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Nice, CA – The California woman charged with having sex with her teenage son has pleaded no contest to incest and other felonies.

Earlier this month we reported on 32-year-old Mistie Atkinson, the woman who was caught having sex with her biological, teenage son. She was arrested and charged with incest, oral copulation of a minor, contact with a minor for a sexual offense and sending harmful matter to a minor after police found her in a hotel room with her son.

Atkinson has not had contact with her 16-year-old son since she gave him up 14 years ago, but the pair reunited in a most devious way late last year after Atkinson contacted him via Facebook.

Within two months the teen’s father, who has sole custody, filed a restraining order against Atkinson after the conversations between her and her son became as increasingly inappropriate as they were sinister.

“She started to have a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with him, not a mother-and-son relationship,” the man said, according to court documents. “It got to a point where their conversation began talking about harming me and killing off her boyfriend she was (now) living with.”

Police say they have proof Atkinson sent her son nude photos of herself and engaged in explicit conversations that included the two running away together. Even more damning are the videos police recovered from the teen’s cell phone that show Atkinson blowing her son’s horn as well as the two engaging in sexual intercourse.

Mistie Atkinson initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, but showed some signs of intelligence by ultimately striking a deal with prosecutors. By her pleading guilty, she is looking at four years and eight months in prison. If she keeps her nose clean while incarcerated, she could be released in half that time.

She did much better than the Michigan woman we reported on who allowed her son to deposit her own DNA back inside her. Aimee Sword, 35, was also charged with having a sexual relationship with her biological son she had given up. Like Atkinson, she began a sexual relationship with the boy after they reconnected via the Internet. Unlike Atkinson, Sword ended up getting a 9 to 30 year prison sentence.

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  • Snickering_Hydra

    She got off pretty easy. Way to keep it in the family…the son doesn’t seem much smarter than his mother.

    “Sure Mom, I’d love to have sex and runaway with you! Let’s plot to kill Dad and your boyfriend as well! Cool! “

  • sugarpie

    Well just think, when she gets out, he’ll be of age and they can live happily ever after.  gag

  • JohnQknowitall

    Many mothers do blow their sons’ horns, but the intercourse is a little much.

    In 2 years the son will be 18yo… just in time for her release and an odd mother/child reunion. God love’m.

  • z

    Yall seem to have a problem w/ this!?  I mean really? lolz

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    The kid must be hard up for sex if he wanted to sleep with her.  Not only is she his egg donor–she’s ugly as fuck.

  • rensuchan
  • LeaveMeBe

    Ugh! Not again! I cannot believe I’m going to have to finish my week off with this sick bitch and her hankering for her spawn. Maybe if I jam this letter opener far enough into my ear I can erase the last couple of minutes…

  •  Hey, hey, hey…you have no idea how easily she got off….

  • Valerie

     If I remember correctly, he didn’t know that she was bio-mom. At least, I am sure that I remember a case like that.

  • Valerie

     Okay, I was wrong, they were both aware of it. But wasn’t there another case like this only the son did not know it was his mother?

  • Snickering_Hydra

    Can’t think of any specifically, but I’d like to think most kids don’t knowingly copulate with their parents.

  • Thank god she was somewhat hot! I hate seeing these butt-ugly moms banging their sons. Good for him.

  • Snickering_Hydra

    True. Her boyfriend wasn’t doing it for her, so she figured she’d hit up the son. After all, he’d already spent some time in her nether region – in the most literal of senses…

  • kimbev69

    Prob a law and order episode

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    ” Even more damning are the videos police recovered from the teen’s cell phone”

    Thank God each video included “No animals were harmed in the making of this movie.”

  • pikeman

    So you have to ask if you are a teenage boy with raging hormones, do you go with the huge whale-beast that isn’t related to you, or the hot mama that is related to you.

    Either way, you might end up on DD.

  • pikeman

    Better Mom than this whale beast, eh?

  • rensuchan

    Always.  Ogretrollbeast is true desperation.

  • pikeman
  • Snickering_Hydra

    And if you fancied more mature charms, you could also sample this tasty hunk of flesh. Don’t worry, she’s not choosy when it comes to partners.


  • pikeman

    Well, there’s no shortage of hot mamas on DD. The new hottie featured is sure to turn you on.


  • Snickering_Hydra

    Pardon the stare.

    It’s not everyday I get the witness a gathering of the world’s most pulchritudinous women.


  • pikeman

    Damn, I missed that one.

    Got meth?

  • JGo555

    I wonder if she’s gonna be happy when she’s paying for his college tuition, sending him money every month & when he finally cums home is to tell her ass to blow him & do his laundry too.

  • ten years ago i had a 75-year-old neighbor who taught me how to garden like a motherfucker!
    oddly enough, he eventually confided in me that he & his mother had a consensual sexual relationship.
    i did a good job hiding my disgust.

  • never thought of it that way…..
    makes good sense.

  • uh just wondering…were the 75yr old sonny and his mama so old neither realized QUITE what was happening?   or did it occur decades earlier?  
    Hey, if you didn’t delve into it with the guy I understand… but maybe they were feeble feeling about?

  • Just a simple statement, a psychiatrist friend told me once:  “females who involve their male offspring sexually are (in his opinion ALWAYS) pathologically Narcissistic.”     my psych friend d/N say this was the case on the  Daddy-Does-You  end of things. 

    I’m wondering, based on the photos below, all these O’beasts ~~horrid obese women~~  How can they be Narcissistic?   my god, the Narcissus of mythology was A Young, Handsome, Proud man who fell in love with his reflection (not realizing it was only an image.)    How the Hell do these O’beasts love their image?   what am I missing here?

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Gross, but not as gross as porking one’s parent.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Thank you for adding an ugly skinny chick to the lineup.  Ugly comes in all sizes, not just jumbo.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Not everyone equates fat with ugly; in fact, at several points in history (and in some cultures that haven’t been Westernized yet), fat women were considered quite desirable.  True, every fat woman featured here on DD is an ugly she-beast, and their actions make them uglier still, but there are people who still find fat women lovely, and it’s possible that they have positive self-images regardless of their size.  Given that they’re on DD for crimes ranging from stupid to completely, unforgivably heinous, though, I don’t believe that any of them are mentally healthy whatsoever.  Narcissistic, perhaps, but certainly not mentally healthy.

  • pikeman

    A lot of the skinny ones featured are quite ugly, also.

    Some of them are so pathetic, like the girl with one brow who was being hooked out for cigarettes, that I feel sorry for them.

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    Are your serious, the thought is pretty vomit inducing. Are the ones that do it mentally challenged or is this a joke I’m not getting?

  • LuvsHorror

    Gross, now he’s going to grow up with a mommy complex and start murdering women who resemble his mum.

  • LuvsHorror

    And have lots of little brain damaged deformed mutant children! It’s Wrong Turn all over again. Or the Hills Have Eyes. Or Deliverance.

  • LuvsHorror

    And have lots of little brain damaged deformed mutant children! It’s Wrong Turn all over again. Or the Hills Have Eyes. Or Deliverance.

  •  What the hell? Not only were they bumping uglys but they were plotting to kill people to continue? WTF is wrong with this scandalous bitch? Doing a pimply kid, that is HER very own pimply son. Then trying to run off with him and kill the one man that took care of a son she abandoned, AND a boyfriend who may be the one dumb ass on earth besides her son that would screw her. :O?

  • In this case, both were aware of their relations.

  • Snickering_Hydra

     This young man was obviously confused. And then he figured mother knew best…so…

  • JohnQknowitall

    It is a joke based on the adage “tooting his own horn” and that the ideas a normal mother brags about her son. This not normal mother suck her sons penis (also referred to in the article as “blowing her son’s horn”). Just a play on words.

    Sooooo… Please don’t vomit because I will vomit too and then I will keep vomiting at the sight and smell of my vomit. 🙂

  • I knew a girl in high school, and she said her whole family had sex together. She seemed very normal.

  • Sorry to hear about your wife, and son. 

  • takurospirit

    Thank you for saying that. I don’t know if I’m paranoid, but I feel the fat hate about to blow up tenfold due to what as I perceive as anti-fat propaganda. Apparently my obesity is the cause of ALL the world’s ills (certainly not a SYMPTOM of said ills) and I must be lectured, shamed, and degraded at every turn. I was on Yahoo!News the other day, and BTW if you want concentrated idiocy just hit the news message boards, and there were no fewer than 5 articles about how fat is deadly, a huge healthcare burden, a financial burden, and one headline literally said “YES! YOU SHOULD PANIC!” lol

    Just as an example, imo, of fat people that in fact beautiful and not hideous: Elle, Melissa McCarthy, Queen Latifah, and Mia Tyler to name a few. I’m unfortunately at about 210/size 16 and yesterday two apparently desperate and/or perverted fat fetish having men were blatantly checking me out. 

    And finally: http://www.oddee.com/item_98119.aspx. Slightly NSFW. 

    Of course I concede, the overweight women that I’ve seen featured on this site aren’t easy on the eyes, but all the fat jokes can get to a fat girl. 

  • Snickering_Hydra

     Well, it is a sign of the current times. We have been told that “obesity is an epidemic” that is now affecting children, not just adults. Cue the “Oh no! Not the children!” alarms and this, combined with everything else people are told about obesity, ( diabetes, heart problems, strokes, shorter life expectancy ) and you’d think obese people were falling dead in the streets on a daily basis. Maybe it’s not such a big problem. Maybe. But at the same time, the culture is pretty intolerant of it.

    Then again, it’s a little difficult to judge when what we eat and what we are marketed as consumers is a one-way street to obesity. Of course, the companies claim “everything in moderation” and blame people’s lack of self-control. And they may be partially right…but it should be obvious that everyone doesn’t have a body that can process all of the fast / junk food with zero exercise.

    The argument I hear most is that woman are bombarded with images of the ideal, thin models that are supposedly more desirable. Keep in mind, however, that men are also assaulted with images of ripped, fit guys that have achieved those bodies as the result of months-long intensive training / dieting. In the end, it may be that women are either hypersensitive or just feel more persecuted as a result of magazines / television / movies. At some point it has to  come down to the individual ( unless they consider themselves part of the collective culture and have no identity as a person ) and their own self-image.

    I actually laughed at the last part of your remarks. I guess you can say society ( or the fringes, at least ) has also gravitated to this fat-fetish as a way to uphold the previous standards of beauty. Although…some of the fetishistic standards are just…um…gross (We’re not talking 210lbs, we’re talking 350lbs+) and at that point I find it hard to believe there’s anything attractive about a person who has lost the very shape of a woman / human.

    Lastly, remember where you are (Dreamin’Demon). This isn’t a place where people gather to respectfully comment on the nature of the featured crimes and criminals. At best, we generally offer a few remarks concerning the victim’s family or our condolences. At worst, people treat this site as a place of public humiliation where the criminals might as well be in the public stocks to be spat upon and ridiculed. Fat jokes, crude comparisons, profanity, it’s all fair game here. And, quite honestly, that’s part of the appeal.

  • DixieNightmares

    I’m hoping someone here can help me out. I just found out that a guy that I thought was my friend is on the sex offender list for rape, level 3. I don’t plan on talking to him again, but I am a bit afraid. He has my phone number and knows where I live. I know (now) he was in prison for 20 years. I would like to know the details of the case, but I don’t know where to start. Any ideas?

  • newstarshipsmell

    You’re probably better off getting help/advice by signing up in the forums and posting your question there.

  • onlyme356

     That’s creepy. Well you can go to your city’s Hall of Records Building and look up anyone’s info for free without them ever knowing. It’s public access. There are also sites online that do this but they have fees and such. If I were you I’d just stay away from him though.  Here’s a pretty good link on what you should do if you know a rapist and other info you may find relevant. Sorry if I’m breaking DD’s etiquette rules by posting, just trying to help out:


  • Lena60

    Being narcissistic does not necessarily mean being in love with ones own image.Some of these people might be in denile about how they look anyways.This self focus covers all areas of life for the narcissistic person.

  • Lena60

    What a creepy bitch.Way to mess up the kids head for life, mommy dearest!.

  • TinyCyborg

    I blame motherless.com … that website makes 4chan look like it has a soul and while most of it is harmless porn, there is a defiant group of people on there who are almost literally begging to get arrested for the three big sex no-no’s … incest, children and animals.  

  •  I liked this comment when I saw it and had a whole little brain shart of a comment in my head, but got lazy and kept it to myself instead of typing it out….but although I am a massive asshole and make some shitty fat-oriented comments at times, not all fatty boom batties are totally unattractive. Just like all skinny twiggamajigger chicks are not all sexy skanks that everyone wants to bone or rub one out to. Have you seen the chicks media tries to pass of as hot or sexy? Seriously, the only reason they designate them as such is because they’re thin, but a good deal of those broads have some fucked up faces, like they have Zachary disease. And there are some damn gorgeous Chub-a-lub chicks…The world wants us all to consider the same things beautiful, but if some stick figure has a melted foot face that looks like Basketcase, just cause you can see her ribs doesn’t mean she’s hot. More than fake tits and a cancerous tan and eating disorder make a person hot or sexy. Just some things to consider…Love the fatties….just not the ones that end up on DD….

  • Moirrey

    Kate Dillon and Christina Mendez do NOT belong on that list. For one thing, they are not over 150-170 lbs, easily, and that means they aren’t really overweight (to the fashion industry? Maybe, but their models are almost exclusively anorexic or damn close to it). But I have no comment on anything else you have said.

  • MM

    That is sick!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002949420797&sk=photos
    you can friend her on facebook..might have to wait a while for an accept though??

  • eric ellers

    She must have thought him a SILF?

  • Quan

    Why does anyone care about who is banging whom. The main question should be, is everyone happy??? Politicians waste taxpayer money on stupid unfinished never to be finished projects and nothing is said, the guys in Albany New York are robbing us blind and nothing is said by anyone, The City of New York has an untold number of people issuing summonses for the most minor and idiotic infractions of laws that should never have been enacted and not a word is said, and now a male and a female are in a private place banging each other and suddenly everyone has an opinion and wants to be heard.
    More immoral than this sex act is, being mute when you should be vocal is greater immorality. If you do not speak up when you should, please keep your mouth shut at all other times.

  • slikkmama

    I live in the county this happened in.. I don’t recall any coverage of it. How disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trash….

  • john doe

    mother fuker literally