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NEWBURYPORT, MA – Police have arrested a teen mother after they say she poisoned another teen mother’s infant while they both stayed at a home for teenage mothers.

The teens, both under the age of 17, had been staying at the home for little over a year when one of their infants became ill. The baby, less than a year old, was rushed to the hospital where it was learned that he had ingested a poisonous substance.

The boy was treated and released, but an investigation would later reveal that the infant had ingested baby formula tainted with a household cleaning product, and that another teen mother staying at the home had placed the substance in the formula earlier in the week.

Before it was learned how the boy was poisoned, and who was responsible, the accused teen had run away from the home. She was later found and arrested on a warrant issued for her running away, then charged with attempted poisoning the next day.

She is currently in jail without bond and will appear in juvenile court next week. The Department of Children and Families is also involved in the investigation. Police say they have a few motives behind the teen’s actions, but have yet to disclose them.

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  • So when are they going to charge her with Attempted Murder of a child?

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    I don’t blame her. After all, she dated and had a baby from this guy.

  • Sam

    “placed the substance in the formula earlier in the week”

    So not a passionate, heat of the moment kind of thing, but a pre-meditated, carefully planned way of getting back at somebody by poisoning their little baby. Fuck, that’s cold. And now here’s to hoping somebody in Child Services is actually paying attention and will get their babe away from the person who doesn’t doesn’t see anything wrong with poisoning little babies.

  • This is why teens shouldn’t have kids… They’re to fucking immature and stupid….

  • AliciaT

    I go to watch the video linked here and the ad is for blinds with a fussy baby. First thing I saw. Coincidence?

  • True but even adults are immature and stupid and do things like this to their own children. I know some teens that are better parents than several adults.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Will she get to keep her own child? She seems an ideal mother for a future DD article.

  • Evan Oswald

    That’ll teach that baby what’s up. See this teen sloot shoulda poisoned the other sloot instead of her baby – – – heck that baby was already going to live a life of pain because it’s dad will never be there, probably doesn’t even have a grandpa…..and was going to have a mother who probably sucked too. Well any silver lining to this is that this baby won’t have to put up with that now.

  • Reen B

    How would you know what this baby’s mother is like? That’s cold. And the baby was treated and released…presumably to his mother, who did nothing wrong here but rushed him or her (not “it”) to the hospital.

  • wastintime

    Why is it attempted poisoning? She did poison the baby. And I don’t care what her fucked up reason is, she needs the most harsh sentence they can give her. Too bad she is being tried in juvenile court. They will release her when she is 21. That’s not enough time.

  • Andyman

    I see she continues to make extremely bad decisions. God I’m glad I’m not a teenager anymore.

  • Andyman

    Sadly, I suspect she will. It takes a LOT more than this (sad but true) to remove a child from the biological parents. As I think we have all seen time and time again. Poor kiddo.

  • come_and_see

    Sounds like Maury should get involved.

  • JGo555

    WTF? Let me guess: Baby daddy looked at the other girl instead of the jealous poisoner bitch.
    Fuck, it seems the babies are more mature than the mothers.

  • Twisted1

    You know not what these girls went thru to be in the situation that they are in. Most of them are trying the best they can to give them a good life. Hence the reason they are in a home for unwed mothers. Most of them are there because they want to give their kids a fighting chance. They could couch surf and have no rules. Instead they are trying to get their education and as stable of a home they can give their babies.

  • Twisted1

    It’s always about a guy. Men are the root of all evil. 😉

  • chikonanklemonitor


  • chikonanklemonitor

    sOOOOooo she had “motives” …… WTF kinda reason did she have to wanna kill someone else’s baby? Was THAT baby better, smarter, faster, stronger than her own baby?

  • There is NO motive that can justify taking the life of an innocent child.

  • chikonanklemonitor

    teaching moment? I think my sarcasm was lost on you……

  • LeaveMeBe

    STFU already. You’re being more of a moron than usual.

  • No…..I was actually agreeing with you. Simplicity is lost on people.

  • chikonanklemonitor

    ok i cant be the only one wondering what a sloot is.
    sounds kinda like a communist to me…i for one am an american and our teens have the freedom to have babies all they damnit want or dont want… this is america n we do what we want.

  • chikonanklemonitor

    I just upvoted my own comment. It’s like cheating on a test that you grade yourself. SWEET

  • LeaveMeBe

    Pssst! It let’s you up vote it but it doesn’t keep it. The more you know and all…

  • chikonanklemonitor

    I upvoted you just so I don’t have to feel bad about myself anymore…….. my vote didnt count in Alaska either….. F

  • This teen should be charged in adult court not juvenile court so she actually
    gets jail time not just juvie. Next sever her parental rights then place her
    baby in a loving foster home until the baby may be adopted to a loving home.