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Man Accused Of Throwing Acid In Daughter’s Face

September 4, 2012 at 10:08 am by  

Brooklyn, NY — A 69-year-old man has been arrested after he poured acid on his daughter’s face.

On Saturday afternoon, Jerome Lynch’s 49-year-old daughter, Darlene Lynch, had stopped by to visit him at his apartment. As she sat on a couch in her father’s living room, Jerome splashed her in the face with something in a cup he was holding. At first she thought her father had poured water on her, but after her face started melting off she realized she was wrong.

Police say what Jerome had poured on his daughter was actually a cup full of the drain cleaner El Diablo, which contains 98 percent sulfuric acid. Darlene ran out of the apartment screaming when the burning started, witnesses saying her clothing was disintegrating and her skin was falling off her face.

“Her skin looked like melting wax. And then her whole eye lid was melted. The whole left side from her face all the way down to her feet,” said her neighbor, Clarisse Shakespeare.

Neighbors ran to help Darlene, pouring water on her and removing her clothing. She was rushed to the hospital suffering from burns to over 50% of her body. It was feared she would lose her left eye, but a cousin says she is now able to see out of it.

Lynch was arrested and charged with felony assault. Lynch suffered a stroke several years ago that left him with slurred speech and the need for a cane or walker. Police say Lynch left a note admitting to pouring drain cleaner in his daughter’s face, claiming she had been abusing him. Family members say that Jerome has become delusional  over the last several years.

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  • Kudos on the picture from Robocop…..
    Anyway wtf?What was going through this dickheads mind????

  • Jury

    She should have ran right to the shower first. Then after washing, grabbed a blunt object and begin blunting!

  • tkaz

    If they knew he was delusional….could they not keep harmful chemicals out of his home?

  • CT

    Years ago, my Grandfather lived with my parents. He had Alzheimer’s and had to be watched constantly. One day he locked himself in the bathroom and scratched a message of “help me” with his rather large diamond on my Mom’s new bathroom mirror and yelled out the window – “Help I am a prisoner and they are stealing my money!” Over and over. Within 2 days, he was in a nursing home. My parents decided they couldn’t take any chances anymore because he was ramping up his bad behavior.

    Perhaps this would have been the way to go for these folks too. Though unfortunately, not everyone has the funds to be able to do so.

  • First off, I think them moment yours skin / fat tissue starts melting off I think rational thought goesout the window. Attacking them culprit is probably them last thing on your mind at that point. Second, I was wondering if that photo was the Toxic Avenger.

  • Holy crap, remind me never to buy that cleaner….That poor woman, how awful. To know your Father is losing his doomies and does this, and you know its the fact that the man you once knew and loved is slowly disappearing and in his place is appearing someone who doesn’t know who you are (or thinks you are trying to hurt him) or remember all of the good things. Ugh, that to me is the most terrible part about this.

  • AssWho?

    and here I was on Google trying to find who carried it locally. Better home defense then a shot gun. Put that shit in a super soaker and your ready to melt some faces.

  • I cannot speak for everyone who may have had some kind of chemical sprayed into their face, but I know that the two times I was hit with mace, I cared about absolutely nothing but finding water to wash it off.

    As for the photo, that is from Robocop — the greatest movie ever made.

  • You didn’t learn the first time? I think that after the first time being sprayed with Mace® I would immediately stop whatever behavior I was doing with the threat of being sprayed again with Mace®.

  • sugarpie

    I guess this will make the Christmas get together a little awkward.

  • You are assuming it was the same behavior in both cases.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Cleaners that contain 98% sulfuric acid are available to purchase just like that?! What the hell? Shouldn’t that stuff be classified as highly toxic/ corrosive and only available to those with a licence, or even better. not at all?

  • Valerie

    We are currently taking care of my FIL. They believe he is in the beginning stages of dementia. It gets hard sometimes. He has accused us of stealing his money from time to time, and he can get mean. One day, he took off walking saying he was going to walk back to Los Angeles (we live in southwest Missouri). We give in to him on some things, for instance he is flying to L.A. tomorrow for two weeks. It’s stressful.

  • JohnQknowitall

    This is just horrifying. Even if my father became “delusional” I would never believe he would do this. Apparently neither did she.

  • JGo555

    Well, if this would’ve been done when the woman was a preteen, the man would’ve saved himself quite a lot of money since there would’ve never been a need for a shotgun.

  • Don’t mace me bro! ….Morbid, why is Florida so much more prevalently featured on this site?

  • Because they generate the best stories.

  • Delusional doesn’t necessarily mean violent, I didn’t even know drain cleaner could be that harsh myself.

  • Somehow, you being maced twice doesn’t strike me as odd at all ;3

  • tinalib13

    You crack me up! 😀

  • When you look at the US, Florida looks like the penis and it is hot and wet and the Keys looks like, … well you get the idea.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I’ve never seen Robocop, but that photo really gave life to some of the characters I have imagined today while reading Endurance by Jack Kilborn. I’ll be adding him to my nightmares tonight. Thanks.

  • LeaveMeBe

    You would not believe some of the stuff I have out in my shed. The house I live in belonged to my grandparents for 30 years. When I was cleaning out the shed with my husband, mom and aunt we were just blown away. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone. I’m keeping them in case I need them someday.

  • Dirk

    Looking forward to the remake with Joel Kinnaman. Like Hamlet, the role of Robocop demands a truly gifted actor like him.