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WOODSTOCK, Ill.—  I completely missed this story when it was first being reported, but it seems as if John Wayne Gacy’s nephew, 49-year-old Raymond Kasper, is currently on trial after being charged with sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl on multiple occasions.

Kasper was charged with predatory criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse against a girl under the age of 13. The girl is the daughter of a woman Kasper has dated for years who, according to the prosecution, was sexually assaulted by Kasper multiple times between June and October of last year. During the opening statements, Assistant State’s Attorney Matthew Ciesielski told the jury about one occasion in which Kasper’s “fat, sausage like fingers” touched the girl in a sexual manner while rubbing lotion on her body after she was bitten by mosquitoes.

But Kasper’s defense attorney, Michael Barrett,says that the accusations are from a young girl who was upset with Kasper for cheating on her mother. The victim’s mother has also said that she has doubts about her daughter’s allegations, saying she thinks her daughter was trying to protect her. Barret also points out the girl’s statements have been inconsistent. On Tuesday the girl took the stand and took back her claims, saying that she had dreamed the abuse. Her sister, Kimberlee Kasper, testified that before she recanted she told her, “I’m gonna make this right.”

But the prosecution says the girl’s story was always consistent until Barrett began questioning her. They also played a recording in court of a phone call where Kasper can be heard telling a woman to ask the girl about her dreams. They say this points to coercion that, along with having no support from her mother, contributed to the girl recanting her confession. When a child is not supported but encouraged to change her story, eventually she will, said Ciesielski. There’s also the testimony of Dr. Lori Thompson to consider. She testified there was vaginal tearing “consistent with sexual abuse” when she examined the girl in September.

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A verdict is expected to be reached today, according to reports. The jury is unaware of Kasper’s relations to Gacy, who was executed in 1994 for the murders of 33 young men and boys, because the judge deemed it “irrelevant” to the case. I agree with the judge and admit that if I were on the jury, and going only by the evidence currently being reported, I’d have a hard time convicting the guy. The “vaginal tearing” thing would be the main detail that would sway me towards a guilty verdict, but it just shows there had been sexual activity, not who the girl had sex with.

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  • SillyCynic

    Knowing that he’s Gacy’s nephew adds speculation…Seeing he was on trial (gave me) the feeling ‘that’s not surprising’….
    There was a case out of washington not too long ago, where a girl claimed she was raped by her father, because she was ‘mad’ at him, turns out she was already sexually active (at 11), so it added credance to the ‘daddy’ rape. So I can see a lie being a possibility. Sucks seeing someones life ruined by a lie of angst…(referring to the attached story).

  • Texas Ranger

    I’m sorry morbid, but he’s GUILTY! No way in hell a 12 year old girl “dreams” that fat ugly gross-sweaty-fuck like Kasper was screwing them if it wasn’t really truly happening. I can see if Bieber were the accused….yeah it’s a dream ( even though I wouldn’t trust that idiot with Girly Ranger either). Also, the Mom’s gotta be a real thing of beauty if she would defend this shitbag over her daughter. Momma needs some tearing too…around here jugular vein in my opinion.

  • imonfireDAMMIT

    I think that if your child tells you something like this that it is your duty as a mother to believe her no matter what. That is your CHILD and children come before anyone else…period. If I had a daughter and she told me that she was molested you would see me featured here with the caption “Man castrated and gagged with his own penis”. No wonder she is changing her story now. Her mommy dearest probably put the dream idea in her head to begin with. Disgusting.

  • DEADfairie

    As much as I want to believe that she simply dreamt it, I really don’t think that’s the case. I think it’s all true, but when you are a little girl and you feel like no one has your back..what else can you really do. Especially when your mother has made it quite clear she doesn’t believe you. I feel so sad for her.

  • curiousalways

    look how mean he looks in his mug shot, can you imagine going against him in anyway? yikes

  • Athena

    I think, if your child tells you something like this, it is your duty as a parent to protect the child no matter what, by erring in the side of caution. But preaching blind faith in a child’s statements, no matter how serious, does both parent and child a disservice. We like to tell ourselves that a child would never lie about something like this, but they have and do. This is not to say that a parent should tell their child that they don’t believe them… supportive neutrality is the best option for a parent who suspects their child is lying about sexual assault and, with any luck, things will work themselves out in the end.

  • SayAunt

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Raymond owned something like “Kasper’s Capers” clowns and trickery for kids!

  • I’m sorry, is there anywhere in that article where I said he was innocent? My point is that if all the prosecution has is what was reported (a recanted confession and vaginal tearing) I would be hard pressed, as a juror, to put someone behind bars no matter what I felt personally.

    She said “dreamed” which can also mean a nightmare. She didn’t say “fantasized.” The girl was angry, the mother doubted her story, her own sister says she admitted to lying. Im not saying that she wasn’t sexually assaulted, but I would go with the evidence if I was in charge of putting someone in prison.

    Besides, people do go to prison on false claims of rape all the time. One of our latest involved an 11-year-old claiming her father raped her and didn’t come forward with the truth until after he sat in prison for nine years.

  • Further proof that psychopathy is genetic. Castrate people like this with hammers.

  • JohnQknowitall

    During the opening statements, Assistant State’s Attorney Matthew Ciesielski told the jury about one occasion in which Kasper’s “fat, sausage like fingers” touched the girl in a sexual manner while rubbing lotion on her body after she was bitten by mosquitoes.

    Who is the Assistant State’s Attorney’s uncle? Kenneth Starr?

  • JGo555

    I hope that if he IS guilty, that fucker, like his uncle ROTS in hell.

  • Texas Ranger

    I agree. You didn’t say he was innocent. But in an excellent lawyer impression….you didn’t say anything committal either way. My sister is a lawyer and she does the same aggravating thing. I would rather TRY to prosecute the case on what you have, let the jury decide, than just forget it and let him go, and if he did do it, feel more bulltproof than ever and do it again. Sandusky anyone?

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    more like second Cousin

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    large ones attached to Boom Cranes

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    Gacy didnt rot enough

  • FrikkenFrak

    He’s got the upside down, thin lipped, half moon shaped mouth that goes hand in had with gutter trash. Truth.

  • With taped on razor blades covered in lemonade.

  • So…being committed to a conclusion makes the conclusion correct? Good thing you aren’t on the jury. You would throw out a guilty verdict on the basis of what exactly?

  • Vaginal tearing could mean little more than she’s having sex with her boyfriend. I agree with Morbid. Not enough evidence against this guy to convict him–but plenty of evidence that the girl is lying. And she didn’t change her story until she started being questioned? Well…duh! That’s no defense. Let’s all stop pretending that 12 year old girls can’t be devious little creatures. It’s condescending to 12 year old girls. And to the person who suggested that parents should believe their children no matter what: What planet are you living on where that is a rational thought?

  • False dilemma. You’re leaving out an obvious alternative: she could be lying. In fact, it seems likely that is the case.

  • Texas Ranger

    Huh? All i said was try him with what you got and see what the jury says…which is what the DA is doing. No chief….I AM a juror you would want if your ass got in a bind. I dont prejudge and I know bullshit when I hear /read it. So what is your point?

  • midniteshadows

    Sometimes, a child of sexual assault who has little to no support and is influenced by the adults around them, will behave exactly as this girl has. Then again, I’ve also seen kids who lie to get back at an adult or are attention seeking.

    What is appalling, is that there is no evidence from a sexual assault exam other than vaginal tearing, no child psychiatrist report, no therapist report. Nothing to substantiate or refute what the child has claimed.

    Somewhere between the stories lies the truth. To find that truth, this child needs counseling/therapy, which doesn’t seem to be a concern for any of the “adults” involved. I hope someone comes to their senses and gets this child the help she needs.

  • Jury

    He’s rotting now.

  • DEADfairie

    Is there an update somewhere I didn’t read about? I’m not saying that she is not lying I’m simply stating my own opinion as you are yours. If it turns out she is lying then it is what it is, I won’t defend her. Especially since I myself was a victim of child rape. I first hand know how it feels like to have people close to you not believe you. You can’t just assume she’s lying because her story has changed. The first time I ever told anyone what happened to me I was 3, and some people didn’t believe me, so I DID tell them I was lying. I was already being fed lies (by the child rapist) about how I was a bad little girl and no one would believe me, so when I said something and saw that there were people who didn’t believe me – I did feel like that bad little girl so I LIED and said it DIDN’T happen. Therefore, I never told a single soul again till I was 17 years old!

    So anywho, you are wrong as I never said there was no other alternative. I only stated my opinion. So hop off, thank you very much.

  • Very interesting.

  • Kasper Believer

    Just so all of you know i am related to that man who you have simply stated as guilty. As you were not at the trial you have no idea what was said. i also bet you didnt know that the info about us being related to that monster was released over a month before the trial. you prove one person in this state of legal age who does not know gacys name. this man was convicted based on his idiot lawyer and buried information by the state. the jury was not allowed to hear the facts of previous accusations made by the same girl about her brother? also there was NEVER ONE SINGLE FACT stated in that case for the exception of trying to parent a child who he has solely raised for the past 10 years. The fact that this man is in jail based on who he is related to is absolutely appalling. He was not allowed one piece to his defense. the prosecution hid behind what illinois calls a RAPE SHIELD ACT which you must fit a very specific profile based on a psycological assessment. This girl didnt fit 3 of the 7 qualifications. The fact is if you do not have money in this country consider yourself guilty. His own son had to use his life savings to help save his father. Who would do that for someone if they thought they were guilty? Also if you look you will not find any info on his conviction on the basis that even the media thought he was innocent. You could not have any more reasonable doubt in this case. oh and if you look up the judge who unlawfully put that man in jail you will find that he most recently let a man off on the same accusations where the accuser had proof but a recantation proved reasonable doubt in his case and he was let free? although Kasper had the same exact case yet abundantly more reasonable doubt than this case yet he was convicted? not to mention the jurors were smiling when they took him away… his last words… i love you kid.. yea this is from a molester who is without doubt guilty? find your facts and find the truth this man is innocent