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Westminster, CO — Twelve different Colorado agencies have expanded their search for 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway after the missing girl’s backpack was found six miles from her home.

Jessica was last seen Friday morning after leaving her home to walk three blocks to Chelsea Park where she was to meet with friends and then walk to Witt Elementary School. When Jessica never made it to the park, her classmates continued on without her. By 10 that morning, police called her home but her mother, who worked nights, was sleeping. It wasn’t until she woke up eight hours later that she called police after hearing the message informing her Jessica was not at school.

Around 1 a.m. Sunday a man and his wife returned to their home in a neighborhood over six miles away and noticed a backpack on the sidewalk that wasn’t there when they left earlier. It stuck out, but because kids leave items around the neighborhood occasionally, it wasn’t so out of place that they went to investigate. When it was still there the next day, the man and a neighbor looked inside the backpack and found a set of keys and a water bottles with “Jessica Ridgeway” written on them.

The neighbor then posted an email to the town’s listserv with a message that read: “Found this morning on the side walk at Andrew Drive and Alpha Court. Water bottle has ‘Jessica Ridgeway’ name on it. Come and get it.” After someone informed him that Jessica was missing, he called 911. In response, police moved their search from Jessica’s neighborhood in Westminster to open areas in Superior.

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The only odd thing I noticed from reading some of the news articles was Westminster police spokesman Trevor Materasso stating the public wasn’t in any danger and that he did not believe someone was running around snatching up kids. He also said officials feel Jessica had changed clothes and for people searching for her to pay attention to her facial features, not what she was wearing last.

Police say that Jessica’s father lives out of state and is in a custody battle with Jessica’s mother. They say they do not believe Jessica is with her father, but Materasso added that they will be looking at every possible angle, multiple times. Jessica is described as a blonde, blue-eyed girl standing 4’10” tall and weighing 80-pounds. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, black boots with pom poms, a black puffy jacket and pink and blue glasses.

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  • Evan Oswald

    Westminster police must assume she is far enough away from flordia and ohio to have been snatched up. I look forward to the follow up DD article after she is found.

  • curiousalways

    Bring her home safely. Please…..

  • Why did the police call the mother? Was it because the school had tried calling her and no answer. My son’s teacher had him down as absent one day but he WAS there. No one even called, I received the automatic call and went crazy with worry. My husband drove over to the school and there was my son.

  • Her Dad lives in Independence, MO- near Kansas City. They searched his home, and that of his mother, earlier today to no avail. There is a facebook page set up for Jessica, btw. Here’s hoping for a happy ending…

  • JGo555

    Oh god, let her be with her daddy. Safe and sound, God. SAFE AND SOUND.

  • whisperswing

    Follow the story with the live blog at bottom of this link
    Live blog: Search continues for 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway

  • LeaveMeBe

    This child’s picture has haunted me for 2 days. 🙁

  • kimbev69

    poor sweety i hope she is safe…

  • AssWho?

    May she be safe, and returned. I hope its a custody case that got out of hand, not a coincidental nightmare. My families thoughts are with Jessica, and her family. Will volunteer for the next search.


  • My son’s school has called twice saying he isn’t there when he was. Luckily it was an actual person calling so I could tell them to go check again… it’s scary as hell.

  • tkaz

    Hmm..I thought in the original posting (not front page yet) that it said the school called her & she got the message after she woke, then SHE called police.

  • Vindictive
  • whisperswing

    FBI Profiler says Jessica suspect could strike again
    WESTMINSTER – As the search for evidence in the Jessica Ridgeway investigation continues, the search for a suspect is intensifying.
    The FBI has 50 agents working the Ridgeway investigation and they are asking the public to help them catch whoever is responsible.

    Officers spent most of the day at the Pattridge open space and reopened the Leyden Road to traffic Thursday evening
    The person chose an isolated area, crossed under the barbed wire fence at a drainage culvert, and left the body on a hillside. It’s still not confirmed if the body is Jessica’s.

    The FBI knows from experience, the best leads will likely come from people at home who have a hunch and make the call.

    “We suspect that somebody in the community knows this individual,” Denver FBI spokesman Dave Joly said.

    Joly says you need to focus, not on how this person looks, but how they act.

    “Any kind if unusual behavior between last Friday and today,” Joly said.

    That behavior could include missing work and appointments, leaving town, changes in alcohol and drug use, or even changes in appearance.

    “Somebody who is very engaged in the media coverage of the investigation and maybe they’re a little annoyed by all the coverage,” Joly said.

    Former FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt says the condition of the body, which was described by Westminster police spokesman Trevor Materasso as “not intact,” indicates an experienced killer.

    “And if it is such a person who would do such a grisly act, it is someone who is fully capable of doing this again. And not withstanding investigators are racing against the clock to try to find the offender, before he or she might strike again,” Van Zandt said.

    The FBI assumes the person they’re looking for is a male, as statistics show that is most likely the case
    “It could be your boss; it could be your friend, and ultimately it could be your family member,” Van Zandt said.

    Investigators have received more than 1,200 tips so far.

  • TheAlphaSoup

    …They just found her dead. Rest in peace angel.

  • TraumaNurse85

    She was found murdered and dismembered 🙁 Please do a follow up article, if you can. I would be more than happy to write one if you do guest bloggers-I have been following this case closely ever since the Amber Alert went out.

  • measyou

    Austin Sigg sentenced to life in kidnap/murder of Jessica Ridgeway

    “He described the nearly two hours Sigg kept Jessica in his bedroom, where he made her watch a movie while he cut her hair and laid out clothes for her to change into. When he tried to strangle Jessica with zip ties, the plastic cut into his hands and he later told police that he didn’t ‘have enough leverage,’ Sargent said.

    Sigg eventually strangled Jessica with his bare hands for up to three minutes. When he saw Jessica twitching, Sigg filled a bathtub with scalding hot water and forced her face down into it.

    Sargent said he did not want to detail how Sigg methodically dismembered Jessica. Sigg told police at the time that he was fulfilling a sexual fantasy.”