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Phoenix, AZToxicology results from Michael Marin’s autopsy indicate that he did, indeed, intentionally kill himself immediately after his verdict was handed down.  His method of choice?  Glad you asked.  Cyanide.

I wrote this story up soon after Marin collapsed and died in an Arizona courtroom immediately following the reading of his guilty verdict.  I’d tell the story again, but I did such a masterful job the first time, I’ll request that you simply read it here.

It’s difficult to watch the video of Marin’s final moments without believing that he placed something in his mouth and washed it down with the contents of a bottle he’d carried into the courtroom with him.  The toxicology results now leave little doubt.

There are two shocking parts of this story for me.  The first is that he opted to off himself before he’d even been sentenced.  The maximum would have been 21 years, and I’d imagine an appeal would have been a no-brainer.  Something tells me that there’s a bit more information about his situation that I don’t currently possess.

The second is that he was facing 21 years for burning down his own house when there was no one else in the home and seemingly no threat of injury to anyone else.

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  • AliceinChainsman =]

    gee..was it worth it?your life for a house..

  • Texas Ranger

    It was a really nice house, central air, carpet, and a trash compactor. I don’t know how he made it so long without it.

  • It was more than a house. He only had 50$ in his bank account when before it was like 900,000. But yeah, I agree, money is just money, a house is a house, its not the end of the world. He was going to jail but if he had faith and hope he would have believed that he would have been okay in spite of the fact. Maybe had he prayed to god and had faith in him he would have not done it…

    I’ve been very very sad in the past better never enough to make me want to kill myself, such a thing is monstrous. Harming yourself like that is never good. Its like allowing evil and pessimism to become your god and master.

    This video is so horrible. Seeing such a wretched man do that is just beyond beyond.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Which god do you think might have helped him out with this? Hades?

  • JGo555

    This is what happens when you become so full of yourself while going up that the going down seems so impossibly horrible that death is a better choice.

  • Hahahahahaaha “God”….hahahahahahaahha (wheeze)…”faith”…hahahahaha

  • Sam

    21? The original story says 16? A lot can change in a month, but an extra five years seems a bit extreme…

  • Sam

    So when he faced losing his house he got so upset that he burnt it down; when he faced more time in prison he decided to kill himself. Overreact much?

  • Since you spell God with a lowercase g I’m wondering which one you are referring to?

  • Hermes. It’s always that bastard Hermes.

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    I looked up his file, when he had to give a speech at his wedding he threw himself down an elevator shaft …. of course when I realized I was getting hitched and having kraft dinner every night for the rest of my life I did the same thing.

  • brain_bomb

    He attempted to defraud his insurance company, that is why his max sentence was so lengthy… If he would have molested one of his insurance company’s children however, he would only faced a fraction of that time.

  • Faith doesn’t just pertain to religion but to all things in life. Faith is what allow us to do what we do in our everyday lives. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with god.

  • God. god. whatever. In todays world, it doesn’t matter since God can be whatever you make Him to be. I mean, think about it, people can believe in “God” but its not the real God, its a God of their own minds creation. That’s where different confessions of faith come in handy, to divide the different beliefs about who the real God is.

  • Texas Ranger

    yeah it does seem extreme, especially for a deader.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Where and how was he able to obtain Cyanide in the United States?

  • LeaveMeBe

    It’s Mikhail. Again. Did you really need clarification?

  • LeaveMeBe

    Hermes is a wuss. Now Ares on the other hand…

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    The wife’s mother’s sweat and slobber for two…. If you wring out their panties I’m gonna say there’d remain enough to level a village in Afghanistan

  • Well … no real surprise here … this is exactly what most of us on DD figured Michael Marin used to kill himself.

  • Maybe he made his own.

  • JohnQknowitall

    He was a stock trader/lawyer so not likely, but not outside the realm of possibility.

  • He still didn’t clarify, for all I know he could be Pagan with his post (no offense Pagans) so that’s why I didn’t respond back. If I were asked that question my response would have been two words… Jehovah God.

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    Probably Colonel Sanders because I promise you the dude’s not dead by any means, and secretly running the whole show from his boat man, his boat!

  • bored_stiff

    I would think that you would’ve sucked those panties dry and dusty already.

  • bored_stiff

    Get the wife to cut up bogona chunks and put in the kraft dinner. It’ll seem like a whole new dining experience. Btw, old Otis is looking to collect off you for damaging one of his elevators.

  • bored_stiff

    The old colonel sailed up to my canoe and sold me a 24 piece dinner with all the fixings. Mind you, he was pointing a gun at me the whole time so I decided to buy chicken instead of lead. He told me to say “hi” to your wife.

  • Divine

    Hey old buddy! I miss you guys at the Sun. Deadmonton Sun isn’t the same as Loserpeg. Oh well.

  • Divine

    Don’t kid yourself, you love your wife! If you don’t, then can I have a crack at it???

  • LeaveMeBe

    I thought maybe you would remember him from another thread if I prompted you. He’s the preacher guy who me, you, DKOS, and a couple of others engaged with a few months ago. He wasn’t very clear back then and obviously he still isn’t. 🙂

  • Pyncky

    Any adherent to a monotheistic religion considers what ever god they worship the “True God.” By the way, in the bible it says you shall have no other gods before me, not that I am the one and only.

    But I’m atheistic, so it doesn’t matter to me.

  • Oh yes, I remember him quite well actually, which is why I asked. Every post from him is about God, which I have no issues with, but if he is a Christian I wanted to address the spelling.

  • lespacino

    Jehovah God? Do you have ties with Jehovah’s Witnesses, or do other Christian religions now use Jehovah, too?

  • sprevilgenius

    The One True God, Flying Spaghetti Monster, would have helped him with alllllllll of his problems if only this man had prayed to him. Since prayer obviously solves everything. Like wars, world hunger, and brings peace to the world. It also helps rap artists win awards, football players win sporting events, and ensures children get molested by church leaders. Religion clearly does a lot for people.

  • sprevilgenius

    No. Kratos. He killed Ares in God of War. Clearly he is the superior god/warrior.

  • Both. I was raised in a Witness family though I am not one and yes other Christian denominations/religions now use Jehovah regularly.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Good reminder for all of us.

  • They now know he did in fact make his own.

  • …Flying Spaghetti Monster…

  • I prefer to call it “hope”. Nothing wrong with hoping for something better. Those that use “Faith”, have “faith” that they are always right in their convictions.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Thanks for researching that info. I googled for info to make it at home and it just seemed a little too complicated for the lay person — unless of course that person is desperate. Quite honestly if I were in his shoes I would wait for the sentence.

  • lespacino

    Small world- me, too. Former Pioneer here…

  • Lizard

    Pete, based on your original article, which indicates that “It is believed that financial ruin and an inability to pay the mortgage on his property prompted him to commit the crime. He was the only person inside the structure at the time,” there is nothing about him being found guilty and subsequently killing himself that surprises me.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Invisible Pink Unicorn

  • Yes it is. My moms an Auxilary Pioneer and my aunts are Full Time Pioneers. Both of my grandfather’s (RIP) were Elders.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Y’all are terrible. And I like it. 🙂

  • lespacino

    Only my Mom and brother are still in. She converted into it when I was a baby, so most of us outgrew it and moved on. I always felt bad for the kids whose whole families were in, because they seemed to have a harder time leaving, and subsequently harder lives after they did- some being cut off from all their family/friends. Luckily, my Mom is a mom first, so we’re still good.

  • Songdancer

    So much for the myth from cold war spies that cyanide kills you within seconds, also, I’d really love
    to know what he said when he turned and spoke to the person (wife? or gf?) behind him.

  • As confusing as ol’ Mikhail is, he’s clearly not Pagan. Just sayin’.

  • We don’t clearly know what he is by what he has stated in this thread is what I’m saying. The Christians, Muslims, Hindu’s, Buddists, Baha’i, and Wiccans that I know are quite clear on what God, god or gods that they worship. I’m going to leave him alone though because truthfully I don’t believe he’s mature enough in whatever faith he has to defend his position.