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Phoenix, AZ — An Arizona mother of five has been charged with child abuse after she took her 6-year-old daughter to a McDonald’s for ice cream, and then abandoned her there.

Police say 23-year-old Lucy Parra took her daughter, Everlyn, to a Mcdonald’s Wednesday evening so the girl could go in and purchase an ice cream. When the girl returned to the parking lot, she could not find her mother and her mother’s car was nowhere to be found.

McDonald’s employees say the girl was visibly upset over having been abandoned and that they ended up calling police after 15 minutes of searching for Parra. While waiting for police, McDonald’s employees said they fed the girl in the office and tried comforting her. “She was really hungry. She said she had not ate all day since school lunch,” the employee said.

Officers were still on the scene when Parra came back to the restaurant 40 minutes later. Employees say she appeared intoxicated, claiming she never left the parking lot. The employee says that’s bullshit, as there were only four cars in the lot when they were out looking for her.

Parra was arrested and charged with child abuse. A judge has since placed Parra under house arrest and ordered her to wear a monitoring device after she threatened to take her children and flee to Mexico. Her family says she has been struggling with meth addiction.

Here’s the kicker. Hours earlier, Parra was released from Tent City after serving a week for driving on a suspended license. She wasn’t even supposed to have contact with her daughter after losing custody of her children. Two of her children live with their fathers, while her mother is the legal guardian of two others, including Everlyn. They are now in the custody of Protective Services.


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  • Rachel Ann

    That makes like what 5 kids and she is only 23? Jesus chick is fertile. Someone needs to have their reproductive abilities negated coz she has proven that kids are nothing more than an accessory to her.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    “she threatened to take her children and flee to Mexico.”

    For Mexico’s sake, I hope they learn from our mistake and put up a fence.

  • GGMon

    I agree, these women either waste no time to get pregnant, are too stupid to use birth control, or just try to pop out as much kids in order to get a government handout. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if its all three

  • Eliza Berntsen

    A meth addict you say? Now that’s a shocker- she just looks ever so wholesome.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    That made me laugh out laud.

  • Rachel Ann

    Thats some funny shit right there

  • Rachel Ann

    Im her age and I have 1 kid. That’s it and even he is an assault to my cool and calm demeanor no way in hell I’d go thru the hell of pregnancy 5 times just for fun. I mean its obvious she didn’t have babies becoz she loved them.

  • Athena

    At least she came back. I mean, for the child’s psyche, that’s better than total abandonment. I can’t even imagine what that must be like for a child. Well, I can almost kind of imagine. I was abandoned by a boyfriend, once. Of course, by that time, it was pretty clear to everyone that my ex and I would be reuniting, so I would’ve abandoned me too.

  • curiousalways

    That slayed me.

  • tkaz

    That was THE McDonalds I went to as a child (I saw this on local news). It was so cool, they had a REAL train! Nowadays the area is downright scary. It’s a very bad area of town.
    I am aware that child neglectful assholes can be found anywhere, however.
    It’s right they took all the kids because those “with custody” let her have them!! I hope they straighten this out quick because our CPS track record is shoddy at best….

  • curiousalways

    Damn Morbid, when I first glanced at the headline I thought for sure you meant people were finally getting arrested for feeding their kids McDonalds.

  • come_and_see

    Wow, that is child abuse. There was a Walmart up the street with a baby drop off center.

  • come_and_see

    People who pop out kids have no meaning in their lives so they have kids to fill it. That’s why poor people have more kids.

  • Dre Mosley

    No meth head should be anywhere near kids.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    I think that Lucy’s mother should be charged, also. She knew that her daughter wasn’t supposed to be near the two in her custody, and, she knows what her daughter is capable of. Hope the TX CPS sticks to their guns for a change.

  • Michael Heldman

    So, from that statement I gather you believe “poor people” have no meaning in their lives and having kids means you have no options that are better. Someone wasn’t loved as a child.

  • newstarshipsmell

    From the article:
    Lucy Parra, 23, picked her daughter Everlyn up from Westwood Elementary school that afternoon and later dropped the first-grader off at the McDonald’s at 2305 W. Bethany Home Rd., police said. When the youngster went inside, Parra drove off, according to officers. It was just before 8p.m. Tuesday.

    It’s possible the grandmother with custody was perfectly innocent here. Possible…

  • Athena

    Actually, poor people have more kids due to a lack of education and birth control resources, statistically speaking.

  • Rachel Ann

    I like when you add much needed common sense to a conversation lol.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Girl find a 12 step meeting and close your legs! 5 kids at 23? Jeez Louise!

  • Evan Oswald

    lolz does this birch not know what an abortion is? Is it not legal where she is from?

  • Evan Oswald

    worst happy meal. ever.

  • BEastDuo

    Because poor people must not have meaning in life……that’s why they are poor, right? Idiot.

  • BEastDuo

    you can’t do that after 30-60 days in age, according to the laws in your area.

  • JGo555

    *Slow claps the shit outta this episode of: “Alive And A Methhead”*

  • JGo555

    Not nessarily. For some people their lives have meaning because kids gave it. In other words, they saved that person. I know a nice lady that has 6 kids. 2 are adopted and you can tell she wants them all. Hell she’s got one in college and a year ago, she had the last one.
    She wanted those kids.

  • Twisted1

    Your kidding? Wow Walmart really is one stop shopping. Now you can even exchange your kids for store credit. Awesome….”Kids we are going to Wally World, mama needs a 3D T.V. With surround sound”.

  • wastintime

    I laughed so loud I woke the baby!

  • James Miltenberger

    Poor kids, I feel sorry for them that their mother is a hot mess..

  • Clyde The Dog

    I “upped” your comment only cause reading about this breeding nightmare was so depressing and then your first two sentences made me feel all happy…I had the same mickey D’s only out on the east coast. This woman blows so hard. Fucking kids would be better off being raised by a Koala Bear. And they are vicious motherfuckers.

  • Clyde The Dog

    Holy hell, huh whaaa?

  • come_and_see

    My coworker had 2 kids with his ex because he told me he liked it “raw” when he has condoms in his room and his car.

  • wastintime

    I hope someone punches her in the ovaries.

  • Patr1ckBateman

    I am not sold on the lack of education argument. How much education does it take to learn to tarp up? Even a complete moron knows unprotected fucks lead to babies. And lack of birth control resources? Well look I have never been poor, so I probably should shut the Hell up right now, but at the risk of incurring wrath of numerous posters…..
    A box of condoms was pretty damned cheap last I checked, granted that was years ago as I have been in a stable relationship for some years now. But a few dollars against the cost of raising a kid is no contest. If you’re poor and you don’t actually want a kid, go with the condoms. It’ll be cheaper in the long term. If you’re poor but you really want a kid to love and nurture, OK fair enough have one. If you love them you’ll find a way to provide for them and not leave them at Mc Donalds.

  • Patr1ckBateman

    Come_and_see, Jeez you typed this while I was posting my comment above, and now I am kinda gobsmacked. I don’t know if my other post is as valid now.
    Look, every guy will agree that the sensation a vagina has to offer, when you dispense with that damnable latex barrier, is just about the greatest thing ever. But is that experience – which is fleeting, even if you last a long time – worth actually getting the girl pregnant? Wouldn’t you settle for the lesser sensation value and tarp up? After all it still feels good and you can live with it, so what’s the problem?

    Gah I feel like I’m gonna go Frank Grimes here…. Where’s the electrical cables?

  • LeaveMeBe

    Me too, because when I read drivel like that all that comes to mind is “WTF? Did he/she/it just say that?!?!?”

  • wenwen

    That’s ok, once I left my french fries at this chick’s house, so I guess we’re even.

  • LeaveMeBe

    What was the point in this shenanigan? She didn’t have custody, so it’s not like the girl was driving her up the wall or messing with her play time. Maybe it’s better that I don’t understand how a methhead thinks.

  • wenwen

    True, good point

  • ShelbySP

    23, 5 kids, and meth addiction. Damn girl.

  • Clyde The Dog You put it in much better words than I did.

  • Heather_Habilatory


  • Sam

    So she has 5 kids of which 2 live with their fathers, and 2 live with grandma. Where’s the fifth? Shouldn’t they be out checking KFC’s parking lot?

  • Min0705

    What in the everloving fuck? “Raw”? That just made me a little ill. I ain’t fucking anyone that uses that term….

  • Min0705

    Just throwing this out there but if Lucy wasn’t on the pick-up list, then the school is responsible for releasing her to what could have been a stranger for all they know. There are three people on my child’s pick-up list. If she were released to anyone else I would kick some ass.
    But then again…who remembers to remove mom from the list after something like this? Fuck meth.

  • Clyde The Dog

    I’m not either. Condoms are damn near free for kids in community thing buildings (whatever the names are…it’s friday so hey) and peer cousel whatsits or libraries, (that just sounds wrong but I’ve seen them given out there aimed at teen sex shit, no joke). It’s not that hard to get condoms and the education on safe sex/ teen sex in this country is jammed down peoples faces.
    Apologies, if I just left a mental picture of library face sex.

  • tkaz

    More than once I’ve commented on stories that are near where I’m from. I’m so scared one day my criminal cousins will be featured on here. ….wait, koalas are vicious mother fuckers!???

  • Edward Angus MacAskill

    Not accessories…..anchor babies

  • Rochell Arnold

    Maybe she was on drugs….

  • Cajunchick

    Joe Dirt

  • Rachel Ann

    You really think people like her are gonna buy fucking condoms when they can go buy drugs? Do you really think she is gonna take time out of her busy schedule of fucking and partying to go to the Dept. of Health, wait 35-45min to get seen so she can get condoms or birth control? Nah. Its more laziness than lack of education or resources.

  • Andyman

    Hey! At least she took her WITH her to McDonald’s. These babies were left at a daycare while the “care provider” went to McDonald’s by herself and four of them died in a house fire!

  • Athena

    A lack of education. Yes. When sex education is suppressed, myths swirl. I had a 24-year-old friend tell me just recently that a buddy’s new girlfriend (also in her 20s) tried very seriously to convince them that the pull-out method was 100% effective… more effective than condoms or birth control. Kids tell other kids that it’s all about the time of the month they have sex; that, during most of the month, you can’t get pregnant at all. And, when you can’t even afford to put gas in your car, you’re not going to walk to the corner store for condoms, where they’ll actually be rather expensive, like everything else at the corner store… especially when you honestly believe they’re not that important and effective anyway.

    When sex ed is suppressed, you’ve got idiot kids teaching other idiot kids, and that leads to… idiot decisions.

    Education and resources.

  • Athena

    It’s Friday, huh? It’s Friday, so it doesn’t matter that you can’t even type “community center”? Hey, I get it. We all have those days. But, perhaps you shouldn’t weigh in on a topic that actually requires some thought. 😉

    Where are you from, Clyde? I’m from Seattle, where, yes, sex ed is jammed down our faces starting in the 5th grade and free condoms and birth control are readily available. Seattle is a very, VERY liberal city. Our laws are set up to support the initiative to reduce teen pregnancies. Then there’s Arizona, a rather conservative state. In Arizona, sex ed is not mandatory, so many schools teach abstinence-only. In those places, education is not being jammed anywhere and free condoms and birth control are going to be really hard to come by (since such things “encourage sex”, according to Christian conservatives).

  • Patr1ckBateman

    Ok let’s address these points you raise. I am obviously underestimating the stupidity of people in general. I wouldn’t have thought anyone believes in the pull out method anymore. For some reason, I thought that in this day and age, there wouldn’t be anyone in a first world country believing such foolishness. I thought it was just a known fact, like gravity or we can’t live without air. I guess that is my failing, and a sad indictment on education in these areas. I noticed another post of yours, Athena, mentioning Christian conservatives and their suppression of sex education and birth control. That makes me angry I must say. Here in Australia, I have never encountered that type of chicanery. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen here, but I am astounded that they would dictate how people live in a supposedly free society. I know that last sentence sounds tumblingly naive, I’m sorry ha ha.
    Now with regards to the money issue. I know a few bucks is a Hell of a lot when you ain’t got it and you’re trying to hang on. But shit, if you haven’t got enough scratch to get petrol for your car and buy condoms, how are you gonna put petrol in your car and buy baby clothes and food and a cot and a pram and Christ knows what else? That’s gonna be worse. OK maybe they just won’t bother buying that stuff, but even if they raise the kid below the poverty line it’s still gonna cost more than the rubbers would have, know what I’m saying?
    In closing, I would just like to acknowledge the point you made about education once again. That has caused me to re-evaluate my opinion and learn something. Nice when that happens. Viva education, it shouldn’t just be for those who can afford it.

  • Rachel Ann

    Lmao me neither. Glad i’m not the only one who cringed at the word “raw”. Ugh gag.

  • Rachel Ann

    Cunt punt!

  • LuvsHorror

    Wouldn’t you think after the first few, she’d figure out where they were coming from?

  • midniteshadows

    Now that right there is a classic. :)

  • midniteshadows

    There’s also the cultural and demographic aspects that come into play as well. I lived in Arizona for 22 years doing social work. My guess is that she lives in the “Barrio” a crime and gang infested, poor community on the south side of Phoenix. A lot of the women here believe that if they get pregnant, then their “man” will stay with them. Mom, aunties, cousins, friends, grandma’s all have done it. People in this community don’t go against the norm. That is, not if you want to survive.

    A lot of the girls drop out of school at age 13-14. They are uneducated. More than likely, so are the Moms, and other females around them.

    As for sex education, it’s non existent in the poorer communities. There are schools there that have armed guards patrolling the school grounds. There are metal detecting gates where students have to go through just to enter school grounds. Sex education just isn’t a priority.

    The closest Planned Parenthood to the Barrio is on East Thunderbird – about 15 miles away. The other 2 clinics are located in Tempe and Glendale – over 20 miles away.

    Arizona also has a law that any woman under 18 y/o seeking an abortion, needs parental permission. Plus $$$$$ to have it done.

    All in all, when you are uneducated, live in a high crime area, are poor, feeling helpless and hopeless, tired and hungry, the last thing on your mind is preventative pregnancies.

  • Athena

    You, my dear, are attempting to apply logic to an illogical situation. America is weird about sex. We are obsessed with it, ashamed by it, excited by it, afraid of it. This prevents us from making logical decisions about it. It’s not just the lack of education… it’s culture, too. And culture is often concentrated in the lower strata of socio-economics. They must envelop themselves in culture; frankly, they don’t have much else.

  • Athena

    A thousand thanks, Midnight. My husband grew up in Ahwatukee (and was called “milkweed” for awhile). The stories he tells me surprise me to this day. Speaking of cultural elements, religion definitely factors in. Hispanic Catholics are among the most conservative in the nation, and the Catholic church disapproves of birth control.

  • midniteshadows

    Your welcome. Ahwatukee, huh? Oh the stories! Milkweed – lol! And yes, I forgot the religious aspect. I worked Intake for Child/Adolescent services via ComCare at the time. There were 12 of us and a Psych Doc that covered Maricopa County.

    Later I went on to become a Team Leader for the 2nd largest mental health clinic when they changed to Value Options. (My husband worked at Metro office, the largest mental health clinic with 1,600 members.) Some of the things we’ve seen. No wonder the Angels weep.

  • Patr1ckBateman

    These posts above make me embarrassed to be a soft, suburban, financially well off guy lecturing people living in Hell about how they should conduct themselves. It’s a world I have never known and could never comprehend. So I hope my other comments don’t sound as though they have come from a smug know all safely ensconced in his ivory tower. I have never seen things like those you speak of, but I’ll try and bear it in mind.

  • Clyde The Dog

    I’m from the Bronx, but did some research on this real quick, and sex ed isn’t madatory in WA, either. I read that with both AZ and WA like most states actually if consent is given for a student then abstinence has to be taught, not just abstinence only.
    And the laws in AZ seem really just the same as anywhere else, planned parenthood and titlex are available too for condoms and birth control at little to no cost. There isn’t planned parent hoods on every street corner in NYC, or anywhere else for that matter and that’s a good thing I think, so yeah the effort to have safe sex is there but I’ve known my share of poor and minority families that are super Catholics/conservative right here in liberal New York, and they still are having kids and being shitty parents.
    check it out at they have it by a state by state run down down for teens rights and all that crap I didn’t feel like reading.
    Weighed in and shit. 😉

  • Athena

    Don’t. Be embarrassed, that is. I’m mildly soft, suburban and financially… stable. I live in a great, liberal, well-funded part of the nation.

    Australia sounds nice.

  • Athena

    Religion. It contradicts human nature. You want to screw. It’s your purpose for being alive, to reproduce. But your religion, your “other” reason for being alive, forbids the use of birth control. All your female “role models” have multiple children… why not you?

  • wastintime

    Hahaha! I think I have just found my new favorite phrase! Cunt punt, I like it!

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    why pull out, just leave it in…lol

  • Hellioness

    Two separate incidences actually. From the link
    “Two 7-year-old girls formerly cared for by a Texas woman convicted of
    murder after a fire at her home day care killed four children told
    jurors Thursday that on separate occasions the woman left several babies
    “Prosecutors said the February 2011 fire that killed Elias started after Tata left a
    group of children alone with a pan of oil on a hot stove while she went
    shopping. Along with the four children who died, three were injured.”
    “Brighten Long, who was enrolled with her brother at Tata’s day care, told jurors Tata once took her and several other children to eat at a McDonald’s but left some babies alone in her home. Prosecutors said this happened in July or August 2010.”

  • Califboy

    5 kids and she is 23?? She needs cable, using her vagina for entertainment purposes is getting costly.

  • sol

    who cares, shes gorgeous