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TUCSON, AZ  — Two sisters, ages 9 and 11, were arrested the other day after they prank called 911 and pretended to be Isable Calis, the 6-year-old girl who has been missing since April.

Police say they received a phone call Sunday morning from a young girl who identified herself as Calis. She told the dispatcher that she had been kidnapped and then hung up the phone.

The call was traced to a cell phone in the area of an apartment complex and over 25 officers, including detectives from the Sex Offenders Registration and Tracking Unit, responded to the area. After e bit of canvassing the neighborhood, police made contact with the sisters who admitted that they had made the call as a joke. There mother was home at the time, but did not know what her daughters had done.

Both girls were arrested on suspicion of false reporting to a law enforcement agency. Although they were initially booked into a juvenile corrections center, their lack of a record and the charge being a misdemeanor meant they did not meet the criteria for being detained. According to Stephen Rubin, the juvenile court’s administrator, it will be up to the Pima County Attorney’s Office to press charges against the siblings.

Isabel Celis was reported missing on April 21 after her father woke up to find her missing. Since then, authorities released more than 550 pages of case files that contained some disturbing information.

Detectives say they found what they believed to be blood on Celis’ bedroom floor, as well as on a a shower curtain and a hat found inside a car outside the family’s home. The documents also revealed that one person felt that Celis’ father, Sergio Celis, was somehow involved in his daughter’s disappearance and that had something to do with a large debt Sergio owed.

Authorities Say Rebecca Hardy Committed Suicide By Pit Bull

When my kid was around 6-years-old, he and his friend called a suicide prevention hotline as a joke. They didn’t realize that whenever someone calls a suicide prevention line that dispatch may call 911 if they feel someone’s life is in danger. This particular dispatcher suspected some kids being stupid and, luckily for these two morons, was repeatedly calling the house after they had hung up on him.

Scared shitless over the guy’s repeated calls to the house, my son and his equally braindead friend ran to me with tears in their eyes to rat themselves out, knowing I was going to answer the phone eventually. I did and had a polite, quick conversation with the suicide guy and explained to him that I was in the presence of two idiots who had prank called him. Yes, everything is fine and yes, I would handle it. That last part was out of earshot of the two boys who were watching me with tears streaming down their faces.

I felt a little bad for them because growing up, me and my friends had made our fair share of prank calls. Not to a suicide hotline for God’s sake, but still, some of our afternoons consisted of nothing but prank calling people. Anyway, I decided to ground my kid and explain to them how stupid that was. But that thought lasted about one second before being replaced with a much better one.

“Good going, geniuses, the friggin’ police are on their way,” I informed them. “I’ll do everything I can to get you out of jail tomorrow,” I told my hyperventilating son.  “A week at the most.” I didn’t tell him the truth until after I had pulled out a suitcase and watched, pretending to be very upset, as my son packed some clothes and a few of his favorite toys. Then I grounded him. Good times, good times.

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  • LilHoney

    Hehehe! I love the way you think!

  • kcjosh

    That’s the best parent trolling setup I’ve ever heard. Thanks for the smiles Morbid.

  • Morbid foreverrrrrr <3 LMAO definitely doing shit like that with my kid.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I think these kids need some sort of serious punishment, but I don’t think kiddie jail is appropriate.

  • curiousalways

    lol Morbid!

    A friend of mine and I got caught in middle school for prank calling this one girl over and over. I still feel guilty about it, it was the only “bullying” thing I’ve ever done. But the police called our house and it scared me so badly I don’t think I ever so much as had a thought of doing anything wrong for the next couple of years. Hopefully these girls will learn a life lesson from this.

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    Morbid? Do you have Prince Albert in your can ? Because damn son that must be uncomfortable.

  • tinalib13

    You’re ways are evil Morbid, but very effective. Parenting 101…keep ’em sweating. The longer the better. Sometimes the guilty conscience is worse than the punishment itself.

  • sam1211

    hahah Morbid and then say “Now it isnt funny faking sh*t now is it” :p
    I hate prank callers…….

  • Eliza Berntsen

    This reminded me of me and my brother prank calling random people and asking them if they ate our burgers 😀 And Morbid, I am totally stealing that prank idea for the future, just in case.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Kids do stupid things, but jeez adult scare the fuck out me sometimes.

  • kimbev69

    Haha lol

  • BIGj77

    Kids, phones and nothing to do are a volatile mix. Take me for instance. I was up late watching tv as a youngster and a sex line commercial came on, so I dialed it up. I thought everything was kosher – then the phone bill came.

  • bored_stiff

    I suspect you’ve had the whole royal family in your “can”…too bad prince dumbo keeps coming back for more.

  • bored_stiff

    So after your parents were finished with you, did your ass hurt as much as your dick did during the phonecalls? Did you realize at such a young age you were probably talking to a 450 lb chick with more hair than a yeti? Have the bad dreams and hot sweats stopped yet?

  • BIGj77

    No beatings – either kind 😉 and a rather unsavory nick name a few years down the road.

  • Coyote

    Community service to pay back the cost of sending the police
    and detectives out would be the best thing for these girls. That along with a stern warning from a judge
    at their court date to scare the shit out of them.

  • JGo555

    Gave the story a star because of your story & how you handled your child’s behavior.

  • JGo555

    I would KILL them.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Good rational parents. It is good to know they still exist.

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    I’m glad you made it back from rehab stiffy, not everyone who claims an addiction to half eaten barbie dolls makes it out with all their toenails.

  • Pyncky

    My best friend and I prank called his landlord who lived next door to my friend. He was an old grouchy bastard who would complain at the drop of a hat. We took an old reel to reel tape recorder and taped messages for him and slowed the reel by hand to make the voice sound distorted. We would say shit like… We know your secret. You deserve the hell that is coming for you. Late at night… you hear that sound outside your window. Maybe it’s just the wind… or maybe it’s time to pay!” Stupid shit but when you are 14 it sounds cool to you. He would just either cuss at us or hang up. We never got caught and the old fart sold the house and moved. We used to like to pretend we scared him into moving.

    Ah good times.

  • Sam

    I really hope they didn’t tell Isabel’s family about the call – how devastating would it be to get your hopes up thinking that at least she was still alive, only to find out some kids thought it would be fun to piss up police time and effort.

  • love it!!

  • bored_stiff

    Thanks Yeti. I’m glad to be out of there and feel very confident (hopeful anyway, well maybe, umm, I don’t think so) I won’t touch bath salt again. I’m glad I have all my toenails too…gives me something to paint….got a yeti painted on one of the big toes. I must admit I missed barbies while in rehab. Fortunately, I chewed both tops and bottoms and can salvage a few to make a new improved barbie. If that makes you hot, I’ll send you a couple.

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    Maybe we’ll just fit you for a nice rusty railway lobotomy instead, the fellows down at the teabag union tell us you’re no longer welcome there either.

  • bored_stiff

    Fuck the lobotomy, the last one never took anyway. As for the teabag union, they can just suck it…nobody down there can take a joke. I guess I should have never have brought that mule down on blindfold night.

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    The memo reveals they drew the line at your attempt to involve everyone in a group cucumber enema. The mule didn’t mind though,so they gave you that much credit.

  • bored_stiff

    I tell ya, I sure love that mule. I was kinda insulted about the whole cucumber thing. I mean I grew that puppy myself. It took time and effort to get it to 2 feet long and 15 lbs. Talk about being ungrateful.

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    Think Dr Oz might return your calls? Because from what I’ve read he has an episode dedicated solely to diaper fetish hillbillies who love their crippled donkeys. August taping.

  • captaingrumpy

    Well done dad,you at least put the shit up them.Some parents don’t care enough to even do that.

  • captaingrumpy

    What was the nickname ??????

  • lespacino

    OK, so I’m playing DD catch up, but from what I gather, if you are 9-years-old, call 911, and make a stupid joke that you aren’t old enough to fully understand is really, really stupid, you get arrested; However, if you are 9-years-old and beat the shit out of a bunch of helpless babies nothing happens to you? Gotta love that shit.

  • onlyme356

    Looks like these girls missed the empathy boat. If my kid pulled a stunt like that, I’d make her spend her summer volunteering at an organization and make sure whatever stashed cash she has went into donating funds for the missing kid.

  • I really love how Morbid terrified the shit out of his son for the prank calls…that was the best part of the write-up…