show her compassion and have regard for her life?

  • Seriously? I was a single parent with an autistic child, another child with ADHD and a toddler. It was ONLY me taking care of my kids, working full time, in college full time and dealing with all the other shit. I literally had no one for a good 5 years as I have no family at all. NEVER did I once want to hurt my son. Often I would cry because I felt helpless in helping him because I did not know what to do but I never laid a finger on him. I had no advocates helping me when the school decided to fuck with him so after everything was done I would stay up for hours on end researching HIS rights as a person. The struggles that autistic kids face is more than anyone involved can know so I feel nothing but anger for her. It is hard, it does suck but there is no excuse for what this bitch did. She is not remorseful she had no regard for anyone’s feelings but herself. She is a selfish asshole that needs to burn.

  • You are an asshole…..and no they assume he was but there was no record of it.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Re-read the story. Her husband was clearly mentioned, and he was at work when she chose to end their child’s life.

  • BlueJeansandLace

    Makes me wonder what kind of mother she would be to a “typical” child.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Reading is hard.

  • what a horrible person. my son is very disabled..he is deaf, severely delayed, cant eat solid food and has a feeding tube, cant talk, probably wont talk..and on top of that,he has a sleep disorder which means i am up all night long reading about these assholes! seriously, how cruel can you get?! its not the kids fault!! 🙁

  • KKef

    If we kill someone for killing, the killing doesn’t stop. We just did to them what they did to their victim. We just became a killer. That’s my thought process, but it doesn’t change how I feel.

  • alphatroll

    An ignorant asshole AND he can’t count.

  • brandi

    i’m with you. please fry this bitch. i really want to drown her… i can’t even look at that little face of her son’s without wanting to pack my hunting gear and get a move on…..

  • brandi

    i don’t want her dead. it would make me more happy to see her spit on, shit on, and tortured within an inch of her life for the rest of her days. she deserves more than the easy way out.

  • I totally agree. Pisses me off to no extent.

  • I still believe in things as they did in the past which were deemed somewhat barbaric but it said an eye for an eye. So I think that maybe she shouldn’t die but be water boarded and tortured the rest of her life so she relives every day knowing how her son felt the last few minutes prior to his death…..that would be the only acceptable reason to keep her alive but I tend to have a vivid imagination when it comes to punishing assholes who hurt or kill innocent children especially when it is based on their own selfish agenda.

  • Tis true lol

  • FrikkenFrak

    Wow….my son has Autism, too. Clearly I’m not alone here.

    As for this “mom”…well, certainly my son is my gift and I love him with every ounce of me. If this woman didn’t have the makeup to deal with this, I get it. It can be heartbreaking and difficult. But just like ALL parents are advised to do…if you can’t handle it, get help or give the child up. He may not have had a perfect life in the foster system, but it’s better than being dead. In my case, I can’t imagine having anyone other than my Jon as my son. I love him more than life.

    Btw…my son is 21.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Seriously, I’m surprised at how many of us here have kids on the spectrum. Wow.

  • FrikkenFrak

    As a mom of a kid with Autism, I just wanted to say thank you for your kind and supportive words.

  • KKef

    I agree with you on so many things, and admire your strength and resolve when it comes to your kids and taking care of them on your own. I can relate 🙂 My little people were always adored and cared for, probably more carefully when I was at my lowest in life. Can’t ever understand how people can do these things to children.
    This conversation has got me thinking so much about capital punishment. My own statement about what I FEEL and what I KNOW has led me to question whether we execute people for emotional reasons or logical reasons. Never has it crossed my mind till today – what is it like for the executioner? That’s the person pulling the plunger or flipping the switch for our society’s belief system. Lots to ponder there. So far, from what I have read, those who will speak at all about it don’t feel they helped society one iota by executing the condemned. Not what I expected to see at all.
    Did you know that firing squads are set up so several people shoot in unison and none knows who was the actual killer of the convicted? (diffusion of responsibility is a real brain bender for me in regard to executing a human) In 2010 we had one of those executions here in the US.
    I have always been of the opinion that eye for an eye is the best way, but I can’t even say where I will land after I finish researching this subject.

  • Andyman

    Eye for a fucking eye if you ask me. If we did this more we wouldn’t be in the financial and other dire straights we are in as a society in the USA. A bullet costs a lot less than a 40 year stay in Attica (or worse/better depending on your perspective.) Now where is Athena? 🙂

  • KKef

    I know 🙁 And now I am stuck considering if I myself can support the action to end the life of the convicted, have that blood on my hands, and be satisfied, OR is it worth the money to keep the fucker alive till they reach death’s door on their own while incarcerated, and not have done exactly what they did. Athena I would appreciate hearing your input too 🙂

  • Andyman

    No question of whether what you described is in fact *the question* – Now we come full circle – if there is admitted guilt, and / or copious amounts of evidence – is it better to serve justice, as well as reduce costs to the public by eradicating such a menace to society or do we nod that it was wrong/the problem/and continue to remediate said problem? Or do we just go ahead and “solve” it? Notice the use of quotes before you reply. 🙂

  • tkaz

    🙂 You’re Welcome.

  • Maybe because I have lived through hell like this and barely made it out alive drives my contempt for assholes like this. I do believe in karma and I know that the person that hurt me for years when I was a kid died alone and in immense pain. I honestly felt bad for him even after fantasizing for years that I would be the executioner at his trial for what he did to me. I still believe in a way it would provide closure to some if they were allowed to pull the plug/plunger but that is gauged only on my feelings I know that as a kid I loved the people who hurt me (now as an adult I despise them), for some reason feeling obligated to them. I guess that’s why this bothers me so much is these children love their abusers unconditionally and keep being hurt by them and there is never any relief other than death for them. I can tell you based on my experience and that of those who I have spoken to like me there is never any true relief from being abused as a child, it sticks with you for life like luggage. The people who do these fucked up things should be punished in a manner that they have bestowed punishment to these kids because only then a partial true justice is served. While this is my opinion I know that some feel the same. Its a sticky subject so who really knows what is right or wrong in the demise of this sick fuckers.

  • KKef

    You are a true survivor, and even made it out with a conscience 🙂 Good for you!

    I am disgusted with the concept that the victims of these fucks seem to have no choices in many respects, and the offender seems to have so many choices. They get to choose how they die, what they eat, so many menial things, but they get to choose. Fuck that. It really bothers me.

    And yeah, the more I have looked into this, the less I really know about what is just, and for whom.

  • M_Celeste

    Makes me think of an episode of the Howard Stern show where Stern was jumping on Scott Salem because Scott had bought an expensive purebred puppy from some random breeder instead of adopting a shelter dog (like like Howard had suggested). Scott was considering having it euthanized because it was going to have to have expensive surgery due to some hip problem (or something) it was having although it would still have a good quality of life after the surgery. One of his excuses was that he had not really “bonded” with the pup yet. Which was bad enough, but then the guy was also talking about getting ANOTHER dog of the same breed afterwards. This angered Stern (a dog lover) even more, so he sarcastically said to Scott, “Get five more dogs. Whatever ones you bond to, keep, and which ever ones you don’t, discard”.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons


  • Lopez10

    15 years? she took away at least 60 years off her son’s life by drowning him. Its so sad to see how the justice system works. This is a joke. She deserves more than that. Im sure people in prison will take care of her.

  • t0ofly

    leave the trolling for CNN disqus.

  • Dave

    Fuck You.

  • Somehow these types never follow through with their original plan of offing themselves too. Too bad she didn’t off herself first.