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Heber, CA — A man captured his neighbor, Imperial Irrigation District Director Anthony Sanchez, beating his stepson with a belt because the boy couldn’t catch a baseball and then posted the video to Youtube.

The video is shot from inside a window of a home that overlooks the backyard of Anthony Sanchez, where Sanchez can be seen playing catch with his stepson. Except the games of catch I played with my dad were a little less nightmarish than the one Sanchez likes to play.

Sanchez’s version consists of him holding a belt in one hand and then beating the boy with it whenever he drops the ball. The video shows Sanchez screaming at the crying boy as he hits him with the belt a few times. As furious as I was getting watching this, I was getting just as aggravated with the person filming for not stopping it.

But turns out the person filming, now identified as 36-year-old Oscar Lopez, was as outraged as I’m sure some of you are. He stops filming and confronts Sanchez yelling, “That’s enough, fuckstick!” This leads to a small verbal exchange that ends with Oscar stating he is a father too, and asking if Sanchez would like to come over and teach him. It’s pretty great and I would love to buy the guy a beer for stepping in.

The video was put up on Youtube before the police were notified of the incident, but according to Sanchez’s lawyer, his client has contacted police and no charges have been filed and none are pending.

“Our position at this point is we want to let the Sheriff’s Department do their job, let all the facts come to light, and then we may be in a position to address things at that point,” El Centro attorney Ryan Childers said.

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Someone who lives in this town commented on Reddit that this may have a lot to do with the fact that Sanchez is a director of IID. For those of you who, like me moments ago, have no clue who IID are, they are a very powerful company who own all the water rights in that small farming town, a town located in the middle of a desert. So as you can imagine, they probably have a lot of pull.

In the words of the Redditor who lives in the area, “Sanchez on board. Board runs IID. IID runs water. Water runs farmers. Farmers run city. City runs cops. Sanchez won’t fear cops.”

So, just in case nothing is done legally, I would like for the guy to at least be shamed publicly.  I had the belt taken to me on occasion growing up and while I don’t condone it (and my old man later said he regretted it), I at least knew why I was getting the belt. It normally consisted of me doing something really, really bad –like cursing at my parents or when I stuck dog shit in a kid’s ear. It was never, ever over something like this. This is not a form of outdated discipline, this is just plain child abuse.

So enjoy the publicity, fuckstick. And Oscar? Kudos.

The following video keeps getting yanked as a violation of Youtube’s service. I’ll host the video myself if it happens again.

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  • lespacino

    What really sucks is that if this kid decides to blow the dude’s head off, the kid will get punished, and this guy deserves to have his head blown off by his kid!

  • Heather_Habilatory

    I just downloaded the video directly to my external hard-drive. Keep deleting it, youtube.

    Way to go, Oscar!

    Sanchez is lucky he doesn’t live in my neighborhood. There’d be at least six angry white moms on his ass faster than he could whip a belt. No one is crazier than an angry white mom. Ask James Crummel. We turn ghetto if you fuck with kids, and we’re white so the media gives a shit about us.

  • that is some scary stuff. I’m glad to see someone put the camera down and get invloved

  • kimbev69

    Here here oscar

  • fucking shit. 

    Guess he just won the best dad in the world award. 

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Guy needs to lose his job, hid kid, AND his freedom.  All the fucking moron is going to accomplish is making his kid hate baseball.

  • Lena60

    What a prick, I hate fathers like this/people.The kid probably is not into baseball in the first place.Mom needs a kick in her ass as well for allowing this.

  • EBenes

    CPS in their area has 24/7 response, but I don’t see how to submit an issue. I want this Dad to burn. I already sent hatemail to his employer

  • Wooooow I am kind of fucking outraged watching this shit right now! And the gf/wife saying “OMG Oscar”…as Oscar turns off the camera sounds like she wonders what Old Oscar is going to do next…I can’t belive that this man “own’s water” or his family does , and that he is essentially  getting away with child ause in broad fucking daylight. This is 100 percent child abuse no if and’s or buts about it Morbid. I never got “the belt” but I got what you call “my ass busted” and each time I remember exactly what it was for..And it wasn’t for not catching a fucking ball.
    And can you imagine how afraid that child is to catch or even worse NOT catch that ball….the anxiety and fear he is being forced to live over absolutely nothing.
    I hear the woman in the vid also ask “Where is his mom?” And Oscar tells her inside.
    She is probably gotten the belt or worse herself a time or two, and is to fucking weak to get her kid the hell out of dodge. I can ascertain that he is a fucking control freak, and a piece of shit…….
    Oh and how can I forget Oscar, thanks for taping, and then thanks for stepping up, and feeling what we all felt. And then OPENING YOUR MOUTH! To PROTECT a child that is not even your own.
    Yes I did the caps thing.

  • Oh and I can add without a shadow of a doubt my husband may have wound up in trouble that day……
    Because he would have wanted old dude to “try him” with that belt…..

  • Perp Walk Fan

    What a piece of shit.  My son played baseball thoughout school, and now my grandson plays.  I’ve seen some really egotistical and crap dads over the years, but Sanchez takes the cake. That bully needs to be charged with child abuse and not be re-elected to his cushy job.  As for his wife, “Find another penis who will not abuse your son”.   

    You can see an interview of him talking about his job on Utube. 


  • What a fucking dick! Poor kid.

  • onlyme356

    It’d be nicer to read if the new format didn’t suck so bad.

  • lespacino

    According to IID’s site, this guy ” serves as an adviser over the ethics initiatives…” then, that’s where the rage came. Ethics? Really? This guy? I don’t care what kind, or what for, this guy has none and can advise about none!

  • Chinchillazilla

    Nicely done, Oscar. Tape it juuuust long enough that you have proof that the fucker was doing it repeatedly, and then stop it. I would also like to buy you a beer.

  • Mandy Pruitt

    Me too.  And sent the video to CNBC.

  • It’s not a new format. It’s our mobile theme glitching.

  • PhantasmaGora

    Who run Barter Town!

  • Ernesto Guevara

    Kind of the way things run down here.  He should have been arrested the same day but his attorney is probably all buddy buddy with the DA and the CPS (government workers).  I know this kind of stuff goes on in big cities also but it’s just more in your face in this small community.  I’m a third generation Imperial Valley resident and my dad has told me about child abuse including sexual abuse that was covered up by school boards and local law enforcement.  I remember a girl in my class in HS dating some 25 y.o. when she was 15 and everyone turning a blind eye to it.  Maybe the national coverage will force the authorities to do something about it.

  • We need more Oscars in this world! Too many “neighbors” just report about how they seen and heard things but didn’t step in and this is always after someone is beaten or starved to death. I would have liked to see the aftermath….and LOL “Why don’t you come teach me”….

  • I have seen some really terrible things at Little League games, parents telling their kids what their punishment is for missing balls, Dads SCREAMING at their child in front of everyone….while I love baseball and enjoy watching my kids play, I was so disenchanted with little league. Not everyone was like that but there were more parents like that than I cared to consider. One of my children’s teams was a T-Ball team no less…. I would never force them to learn. If I take the fun away what is the point of playing sports? I hope this man gets some help. I hope it does not get swept under the rug, there are much, much better ways to teach a child anything than using brute force. I will hope that this man gets help for whatever his real issues are, as they are most definitely nothing to do with how he is not catching the ball. And I hope the mother considers leaving. I doubt she will, and if not family therapy is in order.

  • Army_Ranger

    After seeing this..What a disgrace he is to Fathers…I know the man Oscar filmed this but after he saw the 1st hit why didn’t he jump the fence and totally beat his ass..I know I would have and possibly broke something…Hes an asshole and not much of a man…

  • Story updated with neighbor’s name — 36-year-old Oscar Lopez.

  • neenaP

    Where is the child’s real father?? And why is the mom allowing this douche to hit her child with a belt? They both need to be charged with child abuse. If the local author ties wont charge them take to the state level. 

  • Because he may be smarter than you? Following your advice, he would have been in jail for assault, there would have been no video of Sanchez abusing the boy, and the only person left suffering any consequences would be Oscar and his family.

    Oscar handled it perfectly. He got evidence of abuse and stopped it at the same time. Now he is being showered with accolades, and Sanchez is in a very public world of shit.

  • Gee

    Good for Lopez for not losing his shit and beating the hell out this ass hat.  Given the fact that Sanchez thinks he is above the law the best is to have all this on video. You can’t deny what is on that video.  This mother needs to be dealt with too for allowing this piece of shit to put hands on her son.  This poor kid will never want to play baseball.

  • BlueJeansandLace

     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCr1yRNpHWw&feature=related Here is a self done video by Snatchez.

    I’m glad the boy has all of us on his side… just sayin!

  • shadow9748

    I agree with you iLLusionS  although I do not think my husband would have given that p.o.s. an option. Nor would I have 😀 but kudos to Mr. Lopez for stepping in! We really do need more like him in the world!

  • Andyman

    “Why don’t you come and teach me?”  Fucking classic.  Way to go Oscar!

  • LuvsHorror

    You are awesome, Oscar. Too bad this guy will continue beating the kid. Who knows, maybe someone will go over one night and beat this guy.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Morbid I must live under a rock because I had not seen this video until now. Why didn’t Oscar call the police when this was happening or at all? I would like to know what happened after the video stopped. My guess: not much because the police were not involved even in the quarrel. I will give Oscar kudos for at least letting the kid know that his fucked up step father is fucked up and not operating within what is considered sane behavior. My next guess: shitty step father took his embarrassment out on the rest of the family and the kid.

    What I would really like to know is why that piece of crap this kid calls mom allowed this to happen.

    Also when local authorities can’t or won’t do their duties the federal police should investigate.

  • That came off a bit snarkier than I intended. I didn’t mean to imply Army_Ranger is stupid, but rather cool heads prevail in certain situations.

  • I provided links to news articles that details what happened moments before the video started and what happened afterwards. Oscar did call police and turned over the video later that day.

  • We’ve seen and read a lot worse than this on this site but still the boys face,  crying and scared to death to catch the stupid ass ball knowing he’s going to get hit either way,  breaks my heart.  May rainbows and unicorns rain down on this guy for having the balls to stop this one incident because if the fucker beats him in broad daylight in the yard,  god only knows what he does in the house. 

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    It’s a glitch. It happens to me sometimes, just close the tab and re-open it and it should be fine.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Well, I won’t be watching the video, I get the shakes just looking at the still image. 

  • That’s enough, FUCKSTICK!……  I will be yelling this all day now.

  • newstarshipsmell

    Yeah, my father managed to accomplish the same thing and all he had to do was take me to a Cubs game.

  • His name was Robert Paulson….

  • JGo555

    Of course pain in the ass & legs is going to make him CONCENTRATE ON CATCHING THE BALL!

    Oscar, he IS a fuckstick.

  • JGo555


    “White angry mom”. You should totally change your nick. Although interwebz trolls and white supremacists might get the wong idea. Yes, WONG idea.

  • chgplz

      If I or my husband had been the ones seeing this guy abuse his child he would without a doubt, had to pick on someone his own size, as he would have had no choice in the matter.I would have hoped that my husband would have been home for this.He would have beat him stupid with that damn belt. Great going Oscar filming this just long enough to get proof. I have a gut feeling you had seen this or something like it before and knew to get proof of your allegations. For Mr Big Shot I pray  people of your neighborhood run you slap out of town.(with a belt of course).

  • tdavid6

    Kudos to the neighbor who not only filmed it, but confronted the guy… many people would not have. Yeah stupid, beating a child for not catching a ball will absolutely turn him into Joe DiMaggio.

  • tdavid6

    Yeah, it’s unnerving. My heart was pounding and my hands started shaking. I don’t know why I always have to watch the damn vides.

  • I know this asshole, he used to work with me. You would think he would be more patient do to his dad being handicap.


    The sad part is Sanchez will get a slap on the wrist and this child will continue suffering. Karma my friend.

  • Well, if you see him around, give him a swift kick in the babymaker for all of us.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    It happens to me all the ******* time. I sometimes have to quit Safari and then start all over for it to work.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    My childhood friend was punished with a belt for not being sporty. Now, 20 years on, she has a massive phobia of sports and has been battling anorexia for as long to keep skinny.

  • Cat_Lady

    I wish I could just give this child a hug and tell him everything will be ok, I hope that he get’s some help and that he is taken out of that home. I hope that Fuckstick get’s everything that is coming to him and a lot more. We need more people like Oscar Lopez in the world to get involved when there is a child being abused. Had he not, there is no telling what else might have happened in that backyard.

  • JohnQknowitall

    From Article Links 1 and 2: About 1 a.m. Thursday the Sheriff’s Office got a call from a resident of Heber who gave patrol deputies the video footage of the child playing catch with a baseball in the backyard, according to a statement from Lt. Scott Sheppeard.
    According to this statement the call to police happened at 1am and not at daytime as appears in video.

    The third link is lay commentary and has nothing to do with what happened afterwards.

    Has something changed in the linked articles or have I missed something?

  • tim tourne

    shit !  i’m  asking for a new belt for fathers day !   yippee

  • onlyme356

    At the time I wrote that, nothing would work. I had to close and opent he window and least 7 times just to finish reading the story. Nice to see it’s fixed now and that those nutty ads from this morning are gone as well.

  • Oscar stated that he began filming Sanchez and his son shortly after hearing Sanchez yelling at his stepson. Before that, he felt that it was a parent’s right to discipline their children but got his video camera when the raised voices didn’t stop. What he witnessed is the same as what we witnessed. He had hoped the man was going to stop hitting the boy, but when he didn’t — well you watched the rest.

    He wasn’t sure if he had invaded Sanchez’s privacy by filming the incident so he posted the video to his Facebook, asking for advice. Everyone told him he should go to police, so he contacted them that night (early next morning) and turned over the video.All of this came straight from those two articles. What else are you looking for? What Oscar had for dinner? 😛

  • soon2bmomof3

    Mom needs to take her son out of that abusive pricks’ house. This is a stepdad, right? If dad saw it he may just take custody of him. As much as I dislike my ex, he would take my ass to court. (But I would already be there as a mom for beating the ever loving piss out of that pussy with my belt myself.)

  • This angers me to no end. I appreciate the neighbor filming this – too many time those who merely report such – leads to nothing or less-than-the-proper action. In this day and age I also understand that everyone is hesitant to take personal action, because so many hold guns  —  then what good would that do — knowing the offender he’d probably steal the footage and nothing more to take place. In fact as sllick as this Sanchez is & the hold he seems to have on the community, he’d probably get off a murder charge!  I can only imagine what this child is being told now behind the scenes: “You tell them that this was a first time occurence” – “If you say anything, you’ll get it worse when I see you next” – and so the threats continue. How do I know this? I suffered such abuse AND I saw/heard it many times when working for children’s services.

    I’m outraged that those in authority have not taken action – that speaks volumes about them – everyone concerned that doesn’t investigate and take this guy to court – is a part of the abuse – they should be REMOVED from their office or position held. This needs to be shared all over the world and the proper punishment: beat the shit out of the offender and lock him up!

    I’d like to know where his mom was? And do they have other children who have been abused as well?

  • Army_Ranger

    But wasn’t that assault on the boy? I mean I believe in an eye for an eye..If he was here I’d surely stopped it no matter what happens to me….Video is fine but results are better….

  • Heather_Habilatory

     haha wong. I’m watching Law & Order SVU so that makes me giggle extra hard.

  • YESSSSSSSSS. Kudos, applause!!! LMFAO @ fuckstick. 

  • Again, your results would be Sanchez beaten up, you in jail and the boy in the same position he was before you came over pounding your chest. You are seeing the better results from someone who didn’t break the law and didn’t let their emotions cloud their common sense.

  • He has been arrested. He turned himself in this afternoon and has been booked into the Imperial County Jail on felony child abuse charges.


  • Cat_Lady

    Thanks for the update Morbid. I was hoping to see an update telling all of us that Fuckstick had been arrested. Have you found out anything about the boy’s mother like why she didn’t stop Fuckstick from beating the boy, is she an abused wife,  etc.

  •  Thank you Morbid, for the update. I cannot see why the initial report was that there were no charges. Each one of us needs to have the courage to stand up for those that cannot. When I was young I was put in a situation where I was abused regularly. Each time I hoped someone would stop it. I was not strong enough to do it. Now each time I even think a child is being abused, I first talk to the abuser, if that does not stop it, I call the authorities. None of us can ever turn a blind eye for any reason.

    There are many reasons people stay in an abusive relationship. Most often they feel that they cannot survive without the abusers support, be it financial, socioeconomic, or just strictly power. We all have to help. We also have to help the victim after the abuse ends, so that they don’t fall prey to another abuser.

  •  EXACTLY! I wish I could have been as eloquent as you in my comment! Thank you.

  • Morbid, Kniption? Either of you know the outcome of the Judge in south Texas that was taped abusing his handicapped daughter? I believe she was an adult, but was a minor when it was filmed. 

  •  It still happens. I screamed my head off about abuse that I thought was happening in my inlaws family. The girl is a preteen and used to spend all summer with us and every other weekend. Her mother remarried and since then she has stopped seeing us at all. The last time she was here, the stepdaddy sent her a text at 1 am saying he missed her and could not go to sleep with out her. On her face book he sent her a message saying he was scouting out places to take her on her “special times” with her. Everyone I told just said he was being very sweet to his “baby gurl” as he calls her.

  • Nemesis

    Stepdaddy sounds like a creepy ass fuck. Have you talked to CPS (I know the chances of them doing anything is unlikely but still)? Or maybe plan a small outing to a local park and invite her so you can get her alone and hopefully get her to open up to you or someone she’ll feel comfortable talking too. Something definitely sounds fucked up about that.

  • Greg Halvorson

    Let me guess…  Sanchez is a DEMOCRAT?

  • JohnQknowitall

    I am looking for the part where a neighbor calls the police before a crime is completed.

    We see articles here all the time where the neighbors indicate that they should have called the police. I think Oscar is a good, but I think he would be better if he called 911.

  • sherrdbw

    Fuckstick, my new profane word of the day.

  • sherrdbw

    What in the hell does that have to do with anything?

  • sweekymom

    This made my heart hurt.  Poor, defenseless child.  Way to go, Oscar.  Real men stand up for kids.  

  • You are right! Save evidence of the things he so blatantly writes to her and mail copies to DSS, Child/Family Services, the Rape Crisis Center, the local District Attorney’s office as well as his assistant District Attorneys. If you need help with any of this, let me know. I will help you find names, addresses, email addresses, etc. for all the people you need to inform. Let’s not let this poor girls down! She doesn’t have the power to stop him. Her step father is a disgusting pervert who is most likely sexually abusing her over and over. Shame on her mother for not being more aware and putting a stop to the pervert!

  • FrikkenFrak

    Too bad there wasn’t a concerned neighbor with a camera when I was growing up……
    : (

  • Tenbux

     But he taped some “rich” important asshole with fancy lawyers.  Random people don’t know how privacy laws work.  Fear of “rich” abusive asshole’s lawyers = “Hey internet, did I break any laws recording this?”
    Question = answered.

  • Why would a neighbor call 911 before a crime is committed? What exactly would they then be calling 911 for? A man yelling at his kid?

  • newstarshipsmell

    Let me guess… you are not a DEMOCRAT?

  • JohnQknowitall

    As is witnessed by the video the crime was happening. My assertion is that before the crime, which was occurring, might have ended worse than it had. 

    Your article, the video, and the links indicate a crime. I indicate the police should have been called immediately.

    We are in a circle… you win.  😉

  • JohnQknowitall

    What? Do people really live in this much fear?

  • sweekymom

     And if there’s any justice in the world, the nickname “Fuckstick” will stick to him like flies on shit all the days of his life!

  • tdavid6


  • The_Yeti_Knows

    Ever have a Jewish mother beat the fuck out of you for bringing a ham sandwich over ? Get back to me on that one porkchop

  • Heather_Habilatory

     No, but i had a Scandinavian mother beat the fuck out of me the day I thought that, because I am a foot taller than her, means I’m more bad ass than she is.

  • Kwumey

    wow zimmerman seems to perpetually in trouble. *smirk*

  • lespacino