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Tulsa, OK — A man in Oklahoma was arrested and charged with child neglect in what Tulsa police call one of the worse cases of child abuse they have ever seen.

Police were called to the home of 47-year-old William Lewallen by a neighbor who had found a 4-year-old boy naked and locked outside in 40 degree weather.  Inside the residence, the officers also discovered a 16-month-old girl covered in feces and locked inside a dog crate. A third naked child was found in bed with their passed out father.

Mr. Lewallen’s neighbors told investigators they heard a child crying Sunday night and went to investigate. The two men walked through a wooded area behind Lewallen’s home and discovered someone had thrown out a perfectly good white boy. According to the neighbor, they saw a naked 4-year-old boy in Lewallen’s backyard crying, “Daddy, let me in!  I’m cold!”

The men gave the boy a jacket and knocked on Lewallen’s door but, when no one answered, one of the men took the boy home and called police. “When officers arrived, they spoke with the neighbor and investigated further,” said Officer Leland Ashley of Tulsa PD.  “As they approached the house, they could hear screaming and crying coming from inside.”

When officers looked through a small window, they saw a naked toddler locked inside a metal dog crate.  With nobody answering the door, they broke into the home and were “immediately hit with the overwhelming stench of feces,” according to Officer Ashley.  Police removed the 16-month-old girl from her cage and discovered she was partly responsible for the smell,as she was covered in her own filth.

Naked Drunk Driver Arrested After Leaving Naked Husband, Child At Rest Stop

They finally found Lewallen in bed with a third naked child in the master bedroom. He was in such a drug-induced stupor that  he never heard his screaming children, nor the officers who broke in through his back door. When he regained consciousness, Lewallen told police he had taken narcotic pain medicine, a muscle relaxant and an anti-seizure medication with a beer before he “laid down to take a rest.”

Lewallen was arrested and charged with child neglect while the three children were placed into the custody of Oklahoma Dept of Human Services. The children’s mother is fighting to get them back. She was at work while all this took place, coming home only after police were getting ready to leave. She’s currently fighting for custody and filing for divorce from her husband.

Good on her, I guess. But I find it hard to believe that she was unaware of how her children were being cared for.  She had to have known her husband had drug issues and had past convictions for meth manufacturing, grand larceny, possession of a stolen vehicle and second-degree burglary.

Check out the following with the two neighbors who found the child and called police. While perhaps not the classiest and most tooth-blessed gentlemen around, at least they had more concern about Lewallen’s child than he did. Keep watching until the end, so you can see one of the children’s family members come out of Lewallen’s house and yell at the two men for what they did to the fence.

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  • Hold up! Black people live in Oklahoma?!

  • I wonder with how he treated the kids, if he wasn’t beating on the wife and or threatening her. Maybe this was the way out she needed to get away from him.

  • This was one of the saddest stories I’ve read here.

  • CT

    47? DAMNNNNN. He sure is purdy. Explain the need for barbed wire on the top of the fence – is this a new child proofing technique?

  • You obviously have not been reading stories on Dreamin Demon long then.

  • Sam

    The naked child in bed with him – was THAT why he locked the other kids out of the way?

  • Sam

    I’m sorry, but if you are taking care of kids, you should be taking care of kids. That means at the very least being awake and sober (enough). What kind of fucked up individual lies down to take a nap when the kids are up and running around getting into all sorts of potential trouble and / or danger?

  • Sam

    It’s no wonder he needed all those drugs. It’s got to be tricky to fall asleep with all that racket going on around him.

  • JohnQknowitall

    This is the stuff horror movies are made of… That bitch was aware of the cage and her husband’s use of narcotics. A naked child in 40 degrees. The kid could have died and I hope he has no long term damage. Why were all the kids naked anyway? The children are young (at least two for sure) and they are probably not permanently fucked up… yet. Get them the fuck away from these people… get them adopted by a non-blood relative.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Keeps them thar pit bulls in d’yard.

  • tkaz

    Hmmm…good question. But I still wish it hadn’t been asked. 🙁

  • tkaz

    That’s what I was going to say. You’re 21 minutes faster than me.

  • Twisted1

    When I was in my late teens I used to babysit for a single mom who let her kids sleep naked. She said that she don’t want them to feel uncomfortable with their bodies. Unfortunately it made me uncomfortable. The boy was 6 the girl was 3. The house stank to high hell, it always smelled like vomit. I really hated going there but she paid real well. Ugh, just makes me cringe now remembering that place.

  • Sam

    I’ve actually seen her around a while. I guess some stories just hit closer to home than others.

  • JohnQknowitall

    What became of the kids? AND Let me guess: your parents had no idea what the house smelled like.

  • Clyde The Dog

    The fat white guy cracked me the fuck up. And damn it if that brotha wasn’t serious! He was like “Fuck you and your fence, bitch!”
    But to think of finding a kid like that and then what it led to when authorities got into the house, I shudder. Fucking disgusting. It makes my skin crawl to know that people are capable of living like this and doing this to kids. I would bail him out, drive him home and set the fucking house on fire after letting him “Lay down to take a rest”.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Yeah, but see how many teeth he lost to get there? Wasn’t worth it.

  • Rachel Ann

    Someone sleeping off a meth binge methinks.

  • chikonanklemonitor

    I just wanna say Brandon (the newsguy) has put on some pounds since he bought that jacket.
    Sidenote: Thank God for the naked white boy or who knows how long it would have been before this ever caught anyone’s attention.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “She’s currently fighting for custody and filing for divorce from her husband.”

    In her divorce, will she be fighting for the dog cage, too?

  • Evan Oswald

    sometimes i don’t watch the attached video. today I did – and i think it just made my day. god bless america!

  • Evan Oswald

    uh oh – was it the being locked outside, the dogcage or the feces that was tuggin at the heart strings of Mary? flashbacks anyone?

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    And someone bred with that three times. No wonder there are studies saying that the human race is getting dumber.

  • Evan Oswald

    meth is one helluva drug apparently

  • Evan Oswald

    prolly spent more money on the dog cage than the kids wardrobes

  • tkaz

    That’s why they lock them up! They know the kids might you know, be kids….so they keep them confined. But lucky for the kids the 4 yr old is loud. I would THINK a child who was regularly confined wouldn’t fight it. So this was either new (or the cold & nudity was new) or the 4 yr old is just REALLY smart.
    How awesome is it to think that maybe the 4 yr old saw the neighbors & then decided to get REALLY loud? While daddy was being an abusive addict, 4 yr old saved the day with his smarts.

  • Twisted1

    I have no idea what became of the kids. She however was a stripper at babydolls gentlemen’s club in Tampa, and daddy was in prison. So they had excellent roll models to set a good example on what they should be when they grow up. As for my parents….they kicked me out at 13. I moved from place to place living with friends here and there until someone rented me a room. I babysat at night to make extra money in addition to my job.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I am sorry that you had to experience all that, but you are at least bright enough form intelligent and complete ideas and communicate them in an educated way. I don’t know that many would that well under your circumstances (or in many cases more ideal circumstances).

  • Twisted1

    Thank you, I consider myself lucky. See my parents were not ideal role models and by living with a bunch of different people I was able to pick and choose my values and throw away the ones I didn’t like. They really did try their best to screw me up. In some ways I guess they did. However I got my revenge by becoming a good mother, a good wife, and a contributing member to society as a whole.

    Edit: My whole childhood would make for a sad DD story.

  • Evan Oswald

    wow damn yo way to be

  • cherrybubblesbonbon

    oh dear… i seriously hope it wasnt >:( y’no the film deliverance springs to mind… 🙁

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    At least he’ll be warm…

  • Jennabean

    Freddy Krueger before the fire.

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    Me too.

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    None of it says that the house was a mess or filled with feces. It only says that the toddler was covered in her own filth. I am sure the mother was doing the best she could, after all she was the one working. Sometimes its hard to find a way out of the terrible hand you get dealt especially with no higher education and poverty. Since the mother got her own lawyer and is getting a divorce, hopefully the kids don’t have to spend their lives in foster care. I do not understand why so many of you advocate taking the kids away, separating them and giving them to people who receive a large sum of money to care for them. Especially in poverty stricken locations. Changing your circumstances is actually very difficult.

    Side note on the naked kids.
    I had a terrible flu one time (I actually passed out from delirium) while I was basically unconscious for 2 hours; my kids decided they wanted to go swimming, so they filled up the kiddie pool with the hose and went swimming with no clothes on. (if you are a single mom, there is no one to take care of you when you are sick, unless you are in the hospital). We had a followup lesson what to do if you can’t wake up Mommy after that. (I wouldn’t want them being business as usual if I died in my sleep, you know.)

  • sugarpie

    I’m really digging the aluminum foil curtains in the video. When you tire of them, you can take them in for scrap…

  • GGMon

    To be fair, there are some cases where the child should NEVER be returned to the parents (and Dreamin’ Demon has plenty of good examples.) I’ll give the mother the benefit of the doubt (being that she seems like the sole breadwinner of the family) but like a lot of members here, I find it hard to believe she didn’t at least have knowledge of what her husband was doing/taking.

  • Seriously wondering why there was a naked kid in the bed….

  • There’s a difference between less than stellar living situations and leaving your kids with an addict. I find it pretty hard to believe she didn’t know he was on drugs even if I can believe she didn’t know how he was treating them.

    That kid could’ve died from exposure if the neighbors hadn’t heard him yelling, and he’s old enough to talk so I’d imagine he’s mentioned something about what happens when moms gone if it only happens when he is in charge. Saying what was I supposed to do would sound pretty shitty if that child had died. There are resources available to help with childcare.

  • slavesher

    LOL PaganOne for the “Better Off Dead” reference…..Oh the 80s….

  • deadskinmask213

    Or wrap it around your head to block the mind controling radio wave from the government or aliens.

  • midniteshadows

    “Sometimes its hard to find a way out of the terrible hand you get dealt especially with no higher education and poverty.” True. However, I’ve met some rather poor, uneducated people whose children were well cared for and loved. No animal cages, not covered in feces, clothed and living in a clean house.

    “I do not understand why so many of you advocate taking the kids away, separating them and giving them to people who receive a large sum of money to care for them.” Because sometimes it is far better for a child/children to be taken from a home and given an opportunity to live a life free from abuse.

    “…giving them to people who receive a large sum of money to care for them.” It seems to me that what you are implying is that foster care parents wouldn’t be in the foster program if they weren’t compensated with large amounts of money. In my experience, 90% of the foster parents I’ve dealt with have not been paid large sums of money. A lot of times they supplement the funds with their own money.

    “Changing your circumstances is actually very difficult.” For the most part, I agree. However, it’s not impossible, nor is it only difficult for those who are poor or uneducated.

  • I hope the mother gets charged, too. I seriously doubt all 3 kids became naked & filthy enough to reek up the entire house and, in the toddler’s case, the cage, within a few hours. If anything, the only thing she didn’t know about was her 4 year old being locked out. Throw both of them in jail to rot. Poor kids, at least they were found before they died.

  • missannthrope

    Ah, I see Tulsa is keeping it classy. I spent three years in that hellhole and couldn’t wait to get out. By hellhole, I mean Tulsa, not that particular house. While I was there, it seemed like every week at least one house on the news that was blown up while someone was making meth. The lovely father? That is what about half of the city’s population looks like. I’m guessing the mother filed for divorce AFTER all of this, as women are raised to be doormats there.

  • JGo555

    The kids naked isn’t a big deal under certain circumstances:
    – around 1 1/2yrs old they go through a stage where they take their clothes off.
    My kids 2 & 3, get home & take ALL of their clothes off as soon as they can. There is no way for me to put the clothes back on because they’ll ask to take it off. Remember back a year ago? My postings of taping the kids’ diapers so they wouldn’t take’em off during naptime?

  • Athena

    There are resources available to help with childcare.

    Not everywhere. Not even most places. Not really sure where that came from, actually.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Eels. We could sit and speculate all day about what went on inside that home prior to this incident, or how much the mother knew about the father’s habits and behavior, but it’s all just that: Speculation.

    The facts are that mom is getting a divorce and fighting for her children. The foster system is absolutely AWFUL for children, and should be seen as a last resort. It sees six times the rate of rape and molestation than the general populace. The rate of PTSD is higher among foster children than combat veterans. They have double the rate of depression average kids exhibit, and the suicide rate is significantly higher.

    I’ll take facts over speculation any day.

  • That’s when you parent up and tell the kids “No sweetie, we keep our clothes on”.

  • Why were the kids naked? Was he molesting them?

  • I couldn’t help but notice he looks like Fagin from Oliver Twist… you know that song… “You got to pick a pocket or two” lol .

  • Heather_Habilatory

    yeah, because everyone knows kids listen 100% of the time.

  • Athena

    I love that you recognize that. <3

  • I often adk myself, “How will I know when I’ve hit Rock Bottom?”

  • Twisted1

    My husband gets annoyed because I watch crime shows and read things like DD. I tried to explain to him that I think part of the reason I do is because I like to see people pay for their crimes since my parents never had to pay for theirs. It gives me a sense that there is some balance in this world.

  • Heather4877

    I developed mastitis about 2 months after my son was born and ended up with a fever of over 105 degrees. I was completely out of it. I never knew that a fever like that totally affected ones ability to even function. I tried to take a bath (I think I thought if it was a cool bath it would lower my temperature. I remember being kinda scared at that point) but I could barely get into the bathtub because my legs were shaking so badly. By the time my husband took me to the ER I was pretty much talking nonsense. My other children are 13 and 10 so at that age I could trust them not to act like lunatics, but had they been younger and had my husband not been there, God only knows what they would have been up to. Shit, I let my attention wander for a minute or two a couple of years ago and my daughter dumped house paint all over the driveway. She was 5 and I ran inside from the garage to grab my cell phone. Took weeks of power washing to get it off.
    Not that the fuckstick in this case had sickness to explain his actions. I just got caught up in the “side note” 🙂

  • Heather4877

    I knew I’d seen him somewhere…

  • Heather4877

    For me it was the “Daddy, let me in! I’m cold!”…
    Makes me feel kinda weepy, actually.

  • wastintime

    KEven if the mom didn’t know how the kids were being treated,y she really had no idea about his long ass criminal history? I understand that raising kids alone is the toughest job ever, I am doing it, but it would be better than having them around this so called man. Even if he is the father. I hope she learns from this and makes better choices for her children in the future.

  • wastintime

    I said that exact same thing to my son when he was little. He just giggled, pulled off his shorts and ran off into the other room. I put them back on, after chasing him around. He just giggled, danced around and took the shorts back off. Some toddlers like. being naked. They grow out of it soon enough

  • wastintime

    Made me feel kinda punchy.

  • techsupp0rt

    What I find most frightening is that someone, likely more than one person, have consensually had sex with this man.

    Maybe even with the lights on. Horrifying. Egads, look at his eyes! Can you imagine his O face?

  • the things that these people do is beyond me

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    just shoot this waste of space..

  • Sugarglider1

    Sounds like the mom is turning her life and her kids’ lives around. Hope she doesn’t fuck it up. It’s a good sign that she was working. I’ll bet she was the only one bringing in a legit paycheck.

  • Sam

    Curse you. I just did. :O

  • Whatevn

    My brother and I use to watch Rugrats, the kids show.

    One ep, a character said “nakie is Good. Nakie is free. Nakie is.. NAKIE!”

    Im not even kidding, Until my brother started Kindergarten, he was the house stripper when ever he could.

  • Damn you and your logic and shit! I did just assume since most places I’ve lived had help for that that all did and the fact that she filed immediately instead of defending him is hopeful that the kids will have a more stable home life now.

  • DixieNightmares

    Yes, you wrote what I’ve always felt. I was a victim of a crime that remains unsolved. For a few years I could not watch those kinds of shows or read these kinds of things. Then I discovered that “True Crime” and “Law & Order” and those types of entertainment usually presented justice–*justice*–something I so badly needed–at the end of each show or article.

  • Twisted1

    Exactly, in a strange way it brings a little comfort. Knowing that not every bad person gets away with what they have done.

  • Alicia exactly how does the mother even if she’s working explain the fact a cage is there
    for no apparent reason? It was cheaper then hiring a babysitter so she allowed the drug
    addict father to watch them to save child care fees sometimes at night it’s impossible to
    find someone to watch your kids. Both parents should be stripped of their parental
    rights & charged with child neglect. Don’t try to tell me the mother was not aware her
    children’s dad was neglecting them just look at his photo I rest my case.

  • Lol if you took time to read my comment, you’ll notice I said the mother DID know, her denying it was bullshit. So I agree, they both need to be sterilized & thrown in prison.

  • Those two are the best neighbours ever. I’d never abuse my kids, but if someone else did I’d want those two men around to put an end to it.

  • Hayz

    How could she possibly hope to regain custody of these children? Unless the couple was seperated and the mother never went to visit her kids she is just as guilty as the father. She needs to be investigated as well because there is no way in hell that she did not know about the condition her kids were in.