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TOMS RIVER, N.J. – A mother in New Jersey has been accused of boarding her 9-year-old daughter’s school bus and slapping her daughter’s 4th-grade bully.

According to reports, 28-year-old Rebecca Sardoni boarded a school bus Friday morning with her 51-year-old mother, Stephanie Sardoni. The pair were on the bus looking for one of the kids they say have been bullying Rebecca’s daughter as she rode the bus to and from East Dover Elementary School.

“Who is Vinny?” she asked according to other students and the bus driver. When Vinny raised his hand, the mother-daughter pair walked to the back of the bus where he was sitting and had a talk with him about his alleged bullying.

By “talk with him” I mean that they screamed and cursed at them while Rebecca allegedly slapped Vinny in the face. Not quite satisfied, Rebecca then slapped the face of the boy who was sitting next to Vinny. She also told them that she was taking them to court.

Both Vinny and the other boy were treated by Toms River school nurses for cuts to their mouths. One of the boys was later taken by his parent to a medical center for a neck injury. The stepfather of one of the boys told reporters his stepson had a cut to his lip after Rebecca Sardoni slammed his head against the bus window.

Rebecca and her mother were arrested later that day. Rebecca has been charged with simple assault, criminal trespass and making terroristic threats. Her mother is charged with criminal trespass.

Rebecca’s account of what happened differs greatly from multiple eyewitnesses. She claims that after repeated complaints to school administration about her daughter being verbally and physically bullied by three boys and a girl went ignored, she decided to alert the bus driver of the situation.

After boarding the bus, she says the driver identified Vinny and allowed her to walk back and talk to him while her mother stayed at the front of the bus. She says she scolded him and informed him that she was taking him to court, but that she never touched anyone. “I was upset. I wasn’t crazy woman upset,” she said. “I don’t put my hands on my own kids. I would have never put my hands on anyone’s kid.”

School officials have refused to comment, but police say they have been notified of the alleged bullying and that they are investigating. Rebecca says her daughter will no longer ride the bus and that she is meeting with a lawyer to file complaints. She’s also going to have her daughter moved to a different school. “They’re making us look like bad people and we’re not. This little girl has been through a lot,” Rebecca said.

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