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Ocala, FL – Carlos Romero, 31, was arrested on Monday for allegedly having sex with 21-month old Doodle, his miniature donkey.  The charge is cruelty to animals.

Romero owns up to having “never been a people person,” and preferring animals, particularly horses, in almost every regard.  His reasons are simple.  People “stab you in the back, give you diseases, lie to you” and are “promiscuous,” whereas animals “are usually there for you” and “do not seek other pleasures.”  Their feelings, he said, are “100 percent honest.”

Sounds to me like Mr. Romero may be a bit of a selfish lover, or maybe he has a dream of fathering a centaur.

Romero purchased the aptly named Doodle from a man in Lake City several months ago, and though he admits to masturbating while the animal was in the room, claims to have never had intercourse with it, citing the fact that she is merely “blooming into maturity.”  So, you know, he’s claiming not to be bestial pedophile, which is a huge relief.

Romero’s assertion of restraint runs contrary to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Edward Graham’s claim that he was lucky enough to witness Romero’s donkey-dipping schween doing its thing inside Doodle’s hoo-hah.

Romero calls Graham a “peeping tom” who should be arrested for invading his privacy.  Graham had the privilege of the coital exchange because he was investigating a claim by Gerald Joseph James, who rents a farm and says he saw Romero behind his donkey with his pants down on August 15th.

Romero was born and raised in Florida, but has worked at several racetracks around the country.  He says he’s thought an awful lot about sexing the horses he has encountered in his line of work, but that he hasn’t because he “didn’t want to have sex with the athlete that would suddenly be gone.”

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In a jailhouse interview, he said he has had sex with horses since he was 18 and likes their “feminine shape, behavior and raw power.”  So, I can only guess that he’s been dunking his manwood in the non-athletic fillies, perhaps because they have softer, more supple curves.

“I’m not harming the animal or other people,” Romero, who is being held on $2,000 bail, said.

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  • JohnQknowitall

    Diddling Doodle: The Carlos Romero Story

  • RachelAnnPrince

    Oh how *gross* he diddled Doodle. Try saying that while stoned.

  • CT

    ” People stab you in the back, give you diseases” So if his theory is correct — banging a horse will never give you a disease? That will be one of those things that I will just have to take his word for it.

  • Bravo on the centaur mention.

  • Nay

  • JGo555

    He looks like he got his happy ending right before the pic was taken.

  • SayAunt

    Well he’s a dandy and I’m not talking Yankee Doodle.

  • come_and_see

    Next up, sex robots.

  • Gee

    Socially Challenged much….. I think he stayed away from the race horses because they would kick the shit out of him. That is always the question I have when reading these stories about Horse diddlers.
    Do the horses just stand there? I would think they would kick and try to get away.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    On his first date, if he takes her out to eat, is it proper for him to ride her through the drive-thru window?
    If he takes her to a drive-in, should he sit on her?
    When he takes her home, shouldn’t the barn down be already closed, so he’ll have to wait until the cows come home.

  • tinalib13

    “Romero’s donkey-dipping schween doing its thing inside Doodle’s hoo-hah.” Hoo hoo for alliteration Pete! Well done! My students and I did a lesson on this the morning. What a corny coincidence!

  • NY_Mommy

    What a happy pic. And what is a miniature donkey? (I’m feeling Google lazy right now) Is it small like a miniature pony?

  • Andyman

    Boy if that’s not an I don’t care and I’d do it again in a heartbeat smile, I don’t know what one is. lol

  • onlyme356

    Wow, this guy doesn’t realize that the more he talks, the worse he sounds. How can he deny raping that poor donkey when he uses terms like “blooming into maturity” Sick!!! Where is this guy’s mother?!

  • tinalib13

    Well he did just get done horsing around Andy. 😉 He was happy!

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Considering what they’re designed for, I’d be very surprised if they even realized he was “there.” LOL!

  • whisperswing

    Deputies: Ocala man performed sex acts on miniature donkey
    Carlos Romero calls Florida ‘backwards state’

  • Andyman

    lol. I saw what you did there. 😉

  • RachelAnnPrince

    ever watch Rob and Big on MTV? Rob Dyrdek had one lol. But yeah its just a little horse. They’re feisty idk how he did it!

  • TinyCyborg

    animal diddling and kiddy diddling seem to be on the same wave-length… claiming the animal is into it because they have the ability to get sexually excited is like saying since a baby can get a hard-on in the bathtub, they’re into getting sex on. A stupid look and awkward silence doesn’t mean consent. And this is coming from someone who hates kids AND I hate horses but they certainly don’t deserve THAT shit.

  • NY_Mommy

    Thats what I was thinking about. That pony was crazy. It was always biting Drama. My favorite was when he was 1st bringing it home and it nay-ed in the car and freaked them out. Funny stuff.

  • No-horse-diddling-allowed

    Does he at least buy her some oats and hay first?

  • BEastDuo

    Hybrid between mini horses on Sardinia and Sicily, apparently.

  • BEastDuo

    Oh that already happened! Haven’t you heard of Roxxy and Rocky the robots?

  • BEastDuo
  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Animals cannot give consent; ergo, it is rape.

  • Wonder if he had trouble making friends before or after announcing his preference for donkey business? LoL

  • neenaP

    He needs to die he will never stop being a molester

  • LeaveMeBe

    I liked that, too, but I’m not so sure a half donkey/ half human would count as a centaur.

  • LeaveMeBe

    They tried to interview her but she said, “Neigh!”, tossed her mane and trotted away.

  • Transducer

    Give this guy a break. This sort of behavior was legal in Florida until recently.

  • Califboy

    Kinda reminds me of the grins we see everyday on politicians faces.

  • Califboy

    Gives a whole new meaning to “Mom, I’m gonna go ride the horse for a while”

  • Andyman

    November can’t come soon enough. For lots of reasons including this one!

  • Hivewhacker

    After reading much of what DD reports on, he’s kinda right in his opinion of humans.

  • He wants the donkey back.

    A[QUOTE] farm hand accused of engaging in a sex act with his miniature donkey has been placed in protective custody at the Marion County Jail.
    County officials have taken the animal, a 21-month-old named Doodle, to Animal Services — something the owner is not happy about.
    “I want my donkey back. There’s got to be due process here. I paid $500 for her,” said Carlos R. Romero, sitting on a bench after his first appearance Tuesday morning in front of a judge.
    Jail officials said Romero, who is charged with animal cruelty, is in protective custody for now.
    County officials, meanwhile, plan to petition the court for custody of the donkey. If the court grants it, the county may put her up for adoption. County spokeswoman Elaine McClain said Doodle appears to be in good health, and there are “no outward signs of any physical abuse.”
    Romero, 31, said he believes authorities placed him in protective custody in a ploy to keep him away from Doodle, and he vowed Tuesday to get her back.
    At his first appearance via video link from the jail, Romero pleaded not guilty and Judge Steven Rogers set bail at $2,000.
    Romero’s arrest comes a week after the farm’s proprietor, Gerald Joseph James, told Marion County Sheriff’s Office that he saw Romero having sex with Doodle in his room the night of Aug. 15. Deputies interviewed Romero last Friday, and he reportedly described having intimate contact with the donkey, but not intercourse.
    A warrant was signed by the judge Monday, and Romero was picked up at the farm.
    Romero said in an interview at the jail late Monday that he purchased Doodle from a man in Lake City and brought her to the farm in northwest Marion County a couple of months ago.
    He said he has always felt an attraction toward animals, especially horses, because people have been known to “stab you in the back, give you diseases, lie to you” and are “promiscuous.”
    Animals, he said, “are usually there for you” and “do not seek other pleasures.” Their feelings are “100 percent honest,” he added.
    He admitted that he has had sex with horses many times since he was 18 and likes their “feminine shape, behavior and raw power.” He denied doing anything sexual to the donkey “because she’s blooming into maturity” but said he eventually would have.
    Romero plans to post bond and return to the farm, then reclaim Doodle.
    But James, the man who rents the farm, said Romero is not welcome on the property because he is concerned about the welfare of the horses.
    Oddly, Romero believes that deputies arrested the wrong man. He called James, who reportedly caught him in the act, a peeping tom who invaded his privacy.[/QUOTE]

  • I visit Dreamin Demon often..reminds me why I have not dated in 6 years(many bad men). Thanks for that.

  • NCBrian

    “I didn’t even know it was illegal, did you?”
    “I would have assumed…”