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Irving, TX — Two Texas women are suing after a state trooper subjected them to a roadside body cavity search that was captured on video. On top of that, the case is being investigated by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office’s public integrity division and will go before a grand jury in January.

Angel Dobbs, 38, and her niece, Ashley Dobbs, 24, were driving down State Highway 161 one night last July when they were pulled over by state trooper David Farrell. The trooper told them he had seen someone in the car throwing out cigarette butts and then asked to search their vehicle for drugs because they were “acting weird.”

When his search failed to yield any illegal substances, he enlisted the help of female trooper Kellie Helleson to assist in a cavity search of both women. So on the side of the road, in front of a camera and passing motorists, Helleson probed both women’s anus and vagina while using the same latex glove.

In the video you can hear trooper Farrell tell the women he smells marijuana coming from the vehicle and Dobbs stating that, to the best of her knowledge, there was no marijuana in the vehicle. After being searched, Dobbs tells Farrell that the experience has been browneye-opening and that she has been violated. “I had finger in my ass and a finger in my pussy,” Dobbs can be heard saying.

Angel Dobbs was given a roadside sobriety test, which she passed, and the two women were let go with warnings for littering. But the women were not thrilled about being molested on the side of 161, and decided to sue.

They ended up filing a lawsuit against Farrell and Helleson, along with the head of their department. They are alleging they were subjected to a search that was as humiliating as it was illegal. Dobbs also claims that when Helleson fingered her butthole, she aggravated an anal cyst and is still suffering “continuing pain and discomfort.”

The lawsuit also names Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, saying he knew about complaints regarding unlawful strip searches, yet failed to do anything about it. The women’s attorney, Scott H. Palmer, said the searches were nothing more than a roadside sexual assault. “No one’s ever seen the likes of this,” he said. “We can’t let them get away with it.”

Until today, I never though I would watch a video of a female cop fingering two women on the side of the road without getting just a little aroused. Yet here I sit, with a flaccid penis.

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