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Irving, TX — Two Texas women are suing after a state trooper subjected them to a roadside body cavity search that was captured on video. On top of that, the case is being investigated by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office’s public integrity division and will go before a grand jury in January.

Angel Dobbs, 38, and her niece, Ashley Dobbs, 24, were driving down State Highway 161 one night last July when they were pulled over by state trooper David Farrell. The trooper told them he had seen someone in the car throwing out cigarette butts and then asked to search their vehicle for drugs because they were “acting weird.”

When his search failed to yield any illegal substances, he enlisted the help of female trooper Kellie Helleson to assist in a cavity search of both women. So on the side of the road, in front of a camera and passing motorists, Helleson probed both women’s anus and vagina while using the same latex glove.

In the video you can hear trooper Farrell tell the women he smells marijuana coming from the vehicle and Dobbs stating that, to the best of her knowledge, there was no marijuana in the vehicle. After being searched, Dobbs tells Farrell that the experience has been browneye-opening and that she has been violated. “I had finger in my ass and a finger in my pussy,” Dobbs can be heard saying.

Angel Dobbs was given a roadside sobriety test, which she passed, and the two women were let go with warnings for littering. But the women were not thrilled about being molested on the side of 161, and decided to sue.

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They ended up filing a lawsuit against Farrell and Helleson, along with the head of their department. They are alleging they were subjected to a search that was as humiliating as it was illegal. Dobbs also claims that when Helleson fingered her butthole, she aggravated an anal cyst and is still suffering “continuing pain and discomfort.”

The lawsuit also names Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, saying he knew about complaints regarding unlawful strip searches, yet failed to do anything about it. The women’s attorney, Scott H. Palmer, said the searches were nothing more than a roadside sexual assault. “No one’s ever seen the likes of this,” he said. “We can’t let them get away with it.”

Until today, I never though I would watch a video of a female cop fingering two women on the side of the road without getting just a little aroused. Yet here I sit, with a flaccid penis.

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  • They deserve to be sued. I hope the cops get jail time.

  • One of the many reasons I loathe Texas, their “law enforcement techniques”. Flicking a cigarette butt out the window is a warning at best, on a really slow night. Also, how is it legal to cavity search someone without probable cause. The claim of the smell of marijuana is not enough for a judge to except as probable cause so why are these cowboys allowed to make this decision? I would have been like “fuck you, get an x-ray!” i hope they win their lawsuit.

  • Also, they probably went ass to vagina…to mouth later on.

  • chikonanklemonitor

    OMG I really wish they would do something like this to me! I’m not even gay but they are going to get HUGE bankgasms off that! GoOO Texas! FTP- (public enemy if youre old enough to remember)

  • JohnQknowitall

    How common practice is public cavity searches? What in the fuck are people thinking? What? It cuts back on paperwork? Ludicrous. (btw the video is currently unavailable so of course I am flaccid too)

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Jan 1, 2013 – Geneva, Switzerland – Today global Urologists, Gynecologists, Proctologists, and Traffic Engineers gather together to create the world’s first international ‘Strip Search Ahead’ road sign.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Man, I flick butts out the window all the time while driving. I never get pulled over and treated to a free fingerjob. I’m moving to Texas.

  • Whatevn

    ^That wins the post, for me.

  • Re-enactment?

  • alphatroll

    Aww, video broken… 🙁

    But seriously, this is why people hate cops. If cops are serious about not being hated everywhere they go, they should gang up and either lock up or just kill fellow cops who act this way. And yes, I mean that. You shouldn’t become a cop unless you’re willing to place everybody else’s life ahead of your own.

  • Athena

    But, then where will all the sociopaths work? Politics is all full up, I believe. I fear they would be forced into daycare. 😉

  • Athena

    Actually, smelling marijuana is acceptable probable cause for all sorts of searches. Cavity searches? Probably not. But every day in America, thousands of people get searched legally on the basis that the officer “smells marijuana” (but not in my state anymore!).

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    Flicking a cigarette butt out of the window is up to a $1000 fine in the State of California. In 1998 a friend of mine was ultra pissed that she was pulled over an ticketed and fined $1000 for that offense. I said, well then don’t litter lit cigarette butts, it is a crime. I would have taken her side if she were cavity searched instead of fined though.

  • newstarshipsmell
  • I know the smell of gas lets an officer use probable cause assuming someone’s life may be in danger. How they can apply that logic to the smell of marijuana just goes beyond reasoning. Leaving that aside, how would the law differentiate between that smell and a passing skunk? At what point did we declare officers are experts in aroma? I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’m just saying it’s wrong.

  • I updated with a censored version for now.

  • Sam

    Aunt and niece with the same glove? So… Forcible Incest by Cop?

  • NY_Mommy

    I can see why they are upset. I require a lil more foreplay before you try and slip your finger in my ass.

    On an unrelated note, all this ass probing talk makes me wonder where the hell Pete went??

  • newstarshipsmell

    He went where the weasels flock to.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Let’s just hope that neither one of them had herpes. Or ticks. Or crabs. Because that would be just like a cherry on top.

  • “Yo. Do you know where I can get some shit?”

  • Athena

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • t0ofly

    Who here has ever thought… Instead of swallowing my weed I’m going to shove it up my ass.

    Nobody, fuck those guys.

  • Whatevn

    After seeing the video, this leaves me all find of frustrated.

    >:I No this didnt come with an intented sexual pun.

  • LuvsHorror

    If the cop thought he smelled mj, why not get drug sniffing dog out there? Is it really legal to do a cavity search on the side of the road? I would have refused. What would have happened if they refused? This is outrageous!

  • …This whole story sounds like an intro to a bad porno…I’m just saying.

  • Aslan

    I absolutely agree with you. They both have cause to sue the police department into bankruptcy (or at least a public apology).
    I’m glad they said something, this is unacceptable behavior even if you happen to be wearing a badge.
    As a matter of fact, had some random guy been doing it I would hope an actual officer would have arrested him.

  • Minerva

    There is NO reason for a cavity search and they should be put in jail and subject to one everyday while in there. You need a warrant to search a home but not finger someone’s ass? Let alone in the middle of a roadway?

    Someone tries to touch me after a bullshit and fruitless car search? One word. Lawyer. Bet they wouldn’t have pulled that shit (pun intended).

  • Centurion

    The Female Trooper is a known BUTCH. She and the other trooper have done this before. This is how she gets some of her jollies. I hope other women come forward to tell their story

  • Jessica Stewart

    They did go ass to vag, actually, in the video, on both of the women, and if you consult any gyno that absolutely increases the potential for infection. Esp. when you don’t change gloves…..eeeeewwwww. Who trained these people? Additionally, is it normative that a cop could just call another cop of the “appropriate” sex and ask them to strip search someone on the side of a road? This smells of not only corruption, but collaboration as well.

  • Casioknight

    I prefer to shove it behind my eyeball. Cops never look there.

  • Casioknight

    To be fair, here in Australia, it can be treated as arson. but we have a reason for that.

  • Sam

    Actually, TECHNICALLY, wouldn’t that be the cherry down below? ;P

  • Andyman

    Hell they went ass to vag to niece’s ass to vag. Talk about sloppy seconds. EWWWW. And what if the older one had an STD (herpes comes to mind) – Talk about a lawsuit. These cops deserve to be sued, fired and then some.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I’m totally against the very public and recorded cavity search, unless it’s by a super hot male officer (or a female one who looks like Angelia Jolie) who will make sure I get mine first. 😛

    Seriously, though, flicking a butt out the window is dangerous here, especially now. It deserves way more than a warning but not quite what these women were subjected to.

  • Ok so I downplay a lit cigarette in a possible dry area a bit. I’m sure it is more of an issue than where I’m at. However, knowing the typical attitude carried by cowboy cops, it just wouldn’t surprise me if they use it as an excuse to pull them over. Also, I could totally pull off the cop look 😉

  • How much more?

  • that_jazzylady

    I remember…

  • What part needed to be censored?

  • The video currently attached does not include the entire altercation, blurs out the actual searching, and does not include Dobbs complaining to the trooper about having “a finger in her ass and in her pussy.”

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Forced out of Hollywood, two actors go into Texas law enforcement. With hopes of re-igniting their careers, they still sometimes perform on camera in public.

    Bullwinkle: Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
    Rocky: Again?
    Bullwinkle: Presto!
    Lion: ROAR!!!
    Bullwinkle: Oops, wrong hat.

  • Ah, so the “official” version. I know you didn’t censor it, just couldn’t finger out why someone would.

  • Well, you know the news and their standards. 😛

  • They legit had no reason to suspect they were hiding drugs and then to stick a finger up her ass and around to her vagina using the SAME glove on BOTH women is beyond disgusting. That’s how you get UTI’s which are extremely painful. Just sayin, what if 1 of the women had a std or something and now that’s being smeared all over the other girls’ privates? I think if there was a reason to arrest them then they could of done this strip search at the station, with some level of sanitary concern…there was no reason to treat them like criminals, all they did was toss out a cigarette butt. Litter Bugs? yes. Criminals? not even close. I would be mortified if that happened to me, I toss my butts out the window constantly.

  • Cavity searches arent allowed without medical personal standing by and from what i understand is usually to be performed by one. this is extremely illegal.

  • Gee

    Stick around you will see there are plenty of women the use the vag as a purse all the time.

    There was a story here with a bitch had coins falling out of her ass.

  • Gee

    I saw what you did there 🙂
    *Finger out

  • Gee

    I would a nice diner before I get finger banged. Just sayin….

  • whoopsidaisies

    That was a rape.

  • Gee

    I was thinking they were doing wrong too. Everyone knows with girls it should be front to back not Back to front.

  • FangDelGato

    I was arrested with 15oz of pot (grade, too) and 6.5 grams of coke back in my bad girl days. I was strip searched at the jail, had to do the squat-n- cough and take out all my piercings, and I wasn’t CAVITY SEARCHED! I still have an abiding distrust of all law enforcement and detest cops/sociopaths (thanks Athena) that power trip people like these two.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I hope they win big in their lawsuits. No one deserves to be subjected to something like that on the side of the road. And as it has already been mentioned, the cavity search was EXTREMELY unprofessional and could have given both ladies vaginal infections. Both of those cops need to lose their badges and any benefits associated with their careers in law enforcement. What these women had to suffer was pure bullshit.

  • Whoa, sounds like a party to me.

  • In my experience, female cops have no problem with touching my junk.

  • alphatroll

    Can’t record smells on video. Which, for abusive cops, is a good thing. It becomes your word against theirs.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Probable cause, baby. It’s all about probable cause. 😉

  • tinalib13


  • When I did Law Enforcement in the Army in Germany. I had to do a strip search on a guy busted by his command for possession of 1/2 a gram of hashish. We took this guy, with a second MP witnessing the search. I will never forget having to do this. For a 1/2 gram? To this grunt fresh out of maneuvers from the Fulda training area. His hairy ass emanated a smell that could strip the paint off of a foot locker. He had to spread em…We were not allowed to “dig around”. I would have puked huge chunks. A doctor had to do that in the armed forces. We had him squat, cough. All that came out was last nights festering dinner. In a big steamy pile. Then I did blow chunks. I blew serious chunks.

    I felt bad for the guy it was a humiliating experience for him. Utterly revolting for us. The dude just spent two months in the field. Were it up to me. I would have let him go on the minort cannabis charge. His command went full court press and court-marshaled the guy. He got 10months in Ft. Leavenworth followed by a Bad Conduct Discharge. For Cannabis???? I decided after that moment I wanted nothing to do with being a cop. I just can’t treat people like that and have a conscious. He got his life ruined because he wanted to decompress after spending 60 days with an Artillary Battery firing daily practice rounds. Were I in his shoes after all of that….I’d puff down a few spliffs too. Marijuana is no reason to pull this crap. Meth Heads are another story.

  • I would freaking flip if a male officer stuck his finger in my azz, it would be a full blown Rodney King

  • Canuck Gramz

    I agree! That was totally rape!

  • Canuck Gramz

    Thank you I just lost my appetite for my bedtime snack.

  • Canuck Gramz

    Totally agree!!! They should go to jail and/or be practice victims for police training.

  • Canuck Gramz

    This is sick sick SICK!! Those girls did nothing wrong. Those cops completely violated them. Rape by the roadside and they were too scared and humiliated to say anything. It happens more often than you think. The cops should be charged with sexual assault!

  • Totally OT: Where were you in Germany? My first husband was an MP in Baumholder and we spent 3 years out there. Your story doesn’t surprise me – there were a lot of nasty ones like that. 😡

  • JGo555

    A message to smoking readers: Planet Earth is NOT your personal ashtray. Fucking USE an ashtray or the garbage.

  • Hayz

    This is disgusting. Those two cops deserve to go to jail for sexual assault and be sued for every penny they are worth. Their supervisor needs to be fired for threatening to sue the victims is they file a complaint.

  • Minerva

    She also went back to front, then back to front again. Gross.

  • techsupp0rt

    I’m freaking out, man…

  • Stoibs

    How about you fuck off! Even if they had thrown a butt out the window, that does not excuse being sexually assaulted. Only a real piece of shit like yourself would concentrate on the smallest most insignificant detail and use it support your own moral crusade against all those people throwing paper out a fucking window! Dip shit, planet earth is not your ashtray! Get off your fucking computer because the battery requires lithium, which is taken from this planet and is a limited resource, which is powered via coal burning plants! You are doing more damage to this planet than someone throwing a butt out. You are a fucking douche bag piece of shit! Get off your high-horse and grow the fuck up.

  • Stoibs

    If you don’t see that the punishment of $1000 is excessive for flicking a butt out the window, then you need to really re-evaluate some stuff. Simply because there is a law and a punishment for a “crime” that doesn’t mean that it is fair.

  • JGo555

    I DID NOT talk about the women in the story, I was talking to smokers in general.

    Two: FUCKING RELAX. I never called anyone any names, no need to blow up like that.
    I actually DO NOT use my laptop’s battery but i plug it into the wall, however YOU seem to like to throw fucking paper out a window AND you have that lithium battery too. I mean, if you didn’t, you surely wouldn’t blown up like you have.

    And my “own moral crusade”??? Fucker, this is the first time I’ve said ANYTHING about smoking in relation to my post.

    GTFO of here. Ask around, they’ll tell you what kind of horse I ride and my degree of douchness, jackass.

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    You must not live in an area where wildfires are common place. I certainly wouldn’t want my neighborhood burning to the ground because of some smokers inconsiderate behavior. Littering is always unnecessary, it shows a blatant disregard for everything and everyone around you. I would bet that most of the folks featured here are litterers.

  • Unwarranted and unsanitary.

  • Nemesis

    I’m a female Leo that has done dozens of female searches on the side of the road. I pat down the OUTSIDE of the clothing and run my gloved finger around the waist band. I do not stick my hands down anybody’s pants unless I find something that shouldn’t be there and I have to retrieve it. I have the female that I’m conducting the Terry Pat on, pull her own bra out and shake her breasts to make sure nothing falls out. There is no way in hell I’m touching another female’s vajayjay and asshole, even with gloved hands, ESPECIALLY on the side of the road.Yeah, I’ve missed dope that was later found at the jail, but I’ve never missed more than a joint and never missed a weapon.

    I’m not 100% sure or not but this may be a violation of those women’s constitution rights against unlawful searches.

  • Oh Morbid you totally turn me on! I would so do you!

  • Oh Gee! I love when you say that! You are the original “I saw what you did there” King!

  • 😛

  • Pamelq Taylor

    i think i’ll take up smoking and move to TX! XD

  • Pamelq Taylor

    Notice they never do this to people that are methheads just weed smokers.

  • Pawleysgirls

    @Stephanie Mack: “I toss my butts out the window constantly.” Really?? WTF?? You don’t want to dirty up your own car, so you just throw them out the window so the rest of us have to deal with them?
    To quote MyHovercraftIsFullofEels: “Littering is always unnecessary, it shows a blatant disregard for everything and everyone around you.” Enough said.

  • Totally disgusting police behavior .

  • Catttt

    This is repulsive! And nobody should be even so much as an ounce less repulsed just because it was a female who committed this obvious sexual assault! I’m almost speechless over the fact that she not only used the same hand/glove on BOTH women, but that she went anus to vagina on both women, with the young woman having TWO anuses and a vagina on that glove before it entered her vagina. Wow, just wow!

    The female cop has been suspended with pay, and while I understand the notion of doing such a thing, in general, it sickens me to think this woman could do something so egregious–on camera, to boot, so not exactly a situation of a “he said, she said”–and be paid to sit on her ass, and perhaps watch lots of lesbian porn while she’s at it! Ha!

  • I agree if that was anyone else they would be in jail now getting the same treatment. Wtf is this world turning into. Whoa. I fear for my daughters future after reading and seeing half the stuff I do.

  • Whoa if that was anyone else theyd be in jail now getting the same treatment. Wtf is this world coming to.

  • BehemothII

    God that’s so very Hottt!

  • radmacaronicore

    We just came from there. WORST. POST. EVER. I did like being in Germany though.

  • I live here so this taught me to never, ever flick a cigarette out the window.. the officers involved were both suspended..WITH PAY.. what kind of punishment is that exactly??

  • Giessen