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WOODSTOCK, Ill.—  I completely missed this story when it was first being reported, but it seems as if John Wayne Gacy’s nephew, 49-year-old Raymond Kasper, is currently on trial after being charged with sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl on multiple occasions.

Kasper was charged with predatory criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse against a girl under the age of 13. The girl is the daughter of a woman Kasper has dated for years who, according to the prosecution, was sexually assaulted by Kasper multiple times between June and October of last year. During the opening statements, Assistant State’s Attorney Matthew Ciesielski told the jury about one occasion in which Kasper’s “fat, sausage like fingers” touched the girl in a sexual manner while rubbing lotion on her body after she was bitten by mosquitoes.

But Kasper’s defense attorney, Michael Barrett,says that the accusations are from a young girl who was upset with Kasper for cheating on her mother. The victim’s mother has also said that she has doubts about her daughter’s allegations, saying she thinks her daughter was trying to protect her. Barret also points out the girl’s statements have been inconsistent. On Tuesday the girl took the stand and took back her claims, saying that she had dreamed the abuse. Her sister, Kimberlee Kasper, testified that before she recanted she told her, “I’m gonna make this right.”

But the prosecution says the girl’s story was always consistent until Barrett began questioning her. They also played a recording in court of a phone call where Kasper can be heard telling a woman to ask the girl about her dreams. They say this points to coercion that, along with having no support from her mother, contributed to the girl recanting her confession. When a child is not supported but encouraged to change her story, eventually she will, said Ciesielski. There’s also the testimony of Dr. Lori Thompson to consider. She testified there was vaginal tearing “consistent with sexual abuse” when she examined the girl in September.

A verdict is expected to be reached today, according to reports. The jury is unaware of Kasper’s relations to Gacy, who was executed in 1994 for the murders of 33 young men and boys, because the judge deemed it “irrelevant” to the case. I agree with the judge and admit that if I were on the jury, and going only by the evidence currently being reported, I’d have a hard time convicting the guy. The “vaginal tearing” thing would be the main detail that would sway me towards a guilty verdict, but it just shows there had been sexual activity, not who the girl had sex with.

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