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ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The man from San Diego who was killed by a grizzly bear while hiking in Alaska’s Denali National Park took photos of the bear moments before it attacked and killed him.

Despite having undergone mandatory bear awareness training before being allowed to hike in the park, and given specific instructions on what to do in case of a bear encounter, photos from 49-year-old Richard White’s camera show he chose to ignore those instructions before he was attack and killed by the bear he was photographing.

Rangers inform hikers to stay at least a quarter mile from a bear and to slowly back away if you find yourself any closer to one, but photos taken by White show the man was taking pictures within 40 to 50 yards of the grizzly moments before the attack.

The last photos taken by White, which have not been made public, show the grizzly with his head down while grazing along the Toklat River gravel bar. The last series of photos span about 15 seconds, and show the bear lifting its head, looking toward the camera, then moving towards White. Chief park ranger Pete Webster says the attack probably happened immediately after the last photo.

“A bear could cover that distance before a person could react,” Webster said. He’s the expert, so I hate challenging his claim, but I bet $1000 I could’ve  reacted by filling my pants with doo-doo butter before a bear covered half that distance.

Hikers discovered White’s backpack, torn clothing and blood on Friday afternoon along the river about three miles from a rest area. They immediately turned around and alerted park staff. Later that day, White’s remains would be spotted 100 to 150 yards from the site of the attack by rangers in a helicopter. His remains were easy to find because a large grizzly bear was sitting on top of them. On Saturday, a state trooper shot and killed the bear.

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That evening, investigators confirmed the grizzly that had been killed was the one that had killed White. They did this by examining the bear’s stomach contents and comparing the bear to the one in White’s photos. White’s death marks the first recorded fatal bear mauling since the park was created in 1917, so they don’t plan on changing their procedures in light of White’s death.

“This was an avoidable incident,” Webster said. “The hiker had opportunity to back away and at least attempt to move around this bear, and it doesn’t appear that he did so.”

I think bears are awesome, but I know I will never be eaten by one because I never go into their homes. I am content with watching bears in their natural habitats while sitting in front of my monitor. Other ways I know I won’t die? A scuba-diving accident or because my parachute failed to open after jumping out of a plane.

I don’t get a chance to use the following video much and, admittedly, it really has nothing to do with this story. But whenever we have stories regarding bear attacks, I always think of one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite bad movies — the infamous sleeping bag death in PROPHECY.

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  • “Rangers inform hikers to stay at least a quarter mile from a bear and to
    slowly back away if you find yourself any closer to one, but photos
    taken by White show the man was taking pictures within 40 to 50 yards of
    the grizzly moments before the attack.”

    Unless you are a dumbass willing to become bear fodder.

  • A bear dies because of a human’s inability to follow simple safety precautions. Poor bear.

  • curiousalways

    what the hell was that creature in that sleeping bag scene? He looked like he had been skinned with a cheese grater.

  • CT

    I can’t comment on the story now because I am laughing too fucking hard after watching the flying sleeping bag.

  • Mike

    Didn’t know there was a “Prophecy” movie before the one with Christopher Walken, thanks for the tidbit. Also, been skydiving, unless you take the risk of losing your life via voluntary splattery, you won’t also enjoy one of the biggest rushes you can experience. It’s a personal choice but I wouldn’t condemn someone for choosing either way. Not that you did, just saying.

  • CT

    This reminds me of the time my sister warned us not to get too close to my BIL when the waitress served the nachos to our table. Unfortunately a watch, a napkin and a finger was lost in the frenzy. Never try to get between a 300+ fat man and a plate of nachos. The more you know….

  • BC

    Why does this PROVEN hoax live on????

  • Snickering x Hydra

    Guess the guy forgot that most cameras have a “zoom” function.

  • Why is being a dumbass not a crime?

  • JGo555

    WTF on that video, Morbid?
    I hate how my fly fishing husband loves to fish remote areas for fish he is going to catch & release. We’ve had close encounters with bears and one of them was while we were at Lake Kananaskis. I’da driven my truck into that bear since it was stalking my husband because we had cooked hot dogs.
    As much as I HATE guns, I told his ass to get a shotgun for when he goes fishing so that he can have a shot at getting away from the damned bears.

    Pepper spray for bears is really a double edged sword. If you’re downwind from the bear & spray that shit, you get it in the face. If youre upwind from the bear, the fucker’ll smell you and while you’re trying to get away, you’re just seasoning yourself with that spray and blinding yourself to make it easier to be bear d’horderves.

  • slavesher

    Apparently it is….punishable by death.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I think bears are awesome, but I know I will never be eaten by one because I never go into their homes. I am content with watching bears in their natural habitats while sitting in front of my monitor.

  • nowitzki41

    special place in hell for animal abusers/killers.

  • Idiot. A bear had to die because of his disregard for warnings.

  • sam1211

    Wow I laughed to hard at that video lol, but yes sad, but avoidable if he would have listened and the bear had to loose its life to…..not right

  • newstarshipsmell

    That punishment sure does get administered inconsistently.

  • newstarshipsmell

    That bear performed a service to humanity and look how we rewarded it.

  • SayAunt

    Well let me tell you… I hate it when some f*#&er takes my picture.

  • pikeman

    A Southern Californian, no less, in Alaska fucking with bears

    I live in bear country. I’ve seen bears, even Grizzly bears up close. I worked in Glacier Park, at that time there was a sow teaching her cubs how to kill and eat people. They figured she killed four or five hikers in her life. Stupid tourists, Grizzly bears are not to be approached and taken pictures of. Look at what happened to that idiot photographer and his girlfriend who lived with Kodiak bears and thought it was safe. All a Kodiak is is an overgrown Grizzly bear. These stupid idiot tourists in Glacier Park approach them, take pictures, and feed them, even though it is illegal to feed them. Then they wonder why they are attacked, and their guts torn out, and ripped asunder. Idiots!

  • pikeman

    I think he got a nice zoom up shot at the end.

  • You’re tellin me! I had some Afrikan Killer Bees get me filling my pants with doo-doo butter!

  • Pyncky

    My aunt and uncle were vacationing in Yosemite Park about 40 years ago. They saw some bear cubs and my uncle was filming them as my stupid blond aunt took photos. Suddenly the mama bear tore out and went after my aunt. She ran to the car (1964 Impala Station Wagon ) and tried to escape inside. The bear caught the door with her paw and ripped the top hinge clean off of the car. The hinges were nearly 1/2 inch thick and made of steel. The bear roared and my aunt pissed herself. Then the bear huffed and walked off. My stupid uncle was filming the whole time. He forgot what he was doing and it happened so quickly. The Ranger or cop or whatever he was told my aunt that her losing control of her bladder probably saved her life. He said the bear would take it as a sign of submission. If it had been me I would just have to hope that shitting yourself is good enough.

  • Pyncky


  • Isaac Cros

    Damn nature you scary

  • captaingrumpy

    He died with a full stomach of STUPID HUMAN. Poor Bear, He only did what came naturally.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    Our property borders a National Forest, and we get black bears wandering in the “back yard” every once in awhile. Though smaller, they deserve all of the respect due to a carnivore that big. One of these days I’ll have a camera ready so I can take pics from INSIDE the house……..

  • CT

    OH I see, some 300+ plus fat man had an issue with my comment and had to down vote me. If the shoe fits, try not to eat it, fat ass.

  • sugarpie

    I just don’t see why the bear was killed 🙁

  • Andyman

    I never have understood the catch and release thing. Why not catch and eat?

  • Gee

    The bear was just culling the herd of stupid people. I hate that because of the stupidity of humans the animal has to die.

  • LuvsHorror

    Mutant bear

  • curiousalways

    I think once they have tasted human blood they will become dangerous and aggressive hunters of humans. Not sure if that’s true, just what I’ve heard!

  • tinalib13

    That bear probably died having indigestion from eating a stupid person. Poor thing. Not fair it had to die cause someone’s a dumb ass.

  • sugarpie

    I think grizzley bears are dangerous and aggressive to all humans anyhow. Hence the strict warning before venturing out. They don’t know that humans aren’t food. But I see what you’re saying and agree that the bear will probably now think how easy of a meal that two legged creature was, so I think I’ll just keep tagging them as food…

  • spayneuteryourpets

    What a jerk. He killed an innocent bear.

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    I got in an argument with Morons on Yahoo about this..over the Simple statement that you should not hike alone in a park full of bears..

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    Two hundred thumbs Up!

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    After reading some of the Comments on Other Sites about this bear..It occurs to me to go and Purchase Please HUG the Bear Signs and Post them along the Trails..leading From California to Alaska…

  • I think he meant to post on the Bigfoot story, But it is DD, so you never know. 😛

  • Let kne know what you think. It’s about a mutant bear… and it has Native Americans in it as well as a environmental message. It’s also very bad. But I still love it because my older cousin got me in the theater to see it when I was a kid.

  • As LuvsHorror stated, it was a mutant bear. A by-product of a paper mill that is dumping chemicals into a river.

  • JGo555

    Because his metality is that if he releases, he’s doing his part to make sure that the river, its fish population does not disappear. For the most part I understand except that ONCE IN A WHILE it’d be nice if his ass brought home that supposedly big 12″ rainbow trout or walleye he caught, to eat.

  • pikeman

    Actually, bears really do exist.

  • pikeman

    That’s the whole problem, these dummies are mistaking bears for Bigfoot.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Links or it isn’t true.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Is it better than Ticks?

  • saw this movie at my uncles house when i was a kid and thought it was the scariest. just saw it a couple of months ago after many yrs.

  • Yeah, not so scary now.

  • pikeman

    It took me quite awhile to find one. Those damn bears are pretty illusive, but they really do exist, I swear!

  • I hiked in Denali Park once and came in close contact with a mama bear and two cubs. We all ran in 15 different directions while one jackazz filmed the bear from 30-40 feet. That particular day the bear was unconcerned with humans (good thing or I would have had a video of a mauling). But it’s stupidty such as that is what gets people killed. Respect mother nature and her wrath!!!