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Oceanside, CA — A 68-year-old cross-dresser is behind bars after police accused him of killing and dismembering his 74-year-old wife inside the couple’s home.

Neighbors say that a foul odor emanating from the home of Frederick Hengl and his wife, Anna Maria Hengl, became so bad that they called police to report it. Police would not find Frederick at home, but they would find Anna’s dismembered body. Frederick was found by police on Friday outside a bar in downtown Oceanside. He was questioned by police and then booked into jail on a first-degree murder charge.

The couple are a strange fixture in their neighborhood, with many who live there reporting odd behavior from the couple. Frederick could regularly be seen walking around the neighborhood dressed in women’s clothing.

“The husband is actually known for dressing up like a woman and walking around the neighborhood. It’s just a permanent fixture, I guess. It doesn’t freak us out anymore,” said resident Jason Chandler. Another neighbor said he had saw the man around the neighborhood wearing a floor-length purple dress and a long pearl necklace with pearl earrings, and carrying a fancy purse.

Anna wasn’t much better. In fact, she’s the reason why some residents would not let their kids play outside. They say that over the last few months, her behavior had become increasingly bizarre and hostile.

“She’d stand there, feed the birds, talk to folks walking by and her pants would fall; she didn’t seem to notice, ever.”  One neighbor said. “My neighbor was just telling me she’d chase her down the street with a knife or she’d have her clothes off, pants down; you could tell she was a little bit out of it.” said another.

Police say that Frederick tried to dispose of some of the body parts around the neighborhood in area dumpsters. One person said that one of Anna’s arms was found in a dumpster two streets away and that her head was in the cellar of the couple’s home.

“The man was taking his trash cans back and forth, usually gets picked up in the alley, the trash man, you know.  He’s been going around the block, up and around, taking pieces of her and putting them in the trash; going around the block?  I don’t know.” said resident Erick Chavez .

Neighbors say they have not seen Anna around the neighborhood in the last few weeks and started smelling the rotting odor within the last week. Other’s describe hearing power tools being used inside the home within that time frame, but just figured it was someone working in their garage.

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