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Philadelphia, PA — Police in Philadelphia have accused a woman of killing her twin babies, and attempting to kill her young daughter, after learning the children’s father was having an affair with one of her family members.

After returning home from work last Thursday, Ronald Smalls found that his wife, 41-year-old Stacey Smalls, had murdered their twins, tried to poison their 4-year-old daughter, and had slit her own wrists. Police believe Smalls, a former corrections officer who worked at a nursing home, strangled one twin and drowned the other.

She also tried to poison their 4-year-old by having her ingest a poisoned drink. The girl probably saved her own life after becoming suspicious and refusing to drink all of it. She was admitted to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and is expected to be released to her father.

Smalls was taken to the hospital after unsuccessfully trying to take her own life by slitting her wrists. She is currently in police custody on two counts of 1st-degree murder and is on a suicide watch.

The motive behind the killings was revealed in multiple notes Smalls left for the children’s father, one saying, “This is why I killed your kids.” The “why” turned out to be the “Hell hath no fury” variety. Stacey felt justified in killing her children after learning, on Mother’s Day, that her husband was having an affair with her daughter from a previous relationship. Damn, Ron.

The couple have had some recent marital issues according to Ron Smalls. This is evident by Stacey’s recent Facebook relationship changing to “Divorced,” accompanied by a new profile pic of a car spray-painted along its side with the words, “Hope she was worth it.”

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  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Crazy fucking bitch!  I don’t care if he was boinking her entire adult family–murder HIM, NOT the innocent babies who happen  to share some of his DNA.

  • Sorrow_discord

    Fucking bitch. There are far better ways to get revenge. I always liked the have rough, hot, dirty and satisfying sex with another myself 😉

  • It is a fucking shame that she wasn’t successful in taking her own life. I just do NOT understand why these crazy bitches have to kill their babies. Kill yourself if you have to, but leave these poor innocents alone for Christ’s sake. What the FUCK!!

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Whatever happened to divorcing him and turning his life into an endless drudge of misery and taking half his paycheck until he hangs himself cold and alone in the garage?

  • Ok  that ad was horrible as the father was carrying twin babies. 

  • The cheating ass doesn’t even look devastated after losing his babies

  • The world has gone fucking crazy.

  • And another thing, didn’t they say she was a nurse? She would know how to successfully kill herself then but they never do. Attempted my butt, she should have taken the poison.

  • LeaveMeBe

    “Damn, Ron.”

    LOL! Morbid, if you weren’t already damned, this would have done the trick.

  • rensuchan

    Hopefully the daughter isn’t going to go crazy as shit when he inevitably cheats on her with someone else.

  • newstarshipsmell

    So now he’ll only have to pay child support for one kid instead of three? Good job, mom. Oh wait…

  • BeccaLB

    At least the 4 y.o. isn’t the daughter he was having an affair with

  • TheMeaningOfItAll

    Umm, yeah. How’d that extra pussy work out for you, dude? She should have killed his cheating ass instead of the poor kids.  What a freaking mess!

  • Heather_Habilatory

     There’s always a bright side!

    Except, you know, when it is the 4 year old that’s in an “affair.”

  • Heather_Habilatory

    Ugh. They NEVER seem to get the suicide part right. 

  • tkaz

    The twins were named Adam & Eve…..I don’t know how I feel about this.

  • sugarpie

    Oh hey stupid bitch – so your babies had to pay the price for your stupid jealousy and now people are going to feel sorry for your piece of shit cheating husband because he lost his babies.  Nice going, “hope it was worth it”.  **tosses her a noose**

  • Heather_Habilatory

     I was weirded out by that, too. Made me feel uncomfortable.

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    Girls this is not the way to breakup with your man. 
    Do not destroy his car and do not ruin his clothes.  In fact, send all of things to the dry cleaner and have them personally sent to his new home. 
    If you think I’m crazy, consider this, if you ruin his clothes, you force him to buy new clothes that fit and are in style.  He old clothes will be faded, tight and so yesterday.  Painting his car means same result.  He now has to have repainted making it look newer or buy a new car.  Again, how much action can he get in a rusted, beat up jalopy?

  • TinyCyborg

     Ikr? Its not like if you fuck up and name them something like that in the post-stupor of labor-numbing painkillers you have to KILL them, a name change is like $75 a pop (and for some reason you need to pay to get the news announced in a local paper or something, idk why, I have a friend that went from “Jake” to “Sophie” and said she had to have it printed in the paper, which seems unnecessarily embarrassing on her part but anyway) the process was pretty cheap, painless and didn’t involve drowning herself or poisoning 4 year olds…. and how crazy do you have to be that a 4 year old is looking at you like “I don’t trust you bitch, no I’m not drinking this Drano you psycho, give me a phone, if I knew what 911 was they’d be here already.” 

  •  “Smalls was taken to the hospital after unsuccessfully trying to take her own life by slitting her wrists.”

    Someone needs to show this Bitch the correct way to slit her wrists.

  •  That Ron is a dirty Bastard … he was fucking his wife’s daughter … that daughter is a real Hoe too … she was fucking her stepdad. This may have happened in Philadelphia, PA – but I strongly suspect that the story has roots somewhere else … somewhere with a lot of trees,hills,and a sparse population.Somewhere like Utah.

  • Heather_Habilatory

     And what did the car ever do to you anyway? Leave the car out of it! It’s an innocent bystander!

  •  Inbreeding it’s real.

  • Heather_Habilatory

    omg. I just now realized what was going on in the article picture. I want to go crawl into bed and never come out. Those poor babies.

  •  Bitch is probably all ready a crazy fuck … most likely it’s in the gene pool.

  •  err … how ’bout we murder no one and just live in peace ?

  •  If you mean the posted pic – I believe that’s a policeman.

  • i cant believe hes getting rid of his kids toys right off the bat like that. 

  •  obviously, that is the least of what is wrong with this entire story, but still..he just doesnt seem that upset.

  • Shar G’z

    I never understand why these bitches that kill their own babies can never “successfully” kill themselves. Stupid idiot should’ve known that fewer than 15% of all ppl who attempt suicide by slitting their wrists are successful at it. A quick gun shot to the back of the throat wouldve ended all before she had the chance to rethink anythinng.

  • West Virginia maybe?

  • Shar G’z

    ….they have no REAL use for them, probably will give them to charity or put them out on the corner of the block like ppl normally do in that sort of area…

  • My Daddy says that’s why there are so many stupid people in the world. 😉

  • Dani

    So he removed their toys because he ‘wanted no reminders of the babies’. That’ll be great at trial. ‘Bitch did what?’ ‘Sir, she brutally murdered your twin babies.’ ‘Oh dang, I forgot about them! They gotta be the ones the 5 year old was talkin about. Guess I can take her out of the institution. Now tell me bout these twins some more? Was I bangin them, too?’ ‘Sir, they were infants. And yours.’ ‘Damn, right, I forgot. You said twins and I just thought somethin else completely.’

  • Gee

      Just sad and pathetic. Your right not that successful when you slash your own wrist.

  • Now that’s a plan!

  • JohnQknowitall

    This is one of the oldest human stories. Medea was written 1,500 years ago. It never ends well.

  • JGo555

    The word “POSITIVE” is what makes all of this fucking worse. Bitch wasn’t even sure.

    Hope she gets life if not DEATH ROW SYNDROME. It’s the only way her ass could completely suffer the way I want her to.

    Why in the fuck just WALK THE FUCK AWAY FROM EVERYTHING & EVERYONE. If your so called family member is WILLING to FUCK YOU OVER by fucking your husband; you don’t need that shit. Walk away & find & surround yourself with the people that deserve you.

    I wish some naked homeless man eats her face & she dies.

  • JGo555

    And THAT’S how you know when DD has corrupted you enough to think that a 4yo is lucky to not have been molested & have that thought cross your mind in the first place…

  • JGo555

    I completely agree with her hitting his car, if he’s a “car guy”.

    My father is suck a huge “car guy” that when I crashed my truck while 7months pregnant & with my 1yo in the back, the FIRST AND ONLY THING HE ASKED WAS: “How’s the truck? Can you still drive it? Are getting a new one?”

    Destroying the car is quite the hurtful thing, especially if they are so low in funds, THEY HAVE TO DRIVE IT AROUND FOR QUITE SOME TIME.

  • JGo555

    “…he wanted no reminder of the babies…”

    Motherfucking cold cheatin asshole ho bastard “cabrón, hijo de puta, desgraciado” eggplant lookalike motherfucker.


    I bet you this motherfuck was not attached to his children. I betcha he let her deal with the 3 kids by herself & that she’ll use the PPD defense with the “he cheated on me it was a spur of the moment thing”.

    My boy is the youngest & if God forbid knock on wood something happened to him, me & my husband would be DEVASTATED. I would NEVER do his laundry & put in a ziplock to make sure I can keep the smell of him around me for as long as possible.

    They are both fucked up individuals. He hit up HER DAUGHTER!? She killed his babies. I think the only 2 that should’ve died were the parents in this story.  And you are even more disgusting than being the cheater FOR FUCKING UP YOUR MOM’S MARRIAGE/SLEEPING WITH YOUR STEPFATHER & I don’t care if you’re legal & you got daddy issues.

    You are a filthy HO & you deserve all the slut bashing you’re going to get for the rest of your life.

  • Heather_Habilatory

     Being a car girl, taking it out on the car is like taking it out on the kids, to me.

    I realize a car and living children are NOT the same. Logically. But I’m super attached to my vehicles. My favorite was a 1995 Buick Park Avenue that I wrecked in a small accident. But fixing it cost more than it was worth, so we junked it. the day the guy came to pick up my car, I cried. That was my baby! 🙁 I miss it still today, even though I adore my 2012 Accord.

  • LeaveMeBe

    As long as your Daddy isn’t your brother and your uncle I say he sounds like a very smart man.

  • Wildheart

    My thoughts exactly!  There are so many more ways she could have tortured his cheating ass without actually having to physically harm or kill anyone.

  • Wildheart

    Because they keep breeding with each other….it’s a vicious cycle.  Your Daddy’s right. 🙂

  • Georgia Meyer

    Here is a link to her FB….fun times. https://www.facebook.com/stacey.smalls1  Why anyone would harm some innocent children over their husband being an ass is beyond me. She very obviously had serious issues, I guess going and talking to someone was entirely too much. 

  • Cat_Lady

    I would have been pissed if my parents named me Eve because I have a twin brother named Adam. LOL

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    His FB is unsecured too. He looks like he’s 12.


  • JGo555

    *Sits down, writes the model of car & hopes she slips up & says the color & the plates*

    Yes, Heather & what’s your favorite color? Hmmm?

  • No relation cept Daddy-Daughter, and yes he is a very smart man! 😉

  • EXACTLY!!! Now that’s how to hurt someone. Leave and that will cause them serious pain knowing that you are living well without them and that the family was destroyed due to their behavior.

    Now she’s hurt herself more then anything. She lost better babies, her relationship with her 4 y/o is probably gone, no family support (possibly) and the women in prison are going to make her life hell.


    She tried  to commit suicide, likely to relieve herself of the ensuing guilt.  Being unsuccessful, this means she will re-live what she did to those poor babies every day of her sorry POS life. Line her cell with photos of them, play videos of them, let her hear them. Torture her with their memory.  And make sure she lives to remember every breath she took from them.

  • Conley

    I agree. Shouldve just cut his wrists.

  • Heather_Habilatory

     My favorite color is pink. The accord is blue! 😛

  • hershey

    Wow, he certainly does!

  • hershey

    By “suicide watch,” I hope that means the personnel has a row of chairs facing the cell, eating popcorn, and drinking soda. Now if someone would just provide the props.

  • Shaniqua Perry

    Now he’s still free to fuck your daughter and not have any children to look after. The excuse of not caring for the 4-year old will be that she has issues and he couldn’t deal with her and shipped her off to her grandparents. Should have killed him in his sleep if you wanted payback. Glad the silly bitch is still alive so that Adam and Eve can haunt her ass for the rest of her life.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    That works, too, but if crazy pants was going to kill somebody anyway, it should have been the guy who was allegedly dipping his nib in her daughter’s inkwell.

  • Reen B

     That’s somebody in law enforcement. Proably the coroner’s office.

  • Sheesh.  I woulda just left the wrapper on the cheese when I made him a sammich.  Woulda fixed his cheating dang wagon!

  • I understand being mentally ill. I have bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. What I do not understand is people who take their shit out on innocent children. Andrea Yates was schizophrenic, but this individual does not appear to have been living in a different reality. To me, she seems just hateful and selfish. What, the kids made the guy have an affair? No, she was just trying to hurt him in the worst way possible. He may be an insensitive douchebag, but her actions are pure evil.

  • I miss my old turbo Subaru. It was black and had a cool tail fin. I couldn’t afford to get it fixed when the engine block cracked, though. 🙁

  • Shades of Woody Allen. But Mia Farrow didn’t take her anger out on the kids. She hauled Woody’s pervy ass into court, the way a reasonable human being would do. 

  • Reminds me of that twunt Susan Smith, who was “going” to commit suicide but instead drowned her kids in the car. Sad.

  • No doubt. Why didn’t she pull a Lorena Bobbitt on him if she wanted to mess him up good. Those poor innocent kids never did a thing to deserve this.

  • One of the guards at the jail could “accidentally” leave a noose in there with her.

  • She “likes” “I HEART being a mom.”  REALLY?

  • sherrdbw

    Apparently her revenge instinct was stronger than her maternal instinct.

  • Heather_Habilatory

     Yeah, the head gaskets were cracked, then I was in a low-speed accident and hit the truck in front of me. The trailer hitch punched through the radiator. Between the radiator, head gaskets and body work it was over $4,000. The car was worth less than a thousand before the wreck. God, I miss that car. It had a hood ornament that I took off the morning the guy was coming to pick it up. I use it as a key ring holder for my keys.

  • whisperswing

    Mother who ‘killed her 18-month-old twins over fears her husband was cheating’ is held without bail as authorities hand down new charges[…]Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2151941/Stacey-Smalls-held-bail-murdering-twins-cheating-husband.html#ixzz1wPBPCyIY

    new pic

  • onlyme356

    This is cute..on May 13th, Stacey “liked” a FB page called “Iove Being a Mom” and now one of Stacey’s loyal friends on FB posted the following status:


  • onlyme356

    Apparently the bitch thinks she’s God. She brought them into this world, so she can also take em out.

  • neenaP

    https://www.facebook.com/stacey.smalls1 she posted about the affair what sick !@#$%^&* why take it out on lil babies??
    Happy Monday FB. The twins were born on Thursday morning, Eve at 9:26am 5lbs 4 oz and Adam at 9:32am 6lbs. 1oz. No c-section. Yeah, for me. That was the longest 6 minutes of my life. We are home surviving on no sleep and decaf coffee.

  • neenaP

     Must have been her sister 
    Stacey Smalls Really, sisters what a beautiful thing. I guess it depends on which sister.May 23 at 2:12pm

  • neenaP

     I thought it was the wifes sister, it was her daughter???

  • neenaP

    yeah ironic

  • neenaP

    UGH 18 month olds? They definitely fought back kids that age have strength. They knew their mother was killing them.

  • neenaP

    He wants no reminders of his babies?? Why so he can carry on his affair with his step daughter? That is cold hearted just dump their stuff out daddy.

  • salepo

    Stupid bitch.My ex cheated on me-granted not with a family member-and I just divorced his ass.I had thoughts of violence but they were directed at him.And I opted to leave instead.Oh and ruining his year by going out and having the best time of my life.The best revenge is living well.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    “Down the river, not across.”

  • I would have found someone hot and willing from maybe a local watering hole and brought him home to the marital bed and went at it all night long. And if the asshole would have walked in, I would have just kept on doing what I was doing!

  • PART the red sea, not cross it.

  • DMC_Vergil

    As Magneto says, humanity disguts me. Why harm your own flesh…..

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    You should write bedtime stories

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    Okay Gandhi…. hey, love your new getup, the funky tennis brim is awesome. You should start a clothing line.

  • I do that, ramble on for a bit, reread, ask myself “what the fuck??” lol backspace!!!

  • Iris_Wildthyme

    If she could kill them BOTH (presumably she didn’t regret it after the first one) I don’t think she’ll care about the photos. 

  • then she went to prison and got knocked up by the gaurd

  • the same day his babies was killed he gets there toys out the house id want to hold on to every memorry of them.  he is as COLD as she is

  • Tanya Mobley

    No the inmates in jail/ prison probably won’t get that chance because our system puts the safety of animals such as this in high regard. She will be housed with others like herself so as to make sure she’s healthy and whole for her parole hearings.

  • nathaniel eleby

    we not sure what he’s doing with little Stacey he has not allowed her any contact with any one and will not honor the judges order for visitation for her grandmother