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Forrest City, AR – It’s coming up on four years since I wrote about Reginald Davis (note: very graphic), and that case still rings my outrage bell loud enough to put any civil defense siren to shame.

Quick recap: Davis went to visit the new mother of an eight-day-old baby girl–supposedly his daughter. When the 15-year-old mom returned after leaving the baby alone with Davis so she could get a shower, she observed blood on the baby, and the mother and grandmother took the little girl  to the Forrest City (Arkansas) Medical Center, accompanied by Davis.

A medical examination indicated the infant had been raped; it also was noted that she had a fractured skull. Police were called, Davis was arrested, and the little girl was transferred to  the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock due to the severity of her injuries.

For any of you new to the case, let me reiterate: EIGHT. DAYS. OLD.

If we were to say that the case as it originally stood filled all three able-to-be-perceived dimensions on the WTF?/OMG! meter, then it surely now has given credence to those theories that posit, say, 10 or 11 dimensions. Bear with me as I walk us through this, but first, a sucker punch: at some point during the week before last (the only source article is maddeningly vague), the charges against Reginald Davis were dropped.

1. Why were the charges dropped?

According to Circuit Judge L. T. Simes II, “the Court has lost jurisdiction to proceed in this case.” Quick translation: the judge determined that Davis had been denied his Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial.

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As it’s being reported, prosecutors maintain that the “clock” is stopped during mental evaluations (of which Davis had at least one), but Davis’s defense claimed that even so, there were 803 days since arrest that did count toward a speedy trial.

In making his ruling, Judge Simes cited a case in which the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that a defendant’s right to a speedy trial was violated when his trial started on the 600th day following his arrest.

As for the previously mentioned “meter,” what the hell happened with the prosecutors? Was there no one in that quarter paying attention to the amount of time that was passing? Did someone say, “Aw, hay-ell, we’re AR-can-SAW, ain’t nobody watchin’ US”? Did Prosecuting Attorney Fletcher Long buy into that urban legend that “all baby rapers always get murdered by other inmates when locked up”?

People, I wish I knew.

2. But what about what happened to that baby?

My understanding is this: “FUCK YOU for even being interested!”

Okay, I take that back. That was me trying to interpret the very little information that’s been made available on this case. Here’s what that absolutely vague and already cited article has to say.

Back in February, at a hearing in which the defense asked that the charges be dropped or Davis be released to await trial, the two key witnesses against him (the baby’s mother Brea Davis and the baby’s grandmother) “said they wanted to drop the whole thing.”

“I want it behind me,” Brea Davis is reported to have said. Despite still believing that Davis did what he was accused of, she asserted that the child is “doing okay now.”

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I will leave it to the readers to comment on that little gem.

3. Is there any chance Davis will get any kind of visitation rights with the child?

Well, no, it doesn’t look that way, since during her testimony, Brea Davis reported that while she initially believed Davis to be the baby’s father, she no longer did, and in yet another of this case’s WTF-ery instances, no DNA testing was done.

4. Why are we just hearing about this now?

(a) I forgot my damned password, and I didn’t have enough blow on hand to make it worth Morbid’s while to help me out. (Bank account cleaned out, vehicles and children sold, some other illegal activities best left unmentioned, Morbid happy enough to help a Lizard out.)

(b) The lack of reporting and information available on this case has vexed me from the beginning.  Way back when, I tried e-mailing someone at the Forrest City PD , but my message to the e-mail address listed on the department’s Web site bounced back. I wound up in an e-mail conversation with someone at the library there that was very cordial and friendly but completely unhelpful.

We’re talking 3 1/2 years since the arrest and mere handful of articles. What’s the deal? Is this a function of the Arkansas justice system or related to how the media in Arkansas functions?

Here’s an example: I have a Google alert set up for “Reginald Davis” and periodically do searches to see if new articles have been released. It was only when I read the article linked above that I discovered that Reginald Davis was released on his own recognizance on March 2.

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  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I hope that everyone who failed that innocent baby girl DROPS DEAD as painfully as possible. Fucking assholes.

  • UniqueMommy1984


  • pikeman

    Well, way to drop the ball, Arkansas prosecutors! This is bullshit, then the media downplays it and comes out with some vague article at the back of a newspaper! Well, thanks for posting this travesty here on DD, Lizard.

    Perhaps the Feds could pick up the case as a violation to the baby’s human rights. If not, then I hope the piece of shit gets STREET JUSTICE!!!

  • pikeman

    This gets even more maddening. From the source article.

    “The reason for the “bizarre” label was that the state’s two main witnesses – the victim’s mother and grandmother – said they wanted to drop the whole thing”

    What the Fuck!?

  • pikeman

    Yes, it gets worse!

    “During testimony, Brea Banks, the victim’s mother, said that at one time she believed Davis was the father of her child, but doesn’t believe that now. She also said she still believed Davis did it, but she wanted to drop it because “I want it behind me. She’s doing okay now.”

    Going to be OK now, so put it behind you and let the motherfucker go!? You, bitch, are almost as bad as Davis, you fucking bitch!

  • pikeman

    After reading this, it seems like the state of Arkansas didn’t even gave a fuck. Just another black guy raping a black baby. They didn’t even bother to do DNA testing. Kind of seems like good ol’ Arkansas good ol’ boys racism. Sickening, considering the severity of the crime. Even the baby’s family is no longer looking for justice.

  • Eight hundred days of ‘clock stoppage’ for a mental evaluation? Wow. And we just let such hallowed halls of ineptitude take over our healthcare system. Ugh.

    We as a society earn this shit because we vote for it.

  • WHAT THE FUCK?! FUCK! If I see this piece of shit walking in the streets, I will kill him. Sick piece of shit.

  • I am so sick to my stomach. This story is what lead me to dreamin demon to begin with….i couldn’t believe it, I thought it was a hoax…I can not believe…I just…omg. Street justice had better pay off with this one….

  • malq

    He deserved to be set free. Right now he is guilty of nothing, proven guilty.
    I remember this case, I thought for sure he was going down. This was cut and dry. As much as we hate the outcome, that is the law and the constution our country was founded on. If we cannot process a trial in 600 days and he walks, that is ourfauklt as a society and a democratic judicial system. I for one would not want to rot in a prison for 7 years before they decided to try me. That is Middle Eastern and South America stuff there.
    Now that I am done waving my malfunctioning flag, I can only hope for some vigilante justice by a scorned family member. or do they give a shit? It seemed to me they wanted to drop the charges.

  • would you use karate or jujitsu?

  • Pyncky

    He’ll do it again. weirdo creep that he is.

  • well i hope we can depend on a boogie man to get at him…since the system failed!!..there always vigilante justice!! and we will read it right here on THE DREAMIN DEMON

  • Eliza Berntsen

    My only question is- where was the grandmother when it was going on? In the article it says that mum and grandma both noticed blood on the baby. Mum’s 15, so I am making a wild guess here that she still lived with her momma, so where was she? Didn’t she hear the baby cry?

    And as for that piece of shit….just drop dead. Or may your face get eaten off by some bath salt zombie.

  • impqueen

    Obligatory WTF, Arkansas goes here.

    Also: hey Lizard hey 🙂

  • lespacino

    While I think this is bull shit, and agree that prosecutors should’ve made extra effort to ensure this guy got prosecuted, this “speedy trial” thing is tricky. What happens is- you arrest somebody, they get charged, and the clock starts. Every time there is a motion by the defense or prosecution for “x” amount of time, the clock is stopped and started again once that one gets ruled on. Defense will use motions as a stall tactic to buy more time to try to come up with some kind of defense, in the hopes the public will forget the circumstances of the case, or even in the hopes that they can get a ruling just like this. The thing is, if the motions filed by defense are legal, the judge has to rule on them, so the clock has to stop/start. If this happens enough, or for long enough, it is difficult for the prosecution to keep up with exactly how much “real” time has passed. This is why the prosecution is arguing the mental evaluation thing. My guess is that they were hoping it would account for the extra time beyond the 600 day limit determined by precedent. In the end, they lost that, society is at risk, this guy avoids punishment, and the girl never gets justice. I don’t care if she is fucking golden now, this guy deserved punishment, and the mother in this scenario is a fucking moron. Sometimes the system really, really sucks…and it is usually sucking on the victim’s side.

  • lespacino

    Basically every crime that is a state crime is also a federal crime, so technically they could!

  • lespacino

    Same “place” she was when her 14/15 year old was out getting knocked-up, I guess!

  • Texas Ranger

    No…. ancient “almost Japanese” secret Im sure.

  • kimbev69

    I wonder if this poor baby will be able to have children

    Seriously Arkansas?! SERIOUSLY?!
    Well now that his identity is know, let’s just hope that he’s gunned downed and gang raped by a pack of wild animals.

  • Lizard

    Based on what nurseronda told me about the types of injuries she likely was faced with, it’s highly likely that she will not be able to have children and could have other lifelong health issues.

  • Lizard

    Hey, Your Highness, hey. 🙂

  • Lizard

    As nurseronda pointed out (and as I indicated in my original article), the rapist in such a situation is likely to cover the infant’s mouth during the act. Not much an 8-day-old can do against a grown man.

  • melliain

    Seriously? Because of the speedy trial thing? This guy needs to be locked away from any other innocent kids. He is a predator and a life ruiner. >.<

  • Lizard

    I’m no less horrified today than I was when I wrote the original article; however, we now have new targets for our outrage: first off, the prosecution. It’s almost as if they *wanted* the charges against him dropped. Second, I’m completely flummoxed that both the mother and grandmother wanted to “put it behind them.”

  • Luvpugb

    This really sucks, it shouldn’t matter, a baby is a baby, whatever race. What is the baby’s family hiding?

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    The states can’t successfully prosecute a slam-dunk, and the feds can’t run a popular & famous whorehouse… Now the feds want to take over something as important as our healthcare???????

  • Lizard

    An 8-day-old infant is raped by who supposedly is her father, who then has all the charges dropped, and you’re going to come in here and talk about Obamacare? Fuck you. Take it to your Facebook page.

  • Wolf_of_Mars

    I was only reflecting on Hal 9000’s comment. I notice that you didn’t blast him, but instead, decided that your ill-placed venom & language were to be directed at me. It’s not like you’ve never strayed off course on DD… I am no less outraged by what happened to that baby than you are.

  • sherrdbw

    More info at the Forrest City, Ark

  • captaingrumpy

    What a slut of a mother.Doesn’t know which black fuck was him or another. I dare say she has another little fuck machine by now. What a useless race…..shit.

  • Lizard

    Thank you, sherrdbw–very helpful info.

  • Lizard

    That was meant for the both of you. I can let pass one comment that somehow conflates what happened to this infant and to the alleged perpetrator to the passage of Obamacare and the SCOTUS’s recent decision. But two? Nah. Here, maybe this will make you feel better: BOTH of you can go fuck yourselves.

  • Lizard

    You’re so right…the human race is just fucked. Shit.

  • DamagedGoods

    Well aren’t you just the most precious lil bigot! Still. Watch out. There might be lesbian liberal lawyers hiding around here.

    Say that 5 times fast. I got to 2 before it became: “Lisbon Lesbrawl loyals”

  • Go down to the DMV, go down to the welfare office, go to traffic court, file your taxes…there is nothing the government does consistently well. Tax code is great example. Who can make taking your money such a clusterfuck more than the government? The phone company maybe. Or a bank…wait, that kind of is the government.

    And what do we do? SIgn up for more of the same shit instead of hold our officials accountable for the shit they fuck up already (see story above) but in another part of our lives.
    So I’ll go fuck myself, and laugh when you complain as Uncle Scam fucks you harder and meaner because you apparently love it, fool.

  • Lizard

    I came here to tell you about an 8-day-old baby who got fucked–literally, I am sad to say–and how the man accused of raping her is now free without a trial–and you want to argue with me about what you think the government does or does not do well, make assumptions about what I do or don’t believe about government and politics, and suggest that I’m living in La La Land instead of working to hold responsible the government officials who represent me.

    Actually, I’ve been really happy with my local DMV and the process of filing my taxes. Haven’t had cause to visit the welfare office.

    You know what? I’m thinking about the baby who got raped and wound up with her fucking skull fractured.

    I stand by my original assertion. GO FUCK YOURSELF.

  • Truthfully if I was this mother I’d say he wasn’t the father even if I knew 110% he actually was just so I would never have to have contact with his stupid ass for any reason other than throwing him in jail (which I am shocked they would say they want to put it behind them, can the baby grow up and put it behind her? I think not).

  • Lizard

    BTW, I’m genuinely pissed off that such an incredibly effective and sinister antagonist as HAL 9000 has been polluted by having a human being spouting such off-topic and lame horseshit choose that screen name. Someone please close the pod bay doors with HAL outside, okay?

  • The baby wound up with her skull fractured and raped because of a supreme dimwitted asshole – I think we both can agree on that at least. And I think the facts bear me out that a prosecution so inept as to take EIGHT HUNDRED DAYS to get a shrink to talk to the clown blew up their case.

    And here’s where this pisses me off most. Speedy trial? Its in the constitution, those very words. But because of ineptitude on the part of the local purveyors of justice this creature walks because they violated his constitutional rights…the law is the law that way. Just like the Supremes and Obamacare…its the law, deal with it whether you like it or not. But because of the heinous crime, there will be calls from politicians and advocacy groups and all the rest.
    But not to get our justice system functional enough to convict a moron – but instead some law; probably named after the kid as such things go. And the law will be to let the speedy trial doctrine slide somehow, so we can still convict clowns like this who deserve far, far worse (Biblical shit) than our law will ever mete out. And so the cycle continues.where incompetence of the authorities in doing their job is converted into an outrage that results in said incompetents getting more power and less accountability than before – the exact opposite of the real remedy needed.

    If you don’t see that pattern in all kinds of things – healthcare included – well, that’s why this country’s going to be a broke police state in fifteen to twenty years. And the baby rapers will still be running free. Enjoy.

  • Alright, you win. That hurt. But as a side-note lizards everywhere cry at night knowing what you do in their name. 😉

  • seems like they were following the case okay (better than others anyway). This article should piss ya off real good – it sure did me.

    Prosecuting attorney accepts some blame for accused rapist’s release

  • Zazen

    Lizard, you are fucking awesome. When I read this a week ago, so deep was my disbelief that all I could do was make noises like an enraged chicken. Thank you for getting past your outrage and telling people exactly the kind of injustice that happened to this little girl.

    I am still beyond flabbergasted.

  • From this article:
    “Simes says the state has 30 days from his ruling to appeal.
    If the state doesn’t appeal, or loses its appeal, then Davis will be totally free, and the state can never charge him in connection with this case again.”

    So there is a snow ball’s chance in hell he can go to jail? Let’s see if the prosecutors even bother. I doubt it and it’s sickening.

  • RealNiggaMullets


  • RealNiggaMullets

    wooo woo woo

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Yeah, I did read your original article after I made my comment. But my question still remains- where the hell was she? I really do not understand how anyone could leave a newborn with, what basically, is a stranger on their own. Usually grandmother are hoversauruses when it comes to their grandkids being left alone with strangers. That’s just my experience. Also, as he was 18 when he got her knocked up, why wasn’t he charged with minor impregnation ( I’m unsure on the correct criminal title). There are just too many WTF moments in this case.

  • Akelda

    When the baby grows up, she’ll likely want to know why she can’t have children, or why she’s had whatever long-term health problems she’ll have. Will she be able to file charges, or is there a statute of limitations?

  • kimbev69

    I would like to be a fly on the wall when mom explains this to her daughter yrs from now and how she didnt want to move forward w charges how sad

  • melliain

    I for one would be more than ready to sign petitions or whatever. Also I am concerned for the welfare of this child considering the mom and grandma don’t want to see the person that tortured the baby punished. I am more than disgusted by this. Makes me want to go to Arkansas and rip some people new a**holes. >:(

  • 4catsmama

    Before releasing Davis, Simes presided over a hearing in February in
    which the defense requested that charges be dropped or Davis be released
    to await trial. The hearing was described at the time as “bizarre” by
    deputy Prosecutor Chris Morledge.

    The reason for the “bizarre” label was that the state’s two main
    witnesses – the victim’s mother and grandmother – said they wanted to
    drop the whole thing.
    Bizarre doesn’t BEGIN to explain this pile of WTF’ery.

  • This was one of the only cases involving a perp whose name I was never able to forget. Fuck the whole lot, those women don’t give a FUCK about finding justice for that baby. I didn’t think it was possible to be more upset about this story… Guess I was wrong.

  • Martin Huizing

    No, you won’t… You’ll see him, keep quiet and write about it here on the DD about seeing him on the street wanting to kick his ass.

  • Martin Huizing

    Always funny when people think of 15 yolds they think of precious little things but when that same 15 yold is knocked up she becomes a slut, a whore etc… Sexually promiscuous is the word you are looking for. Combine that with little to no sexual education (from home or school) and you get teen pregnancy. Same thing over in England. Most of those girls are white, so what is your point?

  • (*´?`*)=3 Your kind of know-nothing gets annoying and I’ll say the same thing I say to the other know-nothing idiots: Prove it. You must know me on a personal level, right? No. So as I said: If I see him, I’ll kill him.

    Until you can prove otherwise, quit assuming stuff. It’s pathetic and annoying.

  • JGo555

    Motherfucker doesn’t seem like his elevator goes all the way up to the penthouse.
    Any sort of punishment I might want to give this fucker, someone has probably posted before me. Let their words be mine. But ONLY ABOUT HIM GETTING PUNISHED.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I’m sure that they’ll do better the next time he sticks his dick in a helpless baby.

  • Lizard


    I think.

    I’d rather that I could be called awesome because my superhero abilities allow me to prevent children from being hurt…

  • Lizard

    Readers, I just sent a message to KATV praising them for their continuing coverage of this case; I also asked if they would continue said coverage and possibly determine the current status of the little girl. If you would like to do the same, please visit

  • malq

    lol at chicken sound. I have chickens and know that noise, I am naming one Zazen. she’s a big old speckled suffix.

  • fireychic

    Im disgusted to have roots in Arkansas. The mother should have the baby taken away and get a good ass beating. To that fuckstick who shouldve been aborted before birth Ive got 1 word for you…KARMA!

  • “Google alert” – Wow … you just taught me something – I didn’t know you could do that.

    As to this case – don’t worry about it too much – this creepy retard will get his just rewards one day … I’m thinking time will pass and there will be almost nothing heard on Reginald Davis,then BAM !!! News report – Reginald Davis found dead in a ditch – that’s how Karma works. PS – Thanks for a great write up on this.

  • LOL.I simply love this.

  • I didn’t vote for this – I voted for death … retard or not – you harm a baby your Bitch ass should be on the first available train to Hell – and at least 1 train should always be on stand-by.

  • ???

  • Martin Huizing

    Okay, I’ll bite. There is an app for iPhone and Android devices called ‘sex offender search’ (free). It lists all sex offenders in your neighborhood. After seeing how many of them there are you might lose faith in humanity, but that is the price you pay for knowing. There are many whose crimes are in the same category as our baby raping son of a bitch. Now, after reviewing some pervs and checking their crimes online you can walk the streets near their homes. You will probably run into them at some stage whereas you can demonstrate your ass-kicking skills for us and post in a ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ kind of way.

    In other news; You probably do not live in close proximity of the baby raper, hence ensuing snaring comments from people like me, Cory and Texas. Deal with it or stop writing nonsensical comments.

  • “it is difficult for the prosecution to keep up with exactly how much “real” time has passed.”

    Actually there is zero excuse for something like this occurring outside of complete and utter ineptness – there are computer programs designed to keep track of the time involved in these cases.The people responsible for this travesty of justice deserve to be,and should be unemployed.

  • Sadly she won’t be able to file shit criminally – however civilly you can file almost anything.

  • All of the people responsible for this turd going free are pieces of shit just like he is.I totally agree with you.

  • Maybe the mother is a fucking retard too,would explain why she was dating a retard.

  • kimbev69

    The infant that was raped. Usually they are so damaged they have to have a full hysterectomy

  • So – the mom was 15 ? Still doesn’t excuse her not dropping dead defending her child.15 – and a retard – ok … I still don’t like it – but that would go down a bit better with some water.

  • UniqueMommy1984

    Is there any way to protest this??? I mean seriously, this is bugging the unholy hell out of me. Seems like we here care more about this baby then her own family.

  • I can see his having been left with the baby if he was in fact the daddy,and if the grand mother had checked him out and knew he was mentally ok to be with the baby – however looking at stated facts since the incident took place – it appears that the mother was just a young,horny slut who was sleeping with who ever happened to find her open legs … so – no,the baby fucking perv never should have been alone with this baby.

  • Thinking of that makes my privates hurt … and you already know I’m a guy. Thanks for the response.

  • Yes, I know all about the sex offender search apps and websites. I’ve seen it(not in over a year though). I deal with pedoos quite often so I know ALL there is to know about just how far civilization is in the SHITTER!

    As for the other teenage-level babble you posted…wow. I’ve never heard THAT said to me before(yes I have). If/when I kill a pedo, I’ll do it at an opertunistic moment not when some idiot know-nothing starts issuing challenges to ‘prove’ exactly how willing I am to kill scumbags.

    If I had to prove every single BS claim about me that people made up then I would have no time to eat, sleep, fuck, wash, or anything else. If I had any respect for you at all I’d be happy to prove it by killing a pedo(I’ve demonstrated before how much I love a challenge to many others) but I don’t. If you don’t have proof that I won’t kill a pedo, it is not my problem. I will not lose a minute of sleep or anime/britcom watching. It is you who will be obsessing over me when this is over by going to friends and talking about me. Spare me kid. I have been doing this kinda thing with people since 2007. You are not unique so i know how to handle you. All the best

  • “What a useless race”

    Go fuck yourself – preferably with a broomstick.

  • Yes – yes it is – and that’s partly due to racist fuck turds like captaingrumpy,and fuck the 3 Bitches (whoever they are) who gave him thumbs up too.

  • kimbev69

    I just cant even imagine telling my baby girl she cant have kids for this reason and more than likely she will lie after all she just wants to put it in the past

  • CT

    Ced, a civil suit will be total bullshit. This fuck face is never going to amount to anything. You know it, I know it.

  • I agree, they I noticed they had far more updates through out the years then anyone, I will send them some praise and ask the same asap.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Yep, she was 15 and a minor. He was 18 when he knocked her up. I wonder if maybe the prosecutors could go after his for that, if they are unable to prosecute him for baby’s rape. Apparently he is what they call mentally incompetent as well- he has IQ of 59- at least so I read.

  • True CT.

  • OK … so the guy is exceedingly slow in the head … I wonder what about him was attractive to the then 15 year old to where she fucked him ? … must have been his charm … as for her most likely not having used any protection … I guess Reginald is just smooth like that with the babies … err … I mean the ladies.

  • lespacino

    I am guessing more areas need to employ that software then. I would assume they don’t have it in this case because it is a poor area that lacks the type of personnel who could even operate it. However, I know that this happens periodically just about everywhere. There was a case here where I guy actually got away with murder- confessed and everything- using these stall tactics. And, I by no means live in an area that can’t afford this software, or lacks the type of minds who could use it. :/

  • sherrdbw

    I wonder if the mother of the little girl is getting gov assist? If so the state usually requires that the mother name the baby’s father, so that the state can go after him for support. I would think that the child support office would demand a DNA test. The daughter deserves support from both parents. And the mother doesn’t want to press charges? Fuck her and everyone around that failed to protect this little girl.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I feel physically ill. I remember reading about his here and once again am sorry I went back and re-read it. Prosecuting Attorney Long and his people dropped the ball on this one. The baby’s momma and grandmother also dropped the ball and any honor they were owed of being called mom and grandma the moment they asked to drop the charges against him. Everyone has pretty much covered what they thought and hoped would happen to Davis. As for myself, I hope mom and grandma’s life are abruptly snuffed out and the baby is given to a loving family who does not place themselves above her. I also hope a well seasoned criminal who is plotting a heinous crime chooses Long as his victim. And I don’t want him to die, I want him to be left alive, with his wits still about him, but incapable of living at all. And I want it to be painful.

  • this scum raped a newborn baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what in the name of fuck Arkansas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who gives a fuck about this asshole’s rights? what about the baby this monster raped?

  • Lizard

    Since we know jack shit about the circumstances of that day (night?), it’s senseless to make assumptions about who was doing what when. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that Brea Davis lives with her mother (or did at the time), but other than that, we’re all guessing. For example, maybe Brea Davis let RD in after her mother was asleep. Or maybe the grandmother was at work at the time (and came home after being phoned by her daughter). Further, we have no reason to believe RD was a “stranger” to the home; even so, why would a 15-year-old think it wouldn’t be okay to leave the infant alone with him for the short time it takes for a shower? Also, we know (I think) that Brea was 15 and RD was 18 when she gave birth, but he could’ve gotten her pregnant when he was 17.

    Believe me, I’m not trying to defend anyone here–I’m just pointing out that there are some lines of reasoning that don’t currently have evidence to support them AND could drive anyone considering them over the fucking edge. My preference is that D’D commenters stay lucid enough to keep reading and commenting. 🙂

  • Off topic at best. Cart that off to a political forum where it belongs; this thread is about a violated infant, not your political agenda.

  • Meme Bee

    its interesting that both the childs mother and the rapist have the same surname. Could it be that they are cousins?

  • Martin Huizing

    After checking your website I decided not to pursue this. You’ll probably drag me down and beat me with experience. All the best to you too.

  • Zazen

    Lol Malq, as long as she stays Zazen and doesn’t get renamed ‘dinner’. I’d feel weird about that >.>

  • WOW i for 1 wouldnt wann be locked down for 7yrs while they decide either but then again he probably shouldnt of raped a newborn this shit is bull now hes ROR’d so while “our judicial system” playing games he has all the time in the world to do it again n not get caught cuz im sure thats all he learned while on the inside how to do it again n not be caught SMFH!

  • Heather_Habilatory

    No. The daughter deserves to NOT know either of her shitty parents, and deserves to get the hell away from them.

  • malq

    Nah, she is a good layer and the rooster pounds her about 14 times a day.

  • Zazen


  • The family members’ responses were the most disturbing by far. The horror and lack of care I foresee this girl receiving in the future is unbelievable.

  • malq

    Zazan is doing well and presently eating pizza crust

  • Wow…..

  • Jennifairy

    So i cant even begin to explain how this makes me feel. Or how much I would really like to read later that this thing too sick for words was found raped and mutilated. But I had a thought I would like to share. And its the only way I can accept the mother and grandmothers comment. Maybe they just decided they wanted to drop the case because they already have justice of their own planned. And they cant deliver if they are in jail. And the denying this man was the daddy? All part of the plan. Or maybe this is just me as a mother and human trying to rationalize the unexceptable.

  • kimbev69

    I feel thats not the case but one can hope

  • after hearing about this earlier this evening from my sister i was anxious to read about this sick fuck hoping that something brutal happened to him in prison, then i read that charges have been dropped? what the hell kind of mother does this? yes i understand its painful to continue on and on and having to relive this traumatic experience. but that son of a bitch deserves to pay! how can you look at your little girl and know that something so horrible happened to her and you are responsible for letting him walk free?! i was lucky enough to give birth to a beautiful baby girl a month ago, and i put this on my life, a man or anyone ever did that to my daughter, he would pay with his life, forgive me for being so graphic but i would cut his dick off, and feed it to him threw a straw and then as painfully and slowly as possible….i would kill him. i would happily go to jail knowing i got justice for my daughter and every other little girl hes probably done this too. there are some sick sick son of a bitches out there and im so sorry for that little girl that this happened to her.

  • Bradford Guy

    Why don’t the crazies with the illegal weapons shoot people like him?????

  • yolanda a mother

    Somebody will recognize him on the street justice will be served

  • Evan Oswald

    yea then you go to jail, and Paul and Shelia Comer are your kid’s new parents….and i digress

  • Bryan Wilkerson

    This man has finally been charged again for this awful crime. Please call the Judge’s and prosecutors office to be sure that the baby gets justice!

  • Lizard

    Share the media report or court records indicating he’s being charged again. I’d happily update this story if I have adequate source material.

  • Bryan Wilkerson

    I think the scumbag prosecutors are trying to sweep this under the rug. Please call Lee county prosecutors to put pressure on them to pursue the case. There was a newspaper article in the local newspaper stating that he was rearrested, but it is not online. He isn’t showing up on the inmate list because they entered him in as work release (which is doubtful). Here is his vinelink status.

  • mrs moonie

    Where is Dexter when you need him?
    The mom and Grandmother are stupid!
    This is why these sick bastards keep getting away with crap like this because nobody wants to talk about it!
    I would rater die a thousand deaths then let some sick bastards walk the street ever again for hurting my kid.
    I’m with you @Allison Amber.
    But the thing is, don’t get caught!
    There is no way in hell I would go to jail for a bastard that hurt my kid. Unless it was a last resort, and once I had all my stuff in order so my child would be well taken care of by loving family members.
    I’m sure this dude is so hated that the cops wouldn’t even investigate his death.

  • Phoenix

    Black on black crime. Is it truly a crime?

  • cory raskel

    black criminality, its everyones only problem.