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SAN DIEGO – Zewoinesh Badasso, the mother accused of intentionally throwing her 7-month-old son out a 3rd-floor window, was in court on Wednesday, where she pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and assault on a child.

As you may recall, passersby found the boy–being referred to as “David N.” in court records–on the ground in an alley near the building out of which he was allegedly thrown. CPR was administered and he was rushed to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving. The evidence gathered at the scene and the results of questioning Badasso led police to place her under arrest.

Here’s what seems to be known about Zewoinesh Badasso at this time: The 33-year-old (or 32-year-old, depending on your source) came to the U.S. from Ethiopia around 12 years ago thanks to a sponsorship by some unnamed Catholic charity. Even so, she apparently has not developed a good grasp of English, since an interpreter was present with her at Wednesday’s hearing. She had been in San Diego for only a very brief time and did not know the three men with whom she and her son shared the apartment since she had been placed there.

As for little David, it is being reported that he was conceived when a stranger raped Badasso in Las Vegas and was born prematurely.

However, it’s the comments made by both the deputy district attorney and Badasso’s defense attorney during the hearing that make me feel as though the number of unanswered questions has increased exponentially and that I might, at any moment, find myself in The Twilight Zone.

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Let’s start with Deputy District Attorney Nicole Rooney. During Wednesday’s hearing, she told the court that during the autopsy of the infant, the medical examiner noted ligature marks around his neck as well as marks around the face and neck that suggested some sort of beating. Based on Rooney’s account of the medical examiner’s report, the actual cause of death was strangulation, not injuries from a three-story fall.

Defense attorney Amy McDonald suggested a very different scenario, as San Diego’s KGTV reports. “She said she had her son in her arms, and that she wasn’t familiar with the window–it was a new place she had just moved in–and she was holding him and trying to open the window–and there was no screen on the window–the baby just kind of jerked and fell, fell out of her arms and fell out the window.” McDonald went on to say that Badasso went down to the alley after David’s fall…which sounds plausible on the surface, but now I’m remembering that when the police arrived, Badasso was inside the apartment.

Even so, McDonald blasted the notion that Badasso is a noncaring mother, since she was still breastfeeding David at the time of his death. Everyone knows that the choice to breastfeed is based entirely in maternal devotion and has nothing to do with convenience, cost, availability, or, say, being born and raised in Ethiopia.

To add another bit of strangeness to the mix, McDonald reported that Badasso had asked about her son during an attorney-client visit in the jail and wasn’t even aware he had died. As if that weren’t enough…remember the safety gate we talked about in the first article? The attorney said that there was no safety gate on the window at the time of David’s fall but that one was put on the window the following day…so on which day was the video showing the safety gate in the window shot?

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  • FrikkenFrak

    Badasso? Bwaaahhhhaaa!
    BEST Dreamin Demon last name. EVER.

  • crazyonehere

    i think the woman that kick the shit out of her in prison will show her just how tough she is with that last name

  • newstarshipsmell
  • She needs it. I am not fully versed in the practices and customs of a female inmate prison, I would venture to say that since most of the women in the prison have babies and as such would do most anything to be with them (except not break the law, but that is best left to another post) When the fellow inmates find out that she is there for using her baby as a punching bag, then as a horseshoe. She will then need to really be a badassio!

  • Phoxee

    Just put one between her eyes……..I hate ppl like this.

  • TinyCyborg

    So I turn 28 tomorrow, and compared to this woman I look like a teenager, and no I’m not an Ethiopian immigrant, but my life also has not been a sweet stroll filled with strictly first-world problems (in fact I think I come here because fucked up true crime happening to other people helps me feel better its not just my life that messed up crap happens too) so what I’m really asking here is… in 5 years, am I also going to look like Moms Mabley, or does she have some Benjamin Buttons shit going on here?

  • FrikkenFrak

    Oh yeah!!! Lmao

    Check out this song someone made about Beezow on YouTube. My daughter and I went around singing this for MONTHS! lol

  • tkaz

    She cares for her child because she breastfeeds?
    No…it’s FREE.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I’d be super impressed if her name was Dumasso or Stupidasso.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Ohhhhhkay. What the hell does it mean that she was placed in an apartment with three men she didn’t know? Who the hell placed her there? Not that it has anything to do with her being a total cuntbitchasspieceofshitnotarealmother or anything, but I’m really curious.

  • Lizard

    Good question. One article made no mention of “placement” but referred to the men as “friends of friends.” Even so…the notion of a woman agreeing to room with three men she’s never met does make me wonder.

  • captaingrumpy

    It’s the fucking Lawyers comments that get me. They talk like they’ve known her for years.

  • Laura_RT

    And so ridiculously convenient… I remember when I was breastfeeding my favorite thing about it was there was no fumbling to make a bottle for midnight feeding. I hardly had to even wake up for it…

  • 09cupcake

    This mom needs to be beat!!

  • ultracreep

    I remember Beezow well. He was dreamy for a weirdo named Beezow.

  • Happy belated!!

  • The religious charity more than likely placed her into a dwelling that had similar “refugees” thinking it would help her feel comfortable. They then would assume that because these people are people “of god” that it is a safe haven environment. But hey, it’s all “god’s will” right? right?

  • newstarshipsmell

    If there were no dead baby involved in this story, I’d suggest the court offer her a more lenient sentence if she legally changed her name to one of those two.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Yep, David N. was so gosh-darned cute, by golly, God knew he’d burn through his Omniscience constantly looking that kid up down here on Earth, to pat himself on the back for a job well done. Made more sense to bring him up to Heaven right away. Plus, he’ll always be a cute baby now, for all eternity. Right?

  • Zazen

    Riiiiight. =D

  • Yeah,….and kids look cuter when sitting on clouds….and possibly having wings….gotta resist the obvious joke there…arrrggghhh…

  • newstarshipsmell

    I read this in my feed, forgetting the details of the story, and was about to reply, telling you clearly it wasn’t obvious enough since I wasn’t catching what you were implying. Then I re-read the headline. Upvoted. Going to Hell already, anyways.

  • Glad to see I’ll have good company around the fire 😉

  • NCBrian

    more like dumbasso