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Houston, TX — Back in May, 23-year-old Matthew Carrillo and 21-year-old Melanie Garcia were both charged with injury to a child after Garcia’s 4-year-old daughter was taken to the hospital in critical condition, suffering from a head injury, bruises all over her body (including her genitals) and a burn on her thigh.

Garcia initially told 911 that her daughter, Kayla, had fallen out of her wagon and hit her head. It wasn’t until after the couple were charged and the little girl died that Garcia changed her story.

She says that her boyfriend was angry at Kayla because of a slow walk home from a Subway where a meatball had fallen of the girl’s sandwich. Once back at the home, Garcia says that Carrillo disciplined the girl by making her pull down her pants and instructing her to brace herself against a couch. When Kayla fell to the floor from Carrillo striking her with a belt, he allegedly picked Kayla up by one arm and beat her with the belt as she dangled in front of him.

Not quite finished, she says Carrillo made the girl hold a phone book out in front of her for an extended period of time, slapped her across the face, and pushed her to the ground causing the girl to hit her head. She told the courts that she lied about her daughter’s injuries because Carrillo ordered her to do so and because she was scared of him and his family.

Garcia admitted that after agreeing to testify against Carrillo and taking a lie detector test, she was freed from jail without bail but could still face charges. Carrillo’s defense attorney tried to get his client out of jail as well, stating a lack of probable cause, but the judge denied it. However, he did lower Carrillo’s bail from $200,000 to $100,000.

Former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle To Plea Guilty To Sex With Minors, Child Porn Charges

Murder charges have yet to be filed, but it is likely. Carillo’s lawyer hinted that Garcia may have taken part in her daughter’s beating and was only shifting all the blame on her ex in an attempt to escape murder charges. He pointed out that Garcia is bi-polar and has anger issues, a point he was able to demonstrate during Carrillo’s hearing on Thursday. “You have a little bit of an anger problem, don’t you?” Defense attorney Anthony Miller asked Garcia after she yelled, “Can I (expletive) finish my response?” at him as she was testifying in court.

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  • Sorry mother fucker. I have a four year old son and I can’t imagine him being beaten like that for dropping a damn meatball! Her life was probably hell from day one.

  • Sam

    That’s the sorriest excuse i’ve ever heard. It’s physically IMPOSSIBLE to eat one of those meatball subs without doing the catch-a-meatball-juggle.

  • JGo555

    It is too bad these two fucknuts didn’t choke on said meatballs before they every set eyes on this girl or she hadn’t been born.

    Sadly and I hope I don’t sound like a prick, but this girl would’ve been better off not being born.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Is there a deep quicksand pit that we can dump these two fuckers in? They aren’t even worth a bullet.

  • kcjosh

    I have a 3 year old son and for the life of me I will never understand how a person could do such harm to a person that small. People like this are plain scum and hopefully at some point he gets whats coming to him.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Dear fellow prisoners, Matthew Carrillo wishes that you:

    “pull down her pants and instructing her to brace herself against a couch. When Kayla fell to the floor from Carrillo striking her with a belt, he allegedly picked Kayla up by one arm and beat her with the belt as she dangled in front of him.
    Not quite finished, she says Carrillo made the girl hold a phone book out in front of her for an extended period of time, slapped her across the face, and pushed her to the ground causing the girl to hit her head”

    “Her” with “Him”,
    “Herself” with “Himself”,
    “Carrillo” with “Big, hairy cell mates”, (Step must be performed prior to next step)
    “Kayla” with “Carrillo”, and
    “She” with “He”.

  • CT

    I am not sure which one of these assholes pisses me off more — Mr. Fuckface Carillo for beating her or Dumbasfuck Garcia for letting him do all of this to her child.

    And I don’t give a flying shit if the mother is bi-polar. Everyone gets angry. Just because you have a
    head-turning temper tantrum doesn’t mean you have bipolar disorder. Experts agree that “Bipolar patients are not angry, hostile, irritable people with short fuses. If people with bipolar illness have anger issues, they have anger issues.”

    Nice try asshole. They are both dickheads – end of story.

  • CT

    I got to work today and saw that I had pumpkin bread smashed on the ass of my dress (‘d like to add that 5 people saw me and didn’t tell me). That is what I get for letting my kids eat breakfast on the couch. Kids make messes – that is part of their job description.

  • Zazen

    ‘Sounds like the meatball slid off their sandwich’ could be the new D’D way of referring to crazy assholes…

  • NY_Mommy

    This just makes me sick to my stomach. I hate him but I hate the sorry excuse of a mother even more. She was scared of him?!?!? How the fuck did she think her daughter felt as she was being beaten to death while her mother/protector did nothing??? The only acceptable outcome in a story like this is that the mother was beaten for trying to protect her child. Or while the boyfriend was beating her daughter, mom found a weapon and stabbed his ass to death. These mothers should start being charged. The same way people get charged with murder for only being there and not participating. I don’t care how scared these women claim to be. If you watch your child get abused to death, then you should get a murder charge also!!

  • *waving* Miss ya.

  • Zazen

    I’ll PM you <3

  • JohnQknowitall

    These two people, mother and her angry penis, are about as low as humans can be classified. I am just sickened that these kind of people are near children at all much less manufacturing them. Please society now and do not look back.

  • How a grown man (although in his picture he looks like a little pussy!) could do such a thing to a little girl is beyond me… And how a mother would lie about it in the first place is just as mind blowing! At least this little girl doesn’t have to continue to live a life of misery with these two savages and I can only hope that this story leaks to someone in the prison system that is not opposed to avenging this child’s death.

  • If I were Dumbassfuck Garcia, I would have killed this piece of shit! I dare a man to even attempt to scream at my child for dropping a meat ball. Kids are clumsy, they make a mess. It broke my heart to write this story. On a plus side, this is my first article back since I had my baby boy. Good to be back!

  • sugarpie

    How as a mother do you live with yourself after actually witnessing this and doing absolutely nothing to stop it???? I don’t care how scared I am of anyone, if you mess with my kid, I will be putting everything I got into kicking your ass. My son’s 20 and I still would defend him with my life…

  • curiousalways

    I would have told you about the bread. (after laughing and pointing a bit and of course taking a pic and posting to fb). 🙂

  • I think the Bitch should be charged as well … this shit is fucking pathetic.I like Subway sandwiches too but not enough to beat a child to death over one.I seriously doubt this was over a fucking meatball falling off a fucking sandwich – that was only an excuse to do what these idiots wanted to do anyways … beating on anyone is always easier if you first figure out an excuse to do it.

  • Like the people you talk to all day at work or whatever – then later you go to the bathroom and see a booger hanging out your nose (not me – I’m just telling the story),anyways you wonder as you are cleaning yourself up “Why the fuck didn’t someone tell me ? ”

  • Jury

    Thank god this happend in Texas. Both will go to death row. They should both just die!

  • My daughter drops food on the floor all the time. I have yet to touch her for this, she can clean it when she is done eating. This guy is an asshole and the details of how the little girl said he was her best friend just killed me. I can’t imagine how this baby felt being beat to death by her “best friend”. I hope they both get what they deserve in jail, a slow painful death.

  • I would have totally stabbed his ass if he was beating my child like that over a fucking meatball.

  • Shar G’z

    When, oh when will I learn to stop reading this website at work, I want to punch my computer screen. I’m just happy this faggot it going to jail!!

  • Wildheart

    Congratulations Rebekah and welcome back! I hope you and your little angel are doing well! 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • newstarshipsmell

    I’m just happy to think of the other inmates, who will no doubt oblige me by knocking his meatballs off his plate onto the floor every time it’s served for dinner. Among other things, of course.

  • newstarshipsmell

    I would have offered to clean it off for you.

  • CT

    Good thing you have my back or should I say, back end?

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    I tried to swipe it off you in the parking lot, but got pavement rash tackled by that do gooder pecker head security guard’s always checking for parking cone. That’s what I get for bringing one toothless hooker around a couple times a week.

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    CT for Supreme Court…. Local Sheriff….. Head waiter….. Dear Leader….. First Officer….. Wet nurse…. Second mate…. Lead engineer…… and Oberfuhrer bone crusher.

  • Now you’ve fried my brains.

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    Where I come from the ‘ catch a meatball juggle ‘ is practically guaranteed after the third glass of wine and a kind word. Hell, I’ll even find myself on the receiving end once in a while too.

  • tinalib13

    You could’ve certainly counted on me sister!

  • That poor little kiddo. Is it wrong to hope Carillo chokes on some meaty balls while in prison?

  • Sorrow_discord

    Dude needs his fucking meatballs removed.
    Fuck, my son has trouble keeping those on his subway sandwiches and he’s six. We just merely laugh if one does hit the ground.

  • Snickering x Hydra

    Mom’s new boyfriend – when does that ever go right for the kids?

  • Sam

    I would have totally stabbed his ass if he was if he was beating my child. Period.

  • Pyncky

    Kids can’t help dropping shit. Their coordination sucks and their hands are too little to hold a big sloppy subway sammich. Just like Carillo’s chin can’t hold on to the three whiskers he is trying to sprout. I hope he has many years to regret his actions and that pulsating latrine slime hole that birthed her as well.

  • kimbev69

    My mom used to beat us like that but it didnt end up fatal for my sister or me, this just breaks my heart knowing how Kayla felt that mother is worse in my opinion she allowed it and how many people saw her abused before this?

  • Same here but like really? Kids spill shit all the time. This is just fugging ridiculous.

  • Edward Richtofen

    you are referring to the felony murder law? criminals really hate that one.

  • When she stops whoring around…..

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    Ass ? you have my permission to stab each of the hairy raisins at will.

  • Put that horrible so called mother away forever and give the child killing cowardly walking excretion bag a flush. It’s stories like this that make me want to believe in heaven for the little victims who never get a chance to enjoy life and the happiness of loving parents.

  • onlyme356

    This really upset me…

  • WTF…..I’m at a loss for words (ones I could use anyway)

  • Jury


    Sasha and Tanner say “Go Dolphins!!!!”

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    Subject: [dreamin-demon] Re: Man Allegedly Beat Child To Death Because Meatball Fell Off Subway Sandwich

  • jessica

    I hope Carrillo and the mother burn in hell, kayla was a smart little girl. I also blame CPS for not doing their job we called them so many times and all they said was she was fine but really she wasn’t. I know Melaine is gonna get away with murder but i hope she doesn’t because we was letting Kayla be abuse for awhile. Go to hell Melaine i wish you the worst in life. I hope someone beats the shit out of Matthew in Jail.

  • Aena

    Being bi-polar does give you anger issues. Not sure what experts you have consulted, but all of the PHD carrying psychiatrists I have seen have told me the opposite. I have horrible anger issues, but if I feel like that around my kids I leave the room and give myself a time out until I calm down. Being bi-polar isn’t an excuse for anything, especially taking out anger issues on other people, you can control yourself, it may be a little bit harder but it can be done. Other than a few times of letting my anger get the best of me, I have behaved rather well.

  • eric ellers

    Bury the the fool, spade the mother, it’s the only real sane choice.

  • Jury
  • fucking bastard! who makes their 4 year old walk and eat, these parents should have stayed in the subway where they purchased the damn sandwich and properly nourished the child. of course a meatball would fall out!! children need patience and love, these people disgust me. hope a prisoner beats him over some bologna

  • Jean Valjean

    On the one hand a terrible crime has been committed against a child that makes my heart ache.

    On the other hand it was perpetrated by the child’s parents thus ensuring an end to their genetic line.

    Of course the mother will likely get a light sentence compared to the father and get out in time to make a few more bastards.

    It is for this reason alone that I think they both deserve the death penalty. Nip this shit in the bud I say.