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Conway, SC — A man in South Carolina is a little peeved over the fact that the registered sex offender convicted of soliciting his 10-year-old daughter for sex is still allowed to live next door.

Kerry Marlowe was convicted of criminal solicitation of a minor and had to registered as a sex offender because of an incident that happened between him and his neighbor’s 10-year-old daughter last fall.

According to the girl’s father, Chris Smith, his daughter was playing with Marlowe’s cat by the chain link fence that separates their yards. Smith’s daughter says that Marlowe was standing on his side of the fence when he asked her about her bra size. She says Marlowe then said he wanted to rub lotion on her, exposed himself, and leaned over the fence to try and kiss her. After the girl went inside and told her father what happened, Smith called police.

Marlowe was arrested a few days later and charged with committing a lewd act on a minor. At his probation hearing, Marlowe was ordered to wear an ankle bracelet and not to go within a mile of the neighborhood. But when Marlowe pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of criminal solicitation of a minor, he was sentenced to four years probation, had to register as a sex offender, and ordered to stay at least 30 feet from Smith’s daughter. The day after the sentencing, Marlowe moved back into his house.

Local Prosecutor Candice Lively said Marlowe admitted he was drunk that day and asked the girl if she would have sex with him, but denies he exposed himself or tried to kiss the girl. She’s not worried about the girl’s safety because even though what Marlowe admitted to was creepy he doesn’t fit the profile of a sex offender. She added that Marlowe is fearful of violating his probation, which would send him straight to prison, and he knows that the girl’s family will not hesitate calling police.

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As you can imagine, Smith is not too happy about this situation. “When it’s all stripped away,” Smith told Sun News of Myrtle Beach. “I still have a convicted, registered sex offender living next door.” He says he would gladly move from the home he has lived in for the past decade, but that he knows he’ll have problems selling now that a registered sex offender lives next door. He also said he’s trying to get a state law changed so that a convicted, registered sex offender cannot live within a mile of his victim.

Marlowe hasn’t made any comments, but his mother has. Sally Osborne, who lives across the street from her son and the Smiths, says she doesn’t believe her son did anything wrong. If he did, she stated, it was only because he was drunk. She also said she feels that the girl’s mother, Laura Smith, fabricated the entire encounter between her son and their daughter in an attempt to take her son’s land.

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  • Sam

    Oh, so he only wants underaged poon when he’s drunk? That’s alright then. *eyeroll*

  • Andyman

    …and this guy looks like that may be a favorite past-time of his so no worries there, right? sigh.

  • CT

    Good one there, Mom – he didn’t do it on purpose, he was drunk. What a fucking tard.

  • AssWho?

    If I were this little girls father, I would remove both of this mans arms with great force, and then I would proceed across the street and commence beating his mamma with the newly liberated prev limbs. But that’s just me I guess

  • so its justified cuz he was drunk. so, today if he drinks, he can justifiably traumatize another child. oh and torture her more by living next door…

  • come_and_see

    I would lure him into the house just so I could shoot him. Castle law baby.

  • Athena

    Good thing we have that registry! Don’t worry, folks! His name on that list will totally keep this girl safe. I mean, restraining orders always restrain, right?

  • Heh, Athena, If you buy that I got ocean front property in Arizona.

  • sweekymom

    In vino, veritas. This guy is a pervy McSkeeverson or a skeevy McPerverson, and it surfaces when his ass is drunk. I don’t blame this daddy for being outraged. And as for the judge not being able to force Marlowe to move, I call bullshit on that one.

  • Whatevn

    Im going to say this though personal experience

    When someone does a sexual crime to you as a small child and, pretty much gets away with it(honestly, can you really say he didnt though the eyes of a 10yo?) it makes you feel like what they did to you is okay. It makes you feel like you just have to “deal” with anyone making you feel uncomfortable, in such a way

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    “Take his land?” Yeah, because the victims of sex offenders and their families are awarded their real property. What a stupid bitch!

  • Athena

    Please tell me the “Heh” means you detected the incredibly heavy sarcasm… 😉

  • Athena

    South Carolina may not have the residency restrictions other states do, or it may be that the lesser charge he pleaded to didn’t qualify him for residency restrictions. Even a judge has limited rights when it comes to an individual and their legally-owned property. Now, had be been selling weed…

  • skowhegan_scott

    Top 5 excuses given by baby-fuckers and other sex offenders

    5. ” It was his/her fault , the filthy little slut seduced me .”
    4. ” She told me she was 18 ” or ” I didn’t know she wasn’t 18 ” .
    3. ” Her parents were OK with us dating ” or ” it’s her parents’ fault it happened .”
    2. ” It was consensual/never happened ” or ” I’m being falsely accused because of xyz .”

    1 . ” I was drunk .”

    I’ll concede false accusations do happen once in a blue moon , but it’s pretty safe to say nine times out of ten these creeps are guilty as sin of something pretty dark and nasty to say the least . Being intoxicated seems to be a very popular one, it’s as if they believe being drunk and/or high is a valid excuse for every bad act they do be it adultery or kiddie-touching . Alcohol is notorious for loosening ones inhibitions that are normally in place when sober , but my gut feeling is that this sick prick had been harboring these aberrant desires for quite some time but chose that day to give in to them . The booze was merely the catalyst that made it happen , assuming he even had any in his system . This is yet another clear cut sign that protecting our children is extremely low on the totem pole in terms of priorities of the US (in)justice system . As for our wannabe pedo and his morally bankrupt enabler mother , they should just kill themselves , ’nuff said

  • Isaac Cros

    I think they should chemically castrate his ass. Not sure if SC does it yet but i know Ca and Fl does for it repeat offenders

  • Vivian Ward

    They have gators in SC, right? If I was that father, the Good Neighbor of the Year would up and disappear one day, without warning, never to be seen again.

  • Yuppers. That’s why I love you Athena, sarcasm happens to appeal to my humor a lot!

  • JGo555

    Can ya’ll smell the redneckness coming from the accused’s mother?

  • Laura_RT

    The fact that pedos do what pedos do doesn’t piss me off near as much as when a family member/ loved one tries to defend them. I don’t doubt that it’s a sickness, in fact I strongly believe that it is, and most likely is the result of being abused as a child themselves. <— This is in no way meant to excuse their actions there are plenty of abused children who grow up without ever considering molesting a child. However, the mother of this man knows what this sick bastard did and HE ADMITTED IT and still she wants to make excuses… Makes me so sick. If I found out my son/daughter (who I brought into this world) was a pedo, I really think that I would feel honor bound to take him/her out of it.
    My ex's grandmother is the same way. She's convinced (and even tried unsucessfully to convince me) that 'The police set him up he would never do anything like that.' Nevermind that I'd left him a few years before after finding child porn on his computer. Nevermind that the cops have pics of his dick/nasty naked self/ his home that he'd sent to what he thought was a fourteen yr old girl. AND then showed up to meet the fictional 14 y/o with a loaded gun in his back pocket and another in his glove compartment. Her little angel is not capable of such crimes, clearly the cops have it out for him…

  • I would rather this gentleman meet the woman that squeezed the manly bits until they popped outside of the bag holding them. I forget who, but it was here on DD. plus right now I am on my third cerveza so please forgive me for not providing a link.

  • Kwumey .

    good call letting him stay.. burl ives would wake up extra cripsy after his hovel was “accidently” set ablaze

  • Maria Medina

    these white people are really sickos!