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Clayton, NJ — At the time I typed this, officials have not officially identified the body that was found in a recycling container, but they preliminarily identified the body as that of Autumn Pasquale, the 12-year-old who was reported missing on Saturday.

Authorities said Pasquale was last seen around 12:30 p.m. Saturday riding her bike. A friend of her said that she exchanged text messages with her that day, the last one received at 1:22 p.m. that she did not believe was intended for her. She said the message read, “don’t be like that.”

Police say the last text she sent was at around 2.30 p.m.  and that there was nothing alarming or unusual about it. She was reported missing at 9:30 p.m. after not arriving home by her 8 p.m. curfew. By Monday, about 200 law enforcement officials and hundreds of volunteers were out looking for her. By 10 p.m., she was found.

Investigators have not said exactly where in Clayton her body was located, other than saying that it was a few blocks from her home inside a recycling bin. An autopsy is to be conducted today to positively identify the body is Pasquale’s. Investigators say they have talked to at least 75 people, but that they do not have any suspects or know she left on her own or was the victim of foul play.

The Daily News reported that investigators did search one man’s house after a K-9 dog supposedly had picked up a scent. They left after only 20 minutes. The owner told reporters that he understood why authorities might have deemed him “suspicious” as his back window was broken, and he is friends with many teen girls on Facebook because he has a young sister.

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Police are now questioning two teens who live next door to where Autumn’s body was discovered. The New Jersey Times has photos of a bike matching the description of Autumn’s being removed from the home beside the abandoned one where Autumn was found.

Autumn would have celebrated her 13th birthday on Oct 29.

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  • David

    A recycling bin? Was he hoping that Waste Management could make a new little girl out of her? I’ll never understand where some of these bodies are found. Maybe it’s something in the murdering psyche that WANTS them to be found.

  • The whole South Jersey area is rocked by this. I just hope that the victim’s family finds out who is responsible before the police do.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    They need to look at the people she was texting before she died. Most cell phone companies don’t have access to the text of messages, but they do retain the numbers. It’s very possible that the girl had an older “friend” who took advantage of her and killed her.

  • We need more details, like cause of death and last known whereabouts. Sometimes police hold back too much info from the public.

  • come_and_see

    They can easily trace where she was by her cellphone.

  • NY_Mommy

    Who are these monsters that throw children away like trash. Its crazy. Every time you turn around there is another child missing only to be found dead. I can’t even begin to imagine what these families go through.

  • I never understood this mentality. Who says they even know the answers to these questions at this time? Also, exactly how would giving the public details that may compromise their investigation help? Why does the public need to know the gory details?

  • tinalib13

    God it is so frightening being a parent nowadays. My son is 15, and I hate to let him go anywhere by himself because of shit like this, but of course you have to let them do some things alone or they never gain any independence at all. And of course he argues with everything I say. Damn teenagers. But at least I know he’s safe.

  • tinalib13

    And let’s both hope we never, ever have to.

  • I don’t understand wanting to know either! How does it help someone who is not on the case to know these details. The main detail is there is a precious child who is dead!! I hope they find the sick bastard

  • Thanks. I updated the article.

  • I’m not looking for gory details. The police need all the assistance they can get from the general public with cases like this. Details such as cause of death can narrow down the suspect to gender, age, and possible mental state. It is possible that they don’t know these details yet. However, it wasn’t like I’m demanding they have them immediately. Nor would I suggest they give away details that would compromise their investigation.

  • You would be surprised to know how many cases are solved with the aid of the general public.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Because it’s the public.

  • and the number of cases lost due to shoddy investigative work and press leaks.

  • You stated that police hold back info from the public. There is a reason for that. If they feel that the public can help them with a specific piece of info, they’ll ask — like the cross in the Jessica Ridgeway case (a case that is now suffering from a news channel releasing the kind of details you think the public needs to know and that the police asked not to be released). In this case, I am betting that police had already narrowed down their suspects immediately after finding her body.

  • The general public can help solve cases. To just dismiss this help would be foolish. I know firsthand that the police have reasons to hold back info. I’ve also seen cases where another individual becomes a victim of the same circumstance which might have been prevented had the police released just one more detail. It’s a fine line they walk, I wouldn’t want to be in the position of deciding what to release and what not to. When they hold back info they are hoping to use that as an advantage later on. Sometimes that advantage never comes. My original post was not detailed enough and I left it open to interpretation. It may have come off as me bashing police procedure, this was not intended.

  • As is the case with any double-edged sword.

  • Yeah, I get what you are saying. Your original post had me thinking that you were playing “armchair detective” like some of those sleuthing sites do.

  • newstarshipsmell

    From the article:
    Dalton would not call the death a homicide, and said there were no suspects, the Associated Press reported.

    The article url ends “brothers_considered_suspects_i.html” so I’m guessing the update 2 hours after the initial story clarified that point.

  • The name of the link is “brothers_considered_suspects”. But thanks for reporting the news accurately brochacho!

  • Not I, sir. It was just a thought not eloquently stated. Also, I’m not sure about what sleuthing sites you talk about but if it makes me “turn to page 42 to continue adventure”, I’m out. I always cheated at those.

  • Kimberly

    This happened in the town next to mine so I can’t help but wonder the how and why…Seems it must have been a young perpetrator to leave her in a blue recycle bin and keep the bike in the house? On a side note all of the missing posters were left up at the middle school and the kids wrote memorials to Autumn on them. This whole thing sucks, my daughter is 12 and blond and I want to personally kill the bastard that did this. I also know the address Morbid if you need it for anything let me know….

  • Two brothers have been arrested and charged with first degree murder as per the news conference. No signs of sexual assault but the child was lured. http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Missing-NJ-Girl-Teen-Brothers-House-Bike-Autumn-Pasquale-175463891.html

  • tkaz

    In the top pic she reminds me a lot of my daughter. She’s blonde, big eyed & 14 ( a tad older)…..it disgusts me how this could happen. I let my daughter walk to friends, ride her bike. She’s almost 6 feet tall so sometimes I think her size can be intimidating but geez….it’s just so sad & wrong. I can’t imagine raising my kids to just have all their opportunities KILLED because of some asshole sociopath.

  • tkaz

    Not to make light of this situation but if I put a greasy pizza box in my recycle bin I get a knock on my door. Do we know that’s who found her? The Recycle truck driver?

  • 2 brothers, 15 & 17, have been charged with 1st degree murder. Happened about 10 mins from me. So sad. I feel terrible for her family and hope justice will be brought swiftly and they will someday be able to find some kind of peace someday. They haven’t yet been charged as adults, but the prosecutors office is pushing for it. It’s amazing to see how this community came together to try to find the little girl, just a shame it had to end this way. RIP angel…

  • TheCrackCapo

    My mother is best friends with the girl’s older cousin, such a terrible turn of events these past few days have been. R.I.P Amanda

  • newstarshipsmell

    So much for “no suspects.”

  • newstarshipsmell

    Wow, murdered for her bike. I won’t feel much angst if these two kids get tried and convicted as adults.

  • neenaP

    Not to fault the parents but I think a 12 year old should report where they are when they arrive and leave a friends home. Such a large window of time should not go by where you dont know where your child is. My daughter didn’t walk, ride, skip to anyone’s home at 12 I dropped her off and picked her up till she was 16 by then she had a boyfriend that walked her home ( 2 blocks). Even then I drove her any real distance. She is 20 and she still checks in. You cant be too protective these days.

  • neenaP

    Already? How did they know her?

  • tinalib13

    “Choose Your Own Adventure”. I was a cheater too. 🙂

  • tinalib13

    My thoughts exactly. Athena’s gonna dislike that, but I can’t help myself.

  • They lived within a mile of her home. Not sure if they knew her otherwise. They supposedly lured her into their home all to steal her bike.

  • I’m looking for their fb profiles, as the one kids’s fb was mentioned in the investigation… I want to see what kind of animal can kill a 12 y/o girl for fucking bike parts!

  • tinalib13

    One that feels no emotion, empathy or anything else. *smh*

  • The Mother of the boys found something on FB and called the police, leading them to her body.

  • Rachel Ann

    I generally refrain from crying when reading stories on the DD. But this one just has me about to sob becoz not only is the family hurting but that whole town is hurting. Everyone, is broken up by this and no one can really believe it has happened especially at the hands of two boys trying to steal fucking BMX bike parts. Its just tragic that every member of this community has to now live with this broken innocence in there town. Its not the creepy homeless toothless guy you gotta warn your kids about, its other fucking kids! Jesus H. Christ am I shaken.

  • Athena

    Actually, while I strongly disagree with the practice of charging kids as adults, there are plenty of times that it makes me feel good. But I try to keep thinking and feeling as separate as possible.

  • Athena

    I feel kind of sorry for your daughter. I’m sure you’re a good mom, and I know you think you’re doing whats right, but my ability to ride my bike to a friend’s house or walk to school – to be free and trusted – were some great memories for me. It makes me sad to think that more and more kids are missing that in their lives, especially when kids are safer today than at any point since we’ve been recording crimes.

    And, yes, you can be too protective. The research regarding child development and over-parenting is quite clear on that.

  • melb1970

    Such nice boys to be sure just made a “mistake” well hopefully since they’ve now been caught , they won’t have the chance to aspire to anything greater than more murders in their certain to be bright futures. i hope they spend the rest of their lives in prison- maybe they’ll end up in a trash bin where they belong.

  • shadough

    Who is Amanda?

  • Nope. No need for the address. I just report the news, I don’t want to be involved in it. 😛

  • TheCrackCapo

    Oh wow really? that sure is an embarrassing mistake. These iphones are so laggy when posting with disque an I was typing while on the job an rushed it, apologies.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Did you cheat on this one?

  • man that is fucked up. what is the deal with killing these kids? i just don’t get it and what the fuck is wrong with these motherfuckers? i swear to god i would like to fuck these people up bad

  • newstarshipsmell

    I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind disassembling their BMX bikes and placing each and every part inside them. I’d save a dozen spokes for their urethrae.

  • seriously though i’m with you. i guess before the information age we just never knew how many purely fucked up scum bag evil fucks there were in the world. now we do…..yikes

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Letting your own fears & obsessions spill over into the lives of your children can completely smother the normal development of a growing child’s mind. Not to mention their ability to have a properly maturing social life. Of course, there are also immature “parents” that have an abnormal need to keep the child dependent on them. Those are the adult parents that also call their child(ren) their best friend(s)…

  • ShelbySP

    You CAN be too protective. However, I’m glad my parents were protective of me as a kid. They had to meet my friends’ parents before I could spend the night at their houses, I had curfews, and they dropped me off and picked me up from school until I was 16 and had my own car. I never rode my bike or played outside out of the view of one of my or my friends parents. You’re right, different times call for different measures. For most of us, especially in the city, the times of riding a bike or walking by yourself as a kid are gone. There are just too many people who prey on the vulnerable.

  • Phoxee

    When I heard about this……2 days ago I knew she was gone…………:'{

  • Phoxee

    Tis why I don’t own an Iphone. 😛 They might be great……….after you take them to the shops a few times. (teasing) 😛

  • 3 lives ruined, and 2 families torn, over a damn bike!……….thank you for explaining that so beautifully @facebook-736546181:disqus, (yesterday on another post) i too mentioned something about the police withholding info from the public but needing the public’s help , and @DreaminDemon:disqus opened a can of whoopash on me, lol i didnt have the patience to explain myself in detail………. Does anyone know anything about the case in Columbia SC missing 15yr old girl Gabrielle Swaison?

  • Yeah, wanna borrow the cliff notes?

  • Heather_Habilatory

    The Huffington Post’s photo gallery for Autumn is just heartbreaking. You can tell the whole town is grief-stricken.

    How do kids get SO messed up that they would kill a little girl over bike parts?

  • LeaveMeBe

    Brochacho. *snicker*

  • Abroad

    Terribly sad for the girl; but the murderer(s) is/are idiot(s) if they think stuffing her into a *recycling* bin is disposing of her. Try a dumpster next time, numbnuts!

  • newstarshipsmell

    Fear monger. *open laughter*

  • whisperswing

    Teen brothers held in New Jersey girl’s death
    CNN) — Two teenage brothers were arrested and charged with
    first-degree murder in the death of Autumn Pasquale, the 12-year-old-girl found
    dead Monday in Clayton, New Jersey, according to authorities.

    “The brothers are ages 15 and 17
    years old, and both are in police custody at the present time,” Gloucester
    County Prosecutor Sean Dalton said Tuesday, adding that the younger brother had
    also been charged with one count of luring.

    Prosecutors say Autumn was lured
    to the boys’ home, where they murdered her — possibly for her BMX bike, which
    police found among some of the girl’s belongings when they searched the site
    early Tuesday.

    Autumn’s body was found in a
    recycling container. Dalton said she was strangled and died from blunt-force
    trauma, but based on preliminary findings, there were no signs of sexual

    Police were aided by the
    suspects’ mother, who contacted police because of Facebook postings, according
    to Dalton.

    The young suspects turned
    themselves in, accompanied by their attorneys, Tuesday.

    “We’re strongly considering
    waiving them to adult court. However, we want to let the process take its part,”
    Dalton said.

    In New Jersey, authorities are
    not permitted to release the names of juveniles charged with a crime.

    A Facebook page was created after
    Autumn went missing Saturday, and many neighbors and friends donated their time
    to help 200 law enforcement members search for her.

    She was last seen riding her
    bike from her home, according to the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office.

    Neighbor Joyce Fisher described
    to CNN affiliate News 12 New Jersey how she felt after volunteering and handing
    out fliers for the search effort, only to find out that those accused live just
    across the street.

    “I’m exhausted,” she said, and
    was especially unnerved when she saw investigators bring the girl’s bike out of
    the suspects’ house.

    “Scared … devastating …
    unnerving. Nice quiet town. We know everybody’s move around here. We never had
    any issues like this,” she said. “Everything is shattered.”

    “At this point, we have to put
    our anger aside,” Dalton said. “We have to let justice take its course and
    through the support of all the caring families in Clayton, with the support of
    the law enforcement community. … We’ll get past this, because we are

  • As a male, my parents were fair but protective of me at her age, and that was 30 years ago. I checked in when I arrived and left a friend’s home in the same quiet, peaceful, suburban neighborhood. Did I resent that? Sometimes, but it was really no big deal. A minute or less on the phone and that was that.

    When I turned 16 and got my restricted license, that’s when things started to change for me; I wanted my freedom, but my mom was very hesitant to give it to me. My stepfather, however, was the reasoning force, telling her to let me go. FWIW he was, overall, an asshole, but had lucid moments of logic here and there.

    Also, no amount of over-protectiveness can completely prevent this shit from happening. Look at what happened with Jaycee Dugard in 1991. Her stepfather WATCHED her walk to the bus stop and saw those fucking perverts abduct her! Unfortunately he couldn’t catch up to them and the rest, as they say, is history. All things considered she was lucky to have been found alive 18 years later. Many more are not so fortunate.

  • LeaveMeBe

    LMAO! Shit, I forgot all about that.

  • Zazen

    I must have missed that. I was thinking if anyone was a fear monger it’d be tarsh, what with the clown and junebug comments =D

  • newstarshipsmell
  • Zazen

    Great Flying Spaghetti Monster, what a steaming load of crap. I bet LMB loves her pet name though. I am jealous.

  • Kimberly

    One of these boys was in a school for the developmentally disabled (unreleased info) I am wondering how long till the insanity defense gets brought up…or unfit to stand trial? I just hope they spend the rest of their lives in prison and I wish we still had the death penalty in NJ… jmo

  • whisperswing
  • SwampDaughter

    Somehow I always find it much creepier when a person’s last Facebook status/tweet/text/whatever is something cryptic or unrelated, rather than a suicide note or a call for help. “Don’t be like that.” The girl who got that text says she doesn’t believe it was intended for her.. What does it mean? Creeps me out.

  • onlyme356

    We’re living in some pretty bad times, a 12 yr old with an 8pm curfew use to sound normal, but that’s just not the case anymore.

  • Whisper Wing

    Justin Robinson Pleads Guilty To Killing Autumn Pasquale

    CAMDEN, N.J. — A teenager admitted Wednesday that he strangled a 12-year-old girl who disappeared last fall while out riding her bike, touching off a massive search that ended when her body was found in a recycling bin just blocks from her home.

    Justin Robinson, 16, pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter in the death of Autumn Pasquale after agreeing earlier in the day to have his case moved to adult court.

    At the hearing, the teen took sole responsibility for killing the girl, even though his older brother is also facing a murder charge, said Camden County Prosecutor Warren Faulk.

    Faulk said the boy asked the girl to come to his home to possibly trade bike parts, but he declined to discuss a motive for the killing.

    The state was willing to accept a plea deal for charges less than murder because of the complicated circumstances, he said.

    Because of the boy’s age at the time of the killing and his “diminished capacity,” it was not a sure thing that a judge would have agreed that the case should be tried in adult court, Faulk said.

    While there was forensic evidence that places Autumn’s death in Robinson’s house, there was not clear evidence – other than the boy’s admission – that he was the one who choked the girl to death, the prosecutor said.

    Under a plea agreement, Robinson faces a 17-year prison sentence with no chance of parole for more than 14 years when a judge metes out his punishment Sept. 12. Faulk said that if the case had remained in juvenile court, the maximum sentence would have been 20 years, but he would have had a chance of parole in less than seven years.

    His brother Dante was 17 at the time and also is charged with murder in the case. His case is pending in juvenile court. Because of a court order, prosecutors and others involved in the case would not discuss those charges.

    The public defender representing Justin Robinson did not return a call.

    Jaime Kaight, an attorney for Autumn’s mother, Jennifer Cornwell, said prosecutors did “the best they could” in a challenging case.

    Doug Long, a lawyer for the slain girl’s father, Anthony Pasquale, said it was hard for him to sit through the sentencing Wednesday.

    “Mr. Pasquale knows that no amount of years on a sentence is going to bring his daughter back,” Long said. “The only justice would be to bring Autumn back, but that will never happen.”
    Authorities had credited a tip from the suspects’ mother with helping them solve the case. They said she saw something in one of their Facebook posts that gave her cause to call police. The call led them to the body and her sons.

    Initially, some of the victim’s relatives complained about the search for the girl and the way Gloucester County prosecutors handled the case, which was eventually moved to the Camden County prosecutor’s office.

    Autumn’s parents later had a legal squabble over money raised to help their families, but they eventually reached a settlement over that dispute.