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NORTH HAMPTON, MA –– A 27-year-old woman in Massachusetts has been charged with multiple counts of child rape after being accused have having sexual relations with her friend’s 13-year-old son.

Amanda Wilson has been charged with four counts of aggravated rape of a child after prosecutors say she had sex with the boy at his house while his mother was away and while she was caring for him when his family went out of town.

No word on how she got busted, but the boy told investigators that Wilson had showed him and another boy pornography on her laptop and would threaten to kill herself if anyone found out about the two having sex. Court documents reveal Wilson admitted to the rapes, citing “daddy issues.” o_O

Despite her admission, she pleaded not guilty to the charges while in court on Wednesday. She was supposed to appear on November 14, but didn’t show because authorities couldn’t find her to let her know. Despite the earlier no-show, her attorney successfully kept her from having to use a GPS device that would monitor her whereabouts until her June, 2013 pre-trial hearing.

“If she wanted to run, she could have by this point,” her attorney said as he pointed out Wilson came to court on her own accord. He went on to explain that she currently lives with her boyfriend after losing her job, and doesn’t have the money to pay for the phone line needed for the GPS unit to function.

Convinced Wilson was not a flight risk, the judge released Wilson on her own recognizance. She is to refrain from placing any further minor dick into any of her orifices, and was ordered not to contact the victim or have any unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 16.

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  • Dillon_Lewandowski


  • Daddy issues sure go a LONGGGG way!

  • Released on her own recognizance? Well now I wonder if a man had sex with a 13 yr old girl if he’d be released on his own recognizance. I have a feeling thats a big NOPE. She deserves the same treatment a man would get and that includes everybody that can get a hold of her to beat her ass bloody.

  • bethied

    No “minor dick”? Funny, i know just the guy for her if she’s looking for a major dick.

  • Aunt Cathy

    I abso-freaking-lutely concur. Why should she receive any lenience? She should be sitting in jail…no bail!!!

  • Aunt Cathy
  • newstarshipsmell

    Is she fat? It’s kinda hard to tell from that photo.

  • I would say, YES!

  • Why couldn’t this have happened to me when i was younger

  • Too bad no woman ever wanted to have sex with me as a teen.

  • Abroad

    Amazon is suggesting I might want to purchase some pepper spray with this story……

  • JohnQknowitall


    No word on how she got busted, but…

    Telephone. Telegraph. Tell a teen.

  • The fact that you’re not trying to give this 13 year old a high five blows my mind. A vagina does not penetrate, it just absorbs and poses no physical threat – of course unless she doesn’t know how to reverse cowgirl properly and then you can find your unit contorted and slinky shaped afterwards. He’ll be fine. This is absolutely not close to being in the same ballpark as a 13 y/o girl being raped.

  • Whatevn

    What if she raped him with strap-ons? Would she then have her rape treated equally, as a man would?

  • LeaveMeBe

    Lots of those around here.

  • techsupp0rt

    I got… Nutribullet? Wrong kind of ammo!

  • Absolutely! If she used a strap-on to rape instead of just spreading her legs, then she should be given life.

  • tkaz

    Listen, I’m all for sarcasm on front page stories. But your comment comes off lacking empathy for the boy.
    Whether tissue was not torn or anal fissures did not happen this is a child who was underage and was sexually exploited. Raped. Many will argue that rape is impossible if it’s with a vagina but if it was unwanted sexual contact – it’s rape.
    He’s 13. He gets erections, he’s curious of female bodies. Like ANY 13 yr old boy. But this is deeper, this is emotional damage of a different sort. Maybe the kid will shrug it off & move on as a sexual encounter best not revisited. But maybe this will affect him as a betrayal of trust, maybe he will question who he finds attractive in the future.
    Point being he was too young & she was too old & knew better.
    Point being because she did she shouldn’t have been let go.
    I had “daddy issues”…but I handled it the right way & slept with older men once I was of-age. 😛

  • I appreciate your intelligent response and I respect what you are saying. I will refrain from being too personal here on DD, but I can attest that losing your virginity at a very, very young age as a boy is seriously nothing more than a good time. We pop boners at like 6 and 7 and at 13 we are fully aware of the purpose of our penis and when its catered to it leaves no lasting traumatic effect! TRUST ME! The only time I ever wanted to press charges was when I was like 25 and fucked this fat chic when I was drunk and I know she took advantage. I woke up feeling like Shallow Hal. It was horrible!

  • KKef

    This woman coerced a child to keep secrets from his Mom. When a person does that the child is robbed of some of the security their parent can provide. The sex with a kid is sick, but I hate what she did more for the betrayal and mixed feelings the kid gets to sort out.

  • JGo555

    Well this is a step up from the teacher/hambeast featured a few days ago.

  • Pipsmom06

    The fact that you just said child rape is okay blows my mind. It is in the same “ballpark” as a female being raped. Maybe for you it would not be an issue, but for any normal person, there would be lasting psychological trauma from this type of event…you know, the ones who know right from wrong anyway.

  • Pipsmom06

    It is truly sad that you went through that and I am sorry you can’t see that. You cannot apply your feelings about your own rape to other people though. Most people would not shrug it off as you have done. Trust ME on that…

  • Pipsmom06

    The fact that a persons sexual organs are fully functioning, does not mean they are qualified to make decisions about using them. Teenagers are in a hormonal crisis and need responsible adults around who will educate them in an age appropriate manner so that they can make good decisions. They need to be taught how to manage themselves responsibly, and that sex is a serious thing with serious repercussions. This woman’s blatant violation of the trust this boys parents had in her is disgusting. She should not be out on her own recognizance. This is so sad…

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    She needs to be spayed.

  • Athena

    Actually, men being release on their own recognizance for “consensual” sex with a minor happens all the time, believe it or not.

    All rape cases should be dealt with on an individual basis, not what a man would get, or a black person would get, or an old person, or a gay person. Broad brushes are an enemy of justice.

  • Sleeping with someone undesirable and rape are two different things. Maybe you need to stop drinking if you keep waking up feeling disgusted with yourself.

  • Pepper spray and pepper foam here!

  • Athena

    That’s not necessarily true. Boys of this age lose their virginity, sometimes to older women, all the time without psychological consequence.

    Sexual intercourse with an older person is no more damaging than sexual intercourse with someone of the same age unless coercion is involved, be it manipulation or rape. That is what the courts (and society) should focus on. Not the sex itself, but the level of force or manipulation used to gain “consent”. This woman was an adult and should have known better, and for that, she deserves to be punished. But there’s no sense in throwing the book at her unless coercion was involved.

  • Alice is the girl that I was telling you all about.

  • Guest


  • So if I were the girl you’re telling everyone about, then you’re implying that you raped a minor – depending on how long ago you were 25. So what is it, old fart? Are you a kid-diddling rapist or just another loser who gets drunk and regrets it?

  • KKef

    If she did threaten suicide if they told, and showed the kid and his friend porn, I’m going to consider that blatant coercion. The mother leaving the kid with this woman as a caregiver brings an even more serious betrayal piece in- I suppose we shall see how it all turns out after the investigation.

  • KKef

    I see what you are saying – and truthfully we can’t know how each victim will be affected. Some come through seemingly unaffected and some traumatized as you said. I hope that busting people who prey on others through grooming,manipulating & isolating will encourage people to not take the risk of harming another for sexual gratification

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I have daddy issues, and they don’t tell me to rape little boys. NEXT EXCUSE, PLEASE.

  • Haha! I’m 30. This is getting way outta hand. I did state that “raping” a girl of ANY age is completely different from what took place in this story and I can see that this is not a popular opinion… At the end of the day, I mean you no disrespect and I apologize if my sarcasm or if likening you to the “fat chic” in my story offended you, it was a joke. Take care.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Au contraire, a slutty vagina can pose many physical threats. Tiny, tiny physical threats.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I really admire you so much for being a voice of reason 99.9999% of the time. Thanks. 🙂

  • newstarshipsmell

    But what if the strap-on was his idea? Ah, dilemmas.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I agree with you even though it violates my sense of what is right here. Your position is just and well reasoned.

  • Pipsmom06

    Exactly! I understand that this sort of thing happens all the time. That does not make it right. Even if no coercion is involved, when have teenage boys ever been known to make good decisions when it comes to their penises? As adults, we have a responsibility to protect and nurture the children in our society…not take advantage of them.

  • Athena

    Oh, I agree absolutely. The threatening suicide is definitely manipulation, and she should be punished for it. Not sure about the showing the kids porn, though. Classless? Absolutely. Coercion? Not so sure.

    My only point with this line of conversation is that there is a range of sentencing, and the sentence should reflect the level of force or coercion used, not simply the fact that an adult had sex with a minor.

  • Athena

    We agree that the adult in the situation has the responsibility to protect the child. There’s no argument, there. I believe our difference in opinion relates to the level of psychological damage that will be incurred. I simply pointed out that boys who lose their V-card to older women are typically not scarred for life by it unless they are forced or manipulated. It’s the force and manipulation that are damaging, not the sex.

  • Rachel Ann

    She must hate herself to forgo adult penis just to get some kid dick. And she has a bf now….so I’m clearly like huh the what as to WHY she would fuck a kid in the first place. Dry spell? I hope he doesn’t have any younger bro’s or cousins.

  • It’s hard to read tone online, so I’m sorry I took it the wrong way – I did think you were having a go at me and came back with a stinging retort. No harm, no foul and it was funny 🙂

  • well i’m glad for you both getting stuff off your chest and feeling better for the experience, but back to the story

  • Charles Barnes

    How could the strap-on have been the idea of the 13 year-old in this story? I’m pretty sure they’ve been around since since like the Bone Age, or even before.

  • KKef

    The reason the porn thing strikes me as coersion is only because she was in a supervisory position, a caregiver, and doing that builds a barrier between the kid and his parent. For example: mom discovers I watched porn with my friend-not so bad. Mom discovers babysitter showed me & my friend porn-then had sex with me, uh… Mom might not take that so well, shit. Better not tell her.

  • CT

    Why, Pippi Longstockings, why?

  • BehemothII

    I’ve heard of brain farts but a brain bomb is beyond comprehension.

  • She regrets not making her first court appearance but, “she currently lives with her boyfriend after losing her job, and his power wheels needed a change of batteries.”

  • wastintime

    As the mother of 4 boys, I can honestly say there is nothing attractive about a 13 yr old boy. Their voices crack, they tend to smell like Axe, feet, and pizza. They laugh over farts, giggle as much as 13 yr old girls, they are all gangely arms, legs and they tend to have big feet that they have no control over. Sick bitch, she needs a Cunt punt! And jail time.

  • David

    I laugh over farts. I laugh during farts. I laugh AFTER farts and sometimes even BEFORE farts. Farts are funny… I don’t care who ya are. 😉

  • newstarshipsmell

    I can’t pinpoint when exactly I outgrew my automatic response of uncontrolled laughter in reaction to flatulence, but it was probably sometime in my late 20s. I certainly remember being horribly embarrassed in various workplace settings when I was the only person laughing. One of my roommates in training was another late-joiner, around my age, early 30s; unlike me though, he never moved out of his parents’ before enlisting. Apparently his entire family would roar with laughter whenever someone farted at home, and they’d make a huge production out of it. Every time I farted in the room, he started giggling like a schoolgirl, then leaped from his chair to dash over to the automatic/timed air freshener and manually pump it several times. He bought the godawful cinnamon scent that smelled ten thousand times worse than any fart I’ve ever smelled, to boot. I never mocked him about it, because he scored Expert on his first attempt in boot camp, and seemed like a likely candidate to crack.

  • wastintime

    Hahaha! Why would she take the risk of having sex with an underage boy when there are plenty of legal age men who act like 13 yr old boys, like our friend Dave!

  • David

    “I don’t wanna grow up… I’m a Toys R Us kid….”

  • Mistress OfSubs

    Only problem is: by law, anyone under the age of consent cannot legally “consent”.

    But what I really want to know is: exactly what kind of “Daddy Issues” make a grown woman want to bang a 13-year-old boy? I can’t even imagine where THAT is going…

  • Mistress OfSubs

    Your logic is flawed out of the gate. She could have any number of STIs (of which, a number are incurable and could have ruined his sexual future, she could have gotten pregnant and decided to keep the baby (both have happened in similar cases), etc. There are a lot of negative ramifications that go along with the High Fives–none of which that kid ever considered, I’m sure. She was old enough to know better…and there’s something inherently sick in a grown woman who thinks carrying on a sexual affair with a barely-teenaged kid is okay.

  • If it was me,I would have been thanking God

  • agree Pipsmom! I cant help but put myself in the parents position, if this was my son or daughter..omg! Obviously something very wrong with this woman, no question! As for the difference between rapes, minors, male vs female and all of that…I can somewhat understand the views that a male may not have the same trauma, but there would still be trauma (fine to joke, I did even laugh about the ‘high five’ remarks) but its the same for any type of crime, each person handles things differently but it doesnt lessen the crime committed. Rape is still rape, and this is child rape..no grey area, no excuses (wtf ‘daddy issues’??? seriously blatant lawyer tactics I say!) and def no lenience!! If this was my 13yo daughter or 13yo son, the perpetrator male or female, dont care, they can rot in jail (although bullets are cheaper!)
    I hope for this boy’s sake that it can be shrugged off and forgotten about without life long problems, hope he is one of the ‘lucky victims’ who can put the past behind him and have a happy future.

  • Brain, I know plenty of men who would say the same thing and wish they got so lucky etc and its true, boys and their ‘toys’..they are almost born playing with it! lol. But reality vs fantasy would be very different in this situation Im sure.
    The other trauma I forgot to mention in my other reply was the court proceeding itself and media, even if boys name isnt disclosed it would probably be worked out who he is by locals, friends, family…not something Id wish on anyone even if they thought they would have wanted this at age 13, Im pretty sure you really wouldnt …and agree, any woman who would even consider a 13yo boy sexually attractive..O.o sick!

  • wharrgarbl

    brain_bomb – being convinced about something … coz’, like, we KNOW this, I mean c’mon…! might feel good, to be sure, but normal adults don’t usually stop there when determining how to treat children (and yes, a 13 yr/olds may have a purposeful boners, but they are children). Very few peer reviewed studies on childhood sexual development contain the statement, “…it leaves no traumatic effect. TRUST ME!” to support a bold assertion. Children (as you’ve described) avoid questioning things that make them feel good – it’s also the very reason why we don’t put them in charge of their lives at that age. So when a woman comes along and for HER reasons makes use of a child’s natural, purposeful boner, his pimpled friends might want to high-five him, but his sexual development is denied the awareness to realize he’s being used for sex. That’s abuse, whether you like the idea or not. It makes a child arrive at the wrong conclusions about what sex means for adults, just as you appear to have done.

  • HelleCat

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