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Man Squirts Soap In Girlfriend’s Mouth For Cursing

September 27, 2012 at 10:52 am by  

Hudson, FL – John Vincent Caruso, 26, was arrested on domestic battery charges after squirting liquid soap into his girlfriend’s mouth.

He reportedly had warned her three times about her cursing, worried that it might wake their two sleeping children.  He also told deputies that his parents would dole out the same punishment to him when he’d been a naughty, naughty boy.

Caruso and his on-and-off girlfriend had been arguing that night because she says Caruso was trying to tell her what to do.  Apparently her word choice was not lady-like and Caruso threatened to put soap in her mouth.  After all, what’s a boyfriend’s purpose if not to discipline his significant other when she’s been using filthy language?

A few minutes later, Caruso reportedly came up behind her as she was sitting on the couch and squirted liquid dish soap into her mouth, down her throat, and onto her shirt.  The woman’s lip also apparently suffered a small cut from the tip of the soap dispenser according to this article.   The woman fled to her mommy’s house to call the police.

Now, one might think “Hey, this Caruso dude is probably just a teetoteling, God-fearing saint of a man who cannot tolerate bad language in his home.”  However, while doing a little research on Mr. Caruso, I came across an arrest record from a recent drug offense which might explain why his relationship with his girlfriend is not quite as stable as some might hope.  Oh, and here’s another one for fleeing and eluding.  Oh, and here’s another one.

Take note, everyone.  Drug possession, fleeing and eluding police is a-okay.  Using crass language?  Open wide.

It bears noting that Caruso claims that he sometimes washes his own mouth out with soap “out of respect” for his parents.  So, just in case you were wondering whether or not this dude was damaged goods…

Caruso was booked into Land O’ Lakes jail, where soap is more likely to be used as a lubricant than as a punishment for foul language, and released on $250 bond.

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