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Milwaukee, WI — Police have arrested a 13-year-old girl who they say was behind the wheel of the stolen car that struck and killed a bicyclist earlier this month. If you are to believe some of the witness statements, this girl joins the gang of the more callous, apathetic juveniles we have featured on this site in the past.

The girl had been out with friends stealing cars throughout the night when, at around 6:35 a.m, she and another girl where in a stolen Dodge Neon drag racing with two males in a stolen Chrysler minivan. The girl ended up hitting and killing 57-year-old Ronald Forbes, who had been riding his bicycle to work as he did every day.

Witnesses say that after the crash, the two girls got of the Neon and jumped into the minivan with the two boys before fleeing the scene. Using fingerprints obtained from the Neon and the minivan later found abandoned, they were able to track down the 13-year-old driver who hit Forbes. She was with other girls in yet another stolen car.

She told police that she and friends had been out stealing cars the night she struck Forbes, and that she may have been doing around 80 mph when she hit him. She said that she felt a bump, but had no idea she had hit a person. But according to her friends, that’s not the case.

The girl who had been riding shotgun in the Neon told police that she tried to get the girl to slow down and warned her about “the dude on the bike,” but that she ignored her. In fact, she says that the 13-year-old driver got a mad look on her face and intentionally steered towards Forbes. One of the boys in the minivan told police that the girl seemed to think hitting Forbes was funny, saying that he shouldn’t have been in the street in the first place.

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The girl is being charged as an adult, although she can seek a waiver to have her case heard in Children’s Court. She’s facing four felony counts of reckless homicide, hit and run resulting in death, and operating and attempting to operate a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

She was in Children’s Court on Monday, where she was ordered to undergo a psychological examination. She’ll be back in court on Sept 7.

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  • curiousalways

    the obvious questions go through my head “why was she out all night?, where were her parents? how can a 13 year old be so uncaring?” Nah, I’m going to stop wasting my time on thoughts like that anymore. She is an evil little uncaring sociopath and needs to be put away forever. Aiming at him with the car?

  • Sam

    A Dodge Neon and a Chrysler minivan? Not quite the kind of equipment that screams ‘dragracing’ to me. I guess if nothing else the girl has imagination, then?

  • newstarshipsmell

    I’ll admit that I, too, aim for the pedestrians and cyclists when I am barreling down the road at 80mph… in GTA that is.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    I would probably take a wild guess and say that her parents weren’t probably the type to care. Or maybe she lied that she’s having a sleepover with one of her friends.

  • So… groups of 13 year olds just going around stealing cars? Dafuq.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    I always hated how they would just get up and start walking as if nothing happened. I used to just spend ages running the same person over and over again.

  • Evan Oswald

    see this is why i always swerve (my car) towards 13-year old girls crossing into the street

  • Evan Oswald

    which do you think would win?

  • Evan Oswald

    this bitch is stupid anyhow – everyone knows a neon going 80 vs. a man on a bike doesn’t result in him going UNDER your car

  • newstarshipsmell

    The one that isn’t manufactured by Chrysler.

  • Yay I’m not the only one! ! ^_^

  • JGo555

    Ok, so not only did she fuck with other people’s means of earning a living (by stealing cars) she then completely fucked over a family that had a working person? No. I don’t think her psychotic ass is worth going to children’s court. That shit is for 7y.o. kids who find a gun & almost kill someone.

    Sent her ass to fucking grown up jail. She if she wakes up and matures THEN.

  • Talk about asleep-at-the-wheel parents! And when Odin was handing out consciences, this girl must have went out for a beer. What a heartless, soulless waste of flesh…..

  • Sam

    The silver one.

  • Gee

    This girl is just a bad seed…. Jeez WTF. Devil spawn for sure

  • Another budding sociopath.

  • JohnQknowitall

    How many more felonies can a person rack up in a night/morning?

    A woman I once work with has an early 20s son who took his motorcycle to work each day. 3 hoodlums hit him and left him to die- which he did. They abandoned the car which was stolen. I don’t know how the police knew there were three guys since no one was arrested. She gave up on her health and died within 4 years. The dead man is not the only victim.

    This girl needs to leave society and stay away. How can some one so callous be rehabilitated? I will feel more generous in a couple of hours, but right now she sickens me.

  • cocanut77

    The first obvious question to me was how the police matched the fingerprints of a 13-year-old. Wouldn’t that mean her prints were already on file for some reason? Oh yeah, probably one of those school safety programs or something.

  • Pyncky

    When I was young I used to drive a Yellow Cab part-time. One day I was going down a side street and a kid about 13 was riding his bike in the middle of the street in front of me. I tapped my horn and he looked around and flipped me the bird. I dropped the gearshift into neutral and revved the V-8 up and layed on the horn. I don’t know if they still do, but Yellow Cabs used to have a really loud AAHH-GOOO-GAAH horn. The kid panicked and ran his bike into the curb and fell on his ass. I drove by him slowly and flipped him the finger right back. I drove off laughing my ass off.

  • err…um…there’s alot more going on here than a mean lil girl folks. Children who are sexually abused frequently exhibit homicidal behavior with other children, and old people like me!

  • LoKi4778

    Now that you mention it, why couldn’t this little shit have found a gun and had an “accident” while playing by herself? Save the taxpayers the cost of housing and feeding her. I’m probably not alone in thinking that this girl will probably never be rehabilitated, so why waste the time trying.

  • newstarshipsmell

    That’s why I usually jump out and beat them. I’ll keep kicking them in the nuts until the money appears and the blood pool starts spreading. And then I’ll keep at it for another dozen kicks or so just for good measure. You can never be certain, you know.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Oh yeah! I remember doing that as well. And then hiding in the garage from the police.

  • Sam

    Really? Zombies, in GTA?

  • Sam

    I’m gonna go with the Dodge. 6 wheels has gotta be faster than 4, right?

  • newstarshipsmell

    Well, you know, @Zazen has been silent lately, gotta lure her back out somehow.

  • newstarshipsmell

    She’s only 13 – she can probably (hopefully) be reformed into a law-abiding citizen. Whether or not she can be reformed into a decent human being is another matter entirely.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Another stellar citizen hits the streets. Sometimes I wish we had Malaysian justice practices here.

  • captaingrumpy

    She had previously stolen cars.

  • captaingrumpy

    Lets bring in a curfew for kids up to 14. That should cut the petty crime in half and even stop prostitution and gun crime.
    Plus I think they should classify crimes as minor or major…….A minor crime…treat as juvenile. A major crime , prosecute as adult. If they want to act like big thugs they can be punished like them.

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    amen and hallelujahh

  • Izit Justme

    She was probably in the care of foster-parents, after her real parents were jailed for spanking her……or not

  • Izit Justme

    She is only 13…….be reformed? give me a break…….she intentionally ran him over, as her cohort stated. You can’t display less regard for human life, than killing for amusement.

  • Izit Justme

    She killed for amusement. Her age, gender, religion, social status, or pitiful history does change that fact.
    She is not worthy of the slightest amount of sympathy.

  • I hope that they try and get her tried as an adult so we can get pictures and names. I am so fucking sick of hearing these heinous very adult crimes committed by kids whose names they won’t release. If you are dead they’ll release your name but a murdering little 13 year old girl? OOOOOoooo, Well, she’s underage, you know?

  • Jean Valjean

    Cunt. All the teens in question should be charged with murder.

  • rarely

    share the road!