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CANTON, Ohio — The man who was filmed making fun of a 10-year-old disabled girl was sentenced to a month in jail, the max allowed, after pleading guilty to menacing and disorderly conduct.

William Bailey, 43, was charged after cell phone video made its way online that showed him and his 9-year-old son making fun of Hope Holcomb, a 10-year-old neighbor girl with cerebral palsy. The two families live next to each other and up until recently, their kids all got along and played together.

Hope’s mother said the trouble started with Bailey’s younger son bullying her daughter on the school bus. “She was miserable she didn’t want to ride the bus, cried every morning,” said Tricia Knight. ”He treats her like crap, and most recently the dad got involved.”

It was after the family called police regarding Bailey’s son and some damaged Halloween decorations in their yard that Hope’s grandmother decided to record any possible retaliation the following day at the bus stop. What she captured was William Bailey and his son walking away from the school bus with exaggerated limps.

“It makes me sick too, to think that a grown man would tease a 10-year-old disabled girl that has never done a thing to any of them for no reason, and now she doesn’t want to get on the bus to go to school,” said Hope’s father.

Bailey, who was once found guilty of aggravated menacing in a separate case, would not talk to reporters initially, but his wife did. She says the two families are feuding and that they’re both guilty of calling each other names. As for the video of her husband and son, she doesn’t understand what the big deal is. “He did get out of the car, you’ve seen the video I am sure, my kid was walking like, but no offense to Hope so why they are taking it that way, I have no idea,” Vickie Bailey said.

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William Bailey would eventually talk to reporters and echo his wife’s statements, claiming he was not making fun of Hope. “I love that little girl,” he said. “I never even meant that or anything at all toward little Hope. I don’t make fun of anybody with a disability.” He went on to explain that what he was doing in the video was reacting to his son being called a retard. “If they want to call us retard, we’ll show them a retard,” he said.

Hope’s mother would end up filing a menacing complaint against Bailey, saying he threatened to choke her with a chain, while a Stark County sheriff’s deputy filed the disorderly conduct complaint as a result of the video. Bailey would end up charged with first-degree misdemeanor menacing and fourth degree disorderly conduct.

On Tuesday he pleaded guilty to the reduced charges of fourth-degree misdemeanor menacing and a minor misdemeanor charge. The judge sentenced him to 29-days in jail and ordered to pay $400 in court costs, plus fines. He is to report to jail on Jan 2.

Bailey did not make a comment, but his attorney handed out a media statement which read: “To Hope and her family, please accept my apology for my inappropriate behavior. I know that my actions were immature and lacked the respect you deserve. I didn’t realize the impact this incident would have upon both of our families and I truly regret it.”

Bailey also wrote an apology to Hope, an apology that Hope’s mother called “crap.” Her parents did say they were happy with the sentence, but say it has not changed anything. Even after his arrest, they say problems with Bailey and his family is still ongoing.

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  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    He’s probably not going to learn anything from it, unfortunately.

  • SharG’z

    WHAT!? WTF is this world coming too when we cant even enjoy a laugh at a cerebral palsy joke here and there! I swear, I am ready to move to canada…everyone is happy and no one seems to care about anything but Tim Hortons and curling and hockey and maple syrup and…

  • GGMon

    If I were him I would not be laughing. He looked like he was dropped on his head and who knows, the girl might be a lot smarter than he is

  • Athena

    Huh. While his conduct was horrendously heinous, I don’t know how I feel about it being criminal. On-going harassment? Sure, that should be criminal. But making fun of someone once? I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the precedent that could set.

  • So much for “freedom of speech”. Can’t even make fun of people these days. It’s now illegal to hurt people’s feelings.

  • It’s not clear in the article (which I will remedy shortly), but Bailey is not serving time for making fun of the girl. He was charged for it, but that was reduced to a misdemeanor charge. He is serving time for threatening to choke someone with a chain. Although that charge was reduced, he is probably serving a max sentence because of his past arrests and repeated behavior… and I’m sure the video didn’t help much.

  • I really don’t know how to feel this
    It’s an injustice he want to jail it truly is,but he’s an asshole soo
    it’s like a child molester getting raped in prison, it’s kinda horrible…..but

  • Maybe this is just a subject too close to home for me since my 4 year old little girl has CP and other issues. But I say they should just break his damn legs and make him crawl for a few months.

  • It’s not like he was making fun of an adult. If he did that, sure, fine, whatever. But it’s a little girl he made fun of. If I were Hope’s Daddy, anyone who fucked her her would be on my eternal list of people to kick the shit of every day of their miserable lives.

  • scud420

    Ahh thanks. that makes more sense.

  • Sam

    Here’s to hoping he now gets to feel what it’s like to be the butt of jokes, what with his face plastered all over the media.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Does anyone have the link to the full video?

  • derae

    I think what bothers me the most about this article is the fact that he’s teaching his son to be an asshole and have no empathy for people who are disabled instead of teaching acceptance. What an asshole!

  • LeaveMeBe

    In the original article it stated that it was on-going, they just taped it this time. I don’t necessarily think it should be criminal either, though. He’s a fuckwad, and is molding a future fuckwad, but so are a lot of other people. We don’t have the resources to jail all of them.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “… family called police regarding Bailey’s son and some damaged Halloween decorations …”

    First, it was Linus van Pelt whom on advice from his lawyer, said, “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” Then, it was young Bailey.

    When will the evil wrath of the Great Pumpkin end freeing young boys from accusations of crime and destruction?

  • This isn’t for making fun of the girl, it’s for threatening to choke the mother with a chain.

  • some people just cant read

  • Nancy Sam

    It’s not making fun it’s BULLYING. And its not people, she’s a little girl!! Are you that shallow, you need a good slap if you think this is in anyway freedom! Jerk.

  • Nancy Sam

    Head the hell out then!! We have enough ignorant narrow-minded spit wads like you! You’ll be doin us a favor, and you all can make fun of eachothers kids with cereral palsy and laugh together. PROBLEM SOLVED. (:

  • While he’s wrong about why the guy is going to jail, I wouldn’t really be able to get behind the dude going to jail for making fun of her. It’s a bullshit, immature, fucked up thing for anyone to do, much less an adult, but it’s not a crime to hurt someones feelings.

  • Strawberry Fields

    Hopefully he leaves Jail with a limp… if ya know what I mean ;]

  • Strawberry Fields

    Hopefully he leaves Jail with a “limp” if ya know what I mean.

  • Rachel Ann

    So…you think its cool to make fun of a girl with CP? In front of her and her family? Well this just proves you’re a pretty shitty person if thats how you get laughs. And if its sarcasm well then I’m not catching it.
    Joke in the privacy of your own home not in the middle of the street where others can catch your idiotic and callous attempt at humor.

  • i’m with ya on that, can i do the knee-capping myself and you can do his elbows

  • ha ha ha yea i didn’t want to read all that either

  • newstarshipsmell

    Did you refrain from capitalizing Canada just to piss off the people you’re joking about moving in with too?

  • TheAlphaSoup

    I don’t know what you mean, could you possibly post the statement a third time, but in a slightly different way? :< help me out guys plz

  • Give dad a polio vaccine. Or just polio.

  • randi thistle

    freedom of speech doesn’t mean right to be heard.
    side note: i bet a weeks pay you are so obese you cannot even see your own feet.

  • randi thistle

    why don’t you READ the article first. that way you won’t end up sounding so obtuse.
    lucky for you that stupidity isn’t a crime.

  • This guy……is just damn, I have no words to describe his douch-ness. He only apologized because he got caught, karma’s a bitch though, so he will get his.

  • Athena

    Actually, I’m afraid you’re the one left looking obtuse. There’s absolutely nothing inaccurate about Alecia’s articulate, grammatically-sound post.

  • deal!!

  • LeaveMeBe

    She was 100% correct in her statement. So why don’t YOU read the article and come back and tell us where you thought she was wrong in her comprehension, Mr. Smarty Pants.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Were obese and obtuse the “o” words for today in school? And I’m not even going to question your first sentence in this comment. There are just so many ways it could go wrong.

  • What would his weight have to do with it anyway?

  • Look its a dick….its a douche…..its a dickdouche!!! Why is it never idiots like this that do the whole murder suicide thing?

  • BehemothII

    Do you have his home phone number or address?

  • buhbam

    The fucker went to jail for menacing and disorderly conduct….NOT hurting the little girl’s feelings, NOT being a bully. No dangerous precendents were set. He got what he deserved. Whats the problem here? Can you not get behind any of that?

  • buhbam

    Actually, the poster you guys are ganging up on is right on. This prick didn’t get arrested for being mean.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Sorry, your Monopoly money that Mom tricked you with for an allowance is no good here.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Not really. James made a comment suggesting the charge was a 1st amendment violation; he’s new so it’s unclear whether he’s being serious or sarcastic. Alecia took him seriously and corrected him, Nancy took him seriously as well, without correcting his error. Alecia pointed out to Nancy the error in his statement, but posed her opposition to a hypothetical jail sentence for being mean. All randi did was accuse Alecia of stupidity and not reading the article, both of which are obviously bullshit claims. No “right on” about it, randi’s a fucktard.

  • Athena

    The original article stated that the victim’s family claimed that it was on-going. In a feud situation, that’s not particularly concrete evidence, especially since the one who videotaped it said they were doing so out of concern for retaliation, not because there was a history of harassing the girl. But, ultimately, we agree. Again. 🙂

  • buhbam

    Oh okay. I guess I need to read. I thought fucktards were welcome here at DD…., no?

  • Athena

    “…a Stark County sheriff’s
    deputy filed the disorderly conduct complaint as a result of the video. Bailey
    would end up charged with first-degree misdemeanor menacing and fourth degree
    disorderly conduct.”

    Yes, actually, in part, he did. We was given one charge for the threat against the girl’s mother (menacing) AND one charge for “being mean” (disorderly conduct). The distinction is that the disorderly conduct charge did not factor into his sentence, as it was only a misdemeanor. He was arrested on both charges, but only incarcerated as the result of one charge.

    Furthermore, that’s exactly what Alecia was pointing out… that the incarceration was not the result of the video. The poster who flew out of left field to insult her has reading comprehension issues. If you have reading comprehension issues and want to be a prick about it like “Randi”, here, you might find yourself “ganged up on” (although we are hardly an organized unit).

  • Athena

    Read the article… again. It clearly states that the disorderly conduct charge was filed as the result of the video.

  • buhbam

    Nah, just a know-it-all bitch who has to have the last word. I get it. Forgive me for speaking out of turn. Toodles.

  • newstarshipsmell

    No worries, it was a bit convoluted and Morbid said as much. As far as fucktards’ welcome here, all I will say is: they haven’t banned me, yet.

  • JGo555

    Of course the problems will keep going, families like this, that make fun of people (in all reality, immature over grown assholes that have reproduced) will never reach a CIVIL, DIGNIFIED, MATURE conclusion/desicion and will continue to be the jackasses they are while breeding more jackasses.

  • Athena

    You called me out, jackass. Randi wasn’t right on. Randi didn’t understand. Not only did he/she not understand, he/she was being an asshole about it. Taking the time to explain it is “having the last word”? My derision was aimed at Randi, not you. But, fuck, if you want to take that shit personally…

    And, yeah, I’d rather be a know-it-all bitch than just a bitch.

  • Wildheart

    I know right?? I’m obese but I CAN see my feet…..does that make me somehow better than him?? lol

  • I admit, I left out the part where he was sentenced for threatening the girl’s mom with a chain. Not on purpose, I just forgot to get it in there. And yes, fucktards are most certainly welcome here, as are know-it-all bitches. 😛

  • Dillon_Lewandowski

    I really feel sorry for the son who has a father like that

  • Strawberry Fields

    :: ( my deep internet commenting feeling’s are hurt.

  • I think you misread my comment. If you didn’t then you didn’t understand it.

  • I love the internet.

  • SharG’z

    Damn, you bitches are such crybabies. Sensitive pricks! This website should have a disclaimer, not for the soft hearted and feeble.

  • Gee

    Don’t you hate it when that happens? You get all capital letters and call someone out and then it turns out your wrong. ooopps

  • Gee

    :0) LMAO

  • Gee

    Well I never…. Been called a know-it-all-Bitch

    *wink wink

  • wyrosjr

    All of the” good people” have been brainwashed and trained to be nonviolent these days. Thuggery like this will continue to rise unchecked. It’s kind of like gun control that mostly only controls the guns that weren’t a danger in the first place.

    The locals in the neighborhood should kick his a**

  • Athena

    “Continue to rise”? Do we know it’s risen at all? Furthermore, if most people have been brainwashed and trained to be nonviolent, wouldn’t it stand to reason that most people would avoid confrontational behavior like his?

    Besides, his behavior was hardly unchecked. He was criminally charged with disorderly conduct for making fun of the girl. Quite the opposite of unchecked, actually. Kind of overkill, if you ask me. This man should be shunned, yeah, and held civilly liable, but charged or beaten? I disagree.

  • newstarshipsmell
  • newstarshipsmell

    LOL, I think Morbid has that covered with all the quotes that cycle through the banner up top.

  • newstarshipsmell

    You can always ape @LeaveMeBe:disqus and edit the extra comment(s) to say something else entirely. Then you win even more, since anyone mocking your double- (or in her case, quadruple-) post then looks retarded. Just don’t click the “delete” button – all that does is anonymize the comment under “Guest” without actually deleting it, making you look even more retarded.

  • With my own opinion about the actual case aside for the moment (as laws here also differ), I did find it ironic that ‘retard’ ‘fucktard’ and other name calling used to make a point that this bullying is wrong 😛

  • newstarshipsmell

    Hey there, fucktard. Welcome to the D’D.

  • There is a comedian who has CP (forgetting his name, will have to google) and he makes fun of himself. I do understand the difference between this comedian and this girl being mocked obviously, but I think this might have been what SharG’z was meaning? That its taboo to make jokes about most things nowdays?, I have a warped sense of humor so anything is fair game for me lol but I also would NEVER do what this guy did (and would be angry if it was my child too!).
    I guess when does fun/playful teasing cross the line to bullying…or ‘harmless jokes’ cross the line to harassment/racism/sexism etc…sometimes people are just insensitive and not even aware that a comment or joke would offend. A bit like people who use words like ‘darling’ ‘honey’ sweetheart”love’ to address you and they might not be patronizing or trying to offend …in most cases I personally would prefer to be called that than ‘madam’ or ‘mam’ lol Its funny, that just grates on my ears! 😛
    Im sure we have all made mistakes and offended someone without even meaning to (I call it ‘foot in mouth’ disease lol).

  • Athena, I was originally thinking along the same lines are you, though it turns out he was charged for another offence but the raised point still remains I guess since he is still being punished for the video by the public/peers (we have all sat here and passed judgement too lol). I dont have to like this guy or what he did but does the punishment fit, does his presumed ‘once off’ mean act caught on tape equal to a life time of public shame & blame? and his son, rest of family also punished by association….this situation does highlight how important it is to be nice as you just never know whos watching and once its online its out there for the world to see!

  • 3rd agree, and ‘if only’ we could jail every jerk, fkwit, annoying, stupid so-and-so and would neutering be going too far? lol
    Also agree about feuds, too easy to twist and distort the facts and usually all parties are at fault in some way and this situation there is kids involved so its like a divorce where the adults rip eachother apart and forget how it will effect the children 🙁
    Even nice people can do stupid, nasty things (again I am likening this feud to some divorced parent’s behavior) so maybe he genuinely is sorry and regrets this (as there was no history of harassment)….sadly the feuding will probably continue between these families with new fuel to fire because media/public is also involved.

  • Rachel Ann

    I know exactly who you are talkin bout he was on that Last Comic Standing. He’s funny as hell. But this is a kid and even “normal kids” are worried about their self image. Plain and simple he is an adult and he should know better.

  • We have enough of morons like you in the world, obviously. & you don’t know me, I’m very far from a crybaby (: ..

  • It seems its popular to be a fucktard here.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    SURE you’re not… Did it take two months to wipe away the tears of “rage” (snicker!) & post an over-the-top childish rebuttal? Waaaah-fukkin’-waaahhh!

  • When your kid gets bullied and maybe hurts himself due to it, you’ll be on here crying too